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You might wanna watch this in two parts lol! A HUGE pr haul, free stuff haul, unboxing, whatever you want to call it! Tune in to hear how to win some of your own goodies too! xoxo
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SPARE STUFF DECLUTTER 6:14 ruvid.net/video/video-JcmQ3esQFZY.html
URBAN DECAY FIRST IMPRESSION 7:55 ruvid.net/video/video-k7vDUizs3wE.html
COLOURPOP FIRST IMPRESSION 8:09 ruvid.net/video/video-kBlza_WTwHU.html
JAH CLIENTELE PALETTE ruvid.net/video/video-_xyh-jWMcVQ.html
BTS VT MAKEUP ruvid.net/video/video-Kj7d1kI0zp8.html
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Feb 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Macy Kitty
Macy Kitty 3 months ago
"This should be the thimb nail" Me: *goes and checks it* *sees that it is part of the thumbnail* hehehe
Meg Aileen
Meg Aileen 3 months ago
Just did the same!
Kristi Gibson-Cormier
I love your channel..I'm always commenting.. My IG is Izzy.anthony2015 💙💙💙 just finished watching epic haul! Great stuff
mandakaymakeup 9 days ago
awwww that’s adorable 🥺🥺🥺
Toni Fell
Toni Fell 25 days ago
Quick question for you, how did your makeup career start ? Also how did you become so well known on RUvid ?
Sasha Ayres
Sasha Ayres 29 days ago
How can you get products to try? Do you have to sign up for something to receive them?
Megan Mark Corbett
Hi Shannon, I brought some of your products in the USA. Last year lol i didnt realise at the time you were a fellow kiwi. I am in Auckland. Love your pallets my niece has asked me to buy her some next time i am in USA. How did you start your channel and get PR its something i am looking at but have no idea how to get products to review. Cheers Megan
Sarah Brosse
Sarah Brosse Month ago
I like the love glow cheek because it's glowy effect .
Lisha Wells
Lisha Wells Month ago
You honestly make me laugh so much. I love how you have just stayed yourself thought all the love and success you've had. Your an idol shann. Love you lots ❤️
Dolly Mandel
Dolly Mandel Month ago
I’m the same! Sunglasses Hoarder also! I like the last think Toardershell my favorite😎😎🥰
Samantha Simpson
I love you girl, you’re such a kind hearted woman and you inspire me to one day be able to recreate your beauty looks when I can finally afford beautiful makeup and the brushes to do so 😭😭 lol IG belle.beauty.1991 💕
Twisted Glam
Twisted Glam Month ago
I love louie (lewy)? sooo much!!!!
Erica Bertels
Erica Bertels Month ago
I love how noosy Lewie is. I have 2 cats, and they are just like him. It's just so cute that you can't really get mad! :D
Sadhna Sooborny
Sadhna Sooborny Month ago
Grateful for your videos during this lockdown... lots of love 💕 You are doing a fab job 👏
Lisa Shankle
Lisa Shankle Month ago
Looking beautiful as always💙❤💙❤💙❤💙
Reiley Marie Cruz
I hope i can get some of those huhu. I super duper love makeups and clothes!
Shanon Watling
Shanon Watling Month ago
Love watching unboxing with all the new make up x
Melissa Gardner
Melissa Gardner Month ago
Loved watching your video and seeing all the great new products!! Thanks!!!
Urmila Halder
Urmila Halder Month ago
Do one more makeup collection
nabila sakin
nabila sakin Month ago
I want a concealer, and a beauty blender
I did an eye look just like this for my 31 days of Halloween makeup to rep Cosmo & Wanda! It’s stunning on you! I’ve been watching you for YEARS & I swear there isn’t a color you can’t pull off! Thank you for continuing to beautiful & entertaining! Well wishes from the States! 🙏🏽💕
Amemura Ramuda
Amemura Ramuda Month ago
I found this satisfying.. idk why
ayushuka oh
ayushuka oh Month ago
I love the fact that you donate the Things u dont need
Delilah Pearce
Delilah Pearce Month ago
Omg I want the Norvina vol3 mini cherry 🍒 palette how do I enter to win!!??? I’m probably so late...
Delilah Pearce
Delilah Pearce Month ago
Please do a video using the MG matrix shadows plus you can repress the broken ones so you don’t have to throw them out!!! Also would love to to see ALL the concealers
Sami Jo
Sami Jo Month ago
Where is your shirt from???? I love the torn & worn looking shirts & hoodies!
Abi louise
Abi louise Month ago
These are my FAVE vids💕💕 @abbiee.wright
Zoe Ward
Zoe Ward 2 months ago
insta- @humbleteagirl2008
Selina Xoxo
Selina Xoxo 2 months ago
Doggo wanna join 😍😍😍😍
Adje Maarsseveen
Adje Maarsseveen 2 months ago
Hi can you do more different looks from the ABH palettes...? I love all your tutorials. 💗💗
Carly H
Carly H 2 months ago
Could you please do a skincare video Shan
Kel Briel
Kel Briel 2 months ago
Shanon your the only person I see that looks good in any type of sunglasses don't talk about me I don't know sunglasses 🤦 they look hideous on me
Kel Briel
Kel Briel 2 months ago
Shanon your the only person I see that looks good in any type of sunglasses don't talk about me I don't know sunglasses 🤦 they look hideous on me
_Trish_glam_mua A.
