Unboxing and Testing Two Surprise Mountain Bikes!

Berm Peak Express
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Yes, these are e-mountain bikes. The first one is for Johnny, who has helped the channel countless times, and the other is for Curtis to haul equipment with on the next video. Today is mainly a shakedown ride to work out the suspension adjustments and things before going on a real ride on an Ebike-legal trail system.
This is the bike Johnny was riding: www.haibikeusa.com/xduro/advanced-offroad/allmtn/xduro-allmtn-2-0-4597.html
This is one Curtis will be hauling with: www.haibikeusa.com/sduro/sport-fullsuspension/fullseven-lt/sduro-fullseven-lt-2-0-4602.html
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Jun 21, 2020




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Comments 100
Berm Peak Express
Berm Peak Express 3 months ago
So we didn’t find out about “walk assist mode” until afterwards. To hike that thing up a hill you just hold the button on the left side of the controller!
Oliver TIBB
Oliver TIBB Month ago
a good vid idea is testing every wheel size. like EVERY wheels. it would be funny putting 26 inch wheels on am MTB its just a vid idea for either of ur channels
Martin Hurst
Martin Hurst 2 months ago
I was just about to comment this 😂
Erafune 2 months ago
Unbeknownst to many, Walk Assist allows you to get out of many situations where you would normally need to get off your bike or back up. Stuck in gnarly or narrow rock garden while climbing? Walk Assist mode and let the bike chug through it while you support with your feet. Really steep hill where you can't really start up a crank revolution and get your balance going? Walk Assist and chuggachuggachoochoo up the hill. You basically have four legs now. Easy laifu
JacobButAPilot 2 months ago
@Aidan Larmand no
JacobButAPilot 2 months ago
@Corbin W no
Caroflage Day ago
Well there are e bikes with a push mode, soooooo
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 2 days ago
There aren't any weight lifting restrictions in the US? That why virtually all cement bags in the EU are 25kg, because that's the legal limit one person is allowed to carry on the job.
David 2 days ago
Or he could eat in moderation and exercise daily?
MR. ghost
MR. ghost 3 days ago
Oh good Lord what a face 10:28
Very informative video, well done, thank you very much!
Craig Lawson
Craig Lawson 5 days ago
Awsome vid yet again 👍. And Awsome content on the ebike 👌...
- Synnx
- Synnx 5 days ago
My dad has a specialized kenevo it’s so dope
Galaxy Orange YT
Galaxy Orange YT 5 days ago
I love watching berm peak. Keep up the good work!
Ryan 350sx
Ryan 350sx 5 days ago
This is interesting you now like E bikes. Lol. Get over it e bikes are here to stay
Tyler 6 days ago
For some reason I am feeling the sudden desire to be Seth's cameraman Curtus It sounds like a damn good life
Carl C Hedemalm
Carl C Hedemalm 7 days ago
warp speed climb and descent so you get warp speed on sprinting
Poke3756 7 days ago
can i come ride with you
DoomOfConviction 8 days ago
It’s totally bad for the nature to ride a ebike. In the alps the higher regions where less populated by tourists because you have just hikers and hinhing ain’t kicking the youth until there came the ebike... Now you see people with rented bikes running illegally trough the nature and scaring away any animals... that ain’t moutainbikers or bikers in any sense, just tourists!
Tshering Zam
Tshering Zam 10 days ago
How much did that cost!
Salty fishing Team
Salty fishing Team 11 days ago
Rain rain go away come again another day hahaha
Steve Ronsen the Max
Why don't you put a little sticky sand paper stuff on the wood to make it less slippery like stuff you put on an outside deck stairs?
Dhein DoesGt
Dhein DoesGt 11 days ago
Thanks to your hand you didn't kiss the dirtlmao
Redhood 11 days ago
And you lost me at eBike. That's just for the lazy. Haha! I'll let my legs do the work. 😉
The Mightyshark
The Mightyshark 14 days ago
I which i had a Mountainbike
Rob Cunningham
Rob Cunningham 14 days ago
Great video!!
Phil DeGuzman
Phil DeGuzman 17 days ago
Love Crafted Workbench!!!
Clockwork Calibrations
The e tow was freakin amazing!!!!!
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz 21 day ago
Please tow more things with the Ebike
set921 23 days ago
You're adorable!
Infuriated Frog
Infuriated Frog 24 days ago
Seth looks like a kid in front of johnny
Luke Welder
Luke Welder 25 days ago
Berm peak in the wet yeah so that’s what hell looks like
Jaime Dantas
Jaime Dantas 26 days ago
That's awesome!
Barney the dinosore
9:54 Seth: this is not possible to peddle back up Me who has already watched this video like 50 times: YOU WANA BET
young jason
young jason Month ago
i just bought a new bike in bc that didnt have a dork disc
MaQuGo119 Month ago
Valeriu Barbut
Valeriu Barbut Month ago
Wait till you try an e-bike with 1500w motor
suomiman100 Month ago
coming from riding enduro (dirtbikes) to getting a E bike that 50lbs i super light 😁
Krish Patel
Krish Patel Month ago
Send me a bike
Nigel Robinson
Nigel Robinson Month ago
Great video. I'll stick to a lighter bike and leg power. Be good fun on gravel/fire tracks though.
