Ultimate Vegan Sausage Taste Test

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What’s the best Vegan sausage? Thomas Lennon joins us on this meatless journey that’s sure to let the pigs and cows relax! GMM #1507 GMM #1507
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 5 221
Drew Garrett
Drew Garrett Day ago
On the third one the scores were 10,9,9 and he said the total was 38😂
adieaurora 15 hours ago
I realized that too and tried to find a comment that made me sure I'm not crazy
Abdul Aziz Kouli
Abdul Aziz Kouli 3 days ago
5+4+1 for a total of 11
Lain Iwakura
Lain Iwakura 2 days ago
Abdul Aziz Kouli the guest score was double.
Hayde N
Hayde N 4 days ago
Mummified Egyptian penis ? lol 😂
Tina Woolard
Tina Woolard 4 days ago
Morning Star is my fave but want to find the Beyond, they are just a little harder to find in my area.
Lara Brizzolara
Lara Brizzolara 4 days ago
1:16 they disrespected me because I live in North Carolina
Alex Hardy
Alex Hardy 6 days ago
You said 5+4+1=11 but it actually equals 10
gay feesh
gay feesh 3 days ago
The guest guys score counts twice
MasterJungle41 7 days ago
5 + 4 + 1 = 11?
Tronsend 8 days ago
how do they get passed 30
Tronsend 8 days ago
10:35 9 plus 9 plus 10 is 28
PulseRevolution 8 days ago
Your guys math is a little off...
Queen Cookie
Queen Cookie 9 days ago
levram VS mocpac
levram VS mocpac 11 days ago
Link is clearly the odd ball in this situation I love this episode cuss link really knows his place and I know he feels like the lowest performer out of 3 Rhett & the other one dom now on💯
Aaliyah G
Aaliyah G 11 days ago
am i the only one bothered that their math is off orrrr 😂❤️
Nemoilily 11 days ago
if this guy doesn't break a fort wall in his books I will be so disappointed
Rick Parayko
Rick Parayko 11 days ago
Luke Sittenauer
Luke Sittenauer 13 days ago
Leo Getz sausage.
Julian Vinuelas
Julian Vinuelas 13 days ago
I'm actually vegetarian, and I eat many of these all the time
Ricky Pyle
Ricky Pyle 13 days ago
The amount of coconut oil in some Vegan sausages and brats is quite high. Some people might be safer eating real pork sausage. The debate rages on about coconut oil vs clogged arteries.
a.study.in.watson 13 days ago
are we not going to talk about the scoring? they said 5+4+1=11
Kyle L
Kyle L 13 days ago
They said Thomas' points counted double so it was 5+4+(1+1) = 11
Albert Boulding
Albert Boulding 14 days ago
Oof the calculation was wronngggg reee was supposed to be 28 but 38
Riles 14 days ago
13:24 gotta mute out “girl” cause you ever know who you will offend hahakinda sad
Prettyol' Mya
Prettyol' Mya 14 days ago
Rhett smile is so adorable lol😂
flame lord
flame lord 14 days ago
This in tire video: that what she said
TheLoreAxe 15 days ago
Morning Star says their products will be totally vegan by 2021--no more egg whites.
Brainiacs 15 days ago
7+7+9= 32?
Brainiacs 15 days ago
VRking- StandWithVic-daCat
Morning star SHOULDN'T have been in here yuckkkk egg periods
Jess Hennigan
Jess Hennigan 16 days ago
everyday i live my life like i’m new boot goofin
Hope Kordalski
Hope Kordalski 16 days ago
As soon as they started eating the morning star I was like those aren't vegan. Thanks Thomas for pointing it out!
Wishin For Fishin
Wishin For Fishin 16 days ago
5+4+1=10 Quick maffs
Aileen Song
Aileen Song 15 days ago
Link said at the beginning that Thomas's score counts twice, 5+4+2=11
Omar Ortuno
Omar Ortuno 16 days ago
No wonder he looked familiar. Reno 911 anyone?
Sarah Burkhart
Sarah Burkhart 17 days ago
Anybody confused with the scores? If each of them can only award 10 points, how is 38 their biggest score?
Bayley Anderson
Bayley Anderson 17 days ago
5+4+1=11 Me: Whaaaaat???
Aileen Song
Aileen Song 15 days ago
Therefore 5+4+2=11
Aileen Song
Aileen Song 15 days ago
Thomas's score counts twice, link said that in the beginning
Lioness Mummy
Lioness Mummy 18 days ago
I love him! He’s so adorable!
12345away 18 days ago
How Link eats the sausage....NO
TheCrazyMango82 19 days ago
I don’t understand how they’re scoring
Victoria Horner
Victoria Horner 19 days ago
8 hipster dudes 😂 so accurate
Erica Alexander
Erica Alexander 19 days ago
Isn't that 10. 5+4+1=10
Doc Roid
Doc Roid 19 days ago
5,4,1 and that gives it a total of *11* - Rhett
Greenarama 19 days ago
I think the Beyond meat would be the one I would go with. I know their burgers are the best.
