UMI - Remember Me [Official Video]

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thank you for being here :)
Creative Direction by Umi & Ourros
Directed by Eddie Mandell, Aamir Khuller, & Umi
Written by UMI
Produced by D'Mile
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Wrote you a letter
Now that I’m here without you
Hope that you’re better
Hope that you found someone new
'Cause I'm getting older
Know that I've changed
And I can't go back now
Nothing's the same
But I won't forget how
You called my name
When I was afraid
And now I'm afraid
Will you remember me
Will you remember the way that I was
Will you remember me
Will you remember the way that you felt when you're next to me
Will you remember
Do you remember me
Do you remember
Will you remember
Last summer
We made plans like we would always be
We said by now that's we'd have everything and more
I never thought that's we'd be dreaming on our own
Thank you to my friends Jenna, Ahmed, Gbenga, Santiago, Eli, & Davina for being in this video :) And to Cole for the camera


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Oct 8, 2018




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Comments 100
UMI 2 years ago
Stream Here 🎈: hyperurl.co/RememberMeUMI
SUPTEEJ Month ago
@Summer Lanez 0p
SUPTEEJ Month ago
@Summer Lanez p
SUPTEEJ Month ago
Corellie laude
Corellie laude 2 months ago
Summer Lanez p
tantinG GONG
tantinG GONG 2 months ago
uh you are pretending to be my generation and culture and cultural heritage and how we grew up in your videos ?
Jordan Green
Jordan Green Day ago
*pain* 🙂
Sally Tavonga
Sally Tavonga 2 days ago
This song is just a vibe
FNAF drawer
FNAF drawer 2 days ago
Am I the only one still listening to this?
xunloveyoux 2 days ago
I love u so much Jaydin :(
Jenni Yang
Jenni Yang 3 days ago
This guy i was talking to for awhile unadded me. I'm not mad at him im just disappointed. I dont understand why he didnt just tell me he wanted to stop talking to me instead of doing that. He really did make me feel special and i know i probably didnt mean a lot to him, but he meant so much to me. Yes, we werent dating but he made me feel loved. He made me feel like i had a purpose to wake up in the morning. I just hope he's okay and that he's healthy. I just want him to find someone who makes him happy and who loves him for who he is. This song just hits and makes me think of him. I know it's pretty dumb of me, but i'm leaving messages for him. Just small paragraphs telling him that i still care, what i did for the day, and how im feeling since he always asked how my day was. If he ever adds me back i hope he'll read over those messages. I still care for him and i dont know if i'll let him go.
Jenni Yang
Jenni Yang Day ago
@Ayshin Anadia girl it's hard out here- 😭
Ayshin Anadia
girl same!!
Megan Dawn
Megan Dawn 3 days ago
Hello I've been listening to this song forever and want to tell you thank you 🤍 I have very bad anxiety and panic attacks and when I feel like one is coming I normally listen to this song I hope you know that you helped me to stay calm (:
Honey Hey
Honey Hey 3 days ago
King Moon
King Moon 4 days ago
Anyone else think the thing look like a seat belt? Just me? Cool
Jones Zzz
Jones Zzz 4 days ago
my girlfriend is moving away and this song is really hitting me
Avrille 4 days ago
Roman Pedroza
Roman Pedroza 4 days ago
Umi I love you so much and wish you the best❤️
gabisnou 4 days ago
I listening to this song like veryday an I don't get tired cause its such a good song and makes me feel light??
Chanai Anaquod
Chanai Anaquod 5 days ago
I miss him but he was no good for me. At all. But sometimes I miss all the good memories and moments.
Aethiopia Joseph-Salmon
still, wow.