Saudade Month ago
Great video, but I think ebikes take the health aspect away from bike riding which I consider to be a bad thing.
The Contagious Gamer
So working for the biggest bike retailer in the UK, two things, none of the adult bikes come with dork disks.. and there is no 'two mechanic' rule for lifting E-Bikes, if you can dead lift it you've gotta get it up into the stand solo lmao... I've come close to believing I'm about to snap my radius and ulna one arming it to manually wind the clamp with my other arm... I've actually gotten stronger overall working with E-Bikes for nearly 3 years now thou ha.
Alexander Dorosz
My bike is a romet
Josh Month ago
I have a question, why are curtain trails non-ebike friendly/legal?
Dan Luckins
Dan Luckins Month ago
anyone got $10,000 so I can get an E bike plz? XD
Outdoorsie Bros
Outdoorsie Bros Month ago
Hi Seth I have a question do you think that is should build a bike ore buy a bike?
Matt eube
Matt eube Month ago
hi seth, i've seen that all of your wooden features are very slippery when it rains. I have a "hack" for you, stapling wire mesh on the ramps so the tires have grip
Crazysirb 223
Crazysirb 223 Month ago
1:39 nobody ever Curtis : WOOO
Jackson Month ago
I've actually had the chain get lodged between the gears, its a real pain in the ass to get out and it always ends up breaking,
William Hicks
William Hicks Month ago
His face at 10:33
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Month ago
I'm 60 and have internal injuries. If not for my efatbike. I would not be riding a bycycle. Plus the efatbikes are tons of fun. Try it. But I like the ones with throttle and pedal assist. Oh and I ride 15 miles a day.
Editing Tips
Editing Tips Month ago
Your videos are the best!!!💖
FATE gaming
FATE gaming Month ago
Cartus or Carduz? Woo
When I first started to watch your vids first I was searching for bike hacks even doe I do not have a bike but someday when I get a bmx or a E-bike or a Mountain bike I will do those hacks then I saw you so yeah
TomerA. Month ago
'Today we're doing something different but kinda the same'. Story of my life...
TV Month ago
2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 240 The legend himself
Patrick Smolok
Patrick Smolok Month ago
I don't know if you noticed but there is a button for like pushing the bike up the hill you don't have to pedal with your hands 🤣
Arturo Mendez
Arturo Mendez Month ago
Seth would you help me to choose wisely a Air fork not to expensive for a GT Avalanche sport 2020 also a handlebar, and some dropper, not to expensive all of this and I would like to have a better rear Deraileur please thanks
Al Arabis
Al Arabis Month ago
I really like this edition but I think this kind of e-bikes will never be available in the Philippines, sad.. congrats for this reviews I really enjoyed it..
Tkáč Radek
Tkáč Radek Month ago
Such people should shit their bikes and prefer to go to the office behind the keyboard
Alex Sousa
Alex Sousa Month ago
11:30 hit the walk button lol no need to push your pedal
Dennis Bautembach
or he could get fit..
Mason Ditmars
Mason Ditmars Month ago
Does Curtis live with you?
Tom Hicks
Tom Hicks Month ago
If diamondbacks is a sister company of haibike, and haibike is a sister company of ghost bikes does that mean Seth could maybe get a dh bike??
Joaquin Guillermo
Can I have one bike jumper bike pls
K brizzle
K brizzle Month ago
@10:36. Steth's a believer. Lol
RW9632 Month ago
Hey Seth, the Haibike has a walk assist on it. When you press the button on the display the bike wil go automatically.
RW9632 Month ago
bananas stuff oh i didnt see that when i placed the comment
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Month ago
pinned by Berm Peak Express Berm Peak Express 1 month ago So we didn’t find out about “walk assist mode” until afterwards. To hike that thing up a hill you just hold the button on the left side of the controller! 2.3K
will webster
will webster Month ago
My brother has one of the Cannondale e bikes and it has a walk feature so it motors itself slowly for walking uphill or on flat ground
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Month ago
pinned by Berm Peak Express Berm Peak Express 1 month ago So we didn’t find out about “walk assist mode” until afterwards. To hike that thing up a hill you just hold the button on the left side of the controller! 2.3K
Ramon Abundiz
Ramon Abundiz Month ago
It’s cool if someone gets hurt you can tow them up the hill if they need it.
Soundz Month ago
Most ebikes have a walk assist btw... so when u walk it u can control the motor without reaching down for the pedals which would help u get up the hills u have to walk up! Just look it up in the instructions for your ebike! I am a commuter and bought a mountain ebike bc i trail ride too! I love my Eahora AM100 only a 350w Shimano motor but it is the world of diff. I can ride just about any hill! Firm believer in ebikes! Hope this helps some. Keep riding!
