*ULTIMATE* Rainbow Six Tier List

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Comments 80
NarcolepticNugget 11 months ago
AGREE or DISAGREE?🤔 👇Let me know below!
Joseph Booth
Joseph Booth 27 days ago
Dokebi should be c tier as defending campers can be heard and easily killed whilst trying to mute the virus
Daniel Tavera
Daniel Tavera 28 days ago
NarcolepticNugget you offended me I like lion in is a and all the f are a or a
Stun 2 months ago
I agree with most in my opinion I would put jackal and jager up to S tier only because with running compensators and holographic sights I reckon their guns are amazing and balanced
Shaun Mooney
Shaun Mooney 2 months ago
Glaz can count spawn peeks and has dangerous accuracy I would say he's an A
Prey oreo
Prey oreo 6 months ago
I disagree with echo dokki and lion
Trixter380xz Gaming
2:15 “Glaz gets the D”
Callum O'Donnell
Callum O'Donnell 5 hours ago
Doc should be higher
MOC Man 6 hours ago
I’m a laid main
Jordan Nathaniel
Jordan Nathaniel 9 hours ago
Let’s not compare sledge to buck bro. Sledge been here since day 1 Bruhh
Simon Elvstrøm
Simon Elvstrøm 10 hours ago
You are crazy
7 Nation Neo
7 Nation Neo 12 hours ago
I use gridlocks and smokes to hide the fact that I’m planting
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb 16 hours ago
7:30 angry beaver noises
Devon Davis
Devon Davis 18 hours ago
So 2020 can we give warden and f cuz he's useless
Anthony Boothe
Anthony Boothe 18 hours ago
Zofia and Jager need to be s
Mr. Smudgypants
Mr. Smudgypants 18 hours ago
I hope he knows it's pronounced U-M-P not actually "ump" (even though it's spelled that way) and he's just being lazy.
ada guzen
ada guzen 18 hours ago
Worst tier list ever
giorgosoik 13
giorgosoik 13 19 hours ago
Why doc so down
the a340 guy
the a340 guy 20 hours ago
How can you put thermite at b ? He and BB are one of the best ops ever
Randomz 23 hours ago
Lion S or A tier
Sk0p0s 23 hours ago
frost isnt an og
loén guererrero
zofia s , how do i forget it recruit best in the...i dont know
Carter Brown
Carter Brown Day ago
IQ gets put in E 2 seconds later in C
Vicente Canale
How can you put zofia in c tier
Annaliese Hinz
What do I think? I think I haven't been this pissed off in ages.... This was insulting to me particularly at the end. You also obviously don't know hardly anything about Mozzie and Lion and Fuze.
Victor Zame
Victor Zame Day ago
Echo F?
Gost Scarm
Gost Scarm Day ago
Not Me
Not Me Day ago
A_ Username
A_ Username Day ago
All recruits should be placed at S tier. Warden and Ying should be buffed a tier, Jäger should be nerfed a tier.
fish swim
fish swim Day ago
i think doc is EASY s tier
adrian PS4
adrian PS4 Day ago
You forgot Warden nqkk amaru goyo Kali wamai iana and oryx
adrian PS4
adrian PS4 Day ago
I disagree with dokaebi im good with her so i woild place her at a b or c
Jeff Jefferson
Doc should be a
LevyPlayz121 Day ago
Mumbo Fuze should be S tier with a little luck you can get and easy ace with one cluster charge and his gone has the third highest DPS in the game.
Matty Boi
Matty Boi Day ago
Since when does maestro have a worse gun than valkyrie
Mental Ace
Mental Ace Day ago
Echo main: Visible Depression :(
thyrethiuth Johnsickle
As someone who plays mostly lion and echo, that’s fair
German Gutierrez
Depressed Boi
Bruh, you had recruit but didnt put him, he is best bae.
senior passpartout
doka, lion, and echo r good ops and should be an A or B tier, but are annoying to play against. id give em C
IIQwesyz Day ago
Cmon doc in C he is better than that
sebastian v
sebastian v Day ago
mute B
Kail Dudash
Kail Dudash 2 days ago
I see recruit I’m like my main is here at S tier lmao
Noah Cunningham
Noah Cunningham 2 days ago
i am glad i am a twitch main who else has a main in a tier
Hmmm glaz gets the D dose that not sound weird
Derp Man
Derp Man 2 days ago
I’m an ela main and I’m very sad 😢
Caleb Dion
Caleb Dion 2 days ago
Castle doesnt deserve anything above an F tier.