Anita Rochaa
Anita Rochaa 7 days ago
she literally deserves so much more recognition for this song i will forever love this song 🖤
christopher davila
I will always remember you.
ange 7 days ago
Lorelei Valdez
Lorelei Valdez 7 days ago
solta los packs
Lorelei Valdez
Lorelei Valdez 7 days ago
vendeme a la gloria
Lorelei Valdez
Lorelei Valdez 7 days ago
tkm wachi
Martin Heredia
Martin Heredia 7 days ago
tkm mas
Lorelei Valdez
Lorelei Valdez 7 days ago
hola martim
yahelo lb
yahelo lb 9 days ago
Pura gente dolida aquí, incluida
Maria Raquél
Maria Raquél 10 days ago
Kylah Wyatt
Kylah Wyatt 10 days ago
when i listen to this its like a cure from life this song is my get away
natalia rilling
natalia rilling 10 days ago
This song makes me feel gushy inside 🥰
Royal Floyd
Royal Floyd 11 days ago
When I die I want my kids to play this song...
Tinker 205
Tinker 205 11 days ago
Sometimes I just want to meet artists and thank them in person for the beautiful art they give us ❤️❤️
Samuel Maran
Samuel Maran 11 days ago
Why does this slap harder than Chris Brown 🤧😭
BámBoa Clán
BámBoa Clán 11 days ago
Man i hope you make it in life shia and i love you this song reminds me of all the arguments and fights and all the times we thought we would be forever and live together forever and die happy and old young minds man think crazy😂
Hellen Monaline
Hellen Monaline 12 days ago
Uma brasileira de coração partido aqui, ouvindo essa música pra ver se fico mais triste ainda!💔
LIZZARD TDL 12 days ago
which vox was that "WAHHHH" in the beginning?
Kefentse Skungwini
Kefentse Skungwini 14 days ago
I totally relate to this song 😢😢mega love to you UMI💜💜
G Marcus Wynters TV
Mahika Shrestha
Mahika Shrestha 15 days ago
this song is very close to my heart.
C4sp3r Houdini
C4sp3r Houdini 15 days ago
Cant leave someone who already left me. 😪😪
Caio Martins
Caio Martins 15 days ago
This is really supposed to make u feel things 😔 Was in the typical situation of right person, wrong time. Damn i miss her...
ELy Bede
ELy Bede 16 days ago
Relationships aren't built to last a lifetime, if it's so good then marriage should be born off it, if it was a mistake then "the end" brings sanity back. Beautiful piece here!
Matheus Eduardo
Matheus Eduardo 16 days ago
Vai se fuder choro muito nessa
REDBERRY 17 days ago
People out here telling sad break up stories makin me tear up and shit😢
Mekayla Goodwin
Mekayla Goodwin 17 days ago
Had to unlike it and like it again bc *chef’s kiss*
Yash Mishra
Yash Mishra 18 days ago
2:40 Yep that's how I'm right now... Thank you for that.
Veronica Peralta
Veronica Peralta 18 days ago
My sons father died Halloween night, it was sudden, we broke up July after 5 years but we were working on things. I got to make love days before, And God allowed us all to be together again hours before he got shot. Never hold back on the love you have for someone bc tomorrow is never promised 💔🕊
Kiri Mokaraka
Kiri Mokaraka 19 days ago
me: whos the one with dah curly hair? aye
Marisol Ponce Mamani
alguien más vino por que lo vio en la lista de Rosé? XD
Elenx 19 days ago
faz 2 anos e ainda continua sendo minha música preferida, que perfeição❤️
Valentina Garrido
Valentina Garrido 19 days ago
i'm here for rose by blackpink
Eden Belihu
Eden Belihu 20 days ago
I wish I could send this to my ex but we don't talk anymore.
momo land
momo land 20 days ago
my friendship broke up, im sorry kevin
gabriele victoriano
O meu namorado foi embora pro Rio é essa música define tudo que estou sentindo, isso dói tanto um dia vc está na cama deitado com essa pessoa eai vc olha pro lado e ele não está mas lá😔
coly fds
coly fds 19 days ago
qualquer coisa tô aqui tá?
coly fds
coly fds 19 days ago
triste amg☹️
Xyrus Bicol
Xyrus Bicol 21 day ago
Nessa nat
Nessa nat 21 day ago
cried my eyes out. i haven't listened to this song in so long because i used to have apple music and switched it. i used to play this song earlier this year in spring whenever i drove home or to work or late nights. i always thought about my ex boyfriend who at the time i was trying to be friends with. but i knew our time was coming to an end for real because i started to realize that i was the only one who wanted to be friends. he wanted sex and my company..i was finally in reality and understood i have to let go of this dream that i tried so hard to make true. i hope you remember me for all the love i gave you. although you didn't love me unconditionally, i could never hate. you hurt me so much for years and still i wish you well. because i am not like you and i never will be. ill never forget what someone means to me like you did me. Remember me.
