Unboxing 3 Amazing Animals!!

Snake Discovery
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Today we unbox three incredible animals to add to our breeding plans and educational facility! A stunning giant madagascar hognose, our FIRST tarantula, and...? Watch to find out!
Thanks again Temari for Eyomer!! He has been amazing!!
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Snake Discovery
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Jun 9, 2020




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Comments 100
Brynleigh Monaghan
Brynleigh Monaghan 15 hours ago
Hey I wanted to know DOSE IT BITE sorry I am soooo scared of spider
Alex Mackay
Alex Mackay 16 hours ago
If you feed the t crickets if the t doesn't get it the you have to take it out or the cricket will kill the t when molting
Angela Vos
Angela Vos Day ago
Awww it’s so cute
ToasteBlade 2 days ago
This is the first time I’ve voluntarily clicked on a video with a tarantulas in it, because I’m terrified of them. I just love this channel so much!
Peachy Edits
Peachy Edits 2 days ago
My name is grace to-
Gacha_UwU UwU
Gacha_UwU UwU 3 days ago
Hello Ed, hello Emily! If you need help with the tarantula you can maybe contact "Exotic Layers"! If you know your fare well of information then dont! If you dont, again. Contact him or look in google! Its ok If you dont read the comment! I just wanted to point it out! Anyways, goodbye and have a nice day or night!
Ea Juline
Ea Juline 4 days ago
If a snake was hiding at me, I was OUT OF HERE! You guys just pick them up and don't care 😅 also, if I was scared of a spider, which I am, I would defiantly not just pick them up. You guys are fearless...
Cathy Keppel
Cathy Keppel 4 days ago
I HATE spiders but now I want one
Half Wolf
Half Wolf 4 days ago
I think your insane your speaking to snakes lol
PiNeApPle 5 days ago
Try to contact the dark den or tarantula Kat. They know alot about tarantulas.
Krissil sil
Krissil sil 6 days ago
Did the grey/orange snake have blue eyes?
Abigail Nieves
Abigail Nieves 7 days ago
Nv da
Abigail Nieves
Abigail Nieves 7 days ago
Do you Mach sollmaker? Nvm I a charter box goodbye
Abigail Nieves
Abigail Nieves 7 days ago
Sorry da was me in uh I’m so shy it’s okie if you make me not shy I F you don’t make it’s okie I’m okie play with me?
Abigail Nieves
Abigail Nieves 7 days ago
I have no sissy no no one ☝️ is my name mwe I was like a baby sissy baby sis bye sis iand you need to come join my baby sister and papa 👴 is your baby boy 👦 is the year for the milky milky house the pool really eats a baby cow 🐄 is the day to be a orange and white shirt with that pink shirt on my mom and a wolf baby shark is cute 🏠 is the day you go swim in
Noah B
Noah B 7 days ago
what state do you live
Noah B
Noah B 7 days ago
Noah B
Noah B 7 days ago
Please please please get a bearded dragon
Dawn Glaspey
Dawn Glaspey 7 days ago
I had a ball pithan but sadly it died
Skye Games
Skye Games 8 days ago
I could handle a snake as long as it’s meant for family purposes but NOT a spider I have arachnophobia
Laura Larkins
Laura Larkins 9 days ago
sorry I ment spders not spider.
Laura Larkins
Laura Larkins 9 days ago
there are long leg spider and jumping spider at my house but they don't harm as.
Kelly McCracken
Kelly McCracken 9 days ago
Turantulus are venomous Emily scaredy-cat
Jon Fischer
Jon Fischer 9 days ago
6:15 that is a very angry no no noodle
error charlie the unknown error
They look adorable but I have a fear of spiders the big ones mostly but i hope this video helps with it
Norah McCarty
Norah McCarty 11 days ago
hey ed and emily i have a cat and shes brand new soooo...... dont be mean to her!!!!!!!!!!!! ps her name is candy.
Roberto Perez
Roberto Perez 11 days ago
Exotcs Larit youtuber
Sleeping Repurr
Sleeping Repurr 11 days ago
hey emily! i keep tarantulas and i just wanted to let you know i dont recommend feeding them crickets. instead, i recommend dubia roaches as a replacement! ive had a few tarantulas sadly pass away because of an infection caused by crickets.
