Unbelievable Discoveries in the South Pacific

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From sunken treasures, to deep sea artifacts, these are 10 Unbelievable Discoveries in the South Pacific
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5. New Zealand Sunken Treasure
Divers who were cleaning a local harbor were rewarded with an amazing discovery of 868 gold coins! Finders Keepers! The harbor of Wellington has been quite messy lately and many glass bottles, and plastic materials were being removed but they never expected anything like this! They appear to be of high value but no one could figure out exactly why they were thrown away into the harbor. The crew couldn’t tell exactly where they were from and the coins origins are still somewhat of a mystery. After being down there for a long period of time, it’s believed the markings on them eroded. So we guess they won’t be giving them back to the original owner!
4. Vanuatu Skull
Trying to piece together the history of pacific islands can be difficult at times due to the lack of stone structures. Besides the Tongan gate and Easter Island, there really isn’t a ton of evidence on their ancient ancestors. Things that can survive the test of time, are skeletons. This 3,000 year old skull you see in this photo, was separated from the body and placed in an ancient pot. This comes from the Lapita culture who lived on the island of Vanuatu. This civilization inhabited many of the south pacific islands like Samoa, Tonga and all the way to eastern coast of Papua New Guinea Extensive scientific research was done and it’s believed that the Lapita culture are originally descendants from the island of Taiwan. These were found at the bottom of a Cemetery on Efate Island. This discovery also leads archaeologists to conclude that the Lapita were the first settlers of these micro islands
3. Jungle Debris
After all the intense fighting that took place in the South Pacific during world war two, there’s bound to be plenty of scraps from all kinds of military vehicles. People are still making discoveries of all the wreckage that took place between 1941-1945. Here in this photo we see an Imperial Japanese Fighter plane that was shot down during the Battle of Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands. Children on the islands still play at the beaches, right next the debris of a Japanese Imperial Navy transport vessel. The islands could be scared for quite some time, even 70 years later. With advancements in drones and aerial technology, they’re able to locate more wreckage than ever before, like this Sherman tank left in the shallow waters of the Northern Mariana Islands.
2. Radiation on Bikini Atoll
Once the USA had captured much land in the South Pacific during world war II from the Japanese, they wanted to continue testing the weapons that won them the war to the absolute limit, and they would do so on their new territory. Bikini Atoll was where the US tested their most devastating weapons like the hydrogen bomb. Castle Bravo was the codename for the dry fuel hydrogen bomb that was detonated and the 2nd most power device ever detonated only behind russia’s tsar bomba. Bikini atoll was the site for 23 nuclear detonations. Researchers from Columbia University in the US recently discovered that the islands are still radioactive and no knows for sure when they’ll be safe to live here.
Chuuk Lagoon
In 1944, there were more than 60 Japanese warships and 200 aircraft that met their watery grave in chuuk lagoon in the South Pacific, located west of Micronesia where an intense battle took place. This was one of Japan’s strategic bases that was wiped out by allied forces. On land, this place looks like a tropical paradise, but below the surface of the water lies the biggest graveyard of ships in the world. Due to its history and the spooky remains, it’s become a popular scuba diving location and left nearly untouched due to fear of bombs going off. It’s been rediscovered in recent years and explorers have had the opportunity to see the devastation. Here in this photo were see a tank covered in barnacles at the bottom of the lagoon. This photo here displays a car that was inside a Japanese ship that sank. Some scuba divers will even come across skulls.




31 янв 2017




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Jack Barrett
Jack Barrett 2 часа назад
The Tongan blocks are no mystery. Haku swam the 200 miles with em for exercise.
Paul Marshall
Paul Marshall День назад
I don't see ''sunken treasure'', I see lots of shit left behind by the USA army and navy polluting the seas and oceans, come and clean all your crap up!!
Tom Fisher
Tom Fisher День назад
Could your voice be any more irritating? Two words out of your mouth was enough to send me packing.
