Unboxing a MONSTER | Extreme neodymium magnets

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Never thought I would unbox a magnet bigger than my monster 6x2", but technology is evolving and I love following along.
Luckily, magnetportal.de was kind enough to donate the magnets featured in this video. They are not cheap! The biggest one alone contains around 3 kg of the rare earth metal neodymium.
Here's where you can find the magnets and a lot of smaller ones:
The website is German, but I have communicated with them in English and Chrome can translate the website to your language, so don't let it stop you.
Time codes: 0:00 + 12:08
Dark Times by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
ISRC: USUAN1100747
Time codes: 0:43 + 8:16
Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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ISRC: USUAN1500075
Time codes: 2:23 + 5:21
Echoes of Time v2 Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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ISRC: USUAN1300030
Time code: 3:56
Phantasm Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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ISRC: USUAN1100113
Time code: 7:00
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
ISRC: USUAN1400011

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Comments 100
T7emonic Hour ago
Why would they make non magnetic scissors plastic when they can make them aluminium, it would be much stronger
dz00ka 3 hours ago
remove pacemaker lol
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey 18 hours ago
10:16 the finger print looks like a face in the magnet
sailentxx 19 hours ago
does this magnet mess with electricity if you put it near wires?
Der RaEuBeR
Der RaEuBeR 20 hours ago
redest englisch weil du denkst kannst damit mehr kohle machen ? Armer typ
mr. dotchetter
mr. dotchetter 20 hours ago
Imagine a magnet so powerful that it would cause the iron in the blood to clot closest to where the magnet is and cause a heart attack
Sean7 21 hour ago
If your blood has iron in it, why don’t people stick to this?
Sean7 21 hour ago
RUvid Recommendations got it right on! I love weird but highly dangerous objects!
Mathias Høeg
Mathias Høeg 21 hour ago
Are you Danish?
Joachim Ries
Joachim Ries 21 hour ago
Has the magnet the power, to stop a car engine from running? Will it stop the pistons from running?
Faeran 22 hours ago
RUvid recommendations got me again
Richard Desjardin
Richard Desjardin 23 hours ago
what would happen if you heated a piece of steel or iron past critical temperature and then let it cool on the magnet?
Torkil 23 hours ago
Couldn't he have just taken the magnet off the table...?
Anton sedyshev
Anton sedyshev 23 hours ago
Охуеть, это магнит и самое главное в нем - он магнитит
nightfall penguin
nightfall penguin 23 hours ago
*remember to remove pacemaker*
nate Day ago
Weak dude, strong magnet
MenphisXiX Day ago
HAhaha jeg har altid troet at du var tysk :-D
MenphisXiX Day ago
Lol, i'll just go remove my pacemaker hahha :-D
thevil Day ago
Lets make a megamagnet to destroy this world!
Artemis Logic
this makes me scared just watching it, this magnet is DANGEROUS
Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft
hmm, und wie scant der DHL Fritze den Barcode beim Liefern? :)
SupremeChimp Day ago
lmao, why didnt you just move the magnet instead of pulling the on the weights?
Good thing you dont have a pacemaker
WOW, how did they deal with delivery !
Josh •
Josh • Day ago
Why didn’t they use non magnetic ss????
Dane Fielding
This guy had the most calming voice/accent ever
Philipp Day ago
Bitte, wenn du kein Englisch kannst, mach’s auf deutsch. Ich verstehe kein Wort! Peinlich!
Spoti Fiy
Spoti Fiy Day ago
.....And he's from Denmark
Spoti Fiy
Spoti Fiy Day ago
Well.. then you know less English then you thought, because i understood everything he said and everyone that learnd English at one point would probably understand him
Param Deep Godara
@6:25 those are beautiful spoons lol
Nosaveddata 2 days ago
Why the fuck am I watching this?