Wolflover324x 11 days ago
I love Grace...maybe from a distance but I love her ^-^
Zack Sydes
Zack Sydes 11 days ago
As soon as grace came out of the tube i legit almost cried 😭 there is nothing cuter than a spider's careful little toe taps as they explore, what a perfect little babie ❤💕
Moonlight -
Moonlight - 11 days ago
Sugar glider fur is the softest
Hannah Walters
Hannah Walters 12 days ago
Cute. Have a blessed day
Haezey Bless
Haezey Bless 13 days ago
Hi I wish I was like you I only have venomous snakes but they all get along . And none tride to bite me
Haezey Bless
Haezey Bless 13 days ago
PS I'm only 8
Rebekka Bye Vevle
Rebekka Bye Vevle 13 days ago
I want to name the spider nicki gomez ;v; Even tho she is named aleready😂❤️
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 8 days ago
Rebekka Bye Vevle Already*
Mazillaplays 15 days ago
I love spiders and snake and more
Trinh Tran
Trinh Tran 16 days ago
how do you wrap a tarantula so tightly?
Robert Silvers
Robert Silvers 17 days ago
Other inverts? I would love to see you guys do a video on scorpions, especially the emperor scorpion. 🦂
Steph Rubio
Steph Rubio 17 days ago
beby snek
Emily Thigpen
Emily Thigpen 17 days ago
Hey Emily! Ummmmm I was wondering if Grace is poisons? I'm not that good at spelling and don't know a ton about reptiles and spiders and stuff like that! Edits you should get a bearded dragon!
Chris Spahn
Chris Spahn 19 days ago
Emily my name is Curtis and my brother is getting a black Mexican kingsnake for $500
Bright cloud
Bright cloud 20 days ago
I love when you guys and others unbox and videotape tarantulas because its helped me get over my fear of tarantulas (and starting to work with normal spiders. kind of)
Bright cloud
Bright cloud 20 days ago
tbh, even tho im kinda disturbed by things that seem to have no eyes, i still think some tarantulas are cuties!
Bright cloud
Bright cloud 20 days ago
5:46 heeheheheehe
Ty Eberhardt
Ty Eberhardt 20 days ago
Clicked on the vid and for a split second thought the snake on her shirt was real
John Doe
John Doe 20 days ago
🕷 are friends to
Esau Lopez
Esau Lopez 21 day ago
I dont know much about animals but your a rlly good teacher i love your vídeos btw
Xx_liz_alive 22 days ago
And that’s how to get Brownie points right out of the box for that snake 😂
Amelia O'Connell
Amelia O'Connell 22 days ago
no offense I don't do spiders
ishie fishy
ishie fishy 23 days ago
Who else thought of exotics lair when they got the tarantula out
heather mikesell
heather mikesell 23 days ago
im happy to see you have a sweet curly haired T, mine are a-holes and bite at me any time you try to take and clean the water dish out .
Just a random person
Actually that spider isnt a tarantula. Its a bird spider. Those are different species ☺️ the italian ppl in america confound them with the big original tarantulas in italy and called them "tarantula" what isnt right actually. Sorry for my english 😂🥴
Jenny Hardman
Jenny Hardman 25 days ago
You can call her fluffy
Bernadeth Lota
Bernadeth Lota 26 days ago
Wow a tarantula
Carrot Sprout
Carrot Sprout 27 days ago
I never really wanted a tarantula, but boy do I want one now... 🥺🥺
Joanna Hammond
Joanna Hammond 27 days ago
I had to get rid of mex black as it never calmed down. Was the most vicous thing ever, always though my fingers where mini snakes and therefore food.
Krystal Vigue
Krystal Vigue 27 days ago
I wish I had enough money so I can get a shirt from your Murch but I don’t have enough money be so happy if you gave me one for free I live in Florida though
Kristy Roblee
Kristy Roblee 27 days ago
temari i love eomer
Neo Android
Neo Android 27 days ago
I'm sorry i had to stop watching before you got the spider out - i have arachnophobia bad. But those snakes were gorgeous
The underrated YouTuber Xd
I’m kinda terrified of spiders
GorgGaming 28 days ago
I am soooooooooooooooooooo jelly cuz my mom wont let me get a snake I want a albino Burmese python so I under stand there big snakes but still
Haley Green
Haley Green 28 days ago
That is so cool Love your channel I wish I had a snake but I have two bunnies for dogs to cats and my parents won’t let me get a snake or some sort of website so please give me away to make them or convince them to get a laptop for me give me away please pretty pretty please
Michael Thebarge
Michael Thebarge 28 days ago
Is the tarantula an old world or new world? And just wait till it molts By the way if it's a new world When it molts You will most likely get little hairs on your skin if you touch it's molt And you'll be very itchy and if it's a old wold It most likely is Going to be very aggressive That's also all I know about tarantulas
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee 28 days ago
i love when you unboxing stuff do more peassssssssssssssssssss
Katrine Strebe
Katrine Strebe 29 days ago
so what is the black snake is eating
Fathimah Gianna’s Weather, EAS,and Aviation
I too am attempting to overcome my fear of spiders
Moryah Swed0316
Moryah Swed0316 29 days ago
These videos really keep me entertained during this pandemic and I have learned so much
michael Schmidt
michael Schmidt Month ago
I'm getting a ball python
robo cat
robo cat Month ago
Lexi's life
Lexi's life Month ago
alison barker
alison barker 6 days ago
a pinkie is a baby mouse
Yeni Alvarado
Yeni Alvarado Month ago
Feeding video of Grace.