MarksBikeExports День назад
........first shot off ''american equipment'' shows a bunch of German Stukas,
Brett Hernan
Brett Hernan День назад
Scott McIntosh
Scott McIntosh 3 дня назад
There's no such thing as a "dry fuel" hydrogen bomb. You will find no reference to any such thing in any other texts. "Dry fuel"? ⛲ 💢Ironbottom Sound, TRUK Lagoon, NOT chuk!. 📺 This is a RUvid vid., I hope you weren't expecting professionalism 👎👎👎👎👎
Mark LaRue
Mark LaRue 4 дня назад
I should know better....2 minutes of my life gone forever
Matt Nobrega
Matt Nobrega 5 дней назад
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds 6 дней назад
868 gold coins? That's strange there was a robbery there in the early 1900s but there were 3000 gold coins taken, Hmmm sounds like 2132 must have washed away or someone has trouble with their math?
David Bate
David Bate 7 дней назад
The voice pitch of this guy is piercing, couldn't witch the whole video.
Terry G
Terry G 8 дней назад
Pleaseforward (anonymously, if you must) to Office of Inspector General,Washington DC or news stations. We are besieged by human traffickersusing the (Federal Protective Service, Atl) as a domestic terroristorganization to impersonate & block us reporting police/judge(s)Robert mclelland falsifying charges, raping children, torturing us &other mafia tactics. Assist & continue to forward as childvictims still R being tortured. Terry Gillis 4675 Sengen Trace 30022and family do need witness protection asap & do want to testify, but R totally besieged by an about 200 person trafficking ring,there are more than 50 verifiable victims over several years that cantestify.
Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood 8 дней назад
Ring of Fire in the South Pacific? Moron?
South West Florida Aerial
South West Florida Aerial 8 дней назад
why do all you guys who narrate these type of videos sound like someone is holding your nose?
rtboks 10 дней назад
the pacific islands were abused by French and American militaries testing their bombs using the implosion methods. Hence, possibilities of radiation are inherent.
tnt75142 7 дней назад
rtboks Yes..very sad. They still dont know how to clean it up. Upset to think of it. Sad..mad
William Fulgham
William Fulgham 7 дней назад
That's the reason the Atlantic Islands are so much cleaner and without any radiation whatsoever ( except for ambient in the atmosphere), even though there are so few of them compared to the Pacific.
Jambo Rmbac
Jambo Rmbac 10 дней назад
semi gods doesn't exist. Allah is the one and only God
Oso- Psycho
Oso- Psycho 10 дней назад
that whale in New Zealand, I live in the bay and everybody knows what it is. Its the tourists that have no idea
SebaX 10 дней назад
Nr 10 of course it’s stupid, they could scrap the stuff and sell the metal. That’s a waste of materials/resources , so stupid .
Don Juan El Californio
Don Juan El Californio 11 дней назад
why didn't they just give it to the locals? that just makes the U.S. look bad..
Ronald Harrison
Ronald Harrison 12 дней назад
Shit is that Lord Lucan?
dave no
dave no 12 дней назад
From the original news story. " A total of 868 coins, some of which are of value, were found in three jars packed into a backpack. Dive organiser Rob Wilson says some of the coins are old New Zealand currency and could be worth $20 each." GOLD ??? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA NOPE www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/-not-a-bad-tally-cow-bones-bong-and-868-coins-found-in-wellington-harbour-q13213
Barry Smith
Barry Smith 13 дней назад
Click bait crap you tube is full of it
The Laird
The Laird 14 дней назад
I'm thinking about starting one of these channels up, it's quite clear that the facts, credible research or even simply a non aggravating accent/frequency range of commentary are of no boundary when it comes to subscription accumulation. Those facts alone could amaze people and may well feature in my first upload. Mind you they're all very true, that isn't keeping with the formula here.
The Laird
The Laird 11 дней назад
+Steve Mfr Twice.
The Laird
The Laird 11 дней назад
+Steve Mfr I'll look into that.
Steve Mfr
Steve Mfr 13 дней назад
You can even repeat yourself if you don't have enough material. You can even repeat yourself if you don't have enough material.
Frederick Wise
Frederick Wise 14 дней назад
Johann W. Coltrane
Johann W. Coltrane 15 дней назад
I had a boss who was a young radioman on a South Pacific atoll. At the end of the war they were ordered to dispose of a lot of gear. The 2.5 ton trucks (deuce and a half) were loaded with material, cranked up, and let go on the beaches to run into deep water (military truck engines could be fitted out with a snorkel; the driver just needed to keep his head above water). One truck went into the water, crossed the atoll, and was seen to climb the coral bar and back into the ocean. The radiomen had a local net they called "the mosquito net". They would discuss the waste of all this material and wonder why we were doing it. One night, after a bitch session, the commanding general of the area came on the net and asked them, "do you want to go home and get a job making new trucks, or do you want do go home and find out you can't get a job building trucks because the market is awash with cheap military surplus?" That and the cost of transporting the trucks home, then the cost of storing them seems to be the main reason so much was dumped.