FUN FACT 2 days ago
Recommend you to make a maglev train with it
Tropic 2 days ago
Try using this for magnet fishing
Joe Fletcher
Joe Fletcher 2 days ago
watching this cleared my HDD
Shubham Rana
Shubham Rana 3 days ago
Love the guy's accent
Sebasupermotard 3 days ago
2:30 am, high as f*ck, watching a random dude play with magnets. Life is good
Jon He
Jon He 3 days ago
Remember to remove .... pacemaker ... yeah thats a no from me dawg
AdamFra 3 days ago
"Remember to remove: Pets with collars" r/mildlyunsettling
Surrinder J
Surrinder J 4 days ago
Woah.. Just imagine swollowing that magnet like a pill or a tab Peace ✌️ out people
Henry Hughes
Henry Hughes 2 days ago
Then walking through a metal doorway
M He
M He 4 days ago
Is there any use to this kind of giant magnet excpet playing around? Like for what is it manufactured?
Trilochan Sahu
Trilochan Sahu 5 days ago
His bloods coming to his fingers.
billy bob
billy bob 5 days ago
How strong are these magnets like 2 tesla?
ZGJ Finance
ZGJ Finance 5 days ago
That thing would rip a pacemaker out of your chest lol
LA Jenni
LA Jenni 5 days ago
I might need this to find treasures at the beach.
alamish 5 days ago
Gonna pull the iron out of your blood
Dandramere 5 days ago
OOOOOOOOh so that's how you make a wooden box.
cordezio06 5 days ago
is it dangerous to be in contact with him for the brain? Knowing that our brain has electromagnetic waves!
cordezio06 5 days ago
+YamaWarrior 350 I have more to lose than you, I let you try ;)
YamaWarrior 350
YamaWarrior 350 5 days ago
Buy one and put it on top of your head and let us know what happens
Neotarlax 5 days ago
Remember to remove: - Pacemaker - Metal implants Huh not sure that a good idea to REMOVE them xD
FC 5 days ago
brb removing pacema
Aaron S.
Aaron S. 5 days ago
aufjedenfall ein Deutscher
Buhda Punk
Buhda Punk 5 days ago
That is like playing with a loaded gun!!! If your hand would have got caught if the weight went flat it would have been really painful and possible broken bones.
Jon H
Jon H 6 days ago
Get a woman in your life mate
Jamal Baker
Jamal Baker 6 days ago
Sit on a metal chair and hold it in your lap. Just kidding, don't.
Mike 6 days ago
So one tiny mistake and you have to sit there screaming as your hand/finger/limb is slowly crushed and compressed with absolutely no way to reverse it. These should be illegal
Jack Penman
Jack Penman 5 days ago
Lol no
Wyatt Smith
Wyatt Smith 6 days ago
Our retarded FedEx drivers would destroy all electronics if they had one in their truck even if clearly marked. Then deny having anything to do with it.
T I 6 days ago
Time to go to the gym.
Truman Sharp
Truman Sharp 6 days ago
pfft that's nothing come down to Tallahassee and check out our MagLab, we've got a 45 tesla magnet that will rip belt buckles and shoes off from halfway across the building
C List
C List 6 days ago
Those are scary . Loose a hand quick
joseph felice
joseph felice 6 days ago
What does this do to the iron in your blood?
joseph felice
joseph felice 6 days ago
+Mike, I would like to see some scientific information on this. But MRI have massive magnets, so there must be something to your assumption of the blood iron being "different".
Mike 6 days ago
I'm pretty sure the iron in your blood is different and is not actually magnetic at all
I want to see this monster magnet with a coil wrapped around it, a very high current passing through it and supercooled to near 0K like Cody in Cody’slab did.
BieKevin 6 days ago
Remember to remove your metal implants people.
S 6 days ago
Should have tried to open the box with repelling scissors lol.
Nusscraecker 912
Nusscraecker 912 6 days ago
Imagine the box wouldn't be so big and you had to get it in your home
alex pups
alex pups 6 days ago
И чего с ним делать? Хрень короче...
kev d
kev d 7 days ago
Thats one big fridge magnet
A Smus
A Smus 7 days ago
и зачем тебе такой магнит?
Disney BallsPewdiepie’s
Who else thought it was the drink unpacking
John Christiansen
I bet your mailman was pissed trying to get the box out of the truck
Benjamin McCray
Benjamin McCray 7 days ago
Ich hab schon paar Videos von dir gesehn.. Aber dein Englisch geht mir nicht runter.
jan h
jan h 5 days ago
Benjamin McCray 😂
Moriarty 7 days ago
Super Video. Davon werde ich wohl nie genug bekommen.
