Ultimate Vegan Sausage Taste Test

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What’s the best Vegan sausage? Thomas Lennon joins us on this meatless journey that’s sure to let the pigs and cows relax! GMM #1507 GMM #1507
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Mar 20, 2019

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Comments 3 978
Alyssa salsa
Alyssa salsa Day ago
Link is underrated 🤭
First sausage you count 5+1+4=11?!?!?!
Rebecca Hanley
Rebecca Hanley 5 days ago
Thomas is still so freaking handsome
Cody Mundy
Cody Mundy 7 days ago
Did they say 5, 4, and 1 =11? Uummmmm
Random person •
Does anyone else see that they say like 9, 7, 7, then link says total of 32.
George Rios
George Rios 10 days ago
“they’ve been inside vegetarians for 30 years!” 😂😂
Suavepoos Two Up & Two Down
I had the beyond sausages an this jank good for it to be my first time eating it 😋 i think im going Vegan
kwin 17 days ago
5+4+1 = 11?
Kim Böes Keim
Kim Böes Keim 19 days ago
Mercedes Henry
Mercedes Henry 19 days ago
One of my favorite episodes
Thatonekid Israel
Thatonekid Israel 20 days ago
4:05 so 5+4+1=11??
Doodlebug video fun
5 plus 4 plus 1 definitely equals 11
Captainjack47 SparRow
Jessicat 24 days ago
field roast makes the best vegan sausage you can't change my mind
Anna AsheAmarie
Anna AsheAmarie 26 days ago
I love you guys
Gregory Poopsicle
Gregory Poopsicle 28 days ago
that smell is from Msg budd
Daris Hennen
Daris Hennen 28 days ago
Love Lt Dangle.
Nas 29 days ago
The tofurky brand in general is so nasty
Nas 29 days ago
Field Roast Apple Sage Vegan Sausage is by far the best I've ever tried
6ft6 rider
6ft6 rider Month ago
5 plus 4 plus 1 11 brilliant math there
Godlike VR
Godlike VR Month ago
This guy really vibes good with the show
PRIA A Month ago
I hope you’ll try : So evil wicked one
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown Month ago
Egg whites in the morning Star farms sausage = not vegan
Shorouk A
Shorouk A Month ago
7:45 Thank you Rhett! I now know to never get those. What would I ever do without you guys?! ❤️ 11:24 😂😂😂 It only makes it more awesome!
Gabe Walker
Gabe Walker Month ago
On the first one 5+4+1=10 not 11
Gabe Walker
Gabe Walker Month ago
Kara Biel
Kara Biel Month ago
5, 4, n 1equel 10 not 11 guys oops!
Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv
Awesome, BEAGLE!
Luigi Bros.
Luigi Bros. Month ago
One of my favorite guests! I've never heard of him before but this episode was amazing, cool guy
Sean Ward
Sean Ward Month ago
I've always hated that they don't do averages and instead do totals. The first sausage would've be rated lower if they had. They even could've weighted the guest opinion twice. Math is easy.
bobbintb Month ago
The Lightlife breakfast sausage is way better than the Morning Star but they didn't try that one.
Digitalbumpin Month ago
Ahh, he's a vegetarian which is why he looks so feminine and weak.
Barry Mcaulkiner
Barry Mcaulkiner 2 months ago
New boot goofing? Anyone
StrickenWithFear 2 months ago
Eating vegan sausage while watching this episode felt very fitting.
Japhet Anciado
Japhet Anciado 2 months ago
id love to try these
CrewsMachine 2 months ago
Vegan sausage with egg whites?
William Mickelson
William Mickelson 2 months ago
How does the hot version taste?
Alex Rohde-Barthel
Alex Rohde-Barthel 2 months ago
It is amazing how well Thomas Lennon has aged! Like has he just been in cryostasis for the last 15 years?
Alex Rohde-Barthel
Alex Rohde-Barthel 2 months ago
I can't believe they got Thomas Lennon!!!!! I'm completely fanboying right now!!!!!
Stephen Washington
Stephen Washington 2 months ago
Lt. Jim Dangle!!! This dude is Hilarious....
Blakkeee 2 months ago
Hey, it’s Ned from 17 Again.
Danielle Sirekis
Danielle Sirekis 2 months ago
Yes, you can cook it in beer! Picked up a thin pretzel bun from a fresh thyme. It was so good!!!
RockismyAir 2 months ago
Are you eating those sausages cold? I sometimes do too, but it still looks weird. Also why is the little sausage called a hot dog? What if you eat it cold? English isnt my first language, but that is just weirrrrd.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane 2 months ago
morning star is always good even if it doesn't taste like what it's replacing! The chicken patty with tomato slices and spicy ranch.. easy dank snack 🤣😍
Lordown anglo
Lordown anglo 2 months ago
Says he's germophobe proceeds to keep sausage on the desk
Jason Gutt
Jason Gutt 2 months ago
Egg whites are not vegan
Bee Dalton
Bee Dalton 2 months ago
I love Morningstar
Jackie Stevenson
Jackie Stevenson 2 months ago
I think Rhett should renew his math 4+5+1=10 not 11 hahaha
Bắp  Cải
Bắp Cải Month ago
Jackie Stevenson thomas's score was doubled because he is a vegan
Robell07 2 months ago
How could you not do Field Roast Italian Sausage????? That's the REAL MVP of vegan sausage
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown Month ago
Robell07 This right here
Vending Machine Bud
Vending Machine Bud 2 months ago
The only kind I've tried were tasty but way too rubbery
AlvinTheLAW 2 months ago
4:06 Rhett: "5, 4 and a 1, this give us a score of 11" Me: NO IT DOESN'T ITS FREAKING 10!!
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