Elmo Month ago
What would you recommend as a starter reptile? Me and my brothers are looking into getting one and my mum says we need an easy one to look after.
Cameron Taylor
Cameron Taylor Month ago
I have a chilli rose tarantula
Samantha Perdicho
I noticed the Charizard piggy bank in the background! Yeah, I kind of watch the video where you got it.
Ashley Baumbach
Ashley Baumbach Month ago
you guys could always look @exotics lair videos he is an experienced tarantula owner and breader
Comma Month ago
The tarantula coming out of the package gave me strong Aragog vibes
Le scrchie snek
Le scrchie snek Month ago
Emily and Ed: sHhHhhHhHhhHhHHh... SHe wIlL NEveR kNoW!!! 👁👄👁 🦵🏻🦵🏻
Isabella Sawyer
Isabella Sawyer Month ago
What reptile should I get if I'm a starter or should I get a uh tralantula idk if I spelled it right
ty holmsey
ty holmsey Month ago
Lol ur channel is like extoic liar but snake verison instead of tarantula
Blāck Fēäthër Gāng
You should check out exotics lair for more information about tarantulas he’s an expert. Good luck!!! -when she kicks, don’t inhale-
Rara Month ago
cupcakes the sparkle star cosmic
snake: thank for the food OwO
Rhiannon Evans
Rhiannon Evans Month ago
My sister looked over my screen and saw the tarantula, she then screamed. But you see, when I saw the tarantula, all I said with this is; “awww”
My hero academia Fan 1234
TheRombergs Month ago
Emily, what is the best reptile shop to get snakes from. My mom is thinking about getting me one.😁
Helion Neyor
Helion Neyor Month ago
Emily: I’m scared of it I want it
Ibrahim The Reptile Wrangler
Wow is incredible how that hognose has almost no upturn to its snout
Katlin Goh
Katlin Goh Month ago
I hate spiders though
Hilary Peace
Hilary Peace Month ago
You guys have helped me get over the majority of my fear of snakes but..the tarantula (and spiders in general) is just next level fear for me lol.
Phumin Chalodhorn
The tarantula's name is Grace😐. You will understand if you watch Let's Game It Out.
Julia Byington
Julia Byington Month ago
phiares Month ago
Hi Emily! I forgot to comment this when the video first rolled out (got very distracted, as here I am two months later) - but! Tarantula fragility also extends to being very susceptible to fall damage! It's discouraged to handle in general (in the hobby), but you should at the very least know that a fall from a foot or higher can severely injure or even kill a tarantula. If she were to tumble from your hands, or (even worse) your counter, you'd have a very awful experience indeed! It's recommended to only handle them near the floor for this reason, as Ts can startle and jump short distances - such as out of your hands! :) I hope Grace is doing well in your care and I'd love to see an update! (Oh, also, thank you for the water dish correction! It's appreciated!)
Dony Queen
Dony Queen Month ago
Wow i want spider
caltranschris Month ago
So cuteeeeee!~~~~
Rosanna Sherwood
What do tarantulas eat
Samantha Enciso
Samantha Enciso Month ago
Charis Ellis
Charis Ellis Month ago
Are you going to keep them
krysta young
krysta young Month ago
It's Lavender
It's Lavender Month ago
Fun fact(not really):i have a sister called grace who also has arachnephobia
Dino Dan
Dino Dan Month ago
Tamari da lil cober
AbbieC_gacha Month ago
are tarantulas poisonous but she is so cute and the snack is so cool im happy that they made it safely
orose Month ago
oh my god my family is from mukwonago and my aunt still lives there haha. ok back to the video now but that was the first thing i noticed on the animal house business card lol
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