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Inspired by real events, a teen reports and eventually recants her reported rape, while two female detectives, states away, investigate evidence that could reveal the truth.
Based on The Marshall Project and ProPublica Pulitzer Prize-winning article, "An Unbelievable Story of Rape," written by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong, and the This American Life radio episode, “Anatomy of Doubt”, with episodes directed by Oscar nominees Susannah Grant and Lisa Cholodenko, "Unbelievable" is a story of unspeakable trauma, unwavering tenacity, and astounding resilience.
Showrunner Susannah Grant executive produces the series, from CBS Television Studios, along with Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Lisa Cholodenko, Ayelet Waldman, Michael Chabon, Katie Couric, Richard Tofel, Neil Barsky, Robyn Semien, and Marie.
If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, call RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit online.rainn.org.
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Unbelievable | Official Trailer | Netflix


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Jul 18, 2019




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Comments 2 379
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff 3 hours ago
Damn so many triggered men commenting. Incels and closet rapists are mad.
Bogdan Day ago
watching the first episode made me think that they want to discourage womens from reporting.
Bogdan Day ago
unbelievable things happen in uk france sweden norway germany everyday
Alva Alga
Alva Alga 2 days ago
Is it just me or Marie looks like Ellie from the last of us.....
Roxanne Scott
Roxanne Scott 2 days ago
This really bothers me ... they didn’t give her anytime to process what had happened to her. She had to keep repeating her story numerous times when she was exhausted and needed to rest. The cops were wrong in this. Her foster mother was wrong for putting the doubt in the police officers minds to begin with. After he spoken with the foster mother he just assumed she was a horrible kid and believed she was lying. They kept telling her she was wasting their time. She couldn’t even gather her thoughts. So when you had the life she’s had and people constantly give up on you and assume that it’s all fabricated from the beginning saying Things don’t add up yeah you start losing faith and hope in yourself. She deserved every penny she got from the city !!! The asshole who did this to her even admitted that this girl was his first victim and he thought for sure he would get caught because he left all kinds of dna behind but he said nope the cops didn’t do their job properly and he got away with it.
Xone 4 days ago
Netflix should also document the other side.. (I mean reverse. When innocent guys go to jail to be raped because some girl said he raped her)
ines sn
ines sn 4 days ago
This looks boring sorry
Valéria Santos
Valéria Santos 4 days ago
Muito boa
Ed Potfield
Ed Potfield 4 days ago
NOT A SPOILER ALERT ! The rapist wasn`t human.
Alex _
Alex _ 5 days ago
so i'm on episode one and tbh i don't blame the detectives she changed her story so many times how r they supposed to believe her or be sure of any version after so many lies should've just taken the lie detector test
Dilara N.
Dilara N. 5 days ago
Erkek ve kızlar cidden izlenecek bi dizi bırakamıyorsunuz, çok bilgilendirici ve insanların anlayışsızlığını gösteren bi dizi üstelik gerçek hikayeden alıntı
sukina 6 days ago
They destroy that girl life
03 AI
03 AI 6 days ago
It was one of the best in a limited Netflix series. My emotions broke and I watched while crying. Toni Collette and Merritt Wever performed brilliantly, but especially Kaitlyn Dever was really great. She is one of the best actresses of this generation. It was sad that I didn't get the Emmy. She acted worthy of an Emmy.
ezhar 8 days ago
June Rose-Sommer
June Rose-Sommer 9 days ago
Brilliant series!! Superb acting by the three female leads. It should have won a Golden Globe!!
R J 9 days ago
She’s so Generic
TY Track
TY Track 9 days ago
This is not something people get over, this is something they carry with them forever
Aki Lucky
Aki Lucky 10 days ago
Kinda lost all compassion to her when she offended that lady worker at the store. Got what she deserved😑
sa l
sa l 11 days ago
the detective with her voice is really really boring
Eoin Brennan
Eoin Brennan 11 days ago
This seems a lot like "Jagged edge"
It's Friday
It's Friday 8 days ago
this is a true story
kobe bryant
kobe bryant 11 days ago
That one detective is by far one of the worst actors I haven't ever ever seen.
Sabrina Spencer
Sabrina Spencer 10 days ago
They are both phenomenal so I have no clue who you could be talking about
Haider Hasan
Haider Hasan 12 days ago
Following from Iraq ❤❤🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶❤❤ I like that Netflix film
LaSirenaVarada 12 days ago
Interesting (and terrifying...) story, hard but real. Is this justice? I don't think so...