Ted Striker2112
Ted Striker2112 20 days ago
vegetarian is half assed. being vegetarian still supports animal abuse. not cool. so what if vegan options do not taste like what you used to eat? it is about the animal babies, not your selfish tastebuds.
Alaska McLevish
Alaska McLevish 20 days ago
The math actually hurts me.
Bianca Malan
Bianca Malan 20 days ago
Shout out #SouthAfrica
Holly Solakian
Holly Solakian 21 day ago
Tofurkey sausages are bomb!! You have to cook it right.
SIMEON REDDY 21 day ago
Is it just me or is Link's math really really bad.🤔😅
Ben Michaelis
Ben Michaelis 21 day ago
bring this guy on full time
Jordon Bruce
Jordon Bruce 21 day ago
The math is a little off....
CurryKingWurst 19 days ago
Nope, it isn't. But there seems to be something wrong with your attention span.
andré freitas
andré freitas 21 day ago
So nobody gonna talk about the 5+4+1=11 bulshit? 😂😂 4:05
andré freitas
andré freitas 19 days ago
+PrometeusH ohhhhh aight 😂😂 thanks
PrometeusH 21 day ago
Nope, nobody mentions it because it was explained in the episode that Thomas' points counted twice. I wonder why you commented only about this one time though xd
Marissa Riley
Marissa Riley 22 days ago
Earth Grown’s Vegan Italian Sausage is to die forrrr 😍 I’m not even vegan or vegetarian lol but they’re so good. I’ve only been able to find them at Aldi though!
Shiruvi 22 days ago
all vegan/vegetarian sausages are better when you split them in half longways and fry/grill them on all sides trufax.
Squidward Tortellini
Why does that dude sound like he can be in bobs burgers as a random person
Squidward Tortellini
Wolf359 yea that’s who I was thinking of.
Wolf359 20 days ago
He was he played Chuck Charles for Family Fracas and two other occasions and was a customer called Kenny
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely 22 days ago
Well if this guy wasn't gosh dang delightful, I don't know what is.
Kana Doots
Kana Doots 22 days ago
wait... 5 4 and 1 is a 10!!
Josh Baxter
Josh Baxter 22 days ago
So that's a 5 4 and 1,that gives it 11 lol
TheDownUnder9 22 days ago
Why do vegeterians even need saussages? Rither youre vegeterian or not... bloody ridiculous...
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 19 days ago
Because they still like the taste, just not the murdering animals part.
Birb King
Birb King 22 days ago
I love the guest, he fit so well.... but the c he w i n g,,,
Pele Polk
Pele Polk 23 days ago
the scoring system was a 10/40
Sainsbury's in the UK do some absolutely amazing 'Shroomdogs'. They have a crunch and taste gorgeous!
Devbo Slice
Devbo Slice 23 days ago
How are egg whites vegan? ! My ex gf would roll over in her grave if she accidentally ate egg whites. Even though I intentionally fed her lard rice and beans from a Mexican restaurant. Lol
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 19 days ago
They stated at the end that it wasn't vegan; it was a mess up. And why would you do that to her? :(
KoZ_0-HP 23 days ago
Once i noticed he eats with his mouth open i couldnt ignore it, driving me crazy
Chantal S.
Chantal S. 23 days ago
b if it has egg whites it's not vegan
Anika Sinha
Anika Sinha 23 days ago
morning star squaddd
chiisaichi 23 days ago
I use those morning star veggie sausages to make sausage gravy On Biscuits
The Parkour King
The Parkour King 23 days ago
On the first one they said 1+5+4 they said it was 11 1+4+5 is 10 lol
CurryKingWurst 22 days ago
+The Parkour King Sorry, I don't play Fortnite.
The Parkour King
The Parkour King 22 days ago
Yo u seem nice can u add me on fornite my gamer tag is parkourmon add me on epic
CurryKingWurst 22 days ago
+The Parkour King No problem. Seems like a lot of people missed that.
The Parkour King
The Parkour King 22 days ago
Ohhhh ok thx u
CurryKingWurst 23 days ago
Thomas' vote counts double. They said that in the beginning.
Jacob Besser
Jacob Besser 23 days ago
I already know which they will hate and like because only 2 are good.
Jacob Besser
Jacob Besser 23 days ago
Never mind they are clinically insane.
Suraj Thakkar
Suraj Thakkar 23 days ago
how is it vegan if it has eggs? 12:00
Kenz Hamdan
Kenz Hamdan 24 days ago
5+4+1 isn’t 11?
CurryKingWurst 23 days ago
Thomas' vote counts double. They said that in the beginning.
Inge G.
Inge G. 24 days ago
I'm deeply offended by how Link bit the third sausage.