Glenn Koch
Glenn Koch 11 дней назад
Yep that seems to be working out real well, Toyota loves building new cars and trucks for the USA. But if America wants some cheap steel, going for rock bottom prices they can always go fish out all the sunken ships and equipment they managed to" mis-place"
Ognjen Mali
Ognjen Mali 16 дней назад
Is New Zealand in Bosnia ? I think it is under Bosnian rule
Ognjen Mali
Ognjen Mali 12 дней назад
+Alan Hardman wow you are so smart, Thank you
Alan Hardman
Alan Hardman 12 дней назад
Ognjen Mali - New Zealand is an autonomous nation in the southern hemisphere, not a long distance from Australia. Bosnia is just barely able to rule itself in the northern hemisphere, thousands of miles away. What are you? A millennial? Or judging by your name, I'd guess you're one of the low-class (as opposed to an educated) Asian who needs to go back to school.
&c. 16 дней назад
The bluriness before each number is annoying
&c. 16 дней назад
Dave Newman
Dave Newman 16 дней назад
No one dumped American equipment because they couldn't get a deal to sell it and to teach the locals a lesson. That is fake news...
byron,s Yard
byron,s Yard 16 дней назад
i found a bomb in the ocean once but the police were called and it was unactivated, luckily.
MrOramato 14 дней назад
Jesse Woody
Jesse Woody 16 дней назад
I want to know who numbered these and why? Why isn’t 2-7, or 9-4? Oh wait, I get it....It’s to make it sound more official. Can you imagine if every compilation video of Russian car crashes was numbered? At least we all would be able to count to a million in Russian.....
mita bekrija
mita bekrija 17 дней назад
shitty misleading video
Mark Abel
Mark Abel 18 дней назад
Narrated by Pee Wee Herman...
Keijo Sandvik
Keijo Sandvik 19 дней назад
An otherwise interesting vid, but the voice-over guy has a monotone nasal drone and slurs his words. After 5 minutes I couldn't take any more and gave up. I'd recommend some voice coaching.
Bud Spofford
Bud Spofford 20 дней назад
Cannot listen to this voice.
Tom Fisher
Tom Fisher День назад
Then don't. Real simple.
Grayson Or
Grayson Or 24 дня назад
Bikini attol at #2 is definitely where they got the idea for bikini bottom for spongebob if you look into it lol idk I'm just throwin some shit out there
Luke Warm
Luke Warm 24 дня назад
I can't beleive he hasn't mentioned the structures at Nan Madol ? There in micronesia, but so is Truk/ Chuuk lagoon and he has included them ?
Spring Lamb
Spring Lamb 25 дней назад
Sculls ? Thats a war grave dick heads . Leave those alone MOTHER fuckers . United States and Japan NEED to try to CONTROL and STOP that . Sacred areas . WAR GRAVES. REST IN PEACE . SONS AND A WARRIORS .
SnowTiger45 29 дней назад
Chuuk Lagoon is also known as Truk Lagoon.
Kairaly Uniforms
Kairaly Uniforms 29 дней назад
2:07 looks like fortnite map
Rick Cruz
Rick Cruz Месяц назад
I hid them gold coins to keep my now ex-wife away from them. I would like them back now!
nick boch
nick boch Месяц назад
what's a more-ray eel?..you sound gay.thumb down.
billio steam
billio steam 15 дней назад
You write gay ya candy ass moron !
D. D.D.
D. D.D. Месяц назад
Love to see inside that barnacle covered tank.
Steve Lamperta
Steve Lamperta Месяц назад
See how ignorant and selfish they are ! They could have just gave the equipment to the people on the island but instead they dumped it in the ocean ! I am ashamed of my own race !
