All DOMINUS Sets! (2017-2020) - Roblox Dominus Dudes, Simoon68 Golden God + More!

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Unboxing the Roblox Dominus Dudes set and the Simon Gold pack & redeeming the Codes!
➡️ Buy Dominus Set here: amzn.to/2UPFjuD
➡️ Deadly Dark Dominus Unboxing Vid: ruvid.net/video/video-7RhaL0Bbdzs.html
➡️ Sharkbite Unboxing Vids: ruvid.net/video/video-OANu-bCtoZw.html
➡️ Roblox Gaming with Lily (join our Group!): Lily_PTRC
➡️ Lily's Twitter: @ LilyandGia
➡️ Lily's Instagram: Lily_PTRC
➡️ Sleghart's Channel: ruvid.net/u-sleghart
➡️ Music: "Virtual Game" by Emilio Merone (MelodyLoops)
#Roblox #RobloxFigures #RobloxDominus
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Lily & Gia's Channel
➡️ BUY DOMINUS or Simon Set Here: amzn.to/2UPFjuD (comment for international link) ➡️ Play Sharkbite: www.roblox.com/games/734159876 ➡️ Play Backpacking: www.roblox.com/games/1997193809 ➡️ Unboxing Sharkbite Sets: ruvid.net/video/video-OANu-bCtoZw.html ➡️ Unboxing Deadly Dark Dominus: ruvid.net/video/video-7RhaL0Bbdzs.html
Aidan Brand
Aidan Brand Month ago
Do a Face reveal please
Maria Bernadette Labro
Do a Face reveal
Jettrice Chancy
Jettrice Chancy Month ago
On box sark bite toy
Lily & Gia's Channel
Jayce Dakota Yes, I show him at 6:42
Jayce Dakota
Jayce Dakota Month ago
He has a dominis
agosto gamer
agosto gamer 7 days ago
Wow lily is amazing :D
ChrisRuiz 12 days ago
lilly freind me in roblox
aged string
aged string 13 days ago
Also the next time you open any pack of a series 7 or celebrity Series 5 packs, can you do the thing you used to do when you got a duplicate by posting them on the wall of your group
aged string
aged string 14 days ago
Hey lily tomorrow can you host a party at your hangout just for fun
aged string
aged string 13 days ago
Sorry I was late I had to go places do you want to host this party again as a livestream it will last about 3 days ( not the livestream itself )
Bear - RB
Bear - RB 28 days ago
Lily can u add me on roblox?
raja kabayan
raja kabayan Month ago
Phoemela Tuvera
Phoemela Tuvera Month ago
Lily can u do the roblox series 7 case im waiting for it
Lily & Gia's Channel
Yes, that vid is almost done, coming in a few days :)
vincent vlog
vincent vlog Month ago
Cool toy wish i have that toys and promo is the best
Ya Asian Boi
Ya Asian Boi Month ago
You should open Pirates dream:Shark people set its really cool you get a shark pirate for the code
piper piper
piper piper Month ago
glue in the next video with Brazilian subtitles please I will be very happy because for me and a little complicated watching with English subtitles
nabilfarras345 Month ago
I was boys and watch this but how your speaks and your countent make me feels this is the best channel. Edit : I like the golden dominus sets with pirate suits, It's very golden I like it.
Aidan Brand
Aidan Brand Month ago
Do a Face reveal
Aidan Brand
Aidan Brand 10 days ago
@ChrisRuiz Not you
ChrisRuiz 12 days ago
Louise Kew
Louise Kew Month ago
Lilly can you do booga booga shark rider Next. Pls
Vs Co
Vs Co Month ago
I unboxed that set just a heads up you get a shark package
Lily & Gia's Channel
Yes, i am unboxing that set :)
Minduim Month ago
mayo tayo
mayo tayo Month ago
Hi lily love your unboxing vids
Junior Sanchez
Junior Sanchez Month ago
Those dominus guys and Simon look cool and they have details
MLGlegenderay is cool
2:20 palpy
Nicolas Month ago
sleghart is the best!
Huy Mai
Huy Mai Month ago
iago zuera - _-
iago zuera - _- Month ago
How cool lily really like your channel and toys
Bulletbill3344 Roblox
I don’t know
Leslie Indiana
Leslie Indiana Month ago
So cool
Noob Plays
Noob Plays Month ago
Fabricio O.