Fronny 21 day ago
This song got me simping ain’t gon lie
Rejane Beirao mota
Rejane Beirao mota 22 days ago
Amei .....uma delicadeza .....
Rejane Beirao mota
Rejane Beirao mota 22 days ago
Lindeza e .....está musica
funky_space_panda 22 days ago
bruh why am i crying???
Mikha Tuku
Mikha Tuku 22 days ago
I really hopes that he remembers the way that he felt when he was around me, how many good times we have shared, I don’t him to forget me being his shoulder and him having my heart, I hope he never sees this but I still love you Luigi
okay Nicole
okay Nicole 22 days ago
won’t get tired of coming back to this MV to read those hurtful stories
David Kim
David Kim 23 days ago
this song is probably one of the sadest song Ive heard
Jodel Gimeno
Jodel Gimeno 23 days ago
I watched The Notebook and listened to this song right after. I am wrecked...
309christina 23 days ago
Thanks for this song...can’t stop playing it much love!!! Peace & love #florida I
Kure Hollis
Kure Hollis 24 days ago
Love from Indonesia❤
Reign Beatriz Roadel Avila
Taehyung's Vlive brought me here. No regrets
L3Kzin ff
L3Kzin ff 25 days ago
My predrin nff
nero station
nero station 25 days ago
hey, if you speak french you migh wanna checkout my channel I did a translation for Remember Me ;)
Charly Rogers
Charly Rogers 25 days ago
love the diversity and raw emotion in this video
Nicole Donyah
Nicole Donyah 26 days ago
Fav song 🎧
Emma Rose
Emma Rose 26 days ago
this song helped me through one of the weirdest darkest times
Quyên Đỗ
Quyên Đỗ 26 days ago
When I can sing along this song without tearing down, I know I finally got healed
Kaluah 26 days ago
I can't stop listening to this. Hit the repeat button all day long (literally) and it still hits as if I were just listening to it for the first time.
Anita Byrd
Anita Byrd 27 days ago
best song ever, but it most def needs a trigger warning ...love yall hope everyone is good.
Lonivia 27 days ago
@my first love; thank you for giving me love during a tough part of my life. Sad we had to end that way. Glad you moved on, hopefully I'll do that too some day. Wish we would still talk, but we both know why we can't. :)
Amelie Stoner
Amelie Stoner 27 days ago
This song gives me the perfect melancholy feeling.
Queen NaNa
Queen NaNa 27 days ago
Such a lovely song
DENÍLSON 27 days ago
MilWah Lee
MilWah Lee 28 days ago
2:55 nice catch
EN EM 28 days ago
I forgot to remember to reply: I will only remember you in the first day of Summer. In the days covered by rain and it’s weather. I have weathered the pain and it’s not covered. I let the damage sever, severely. Now better. Now I’m over, it’s over. Without the need of you for closure . Young but we knew and maybe you did too. I hoped you did. our life’s were written in separate paper, to not fit. we were never on the same page, scrip, and if we were it became a disastrous hit. I’m to tired to be a hater pissed . I’m moving forward and every cell replaced, feeling prosperous. Yes words are eternal, vocal energy. Simply transferred, never destroyed in infinity . So my promises echo but your lover has died outwards, never buried. Alive no, not even barely.The world came and scattered . People don’t change just merely , grow intelligently but what controls is how you feel emotionally. Analyze please, I’m someone else and I’m pleased . Will he remember? Will he remember? but he was cured with Alzheimer’s for the pain closed when the end arose, and filled his heart with poison, opened his cuts like a sea in front of Moses . I now receive letters but I’m better . Same address but I’m not the one distressed with disasters. He doesn’t live here, he’s at rest. Damaged beyond recognition they had a close casket for him. I’m an owner. I don’t even remember the days I starved to sleep. the nights that were colder. for me. I remember like the scrape on my knee when I was three. Pain? Not even a scar to see. Sorry. I don’t feel sorry.
