Unboxing a MONSTER | Extreme neodymium magnets

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Never thought I would unbox a magnet bigger than my monster 6x2", but technology is evolving and I love following along.
Luckily, magnetportal.de was kind enough to donate the magnets featured in this video. They are not cheap! The biggest one alone contains around 3 kg of the rare earth metal neodymium.
Here's where you can find the magnets and a lot of smaller ones:
The website is German, but I have communicated with them in English and Chrome can translate the website to your language, so don't let it stop you.
Time codes: 0:00 + 12:08
Dark Times by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Time codes: 0:43 + 8:16
Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Time codes: 2:23 + 5:21
Echoes of Time v2 Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Phantasm Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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ISRC: USUAN1400011

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17 сен 2017




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Комментарии 4 418
Ted Ellis
Ted Ellis 10 часов назад
Harry 19 часов назад
India scammers talking
Robert R
Robert R День назад
Brilliant storage box idea
Padraig de Buitlear
Padraig de Buitlear День назад
by another one and put them together like the monster magnet
Jedqwerty День назад
ronny День назад
nettes Video
julius skallerup
julius skallerup 2 дня назад
Er du dansk jeg er
michael hammond
michael hammond 2 дня назад
All my compasses point towards Brainiac's house now.
jroar123 3 дня назад
Wow, this magnet is so cool looking and attractive. Unless the glass is half full then it’s repulsive.
Anil Kumar Sharma
Anil Kumar Sharma 4 дня назад
use this largest neodymium magnet with microwave oven so watch what happens to food like potatoes, are they cooked inside out or something else because now we changed the power of magnetrons frequency by increasing energy density by higher powered magnet
Hrishikesh Karmarkar
Hrishikesh Karmarkar 5 дней назад
Why removing the weights just lift the magnet dumb
Not Broihon
Not Broihon 3 дня назад
Would be much harder to do since the weights are easier to grab onto.
TobiHudi 5 дней назад
Youre a german man
Amós Jardim
Amós Jardim 5 дней назад
This shit is moving the magnectic poles of earth
treasurehunter100 6 дней назад
When they flip the switch at the Roulette table ..............
Music Machine
Music Machine 6 дней назад
When he puts the magnet on floor the people below the floor were sticked to their celieng because they were wearing iron buckles 😐
Das habe ich nicht gesagt
Das habe ich nicht gesagt 7 дней назад
Geiles Video und man hört das du Deutsch bist 😉
Not Broihon
Not Broihon 3 дня назад
Da scheinst du falsch gehört zu haben.
Luca Stoian
Luca Stoian 7 дней назад
this is perfect this will stick right on my fridge without scratching it or or leaving a dent the size of mars on it my mum would love this it is the perfect addition to her collection
Jack Scheisse
Jack Scheisse 7 дней назад
dude got a big magnet fetish lmao.Youre better off with a pussy magnet.
Mike USA
Mike USA 7 дней назад
So what you will do with this ??
Avenant Kerbi Abela
Avenant Kerbi Abela 8 дней назад
That first magnet you unboxed can literally lift 5 weights
NadavBenArie 9 дней назад
7:00 that part when he started moving off the barbell weights looked dangers af
Haywire Skuff
Haywire Skuff 9 дней назад
I love your danish accent :D
Mark Osborn
Mark Osborn 9 дней назад
You look too much like Americans ... you must be American. :) We are all just humans.
Marc Rosner
Marc Rosner 10 дней назад
My klass luved it!
Eloy Miguelez
Eloy Miguelez 12 дней назад
Ja mein fitler
PBIV MoarCargoNG
PBIV MoarCargoNG 13 дней назад
I would hate to imagine ever dropping one of these beasts from a plane and watching it home back into the plane it was thrown from.
Mad Dogs
Mad Dogs 13 дней назад
1:29 remember to remove metal implants and pacemaker
John Runion
John Runion 14 дней назад
Need a 1/2” thick copper plate for some wild phenomenon.
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 14 дней назад
1000€ geht ja garnicht 👎
Dillon Moreno
Dillon Moreno 14 дней назад
MAD ANXIETY watching this
John Sotack
John Sotack 14 дней назад
The coolest magnet thing I have done is drop a small spherical magnet down an aluminum pipe with a slightly larger inner diameter. As I recall it took the better part of 10 seconds to fall 2-3 feet. When a conductor is presented with a changing magnet field, a current is set up in the conductor that creates an opposing field if I recall. It might be interesting to have the magnets interact with aluminum plates. For example dropping a magnet down an aluminum channel. Our what happens when you drop a silver dollar onto one of these magnets?