NVLNGRMLY 12 days ago
I haven't watched this but am planning to. Is this similar to When They See Us? Because I loved WTSU
Sabrina Spencer
Sabrina Spencer 10 days ago
In a way it is similar because it is a true story about injustice.
One of the most compelling dramas of the decade, written, produced & directed by strong and talented women throughout. It’s a masterpiece of TRUTH that NEEDS to be told. 💪🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Shawnice Lawrence
Shawnice Lawrence 12 days ago
I know it’s based off of a true story, but that ending didn’t sit right with me at all. If something that traumatic happened to me and the police tried to tell me it didn’t happen and sue me and literally ruin my life I’d raise hell. She should’ve sent her story to the press and gotten that cop fired and then sued for more money.
Sabrina Spencer
Sabrina Spencer 10 days ago
Well seeing as there is this show, it did make it to the press.
David Camacho
David Camacho 12 days ago
You rape anyone you do not belong among us. Child molesters,rapist,pedophiles are seen as sick people by the courts and many times are given special treatment. I say we feed them to the wolves. They say for every 5 people you know one has done one of these acts. I pray to God those numbers aren't real because I would seriously hurt someone if I knew one.
souderton8989 13 days ago
Cut the BS out Netflix. No reason for it to be so long.
Mikolas Hollins
Mikolas Hollins 14 days ago
Man...I know how she feels in every aspect. Difficult isn't even the word to describe this type of hell. I'm glad she is OK.
Tyler Goodwin
Tyler Goodwin 16 days ago
If you’re looking to fall asleep from pure boredom I recommend this series.
Sabrina Spencer
Sabrina Spencer 10 days ago
How can you watch someone go through such a trauma and be "bored"
WeeStrom CO Guy
WeeStrom CO Guy 16 days ago
After watching so far, it's totally conceivable that they didnt believe her when her story changed four times and she told a 5th conflicting story to her bf that she called first after the rape. You cannot simply take someone's word these days and women have and do lie about being a victim. I'm not sure if the writers intented to have the audience thinking what I am at this point, but I feeling like this show was written for women. Hope I'm wrong since I'm fairly early in. In a side note, Dobber makes a craspy tv cop.
What the fuck is gluten
@WeeStrom CO Guy I never put any words in your mouth as you were the one who said them. And statistics show that around at least 2% of rape allegations are possibly false. Just because you don't understand the consequences of rape and you choose to live in this bubble where women's only purpose is to lie and tear down men is what keeps you from being a person who can actually empathize with people. I never knew someone can miss the entire point of a show just to rant about lying women. By the way, snarky comments after someone presents you with reason does not count as you being a rational, logical, mature man.
What the fuck is gluten
@WeeStrom CO Guy For someone who tries to act all high and mighty with their "facts and logic" you get awfully offended by women standing up for themselves. When you go through a traumatic event and you're forced to tell your story over and over again, you'll make errors. I can tell you just don't want to believe her or make her look like the villain because of your hatred of women. Don't even deny it when your last comments were about "women lie all the time and always play victim to make men look bad".
WeeStrom CO Guy
WeeStrom CO Guy 10 days ago
@Sabrina Spencer you know what else is common? Women lying. Sad but true.
Sabrina Spencer
Sabrina Spencer 10 days ago
@WeeStrom CO Guy It is definitely normal to have minor inconsistencies after trauma. For instance, forgetting the order or time of things. Some people even fully black out in these types of situations. Additionally, coercion into taking back statements is a real issue within police departments.
CHEFMART 16 days ago
I watch this whole series in one day and It was well done and well executed because we have a beginning and an end If it’s a real true story of course you’re sorry for the victims But being that it was a movie and all the details came too late and everything was shown to you it was good from beginning to end So I would give it an A+ It’s always good to show all the aspects and that’s exactly what they did I was rooting for Mary Adler and wondering what the hell is wrong with her why she is saying there is a rape and then there isn’t a rape I guess that’s why there’s drama and suspense and makes you wanna watch the series It makes you wonder why in in Real life there’s nothing better protection for all of the rape kits that I have never ever been tested for women and if I happen to men like a said they will be up in arms Maybe one day the system will get better and not treat the victim like a victim but it was just a powerful movie
nnneela 16 days ago
is this show good? i wanna watch it
03 AI
03 AI 6 days ago
My options are one of the best in a limited series of Netflix. The performances of the actresses were perfect and the script was good.
iSAFAE 17 days ago
does anyone know whats the name of the real life victim this series was based on? i wanna watch the documentaries
iSAFAE 10 days ago
Sabrina Spencer thank youu so much for your help💙
Sabrina Spencer
Sabrina Spencer 10 days ago
Her name is only known as "Marie" to the public. The rapist's name is Marc O'Leary which should direct you towards any documentaries on it.
