Unboxing Every Green iPhone 11!

Marques Brownlee
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Midnight green is the new rage on iPhone 11 Pro. Here's everything you get in the new box!
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Big Tasty
Big Tasty 11 hours ago
if you think about it the iPhone 11 pro's kind of charge with usb-c
Gwenivere Llewellyn
Everyone talking about how it’s 6 minutes of Marques talking about the color green but no one is talking about the doggie in the background shots of the iPhone 11 outside.
brittybear9742 12 days ago
I feel like the colors for the iPhone 11 are more “feminine” and the Pro colors are more “masculine”... anyone else notice that?
Goosey Geese
Goosey Geese 10 days ago
Matthew Shafer
Matthew Shafer 14 days ago
Honestly I was at least expecting a 5c cameo. Maybe I'm blind idk
Zafeera Naim
Zafeera Naim 16 days ago
How many iphone 11 videos you wanna make? Mkbhd: yesss
Sitha Mbanjwa7
Sitha Mbanjwa7 24 days ago
It’s seafoam green
deniz akpanar
deniz akpanar 29 days ago
5:49 =how to flex
S ziz Mr SS Wehrmacht
Dharmesh Jain
Dharmesh Jain Month ago
He meant it when he said that the iPhone 11's 5W charger was "garbage". He literally threw it 2:20 . 😂
Daril Maqeen
Daril Maqeen Month ago
Can i have one iPhone please
Daril Maqeen
Daril Maqeen Month ago
@S ziz Mr SS Wehrmacht what??
S ziz Mr SS Wehrmacht
Dade 🤗🤗🤗🥰🙃🙃🙃🥰🥰
S ziz Mr SS Wehrmacht
Zikki Charade
Zikki Charade Month ago
It looks like a shit green
Aniket Tambe
Aniket Tambe Month ago
This sounds like that 500 word essay we had to write on random topics back in school and we had to fill it up with weird shit just to complete the word count.
Shahrol Najmi
Shahrol Najmi Month ago
Gift me one this pls
Josiah Bowen
Josiah Bowen Month ago
I really wanted an iPhone 11 yellow but I would like to try out the new colors, such as minty green.
kennysreview Month ago
512GB & 512GB & 256GB..Only the big boys!
CryOffical Month ago
iam buying the midnight green because I think it looks better then the space grey
Patrick Navarro
Patrick Navarro Month ago
Can i get a link for that ottoman thats the same color it looks dope
E.J. Month ago
Those are not green ... That's gun metal gray and cyan...
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Month ago
I wish I had one
Dhyey Patel
Dhyey Patel Month ago
Apple from 2008 to 2018 let's make our iPhone plastic peeling more satisfying. Apple from 2019 let's make our iphone plastic peeling less satisfying by only applying front side plastic peel.
That One Girl
That One Girl 2 months ago
The normal charger works just fine, idk why you called it garbage. The other ones are just really good.
zabdiel ebhodaghe
zabdiel ebhodaghe 2 months ago
he said blue green
Bluefire 14
Bluefire 14 2 months ago
50 shades of aqua green.
Daniel Fermin
Daniel Fermin 2 months ago
my favorite color is green and i dont have any iphone my phone is rubbish please mkbhd give me an iphone.........any iphone please 🤦🏻‍♂️😢😞😭🥺
Chisom Agbara
Chisom Agbara 2 months ago
The standard iPhone 11 green (my personal color and phone) is one of the best colors I’ve seen. That, cloud pink on the galaxy s20 and not pink on pixel 3 are my top 3 favorite smartphone colora💯
Taeif Altaf
Taeif Altaf 2 months ago
i phone 11 pro max bestest phone to buy
Amil 2 months ago
At least you got them in their highest GB.
Chin Mizushima
Chin Mizushima 2 months ago
𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚖𝚢 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚒𝚙𝚑𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝟷𝟷 𝚙𝚛𝚘!!! 𝙴𝚟𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚒 𝚙𝚒𝚌𝚔 𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑 𝚒𝚝!!! 𝙸 𝚗𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚒 𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚊 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚊 𝚙𝚑𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑
Tylor Lyman
Tylor Lyman 2 months ago
There not even green tho tf?
Benbu 2 months ago
anything green get bun
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 2 months ago
How big is the battery??
Eugene Cheung
Eugene Cheung 2 months ago
Yeah just a random 1000 dollarsgreen phone sticking out of a backpack
Rhakesh G
Rhakesh G 3 months ago
Imagine paying 1200$ for a phone and not getting a dongle. -iphone 11 pro user
Charith Mettananda
Charith Mettananda 3 months ago
He just made a video about iPhone colors. Is he neww?
Alexx Alexii
Alexx Alexii 3 months ago
If Apple could just add a fast charger for the iPhone 11 or for all of their future flagships, I'd switch from my s10e right now.
Christopher A.
Christopher A. 3 months ago
I hate the back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max
MOUSA ABAZID 3 months ago
2:18 😂
Lego Jabba The Hut
Lego Jabba The Hut 3 months ago
What about green iPhone 5c Edit:sorry thought it said every green iphone
Talha Saif
Talha Saif 3 months ago
You can't even classify the pro and pro max green imo and with the 11 that is the lightest green shade I have ever seen.