Kiah Huffman
Kiah Huffman 24 days ago
are we going to ignore the fact that the scores are completely wrong??😂
CurryKingWurst 23 days ago
They're not wrong, though. Thomas' vote counts double. They said that in the beginning.
N8 myskate
N8 myskate 24 days ago
The rating system is broken
CurryKingWurst 23 days ago
Nope. Thomas' vote counts double. They said that in the beginning.
Z Wil
Z Wil 24 days ago
"Hey hipster, weirdos" lol
Dragon Chasm
Dragon Chasm 24 days ago
the points weren't even counted right the whole show lmao
CurryKingWurst 23 days ago
Thomas' vote counts double. They said that in the beginning.
Dragon Chasm
Dragon Chasm 24 days ago
At one point they should've realized that Tom did NOT have do go in on the crew like that
Egan Grobler
Egan Grobler 24 days ago
They can't count
Caitlyn Holton
Caitlyn Holton 24 days ago
4:09 5+4+1=11?? Am I missing something because to my knowledge 5+4+1 should =10😂
Luka Campbell
Luka Campbell 24 days ago
No the guest points get doubled so it was really 5+4+2
Cameron Korth
Cameron Korth 24 days ago
9 plus 9 plus 10 equals 28 not 38
Nick Kramb
Nick Kramb 24 days ago
It would be easier to here if my mans wasn't smackin that meat the entire time.
Kyle Meeker
Kyle Meeker 24 days ago
I love it when you guys have a comedian on your show makes for really good entertainment!
Star Knight
Star Knight 25 days ago
I think you guys should do a video with one or a few of your siblings and do one of your challenges
DaVinci Skate Co.
DaVinci Skate Co. 25 days ago
Could this guy eat any louder
Taylor H
Taylor H 25 days ago
Best way to make vegan sausage is to cut it into half moon slices and fry it so it’s all crispy!
Mint 25 days ago
They dink sausages all the time before highfiving and wife swapping.
Mal 26 days ago
Tofurky is literal trash. The Kielbasa sausage that they tried in the video was my first experience with vegan sausage and I couldn’t even finish one bite.
CurryKingWurst 23 days ago
Did you know that kielbasa is polish for sausage? So that sausage is called sausage sausage.
TangySeed 26 days ago
4:06 5 + 4 + 1 does not equal 11???
CurryKingWurst 23 days ago
Thomas' vote counts double. They said that in the beginning.
NutCweam 26 days ago
11=5+4+1 MATH GOD
AngryMountainMan 24 days ago
Thomas's counts as two. They clearly said that.
agnar150 Smith
agnar150 Smith 26 days ago
Vegans are all sick from a lack of vitamins. Soy and cane sugar cause heart disease.
agnar150 Smith
agnar150 Smith 19 days ago
+L Lawliet It's paid for by whom?
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 19 days ago
Lol no 😆 Check out what the health on Netflix.
BakingShorts 27 days ago
Rhett almost having a celebrity meltdown over the music lol
PJAY 1306
PJAY 1306 27 days ago
Wait, so 10+9+9 ecuals 38? I've been calculating my whole life wrong.
PJAY 1306
PJAY 1306 25 days ago
+Hi_childs 123 oh, thanks. It seems like I missed that part🤦
Hi_childs 123
Hi_childs 123 25 days ago
Pefection. The guest score was doubled they said that in the beginning(1:36)
Bonnie M Lotus
Bonnie M Lotus 27 days ago
Only can they make a twenty minute video of sausages that I am crazy about. Love them ❣️
Abigale Ireland
Abigale Ireland 27 days ago
“5. 4, and a 1...that makes the total 11!” 🤣
AngryMountainMan 24 days ago
..... Did you not listen? Thomas's counts as 2.
Nicole Draws
Nicole Draws 27 days ago
New Tshirt idea: Lardy Nostalgia
EyeZ of Tha Moon
EyeZ of Tha Moon 27 days ago
Vegan is becoming mainstream and more popular. This is amazing 🌱
A K 27 days ago
Thomas is seriously one of the most enjoyable guests you've ever had on the show. His style and sense of humor seems right on par with Rhett's.
Ani Kasamanyan
Ani Kasamanyan 27 days ago
You guys are so fair and respectful of everything you try which makes me always come back
Bhiner1029 27 days ago
Thomas Lennon was fantastic here. You guys picked a great guest.
Aaron isawsome
Aaron isawsome 27 days ago
toms great
kadorna1 27 days ago
remember guys, 10+9+9 is 38
CurryKingWurst 23 days ago
10+10+9+9 equals 38. Thomas' vote counts double. They said that in the beginning.
Jeremy Reitsema
Jeremy Reitsema 27 days ago
Rhett goes we got a 5, 4 and a 1 that gives us 11?
WRam 28 days ago
Rhett - “ok we’ve got 5, 4 and 1, that adds up to 11.” 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
That Dude
That Dude 27 days ago
They said they were counting the guest's score twice
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