Lamadrequetepario 15 дней назад
Someone's cutlery in the apartment below is just flying into the roof
Brando Smith
Brando Smith 15 дней назад
2:10 "Box-ception." Lol
enoch powellsghost
enoch powellsghost 15 дней назад
great for getting a stainless steel ball bar out yer penis.
Bandit Darville
Bandit Darville 15 дней назад
It's like that scene from Indiana Jones.
Iteratorus 15 дней назад
Can I assemble MRI using your magnets?
Winters 15 дней назад
That thing needs to be stored in the same prison that they kept Magneto in!
NEXØ 15 дней назад
This man is just an old child 😂😂
Powell Munro Holzner
Powell Munro Holzner 16 дней назад
Remember to remove: Keys Watch Mobile Phone .... PACEMAKER .... Metal Implants Pets with Collars Gotta love that
Daniel Villalobos
Daniel Villalobos 16 дней назад
The swooshing sound the ball bearings make, sliding quickly over the wodden table top, is really satisfying-the prototypical swoosh.
FlipAndLand 16 дней назад
I think I found my weird fear. Like some people can't even look at things with holes in them (Trypophobia), I can't look at huge magnets. The entire time, I feel uncomfortable, unable to stop thinking about them suddenly joining together and crushing a hand, pinching the skin or most importantly, getting a certain body part crushed between them.
Jacek R
Jacek R 16 дней назад
I bet this shit propably dispalced all of the iron particles from his blood ;)
TheUnswatableMidge 16 дней назад
Be very careful sir not to castrate yourself with those two magnets.
Trades46 16 дней назад
Have a bunch of these & pretend to be Magneto.
Eduardo Gonçalves
Eduardo Gonçalves 16 дней назад
If he could remove the weights..... Why he just didn't lift the magnet from the table???? And he's a NERD??? OMG
Paula Muniz
Paula Muniz 16 дней назад
Well... I don't know much about it, but wouldn't it be dangerous to lift it depending on where he would put it? The weights could just be attracted to the magnet and he would be between them, and yeah, it wouldn't be pretty. Just a thought though.
MrHighsider HD
MrHighsider HD 16 дней назад
You didnt need an bigger table, you need an wife.
Jeffrey Jackson
Jeffrey Jackson 17 дней назад
place this in front of someone with a cock ring
Rexy1000 17 дней назад
1:23 remember to cut yourselves open and remove your titanium hip placements guys 😉
Billy K
Billy K 17 дней назад
Set your cell phone on it.
Porash S
Porash S 17 дней назад
it could suck the iron out of the blood... sick
Dt Tomsen
Dt Tomsen 17 дней назад
Doesn't the extreme magnetism have an effect on the human body?
Arnold R
Arnold R 17 дней назад
What uses you can do to these monster magnets? Just educational?
Jon Cocks
Jon Cocks 17 дней назад
That's 1 big watch battery
furydeath 17 дней назад
Legend says he's still trying to remove the barbells.
furydeath 17 дней назад
Outtake: box get's stuck to mail truck.
DutchClawz 18 дней назад
Imagine the shit you could pull with these.. crazy
duncan rmi
duncan rmi 18 дней назад
I can't believe you're allowed to post these monsters.... what about those of us who post watches or tapes or tape decks or other delicate machinery?
TheTruthQuest123 18 дней назад
What are the dimensions on the second magnet weight and price
egoegoegoego 16 дней назад
Did you watch the video??
TheTruthQuest123 18 дней назад
With magnets you do not pull up or down you slide it through the side both the plate and the weights you should have slid the side
ABC123 XYZ8910
ABC123 XYZ8910 18 дней назад
not dangerous. i put my pace maker near these two and i am fine
Invictus 18 дней назад
Grüße von stuttgart
Crash DK
Crash DK 19 дней назад
jeg vest ikke du var dansker
Chan Yann
Chan Yann 19 дней назад
Brilliant Video, theres alot to understand from your demonstrations :D
Occams Razor
Occams Razor 20 дней назад
4:50 Did anyone else hear Duke Nukem's voice?
sammy .F
sammy .F 20 дней назад
6:51 ma dīck
sammy .F
sammy .F 20 дней назад
3:45 ma dīck
sammy .F
sammy .F 20 дней назад
3:30 that's what she said
sammy .F
sammy .F 20 дней назад
3:10 that's what she said
383 chevy
383 chevy 21 день назад
Imagine living in an apartment above someone and you own one of these ,🤣🤣
383 chevy
383 chevy 21 день назад
Mine are still in their box 🤣🤣
Marc Ferretti
Marc Ferretti 21 день назад
I feel bad for the people who had hard drives and computers coming in the mail. That magnet prob damages electronics from a pretty good range
Sagisu 22 дня назад
Feel weaker then magnet right now? Try to remember that you have to get up every single day from bed with earth gravity under your legs .... feel better now?