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma 3 months ago
Just green nothing else. Great.
JB Jesuro
JB Jesuro 3 months ago
hey can I have the pro max
JB Jesuro
JB Jesuro 3 months ago
my phone got broken yesterday and I need a new one
Fazle Sattar
Fazle Sattar 3 months ago
Going a bit off topic, can you please look into the iPhone 11 pro's call drop issues?
Situ Norah Marali
Situ Norah Marali 3 months ago
Jada Wada
Jada Wada 3 months ago
i have the mint green one
Ceola Gilchrist
Ceola Gilchrist 3 months ago
I think it may be just me but who else is fine with the 5 watt charger like it charges pretty fast to be the "slow charger"
Dude cool Lol
Dude cool Lol 4 months ago
Who else is watching this on their GREEN iPhone 11 Pro Max
Rabby Hasan
Rabby Hasan 4 months ago
How is the earphone?
Raey Muney
Raey Muney 4 months ago
The new title of the video should be GREEN EVERYTHING GREEN
STALKER 5 months ago
'It's on the spectrum of classic camo green and olive green' - ... It's Forest green you berk, and yes, it is 'on the spectrum' with other colours. fucking hell.
hshshshshshshs 5 months ago
When you need 1000 words on your essay
Adam Macias
Adam Macias 2 months ago
Bruh... Dude, perfect.
Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez 4 months ago
So true, and yet we still watch it. Because its 1000 words better than everyone else on here
Remy 5 months ago
5:35 all of those, excluding the pro, are turquoise, cyan, or just straight up blue. no green there.
Jonuthunt 3 months ago
Its tifanny blue
Bigdrop 4 months ago
yes I see more blue then green there
Techkid720 5 months ago
6 month color refresh please
BLACKTANWICE Land 5 months ago
1:59 did he say garbage? I don't hear much clearly...
Edward Florentine
Edward Florentine 10 days ago
Yagami light
Yagami light 23 days ago
@Giorno Giovanna yooo giornooo
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 4 months ago
Jaylou Ramos
Jaylou Ramos 5 months ago
I still wonder why marques' vlog has the highest video quality😅
karrar Mhmad
karrar Mhmad 5 months ago
Hello brother I do not know what to say but I will speak and I hope you understand my story I am a poor student and I have a very old mobile and my friends make fun of me and I do not have money to buy iPhone 11 Pro I hope you give me a mobile and thank you
Unholy1x 5 months ago
So colors too a million
Rishi Singh
Rishi Singh 5 months ago
bachod ho kya ?
VSS OP 6 months ago
the green
Rayal Almanzar
Rayal Almanzar 6 months ago
I love the green but still got the red one
ssegujja denis
ssegujja denis 6 months ago
Thx broiwnlee you left no Stone unturned 5💥💥💥💥💥
Noah Geza
Noah Geza 6 months ago
Marqes when there's nothing new on the new iphone..... let's talk about GREEN
skylark fanny
skylark fanny 6 months ago
i want that iPhone 11 but i don't have money to buy it can you give one . im your number fan.
Kyle Mabunga
Kyle Mabunga 6 months ago
Where’s the Green iPhone 5C
vishal patel
vishal patel 6 months ago
It's funny how he throws away the 5watt charger (THE GARBAGE) of iPhone 11 @ 2:20 😂😂😂
Gaurav Shukla
Gaurav Shukla 6 months ago
Can u give me a i phone 11pro max ?
Rishikesh R
Rishikesh R 6 months ago
Bricks and garbage 🔥😂😂
Nihal Pokharna
Nihal Pokharna 6 months ago
Dinoop mohan
Dinoop mohan 6 months ago
Good color review
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton 6 months ago
Don’t hate me but if apple was to put usb C on the next iPhone would that not lead to a lot of lightning accessories being dumped? Correct me if I’m wrong
Miranda Emmason
Miranda Emmason 6 months ago
2:20 I like that throw😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
LET'S TRY 6 months ago
🎛️⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜ ⬜🍏⬜ ⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜
pratik chandgude
pratik chandgude 7 months ago
Gaming review??
Holy Wineini
Holy Wineini 7 months ago
Gosh can i have that😣
Ida Reis
Ida Reis 7 months ago
The iphone 11 is a mint green while the pros are a dark shade of green. If you don't know colour theory, is basically adding black to green which makes it look grey but with slight hint of green
William Steijger
William Steijger 7 months ago
Looking where to buy that green footrest. Anyone know the product name and/or where to buy it?
weightycarlos 7 months ago
Imagine living in a "3rd world country," where these companies get the raw materials in making these phones and they sell it back $350 more. The 11 Pro is $999 at 64GB, here in the Philippines it'll cost you $1,350. 🙃
Topu 7 months ago
I wonder if these Green iPhone 11s are meant to be recycled XD
Marvel Club
Marvel Club 7 months ago
2:49 wat r those
Jay Lexus
Jay Lexus 7 months ago
Lol, did mkbhd just throw that trash 5 watt charger in disappointment @ 2:20 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rogith Kumar
Rogith Kumar 9 days ago
Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon 7 months ago
Apple's absolutely serving with these green iPhones... can't wait to get my hands on the mint green 11.
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