Elvir Redzepovic
Elvir Redzepovic 15 дней назад
Race and nationality....Look up the difference. Always good to know what you are talking about when posting on the net so that the world doesn't see just how uneducated you are.
diesel Месяц назад
This is bullshit..the voice for a start signifies it will be..oh no here we go The killer whale remains in NZ were not scary..for god sake get a real job..only this narrator was scared as he always is..and exaggerates everything..
Simon Busson
Simon Busson Месяц назад
Shit cunt Americans
Marvin Cooper
Marvin Cooper Месяц назад
Unberievable. Genuine American - honest.
James Wewerka
James Wewerka Месяц назад
Finally running out of subject matter I see....
Dangles Месяц назад
this fucker who does the narration on this sounds like he is having his balls squeezed while a another guy is jizzing him.................
NUMB IMMUNE Месяц назад
I'm 43 and for the first time ever, I seen a black diver, 2 of them.
mnpd3 Месяц назад
Got my doubts about the pictures of the ""gold" coins. Gold doesn't rust, tarnish or erode.
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan Месяц назад
Tree lobsters are in the Ocala National Forest in Florida.
Glenn Koch
Glenn Koch 11 дней назад
No big deal,... We have drop bears over here in Australia, very LARGE dropbears that will crush you on impact, they inhabit all kinds of trees and bushes and can be found everywhere, recently they've been seen in the cities swinging off buildings, best part of them is their Urine
Thomas Potterf
Thomas Potterf Месяц назад
Yea. Just keep hammering away at our fathers of WW2 ,they’re the reason you have the spoiled uninformed life your generation lives. What patriotic accomplishments can you claim. Probably similar things as the creep in Washington that harassed the old Native American Veteran.
Jeannine Summers
Jeannine Summers Месяц назад
the military needs to clean up their OWN mess!!! Disrespectful to the Earth, disrespectful to humanity!
Glenn Koch
Glenn Koch 11 дней назад
Disrespectful to their own country and services they stand for, as well. Imagine if we all took our shit over there and dumped in their rivers, including nuclear materials
Dale Felton
Dale Felton Месяц назад
the tank at number one is called a Ha-Go it is a light tank
Scott Sloop
Scott Sloop Месяц назад
You forgetted the World Discoverer Ship in the Solomon Islands
624TG Месяц назад
Who would be insane to go int a building like that?
Da Eel
Da Eel Месяц назад
Every time USA they just cause distraction in the world
Flap Zapple
Flap Zapple Месяц назад
Boring crap.
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn Месяц назад
The gold coins ? melting away ? if Pacific likely from a rich person or bank that stored it there to protect it from invasion of the Axis forces.
Glenn Koch
Glenn Koch 11 дней назад
Gold doesn't tarnish in salt water or fresh, possibly could have come from a potential robbery victim not handing over the loot or possibly aliens were trying to put it on the edge of the wharf, and opp'sed an inch
sponge head
sponge head Месяц назад
That's no killer whale! Looks like a dinosaur like Nessy!
Tom Carpenter
Tom Carpenter Месяц назад
The way he says Tonga is so wrong, and its annoying
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert 2 месяца назад
Ken Elliott
Ken Elliott 2 месяца назад
Ken Elliott
Ken Elliott 2 месяца назад
patentsvnc 2 месяца назад
No! I refuse to believe fighter plane wreckage in the south Pacific. I'm calling you on this one.
cheesecake clan
cheesecake clan 2 месяца назад
Number 10 duck my dick
Frank Nowakowski
Frank Nowakowski 2 месяца назад
click bait.....
Marki Faux
Marki Faux 2 месяца назад
Get your naval cavities scraped idiot. You sound ridiculous
Wilton Smith
Wilton Smith 2 месяца назад
What a load of crap.
Jon Fortier
Jon Fortier 2 месяца назад
I agree with Gullio's comment very irritating high school know it all boys voice … though the suggestion that he should be shot is a little extreme … just a nice friendly ass kicking would be more appropriate …
Joey Racano
Joey Racano 2 месяца назад
Military waste dumped into the ocean. Oil rigs to reefs. ships to reefs and now military and construction equipment to reefs. Well I can make all the same points with shopping carts to reefs. Clean up your garbage dudes. BTW the people who refused to buy the bulldozers- did it ever occur to anybody they didn't want to bulldoze their beautiful island?