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Month ago
Pinned by Berm Peak Express Berm Peak Express 1 month ago So we didn’t find out about “walk assist mode” until afterwards. To hike that thing up a hill you just hold the button on the left side of the controller! 2.3K
WrenchDoozer 2 months ago
1:39 - Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
MUCHUU 2 months ago
the dork disc doesn't protect you from anything cause it's attached to the spokes not the freehub body and in case of the chain falling from the cassete it will suck it deeper into the gap and block the wheel even more
Luis Barocio
Luis Barocio 2 months ago
Can i buy a bike off you I like you bike
SincoLive 2 months ago
no need to walk a emtb i got one just a weekago and it takes me up eny hill ,stairs . if you can walk it you can ride it .
Asger Andreasen
Asger Andreasen 2 months ago
Damn, looked like you Got posessed by a demon, when you tried the e-bike and said “This is ridiculous”💀
Youric Hunt
Youric Hunt 2 months ago
Kids in africa could have bikes those eaten
Theron Woodie
Theron Woodie 2 months ago
Hey I really wanna get into mountain biking what is the best bike for under $1000
Arjan Hysa
Arjan Hysa 2 months ago
Man you're so lucky to get so many gifts from people you don't know. I've been praying to my family to buy a hardtail mountain bike and I've worked my ass off comparing to other 17 yo and I still got nothing. Not cool😣😡
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Month ago
he is sponsored by diamondback bikes, owner of hiabike, makers of the ebikes used here.
Kryptik 2 months ago
The E-Bikes from giant have the walk assist feature which is a separate mode that doesn't even require you to pedal. Pretty cool mechanism for the assist too.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Month ago
Pinned by Berm Peak Express Berm Peak Express 1 month ago So we didn’t find out about “walk assist mode” until afterwards. To hike that thing up a hill you just hold the button on the left side of the controller! 2.3K
Rush_ GamingYT
Rush_ GamingYT 2 months ago
Where i live the e bikes are like u can shift from using it to a motorcycle to a bike the highest speed u can go to at 60 km /hr when its in motor cycle mode
Jojo Price
Jojo Price 2 months ago
Hi, I have been riding my mountain bike for about a year and I’ve it a lot. I really want a dropper post for my full suspension mountain bike, do you think you could post me one ? 👌👌
P.mac 2 months ago
To the sky 🤘🏻
Brick Bros
Brick Bros 2 months ago
Curtis: the ebike can only help so much Me: story of my life
Spitfire unite
Spitfire unite 2 months ago
never heard of any of those companys
Hansolovz Z
Hansolovz Z 2 months ago
Why not make a gateway with logs for the peak.
Saudade 2 months ago
You know the E stands for Ecstasy
Data Analyst
Data Analyst 2 months ago
Such a good episode
Mesa3077Boogie 2 months ago
I didn't know the dork disk would not prevent the chain from over shooting the cassette. That isdue just cost me $150 repair on a brand new bike and i attributed it to the lack of a dork..
Linus Takee
Linus Takee 2 months ago
jajaja yup yup so good video love the jumptrail! now feel motivated what gest me going the longest while bike is delta parole or other rokk music!
The Internetwanderer
I'm surprised an E-bike is allowed in the US. It's kind of like "HELL NO, it's too environmentally friendly" Here, have a bacon cheeseburger with a cigarette chaser.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Month ago
no, electric motorcycle! thats why they are allowed. trump wants a stealth bomber.
Andreas Bays
Andreas Bays 2 months ago
my friend towed me up a hill with an E bike
Tom.Hxrvey 2 months ago
Some e-bikes will have a walk mode which means the bike will power it self along while you walk beside it
Philip Hawkins
Philip Hawkins 2 months ago
Dork disc.. It there to stop people spraying lubricant onto the brake disc.
random illuminati
random illuminati 2 months ago
I love haibikes i recently bought one and its sooo nice and smooth ( i have the hardtail)
Posi P
Posi P 2 months ago
Seth, what camera are you running on your helmet?
Rekka 2 months ago
Moving the pedal while hiking up is a big brain move.
Blue Solar Home
Blue Solar Home 2 months ago
Haibike as in the German bike brand?
destroySTREETS 2 months ago
Will Europe ever over throw America? Just remember they have a law they need two certified bike mechanics to lift a 50 lb ebike lol
Innocent Butler
Innocent Butler 2 months ago
A loss for e bikers: 300x the torque = going through drivetrains 3x as fast. We see it at our shop all the time.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Month ago
thats why there are ebike specific drivetrains.
Stephan Winter
Stephan Winter 2 months ago
i riding my ebike for 15000miles (levo expert 2017) and it's more than awesome !
Aubert Cordon
Aubert Cordon 2 months ago
Why do you need such a huge cassette with an E bike? Seems like overkill.
theonlymob 2 months ago
Ebikes are cool, but leaving one in the dust on a climb, is even cooler
michael miano
michael miano 2 months ago
I bought an E bike off my friend and it has a throttle and peddle assist so when you put both together you don't have to stand to go up pretty much any hill
Yonatan Terline
Yonatan Terline 2 months ago
his face at 10:36
Gianbenedict Banquil
Nice sir im from Philippines I'm always watching your vlog.. I'm really amaze and also inspiring. To upgrade my classic bike but I don't have yet budget
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