*ULTIMATE* Rainbow Six Tier List

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Published on


May 9, 2019




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Comments 80
AGREE or DISAGREE?🤔 👇Let me know below!
Dylan Panting
Dylan Panting 2 days ago
Fuze is at least a B
Dior Cannon
Dior Cannon 4 days ago
Echo should be a b tier
LGD_ Cluxzy
LGD_ Cluxzy Month ago
Disagree for sure
Jonathan Month ago
Disagree because you put glazz more higher at blavkbrear
Joseph Booth
Joseph Booth 3 months ago
Dokebi should be c tier as defending campers can be heard and easily killed whilst trying to mute the virus
Godlike TwinsYT
Godlike TwinsYT 3 hours ago
U missed kali
Mr. Elk
Mr. Elk 5 hours ago
I know this is an old video but did he forget about fuze?
Max Playz
Max Playz 6 hours ago
13:46 lol
Captain Squintz
Captain Squintz 8 hours ago
You forgot recruit
Captain Squintz
Captain Squintz 8 hours ago
Easy s tier (before the nerf)
Milosz Cichy
Milosz Cichy 10 hours ago
Welp nobody likes me then xD
Skyler Shultz
Skyler Shultz 11 hours ago
crazy_casper12 15 hours ago
Fuck you
Finlay Graham
Finlay Graham 15 hours ago
Jager should be S tier
Greylan 21 hour ago
I love how back then Ela still had some hope, some would say she’s the worst operator in the game at this point
Aotzy 0
Aotzy 0 21 hour ago
He is drunk bruh
Colin McGarry
Fuse is at least a A tear.
"Blackbeard is f because nobody wants to play against blackbeard" "don't be that guy" *Proceeds to put blitz at C*
Loopy Day ago
the recruits are all S tier
PopularEsquild EE
11:12, iq lost the ability to see enemy sights with her gadget
T0x1c Ed1tz
T0x1c Ed1tz Day ago
And I just want to let you know your wrong🤣🤣🤣
Levis Gavidia
Zofia is not c
Storm Day ago
How is iq e tier and lesion a tier also pulse at a tier with 600 fire rate
Cee Tee
Cee Tee Day ago
What are you gonna do with those recruit guys
Star Blazer
Star Blazer Day ago
How in the world can you put Fuze in e tier, I am a Fuze main so I might be biased, but his ak-12 is amazing. Also his device is one of the best for killing enemies quick. And if your on a hatch, you can use the gadget before breaching.
Jakie Oseguera
I see how he steps in frost traps he did not see the IQ the whole time
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Day ago
This by far one of the worst tier list I have ever seen.🤦‍♂️
iihyperz 14 hours ago
This list was made a year ago, lmao you act like updates and shit haven’t happened
Navraj Dhaliwal
Fuze has the ak12 Wym his fins are “ok”
BIG Day ago
all the f tiers should be at s tier
jayden HD
jayden HD Day ago
Smoke should be in s or a
voidz 69
voidz 69 Day ago
CAV SHOULD BE S teir sorry my caps was on
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers Day ago
Maestro... In D?
Big booty Aj
Big booty Aj 2 days ago
Glad gets the D 🍆
Noah The mini _lord
The first character I have ever played online on rainbow was Blackbeard because he had a cool name
Toxic_amryman 2 days ago
This guy looks older than he sounds
Death Watch
Death Watch 2 days ago
I see what you mean with sledge and buck bc buck can open the sealing faster but sledge dose it quieter and his use on the hammer is more then bucks ammo so my opinion sledge sould be bummed up to a tier in my opinion ( btw I have a video idea me and you play siege on ps4 so you see how it is on console. ) have a nice day love big fan😌
Chase Bucky
Chase Bucky 2 days ago
Did anyone notice how he put IQ as a e tier, then switched her to c when he was ranking capitao
Kisse Misse
Kisse Misse 2 days ago
you said wrong with ela and zofia they are named bosak as last name
Mini Maxy Mozzie
Mini Maxy Mozzie 2 days ago
You for got recruit
Furious Banana Man
The only disagreement that i have is gridlock *mhm* sorry thicclock should br bumped up 1.
CrazySpir1t 2 days ago
How dare u? Valkyrie B-B-B-B wtf is wrong with u? Valkyrie is A or A+++ with u use her correctly (good camspots and perception) but this is unacceptable. U say she is very good but u take her in B than u must say her weakness too.... AhahahahahHHHhahahah
Dayton Kendrick
Dayton Kendrick 3 days ago
Universe mistake
Universe mistake 3 days ago
feels bad for recruit's
Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki 3 days ago
“Blackbeard has a shield so he can’t get headshotted”. Me: gets shot in the head when peaking with Blackbeard with a full shield
Fugitive 3 days ago
Smoke should be at b or a
Wyatt Lozano
Wyatt Lozano 3 days ago
Now a days the lmgs recoil goes every where
Roglium 3 days ago
I disagree with maverick
Stefant Tache
Stefant Tache 4 days ago
Dude Fuze has the best gun in the game (ak12) and you say that is decent?!
Reife XDX
Reife XDX 4 days ago
Im an A tier alibi main
Syclez 4 days ago
2:15 can’t stop laughing lol I’m dirty minded
Vidar Berzelius
Vidar Berzelius 4 days ago
"Therefore Glaz gets the d" SIIMP
Mr. facelesss076
Do you even know what simp means dumbass?
vincent123 mol
vincent123 mol 4 days ago
Maestro a A because of his overpowered gun
Oli Hemming
Oli Hemming 4 days ago
I think rook doesn’t take a lot of skill rather than killing people
R6 Bot
R6 Bot 4 days ago
16:57 he said she can get the D, nugget what are you hiding from us
Morris Reed
Morris Reed 4 days ago
Um the c class is all of my go tos and aces wtf you mean
Paralax 4 days ago
Damn man what about the 5 recruits?
ShovelKnight24 5 days ago
11:39 wait IQ just switched from E to C what
Drazmaticz Dissent
Lol glaz gets the d
Parker Gustafson
Parker Gustafson 5 days ago
Why does everyone love the acog. It is so overrated. It sucks
RogueErr0r 5 days ago
Clash is good for social distance
Dark Qualm
Dark Qualm 5 days ago
Echo and Blackbeard should be higher wtf
Darcy Winsor
Darcy Winsor 5 days ago
Gridlock can throw her trax on flanks and throw her smokes and then she can plant and the trax are so loud you cant even tell shes planting and her guns are insane
Luke Curless
Luke Curless 5 days ago
I unsubbed from bug just because of this video
Yeet ya boi
Yeet ya boi 6 days ago
um why wasn't recruit rated and why wasnt he s tier
Pranik Boppana
Pranik Boppana 6 days ago
Nah man sledge should be higher
Chara 7 days ago
ela on C and vigil on S lmao
Glitch Town
Glitch Town 7 days ago
Right when my friend said there is a fuse on the map I died from him
Atharva Patel
Atharva Patel 7 days ago
This list is so scuffed if u look at it now with all the changes since then, nugget gotta do a new one
Yeeter Leppoelelep
Zofia and doc in c tier? Ok
Daniel Eloff
Daniel Eloff 7 days ago
Frost is my main so, took that a bit personal but that’s all. 🤣🤣
Stephen Swager
Stephen Swager 7 days ago
My boy black beard is a beast just because I may be sweaty I get results
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
Trash list you put the most overpowered strat of echo in f you have to rate them on how good they are not how annoying
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
Nomad is made to have the defuser bruh just save your airjabs and plant the defuser and make sure no plant the airjabs where no one can get in that’s over powered
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
Iq is the best if you have a squad that all talk so she a c or b
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
Mossie is the best defender in the game tbh
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
Cav is s bro you can’t hear her, she’s a roamer, and she’s has interrogation and he still put her lower than vigil
brandon merritt
brandon merritt 7 days ago
Cav is only good in like silver lol
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
Imagine putting twitch at A 🥴
Chickennyy 7 days ago
should be in s
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
Imagine putting valk above mistri
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
He also put zofia at the same place as Ela when she’s way better
Xgames 6273
Xgames 6273 7 days ago
This man said every thing is so good about ting and puts her b
Elijah Elias
Elijah Elias 7 days ago
20:46 Did anyone else nut right here?
Nathan Lubitz
Nathan Lubitz 7 days ago
What about recruit
Sebi Playz
Sebi Playz 8 days ago
Fort Scorpion875
Fort Scorpion875 8 days ago
My man fuze doesn’t belong on e
xthunderx 35
xthunderx 35 8 days ago
Blackbeard an f because no one wants to play against him ig this list is just ranked on worst to play against
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