FMR Auzziedogg
FMR Auzziedogg 2 days ago
Random FaceHole
Random FaceHole 2 days ago
2020 me thinking about y he put mistro at d
Bubblesbedope 2 days ago
Anyone realize iq went from E to C
shadowbeast gaming
IQ is an easy A tier for me I main Also idk if its just me but I have almost 100% acuraccy and 90% of the time get headshots with echo he could be A or maybe S tier for me But mainly I agree with you
Logan Myers
Logan Myers 2 days ago
16:57 whats up with all the ds
J Tickton
J Tickton 3 days ago
i disagree with with the recruits not even being on the list
Libnny RM
Libnny RM 3 days ago
Mute and loin should be higher
Mr R6
Mr R6 3 days ago
I disagree with echo, blackbird, clash, Montage, castle and iq
Sawebent 3 days ago
U get 8 lesion traps
Raven 3 days ago
"people thought that kaid was going to replace bandit" hahaha. Kaid replaced Bandit just like Wamai is starting to replace Jager. Ya Dingus
Raven 3 days ago
how tf can IQ be E tier
unknown_ nerd422
unknown_ nerd422 3 days ago
Recruit S Tier
ninja_pizza3 toxic gamer
Alibi b
Lily Baker
Lily Baker 3 days ago
Blackbeard is a instant disagree.
That Nerd Guy
That Nerd Guy 3 days ago
Nugget:they go in F tier F tier mains:I'm about to end this man's whole career
Kakashki 12345
Kakashki 12345 3 days ago
Diagreed with all
Gab Ris
Gab Ris 3 days ago
Castle is awesome!
Horrible Siege Player432
Sofia should be in A tier
Reptilboy 723
Reptilboy 723 3 days ago
Where's nokk homie
Nathaniel Kuiper
Nathaniel Kuiper 3 days ago
Isn’t clash busted when a really good player does the 180 weapon swaps thing
ThymenK 3 days ago
I saw IQ by c and i thought WHY DA FUCK IS SHE C
Kobi Small
Kobi Small 3 days ago
Have everyone seen E tear he is Black people only
RussianToxicDog 3 days ago
Everyone is f but the lord is s
slimee_ DeC
slimee_ DeC 3 days ago
IQ AT D TER???? ur on crackstop playing rainbow
slimee_ DeC
slimee_ DeC 3 days ago
ok u lost me with the zofia ranking, like cmon zofia is literally the best op on attack she is so versatile and the strongest op on attack she is easy an s teir op
Mario Man
Mario Man 3 days ago
Wait till bucks frags go bye bye
Further Lisk
Further Lisk 3 days ago
I disagree with teachanka, the lord deserves his own heavenly tier list
I Drop Dubz
I Drop Dubz 3 days ago
Liam Kinsella
Liam Kinsella 3 days ago
most fun nug, most fun
Brandon FTW
Brandon FTW 3 days ago
As an echo main I’m mad now
Zman 11
Zman 11 3 days ago
Yo ik this is a super late comment, but I’m a Mav/Fuze main, I agree with the fuze (sorta) for crap players who use him it makes sense, but if you know how to use him correctly he should be a B+, but he is annoying a hell tho defensively. Now maverick, if you know how to use him he should be an S tier. Plus with Mav’s AR-15.50 with an Acog it can be pretty easy to kill spawnpeakers and I love killing them for it. Then you can sneak in after your team has already pushed, leaving open hallways to sneak to the reinforced walls, for easy kills with his ability. Overall I agree, it’s just those two (my mains).
k-DAVORIUS 3 days ago
IQ is a d, your cracked
Trolley Express
Trolley Express 4 days ago
Tach Anja is 14 tiers too low
Tyke Bowen
Tyke Bowen 4 days ago
Doc is a S tier
Bill Brett
Bill Brett 4 days ago
WidDogg 4 days ago
Yes Lesion is harder to spot but if you’re playing in Ranked he gets banned most of the time
Josh Castillo
Josh Castillo 4 days ago
Bikini gonna come for you, you put clash in E tier
Kanji 4 days ago
How tf is doc c tier??? He spuld atleast be b or a smh, he is so good he can legit heal ppl! Like bruh
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