_Trish_glam_mua A. 2 months ago
Sending kudos and props from the U.S !!! U have me making a makeup “grocery list” of products . @beauty.is.j0y
Lauren Ojurovic
Lauren Ojurovic 2 months ago
@laurenojurovic 💕💕💕💕
cgkitti 2 months ago
Wrecked with a capital...”R”. 😆
Meriem Ch
Meriem Ch 2 months ago
Your videos always put smile on my face 😊, loving ur hair Shan ig:@meriem_chh
claudia D.
claudia D. 2 months ago
Love watching your videos! I can hear your voice all day. Your the only PR unboxing I can watch for the whole video hehehe your awesome! IG: Claudia80531
Josh Walton
Josh Walton 2 months ago
Would love to win a giveaway! :) Keep up the good work girl.
Alexa Robinson
Alexa Robinson 2 months ago
I love Urban Decays new PR idea!! Hopefully other brands will take notice! Id Love a review on the Stormi collection! ig: @alexarobinson_
CiennaSingleton 2 months ago
Can you do a concealer face off with all the new concealers? pretty please xxx
Ciara Kinney
Ciara Kinney 2 months ago
In love with that eye look 😻
Jordan Osmond
Jordan Osmond 2 months ago
Couldn’t stop watching Louis popping up behind your shoulder and pushing things around 😂
Yvette A
Yvette A 2 months ago
Love you! IG: @yaltman1
katie mccarthy
katie mccarthy 2 months ago
Shan u better love me. I’m so loyal I don’t skip ads 💀😂💗 I luv youuuu
Emma Leblanc
Emma Leblanc 2 months ago
Anyone want to support each other?
Keira Moffat
Keira Moffat 2 months ago
Love long pr hauls 😍😍
iamchoufleur21 2 months ago
If you get a chance I'd love to see swatches of the Mac glosses cause I love glosses but hate having to pick my hair out of them 💁🏻‍♀️😘😘
Taylor_ Vancouver23
Taylor_ Vancouver23 2 months ago
Omg your dog🥰🥰🥰
Janee Drader
Janee Drader 2 months ago
Loving Wanda and Cosmo. Insta- slayitnae
Bianca Jones
Bianca Jones 2 months ago
Doggy 😍🥰
Amber Riley
Amber Riley 2 months ago
Love these unboxing videos @amberriley_85
Ameena Azeez
Ameena Azeez 2 months ago
You make these unboxing videos so entertaining to watch!!! Im here for it Ig-ameena_45
Crystal Casella
Crystal Casella 2 months ago
You look amazing and I love your hair! I l love your unboxings well I love all your videos lol. My Instagram : crystal_casella
Bethany Barton
Bethany Barton 2 months ago
Omg I’m so jealous! You got so much good stuff:)
Kimberly Hayes
Kimberly Hayes 2 months ago
Can you guess why I’m so late to this video? Insta: Khayes.1985
Becca Simons
Becca Simons 2 months ago
Literally love you 😍 Ig:rebecca_dawn155
Tara Samson
Tara Samson 2 months ago
My actual fave type of Shaaanxo video.
simplybyamyxo 2 months ago
Please do a tutorial with the BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette the colours look so amazing❣️❣️xx
Alysha Wilson
Alysha Wilson 2 months ago
Love the pink and green eye make up 😍
LeeannaaMarie 2 months ago
I totally wish I could try all these beauty brands. I'm out here with dollar/drug store :/
Kylene Soar
Kylene Soar 2 months ago
31:14 where lewie just pops up to be in the background :D :D
Emma Simone
Emma Simone 2 months ago
Your hair is so shiny and healthy!
marina kasparov
marina kasparov 2 months ago
Me at 22:27 : 😌😌😌😌 Me at 22:31 : 😱😱😱😱
Amanda Marks
Amanda Marks 2 months ago
Them sunglasses! Omg!!
Karley S
Karley S 2 months ago
Ooooh you should totally do a week or 2 trying all of the colorpop stuff!
Evoulini 12
Evoulini 12 2 months ago
Shannon please try the pallete with the butterflies and do two different eyes like the jsc one! Maybe keep doing videos like this so u try more colors of similar palletes!
Beauté et Fibro
Beauté et Fibro 2 months ago
waouhh so much new products show all your job kisses
AlieEnchanted 2 months ago
Lauren Philpott
Lauren Philpott 2 months ago
I’m obsessed with your dog 🥺🥺
AliBelle5 2 months ago
I knew there was a reason why I didn't watch this straight away, so I can watch it now while I'm home sick! Always makes me feel better but also makes me want to spend money 💸💸 haha
Katie McGrath
Katie McGrath 2 months ago
Omg yes my favorite kind of video from you💘💘💘 ig: @katiemcgrathh_
Renee 2 months ago
What hair tools do you use? Your loose curls are really pretty and I have no idea how to even begin to curl my own hair like that 😍😳
Chante Te Kanawa
Chante Te Kanawa 2 months ago
You are definitely still the same kind, genuine and beautiful person since day dot 💋
Sarah Troisi
Sarah Troisi 2 months ago
You're energy in these videos makes me so happy! You are honest about what you receive and are humble and grateful for receiving all the PR items. I think you're an amazing role model for younger people and everyone in general. Insta sarahxx231
andrayathevampire 2 months ago
hei Louis
Lucija Aric
Lucija Aric 2 months ago
Loved this long video !!❤️ ig: lucija.aric
aisha abubaker
aisha abubaker 3 months ago
Watching this video so late 😥
sherrie bubs
sherrie bubs 3 months ago
Would absolutely faint if I won one of your giveaways. I've been watching you for 5 years. My insta is @sherriebubs
Leah Mula
Leah Mula 3 months ago
Love love love these videos!! And I finally got my hands on the Colourpop setting spray! Thanks for the reccomendation
Melodie Quintana
Melodie Quintana 3 months ago
Instagram name is.... msquintana4
LadyEmma 3 months ago
These are some of my favorite videos to just have on while I do work around the house 😂💖 Insta: @ladyemma13
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