Unbelievable News Anchor Meltdowns

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Sometimes you just need to let your feelings out, and sometimes that happens on a live broadcast and results in unbelievable news anchor meltdowns. GMM #1424
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Comments 100
Shadow 5 days ago
eduardoig17 5 days ago
I live in Houston and there is always traffic.
Savanna LaVera
Savanna LaVera 6 days ago
If Carol had been patient, Chad could have explained... Jeez *Carol* .. always making Chad look bad
Mohammed Hani
Mohammed Hani 7 days ago
The last one is Jordanian from my country
spider man
spider man 9 days ago
Came here after seeing his raging about his chair
The Shorter Circuit
11:31 "Im freeeeeeeeee!"
Edward Bear
Edward Bear 15 days ago
Just show us the videos and not make an entire god damn Q+A session about it!!
Potato luv-er
Potato luv-er 17 days ago
It's Ernie
Caleb Sen
Caleb Sen 19 days ago
benson gobel
benson gobel 21 day ago
I watch the news to luagh at what the humans failed at today
Saint Billie eilish
5:46 more like hurricane tortilla
John Cena
John Cena 23 days ago
I live in Little Rock Arkansas
TheWhite DEATH
TheWhite DEATH 24 days ago
STL 4LIFE 28 days ago
Rhett raging about chair should be on this other than it’s not about the news or sports
Dylan TV
Dylan TV 29 days ago
A . . .mazing!
andy o1998
andy o1998 29 days ago
muppet macker
muppet macker Month ago
my name is isaiah
Endermite221 Month ago
00:00 could you imagine if a nuclear plant said that
Haddy Njie
Haddy Njie Month ago
link: move around all you want guys the entire crew: **default dances**
dspl1991 Month ago
6/6 right, booyah
Leandro Rodriguez
That last one became an "I'm already Tracer" meme
Republicus Month ago
Wow... You're list is exactly the same as every other news bloopers lineup on RUvid. Creative.
Runewolf 77
Runewolf 77 Month ago
My favorite part is when the giant spider on the screen scares the weather lady lol
Janene Surface
Janene Surface Month ago
Do you know my mother Rhett? JC that could be her work of knit.
Janene Surface
Janene Surface Month ago
Rhett! You wear the ugliest sweaters! Sorry bro.... But not really...dang!
Bleezy 1234
Bleezy 1234 Month ago
Ali Alhajri
Ali Alhajri Month ago
Meme Goddess
Meme Goddess Month ago
Me: *worries about homeschool work not being finished* Also me: *watches gmm until quite late*
I dont watch the news
choirchick22 Month ago
The first guy is me everytime I have to go outside
Nicole Stamas
Nicole Stamas Month ago
Go figure the only people legitimately freaking out are men. Hunh.
Red __
Red __ Month ago
ember13dp Month ago
Link did really well this round, for a change.
Samantha John
Samantha John Month ago
Rhett’s sweater looks very itchy.
Cyber Isaac
Cyber Isaac Month ago
Sam Month ago
These are my favorite kinds of gmm episodes purely because of the goofs rhett makes after each question
billy jones
billy jones Month ago
I kinda get why that one guy got pissed at reporting on heavy traffic when there’s always heavy traffic...not saying it’s right but I understand
drawing my world
11:57 me when I'm at the dinner table and I need to get out but I'm trapped
Emilu Farmer
Emilu Farmer Month ago
Do you ever seen comments and think why didnt I write this?
Kayleigh Barnes
Kayleigh Barnes Month ago
drop down
drop down Month ago
Rhett had a meltdown about his chair
scrump stitch
scrump stitch Month ago
Let me talk carol
HoustonAstros l 13
HoustonAstros l 13 2 months ago
Living in Houston is the best
Gizà_màcro IIV /lucas laurin
The day you had a meltdown
Blaque 2 months ago
Lewis Harris
Lewis Harris 2 months ago
Much love for those two and crew
illusion artists
illusion artists 2 months ago
Are you FuGin FiLmInG Me
AJ PLAZE 2 months ago
Bru I’m from Arkansas and he is dissing our state
Mindless Animations
Mindless Animations 2 months ago
Blake Atencio
Blake Atencio 2 months ago
This was NEWS to me
Link. the Lucario
Link. the Lucario 2 months ago
I'm bisexual
Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell 2 months ago
My daughter was born on this day. Was watching GMM while waiting for her to come out. I love this show
megatron 1171
megatron 1171 2 months ago
Chair R.I.P. chair
James Wallace
James Wallace 2 months ago
Carol must be kind of a B
Robin Baier
Robin Baier 2 months ago
rhett is it true that you flipped out over your chair rhett: no response sorry love you rhett
James Johnson
James Johnson 2 months ago
Category 5 A-Hole. My high school nickname.