Chaitanya Pahl
Chaitanya Pahl 7 days ago
I have this in my headphones for extra bass!!!!
Phil Perri
Phil Perri 8 days ago
You should make a strong plastic cone and place it with the small end toward the magnet. Then run a steel ball around the top of the cone very fast and let it go to see if it will act like a black hole making the ball go faster and faster around the cone as it orbits closer to the magnet.
Christopher Königsfeld
7:40 move magnet to side?
Dura TV
Dura TV 8 days ago
How strong are these magnets, I mean in KG... Cuz I bought Magnets that they are 300kg strong and they've been using for a Magnet Fishing
sahil singh
sahil singh 8 days ago
Where u get the golden spoon
notobiwan 8 days ago
9:28 mmmh yummy camembert
FYNNTUBE 8 days ago
Wieso sprichst du nicht einfach Deutsch?
Anurag Hajari
Anurag Hajari 8 days ago
7:00 Instead of pulling plates you should have move the magnet 🧲
Ben Wincelberg
Ben Wincelberg 4 days ago
Anurag Hajari same magnetic force + weight
SpartaGames 6 days ago
ever played like a magician as a kid where you stuck a screw or something on top and have the magnet pull it around? the same thing would happen, on a much larger scale.
Wub 72
Wub 72 8 days ago
What if there is like metal in the floor he is messing up and wiring or crap in the room lol
Ádám L
Ádám L 8 days ago
Once you will undo the nailing in your floor. Or it it is concrete you will get the steel out of it
deffyme 8 days ago
Wieso schrottet das deine Kamera nicht?
uckBay Nguyen
uckBay Nguyen 8 days ago
Ha ha ha ha. I wouldn't dare go near either
Kenny Zhao
Kenny Zhao 8 days ago
Does anyone realize that he’s using Minecraft music
Tim Perry
Tim Perry 8 days ago
you know your magnets are strong when they come with an amputation warning!
AnglerBoyLA 8 days ago
Reminds me of that scene in Indiana jonea
xzesstence 8 days ago
i guess the most powerful magnets you can ever have are electro magnets as there is no limit in strength only on power
xzesstence 8 days ago
now let it rotate very very fast > 3000 rpm and see what happens
Sascha K
Sascha K 8 days ago
Dein englisch ist wirklich lustig ;)
masters2150 8 days ago
Fucking hell, it would suck the iron out of your blood.
Paul B
Paul B 8 days ago
Trve Mischief
Trve Mischief 8 days ago
I'd be scared shitless off that thing 😂 you'd grab it and fly across the room and get stuck to the damn fridge
Chaska 8 days ago
Plz try electromagnets against neodymium to notice how much weight they can bear during repulsion.
Steve Price
Steve Price 8 days ago
The weights bit..."oh jesus"🤣
Shamil Ehqal
Shamil Ehqal 8 days ago
2:58 the magnet push his hand. Please buy unboxing knife. Even my cat open his box using butterfly knife and sometime he stab a cockroach for fun. Yep english not my 1st language.
Map Led
Map Led 8 days ago
I could listen to you for hours.
Notgonna Tellya
Notgonna Tellya 9 days ago
Stay safe!
Ilian 9 days ago
Deutsche qualität halt
Kiril Dimitrov
Kiril Dimitrov 9 days ago
Why you think we are stupid? Why it's need this teather? From 7:00 to the 8:12
F70 GAMING 9 days ago
for what can i use this in normal day life?
RSA Jay 7 days ago
Find someone you really don't like, stick it to their car, and then throw all kinds of crap at it: old wheelbarrow, a bicycle, garden fork etc. Then run away laughing madly ;)
Victor Nascimento
10:00 I thought "how the hell are the magnets so close together? Take your hand out of there mate"
Patick Gay
Patick Gay 9 days ago
I never thought I would say this, but those magnets are cool. Also, being you included a three minute tutorial on how to open a box, I can now get started on opening 51 years of Christmas presents. Yay!
And I'm An Anarchist
Very cool!
Poncelopoly 9 days ago
I have one of those magnets...same size. It is amazing.
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