B spillers00
B spillers00 2 месяца назад
His voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard
Gary Petschow
Gary Petschow 3 месяца назад
Big jiggers
Alan 3 месяца назад
Why do Americans pronounce Tonga as Tong- Ga It is pronounced Tong- a
Alan Месяц назад
lynette smith wtf
lynette smith
lynette smith Месяц назад
Shawn Greene
Shawn Greene 3 месяца назад
They are all believable.
Juan Pascal Luciano Bravado
Juan Pascal Luciano Bravado 3 месяца назад
A guy sitting on a log next to some World War Two plane wreckage? Wow!! No way!!! I can’t believe it!! That took my breath away!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CIRCLING HIM IN RED!!!!!
Glenn Koch
Glenn Koch 11 дней назад
Yeah as we can only imagine, the child uses the plane parts as his cubby house, and when he gets bored, he peels off panels and goes out surfing on it, in a oil infested, ship wrecked encrusted lagoon, side stepping around sunken mines and dead bodies
Singing Willy
Singing Willy 3 месяца назад
rapskallion 3 месяца назад
4:40 TIL gold coins are eroded by water.
Earl Bailey
Earl Bailey 3 месяца назад
This voice is very annoying!
Jimmie Allen
Jimmie Allen 3 месяца назад
Bloody crock of SHIT mate!!
Damon Terrill
Damon Terrill 3 месяца назад
the video was interesting and quickly reading through the comments are also interesting the way people pick each other apart and pick the video apart looking for faults , insulting each other trying to get one up on each other . It makes it easy to understand why there is so much disturbance and war in the world and in the worlds history when something as simple as some random guys video can create so much controversy
Dave & Dixie's High Strangeness -Sasquatch Anomaly
That tree lobster is wicked!
Bikerbee 3 месяца назад
What a shit voice over .
William Harvey
William Harvey 3 месяца назад
Paul Beebe
Paul Beebe 3 месяца назад
They dumped equipment on EVERY ISLAND. The Marshalls, Saipan, Guam, Palau, etc... all have million dollar points....
Gay Nell Cantrell
Gay Nell Cantrell 3 месяца назад
Interesting animals ...i wish I could visit these places
Antonio deCarmoducci
Antonio deCarmoducci 3 месяца назад
factually incorrect.
Dencil Dean
Dencil Dean 3 месяца назад
Why the hell did they not give it away ?
chris ortiz
chris ortiz 4 месяца назад
They should have kept the vehicles for history and to preserve them.
Joseph Brendel
Joseph Brendel 4 месяца назад
Fock Lung
Fock Lung 4 месяца назад
That beautiful rainbow is in the same shape as the Firmamen 😱! 😉
FlatlandMando 4 месяца назад
Nov.11th. is a good time to think about the waste of war. Any nation has at the top, people who will not be combatants but they assemble & create the wars. It is the peons who get peed on. Always been that way.
Tom Fisher
Tom Fisher День назад
Yeah sure. The people who cause wars are not listening and could not care less about your Pollyanna attitude.
Thanarach Komkon
Thanarach Komkon 4 месяца назад
Raffaro 4 месяца назад
Me thinks being ENSLAVED by the Japanese would of brought forth a smidgen more angst for the locals on Vanuatu.
SPOOKSTR 4 месяца назад
I found Thompson machine guns, both US and Japanese pistols, Mitsubishi Zero, P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning and a US tank at Guadalcanal.
Lucy Peco
Lucy Peco 4 месяца назад
#8 Astronomical? You meant Astrological, no?
CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR 4 месяца назад
They did this to a whole lot of P-38 fighter planes, just bulldozed them or pushed them into the ocean. The reason was even though they were a top fighter, the P-51 was a lot more easy to maintain as it only had one engine. The P-51 would continue to be used into the Korean War. At any rate, considering the considerable expense to manufacturer anything and get it to a remote island... dumping anything in the ocean that could be reused or repurposed in any kind of way was a huge douche bag asshole thing to do.
Scott Oiab
Scott Oiab 4 месяца назад
Video is garbage.
Jaime 4 месяца назад
Wow i wonder why the world hates americans??? Hmmm. Probably because they think they own everything and can do whatever the hell they want. How come they dont have to clean up their own crap? Too fat or too lazy??
brianmann01 4 месяца назад
Actually if you reduce the playback speed to .75, his voice goes into "totally stoned" mode and makes it much more entertaining.
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