Fabricio O. Month ago
Hey lil how i get the toys
Lily & Gia's Channel
Fabricio O. Target, Walmart, depends what country you are in, and Amazon here: amzn.to/2UPFjuD
Gemstone Animations
OoooooOOoooo interesting I like it
Nesdahl Month ago
GUCCIFIre233 Month ago
Can u give me one code pls ? Ima bigg fan of u ! Im from Balkan! In our countrys have no Walrmart or that all :(
Basty Reviews Toys
Dominus Dudes!! I’ve been seeing these in stores left right and center!!
ultima gaming
ultima gaming Month ago
Awesome vid keep it up
Ugandan Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles
king 3064
king 3064 Month ago
Hiii :D btw u sound so young ;p
king 3064
king 3064 Month ago
@Lily & Gia's Channel ye one day
Lily & Gia's Channel
king 3064 I am an adult (over 18), just like most youtubers are, you will see me when I do a reveal one day :)
king 3064
king 3064 Month ago
@Lily & Gia's Channel how old are u ? :0
Lily & Gia's Channel
king 3064 Hi :) If you see me irl I sound just like meee 😊💛
567 BLACKGTVX Month ago
900 and something viewer
ROBLOX By Melina
Cool I love it lily
Gabriel Canlas
Gabriel Canlas Month ago
I have the jack of all trades
Lily & Gia's Channel
lucky! I hope i find him next
LiangFinderYT Rblx
7:37 omg I was right the code was Dominus Palliolum
LiangFinderYT Rblx
Yes I just send the photo to him the toy code in twitter sorry I got bad grammar lol
Phoemela Tuvera
Phoemela Tuvera Month ago
yt toys
yt toys Month ago
Oh thank goodness i am not late.. Please please do a QnA when you reach 100k! Also sorry that i am 2 hours late
Lily & Gia's Channel
yt toys You are not late 😊💛🎉
Bloxy Animators
Bloxy Animators Month ago
all these vids are coooool!
Z A Month ago
Another good video
Saki Miyu
Saki Miyu Month ago
Hey my name is Fr4gile_ii add me! (If you want 🐇)
ashishidowgi ßøSS
Will u play games like arsenal
Lily & Gia's Channel
ashishidowgi ßøSS Yes, I'm starting to slowly add in gaming vids, here's the playlist: ruvid.net/group/PLhg1aHTHZUbzuATi-pQeit_v00zxex9bN
Luis f
Luis f Month ago
I have the q-clash pack and my store has a lot like 10 so lily can you review it plzzz
John_Mail Month ago
lily pls do room tour
Irma Pugal
Irma Pugal Month ago
hi lily great but I was saying roblox toy series 7 blind boxes the boxes please release that video
Irma Pugal
Irma Pugal Month ago
thanks lily sorry if I didnt understand I just didnt know it was hard ok ill wait for that video
Lily & Gia's Channel
Irma Pugal Yessss :) I am working on that but it's a full case and *a lot* of work so there will be a few smaller vids in between, but it's coming very soon and it's good!! 😊💛🎉
Bob Sponge
Bob Sponge Month ago
I'm gonna be getting that just for the Dominus Palliolum
Luis f
Luis f Month ago
Bob Sponge cool
BurningDryIce Month ago
why did he died that's a bad endingsulz Puma
It's usually not a duminus item
TheDUDEguy Month ago
Dominus Dude...guys
Lily & Gia's Channel
TheDUDEguy TheDominusDudeguy
pizza200616_2 _plays
CreativeArticwolfcreations _YT
Those look cool! Nice vid by the way like always!:3
Buffy Plays
Buffy Plays Month ago
awesome xD
Krishna Kabir Siddharth
Wow OwO niceeee
Dido Month ago
Amazing gamer vid
Roblox Eldamen11
Love this channel
Lily & Gia's Channel
Roblox Eldamen11 this channel loves you 😊💛
Ellie Chan 399
Ellie Chan 399 Month ago
:o thx for the Information!
snichblasted Cz
snichblasted Cz Month ago
ThePandaSquad Month ago
Can you get a dominus from the toy codes
Lily & Gia's Channel
WolfLover 2010 Watch the vid, I show it all
Lily & Gia's Channel
꧁Đӓŕḳ Ĕņţîţɏ꧂ Hi :)
Angela Kastl
Angela Kastl Month ago
Awesome video lily! By the way my roblox account is dlegok and hopefully I can get cool toy codes like other people did.
Somber Month ago
my first roblox toy was one with a dominus
Wookey Month ago
Bayron Angel Medina
freddy's plush dark
I was first
infinitivedev egg Roblox
Yes i been waiting for a long time
Obey modez
Obey modez Month ago
Lily & Gia's Channel
Obeymodez 1 Hi :D
Jin J
Jin J Month ago
Hi lily
Lily & Gia's Channel
Jin J Hi :)
freddy's plush dark
Good video lilly happy
Red S ツ
Red S ツ Month ago
I want this set!!!
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