Ayush S
Ayush S 17 days ago
I'm in!
Amanda_d_ Duprey
Amanda_d_ Duprey 17 days ago
I bet you alot of women like myself can relate so much to this which is even sader.
Cole Carlson
Cole Carlson 18 days ago
Just binged it all today on one of my last days of vacation very good and informative also, had crazy 8 and the atm lady from breaking bad in it playing great roles.
jisuonthatbeat 18 days ago
Omg Amy is here
Lilla Torpeden
Lilla Torpeden 19 days ago
Obama sent me
Sukanthi Sengottuvelu
Obama seriously you brought me here
TheDrAstrov 19 days ago
only women, america are you crazy?
billie 19 days ago
I was so angry in last episode..
Jerry Lorosae
Jerry Lorosae 20 days ago
Came here after Golden globes nominations
WindiGreens 20 days ago
This goes to show how cops are trained to be useless idots. Not even the detectives who cracked the case and the girl's lawyers cared about that girl. Sad world.
Blondxo 21 day ago
Who did this to her ? Im scared to see
Darren Howell
Darren Howell 22 days ago
Absolute brilliance loved it the cast was fantastic if it had been a movie it would have received Oscars galore well done to the whole production team you all played amazing parts in such a heartbreaking turn of events
Ayla Nkr
Ayla Nkr 22 days ago
Name of the song?
theCUBE403 23 days ago
I could only make it to the third ep.. the man hating women in this show are just too much..as well as the phony alpha female acting
Dressed as a shadow
Marie's story could make the whole series single-handedly. Her persona was so enticing and pitch perfect
Ani Engel
Ani Engel 23 days ago
Who watched this and recommends it?
03 AI
03 AI 6 days ago
Very great series
Aditya H.B.
Aditya H.B. 22 days ago
watched today..and it is pretty good stuff👍👍
Littlest dumpling.
Littlest dumpling. 23 days ago
I just watched all episodes and God, it was breath-taking, Marie deserves an Oscar, oh my God. It's so wrong that it's so true -the events which were happened in real life. It made my mind spin.
03 AI
03 AI 6 days ago
Yes, Kaitlyn Dever had a great performance. She is one of the best actresses of this generation.
Cameron Garay
Cameron Garay 23 days ago
I happened to stumble across this last night about 10:30? Well.. let’s just say I held out till 5:30AM and finished the rest when I woke up 3 hours later. I did not want to stop watching it. It was so real.
sa rah
sa rah 24 days ago
This is dope ! I just watched all of the episodes and god damn how it made me feel , it’s really good . I just love it ❤️
Ginnie Gagnon
Ginnie Gagnon 25 days ago
Heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. This was so hard to watch. It’s even harder to live through. 😭😭😭
LOVELY POTATO 25 days ago
SPOILING ALERT~~~~ I hate the ending... I really wanted to see those foster parents and friends of Marie's realizing they are a bunch of a**holes!!!
Charlene Rodrigues
Charlene Rodrigues 26 days ago
So sad it got cancelled 😞
Harold Styles
Harold Styles 15 days ago
It didn't get cancelled. It's just a mini series
Smriti Jayakumar
Smriti Jayakumar 28 days ago
How many of you prefer the comments section ratings than the google ones?
decemberdiaries 15
decemberdiaries 15 28 days ago
Just finished watching this. God it's heartbreaking. A big fan of Kaitlyn Dever. She's amazing in this one as always.
03 AI
03 AI 6 days ago
Yes, Kaitlyn Dever had a great performance. She is one of the best actresses of this generation.
Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez 28 days ago
I am now just watching this series I am about 30 minutes into it was she really raped or not I am so dying to know the true.
allyboon 27 days ago
@Karen Martinez I know right. And to think that this actually happened in real life is so messed up. I'm glad the real Marie Adler got a chance to start over again
Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez 27 days ago
iamtheavocado i can’t believe nobody believe her 😢
allyboon 27 days ago
this is pretty late but yeah, unfortunately, she is
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