Jeffrey Layman
Jeffrey Layman 22 дня назад
Cannot be that hard to remove the weights. Also, you can just move the magnet.
Jeffrey Layman
Jeffrey Layman 7 дней назад
+Jim Thomas sorry Jim, my birthday is tomorrow, I am just feeling old. Didnt mean to lash out like that. I want you to know that I do understand the power of those magnets, you could toss a piece of metal a few inches from the box, and the magnet would catch it with insane force. My point was that the guy was very dramatic about it. I never doubted the strength of magnetic fields.
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas 9 дней назад
Jeffrey Layman , did you see all the warning's ? He had to cut the box open with with something non magnetic , I have little magnets with only 15 pounds of pull and it's like a 15 pound sledge hammer hitting you , this one will take body parts off of you , buy some neodymium magnets , first this one cost $1200 dollars , so if I was you I would buy some cheaper one's first and smaller also , you see how it came packaged ? and metal would still stick to the box !! they are extremely strong , try to pick up 100 pounds of anything , now try to pick up 1000 pounds , now try to pick up 1000 pounds that won't let go , they are fun but extremely dangerous , play carefully Jeffrey , they will hurt you very badly
Jeffrey Layman
Jeffrey Layman 9 дней назад
+Jim Thomas true story??
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas 10 дней назад
Jeffrey Layman , it has 1000 pounds of pull , it could pull a small car out of a ditch or you on your tricycle
Sonicgott 22 дня назад
That’s frighteningly strong.... holy shit.
Fox22655 23 дня назад
4:02 *DING*
Floris Rip
Floris Rip 24 дня назад
Chris Bro
Chris Bro 24 дня назад
Is this the pussy magnet
Luchild Baby
Luchild Baby 24 дня назад
Good videos, I am interested.
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 25 дней назад
Oh No! I forgot I had a pacem.........
Finndd 27 дней назад
Ur a german?
isiah bethel
isiah bethel 27 дней назад
Dumbest shit yet you tube
Not Broihon
Not Broihon 3 дня назад
William Reynolds
William Reynolds 27 дней назад
I’m surprised you went with a leather strap closure for the crate. I would have thought you could have come up with some sort of magnetic closure that just used the magnetism from that giant magnet.
INKUBATOR STUDIO 27 дней назад
Can you pick 1000 000 subscribers with that magnet ?
Adolfo T.
Adolfo T. 28 дней назад
Métete tu imán culiao por la raja !
Yuanyuan Qu
Yuanyuan Qu 28 дней назад
it feels so weird to see things defying gravity despite the fact that I know logically that it's a magnet. I just haven't any experience with super powerful magnets before.
Roxsapien 28 дней назад
If they made one of these 50 feet high and 25 feet in diameter, and just placed it in a busy downtown core, how many things would get stuck on it.... ;)
Eduard Ritok
Eduard Ritok 28 дней назад
my cassette tapes gave dislikes to this :D
Gopi nath Kaki
Gopi nath Kaki 29 дней назад
roll the top weight then every thing falls of...
yosef's world
yosef's world 29 дней назад
Does anyone now where I can find a 15000kj magnet for a small cyclotron
greg Isaacs
greg Isaacs Месяц назад
How about less blasphemy. You may not believe in God but my family does. You are monetized so watch what you say. Thank you.
corydoras 20 дней назад
+Snek_77 He had the temerity to say "Oh my God". Some dick took offence to him bad mouthing his family's imaginary friend.
corydoras 20 дней назад
Fuck off. Blasphemy is a victimless crime.
Snek_77 Месяц назад
what did he say? XD
Joshua Месяц назад
"Remember to remove (...) Pacemaker, metal implants (...)"
Marcdoubleu Месяц назад
Is this Stephen Hawking??🤣🤣
Brick Builder UK
Brick Builder UK Месяц назад
the person in the apartment downstairs called a priest because their knife and fork just flew up to the ceiling
Sam Dooley
Sam Dooley Месяц назад
How do you mail those without destroying every computer devise it comes near?
tornadokat Месяц назад
One large magnet lifts a car. Two large magnets compress a car into a cube 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch.
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Месяц назад
That's fucking cool.
A Drop of Water Salted With Fire
A Drop of Water Salted With Fire Месяц назад
This guy's wife wasn't pleased.
David Drupa
David Drupa Месяц назад
Who here hypothesizes that UFOs have this stuff MASTERED?!
Doug Adams
Doug Adams Месяц назад
Need to get a copper plate now.
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