Joshua Bradley
Joshua Bradley 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure Link had already seen the first video...everybody has...😂
Blue Guy
Blue Guy 2 months ago
Rhett what about your meltdown
Ryan Van Dyck
Ryan Van Dyck 2 months ago
Can Somebody Pleaseeeee Tell Me What The Music, In The Beginning, Is From? Like What Song The Melt Down Intro Song Thing Is From? I Cant Think Of It!!!
leaping wolf
leaping wolf 2 months ago
its 1:30 am and my headphone got unplugged as i turned to crack my back and i screeched "NO!" like a little girl and my dog just sat up and glared at me lmao
OH NO NO SQUAD 2 months ago
When I watched this I was eating a cheese salami sandwich lol
Blue cat
Blue cat 2 months ago
OH NO NO SQUAD 2 months ago
Blue cat yes
Blue cat
Blue cat 2 months ago
Was it a good sandwich
Nate Ryans
Nate Ryans 2 months ago
My comedy group plays the John C Reilley breakdown before one of our shows every year. It’s fantastic.
Daniel LaTorre
Daniel LaTorre 2 months ago
4:34...ok then
Luke Scott-Hill
Luke Scott-Hill 2 months ago
So I have minor hearing loss and it sounded like Rhett said " Let's f*** about that" but he said "Lets talk about that"
Jennipurr Blake
Jennipurr Blake 2 months ago
The longer I'm in journalism school... The more I understand these meltdowns.
Gabe Jones-Lang
Gabe Jones-Lang 3 days ago
Jennipurr Blake f
G-unit Kahlon
G-unit Kahlon 2 months ago
Rage bug: +10 to intimidation +10 to attack -10 to charisma
Manar Hindawi
Manar Hindawi 2 months ago
They weren’t actually arguing about the position of the table 😹
Computer Bags
Computer Bags 2 months ago
Who else came from “rhett and link trying to sing” compilation?
Kirby Urbano
Kirby Urbano 2 months ago
rhett rages about his chair brought me here.
ضوء القمر
ضوء القمر 2 months ago
Hurricane Katrina ? more like hurricane tortilla
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet 2 months ago
I just came from the vid of Rhett screaming about chairs 5:02 reminds me of the video
Men t
Men t 2 months ago
La la la mean no no no
Fluff Toon
Fluff Toon 2 months ago
I've seen all of these
Karim Assafiri
Karim Assafiri 2 months ago
the argument on the last meltdown wasn't about the table placement it was about homosexuality.
Gavin Herrick
Gavin Herrick 2 months ago
Megan Simmons
Megan Simmons 2 months ago
Wtf my family watches global news!! I didn't know K Gordon had a mini meltdown 😂 I'll never look at her the same way again, but to be fair, i'd do the same thing lol
Kristen Glover
Kristen Glover 2 months ago
Ohh no no that first one got me mad because im from Arkansas and yea there can be a lot of mosquitos but it’s not a stupid state it’s the natural state....
Smile Guy
Smile Guy 2 months ago
how could literally NOONE see that Link was looking at Rhetts glasses for the first four
aarockw123 2 months ago
What’s the song they used for the intro? Like not the mythical song but the intro to the game
Laura Wakelin
Laura Wakelin 2 months ago
oh how the tables have turned!
dustmart84 2 months ago
Rhett hating on the H?
WHU BACON 2 months ago
represent from little rock ARKANSAS!!
Wayne Campbell
Wayne Campbell 2 months ago
The music that plays when Link answers the questions sounds like something from GTA V
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon 2 months ago
Lmfao there was a commercial that I don't see how made it through to advertising network literally as im watching this: about ordering your dry balls :))
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon 2 months ago
"Powdering" damn Grammarly keyboard.
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon 2 months ago
Anybody see the bill O'Reilly freaks out??
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon 2 months ago
15 mill subscribers...good job
Chris Beaty
Chris Beaty 2 months ago
Jordan H
Jordan H 2 months ago
what in THE F*CK are we doing out here????!!!!!
Saint Savage Prod.
Saint Savage Prod. 2 months ago
No Bill O’Riley slightly disappointed
Sylthaya 2 months ago
glad to see cnn was still mental 10+ years ago
Icalasari 2 months ago
I'd have just caressed him anyways Mmm dat beard... ...I'm not the weird one YOU'RE the weird one!
marley mccaslin
marley mccaslin 2 months ago
What is this, AFV?
Jazz McDurf
Jazz McDurf 2 months ago
I'd like to see one of these where D is the correct answer, despite being so outlandish
Josefin S.
Josefin S. 2 months ago
"If he's that upset about people moving around, why is he announcing sports?" Great point!
Stealthlock 2 months ago
I like how Link apologized to the crew for jokingly telling them not to move after that Sportscaster was so mean about it XD
Trevzeee 3 months ago
I’m from BC and I remember seeing that global news clip happen live, it made my day.
Arcticwolf 3 months ago
Spider that's where I'm from Vancouver BC Canada it's so nice here
Bethany Lorrain
Bethany Lorrain 3 months ago
It actually KARK like you say all the letters are spelled out. K.A.R.K😂 there is some crazy mess🤦🏼‍♀️😂
mrchillytime 3 months ago
You do know it's "clean sweep" not "queen sweep", right Rhett?
Siddhesh P
Siddhesh P 3 months ago
We have all seen this video ....quite ezzz tho
Jenna-Rose Emling
Jenna-Rose Emling 3 months ago
CNN Lady: Can you please translate that for us? CNN Guy: LET ME TALK, KAREN!!
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