adrimontalvomusic 29 days ago
This really helped me through a breakup and hopefully it can help me with the next one
Natalie Trovato
Natalie Trovato 29 days ago
We used to listen to this song all the time, and he mentioned to me he wrote something throughout these comments. So, I hope he reads this. Callum, If you ever come across this I never stop thinking about you. All I do is think about you. I wish you trusted me, I wish it didn’t end the way it did. And I will continue to say it till my grave, I did not do anything that you accused me of. I stopped trying to persuade you because it wasn’t working. I was trying to prove to you I didn’t do anything. I hope one day you’ll realise, I hope one day things may be different. You’re the love of my life, I really do hope you trust me again. Because, I did not cheat. And I promise that on everything and anything. I love you, forever and always ❤️❤️❤️
Ya Dad
Ya Dad 23 days ago
One day things might be different. But for now I must say good bye, forever and always my dear
Ya Dad
Ya Dad 23 days ago
You broke my heart Natalie, but here I find my self 2:42 am coming back to this song, we have been through so much together it’s crazy. I don’t know if I could forgive you or move past this I just don’t trust you man. It’s not the same. Can’t believe I found you in these comments but. Crazy
Mar-Jizzy-06 Month ago
Song should be in the radio 📻 so the whole world could hear song is beautiful
Jocelin Ishii
Jocelin Ishii Month ago
Brooo you're so divine feminine! Loveee💖💖💖💖
Celine Izaaks
Celine Izaaks Month ago
elo Month ago
q música perfeita
This song has really gotten me thru some real shit. I love it
James Mccormack
James Mccormack Month ago
I would do or give literally anything for her to be mine...
sad sam
sad sam Month ago
im such a simp man ugh, but i just need the boy in the thumbnail insta @ he fine goshh
Cassie Mosier
Cassie Mosier Month ago
relationships are hard. everyone has a lover but where is mine. I've been in a relationship before but it just wasn't the right person. I want someone to love but how hard will I have to try in order to get that satisfaction. I've tried my everything this past year and I still didn't even get a chance with anyone. I'm bisexual so I have a lot of choices. I have double the amount of chances but I still haven't had a chance. I feel worthless and I feel like I'm just not worthy of loving. I do know that a bf or gf will come along at some point but when. when will I have someone love me. when can I have someone by my side to comfort me. am I not attractive? I've always been there for my friends. why can't someone be there for me as well. I've been turned down too many times. I can't take it anymore. why can't someone please come along and just simply give me a hug.
isabela feliciano
Man, I'm so over him, but this song still touches me the same old way. That brings back some crazy fillings I haven't had in a while. Damn, I wish he hadn't ruined my fv song
Anthony Zuta Poquis
Can someone tell me what he says at the beginning of the song?
Le' Git
Le' Git Month ago
Please, allow me to show you something.
kurt-covain Month ago
Gillian if you’re reading this just know I’ve never found another taxi driver
ayla v
ayla v Month ago
Hello July
Hello July Month ago
How do you do the filter at 0:23? 🥺
Yona Fernandes
Yona Fernandes Month ago
Brasil, 2020. Nesse caos que se encontra nossas vidas diante dessa pandemia, esse som é o meu alento.
Julio Correa
Julio Correa Month ago
A música mais linda que escutei em minha vida, chorei muito de saudade de alguém que já se foi... ✍💦😭💔❤
OG Yahz
OG Yahz Month ago
Idk why but this song make me think of past lives and will you Remember your soulmate in the next life 🥺😭
diana Month ago
esse clipe me dá gatilho.
Game Review MN
Game Review MN Month ago
Crystal Lewis
Crystal Lewis Month ago
use to think of my crush while listening to this. He's not my crush anymore thou. i got smarter.
NachoMuchacho Month ago
so underrated
Jamie Marana
Jamie Marana Month ago
memories of past lovers
Giovanna Sousa
Giovanna Sousa Month ago
So underrated, love love Umi ❤️
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