Ultimate Fountain Challenge

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"Let's put stuff we don't know about on stuff we don't know about..."
Everyone loves a chocolate fountain, but how about a grape jelly or gummy fountain? We put our fountain to the test in the ultimate... Will It Fountain?
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Comments 80
Vat19 3 years ago
Which fountain do you think is the most delicious? Which one do you think is the grossest? See the rest of our fountain challenges here: ruvid.net/video/video-FgnsA0ckebE.html
Harvey Quinlan
Harvey Quinlan 27 days ago
Vat19 hot sauce!!!
Silvia Linares
Silvia Linares 28 days ago
clxudtea 2 months ago
Mujeeb 3 months ago
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen 4 months ago
Bastien Stewart
Bastien Stewart 57 minutes ago
Let me turn on notifications RUvid cuz if I can't turn on notifications but IT WORKS IN MINIPLAYER then that doesn't make sense
Avery Cannon
Avery Cannon 9 hours ago
how do they stay skinny
Allison Dyczko
I would to do this
Elite Rink
Elite Rink Day ago
Close your eyes for the whole video and imagine
Lizards Only
Lizards Only Day ago
Danny: it’s edible Me: well of course it is
Shadow 81 Alex TBH
Who else was weird and their mouth was watering when they saw the hot sauce fountain
My_Bean_Ivy 2 days ago
I’m jealous.
Owen Volgs
Owen Volgs 2 days ago
Really ranch soda who would put that in a fountain ⛲️ ok 😱 OMG hot sauce
bom dot com vids 123
dude that ranch soda looks like cumm
Seale Family
Seale Family 2 days ago
Come to Canada day celebration and try the maple syrup taffy. Now that will make you teeth rot.
Jasminelokiu 2 days ago
Now i'm Hungry From Watching this
ooh fountain
That Weird Kid People
“What did you do to make it into snot?” I don’t think that looks like soda or snot...
Kristina Nickel
Kristina Nickel 3 days ago
Ew... But cool
Victoria Light
Victoria Light 3 days ago
With the bacon I had the urge to gag but I couldn't
lps crybaby
lps crybaby 3 days ago
the ranch looks like a monstrosity eeeewww!!!!😂😂😂
이나 3 days ago
When you just bought a new fondue fountain, and you wanna fountain all the foods you can.
Abby Bee
Abby Bee 3 days ago
I feel like Jamie has a iconic spice reaction
Son Goku
Son Goku 3 days ago
2:22 cum
Youtube with S
Youtube with S 3 days ago
Grossest: Ranch Soda, because... just because Good: Syrup, because ITS GUMMY AND SYRUP Greatest: Burn or Bliss, because I like spicy and sweet stuff
imdepuncake 3 days ago
Ranch soda is DASCUSTANG
Gerges Samaan
Gerges Samaan 3 days ago
Are the girl and the boy flirting
boi -
boi - 3 days ago
that fountain looks like nut
Valentine Smith
Valentine Smith 4 days ago
I can't believe Jon didn't know what Pocky was
The 3D clan
The 3D clan 4 days ago
Do ranch soda with ghodt pepper beef jerky
Fawflethetawfle 4 days ago
Elena Segoviano
Elena Segoviano 4 days ago
Bacon grease is now called liquid pig
Vanessa Moyles
Vanessa Moyles 4 days ago
Vid: shows chocolate fountain Me: i need dat
Sophie Rodriguez
Sophie Rodriguez 4 days ago
You should do a spice wing challenge
tee hee hee evey games
This is something Willy Wonka would've had No one: Me: exactly
zeeshan latif
zeeshan latif 5 days ago
1:27 sounds SOOOOOOOOO wrong😂 Like if u agree 👇👇👇👇👇👇
Emma Victor
Emma Victor 5 days ago
When they eat the mini waffle with the gummy brain: they both nod
Nik Ans
Nik Ans 5 days ago
jon: its kind of A WARM me : yeah the spice is gettin to ya
Raquil Martinez
Raquil Martinez 5 days ago
Eric says I don't feel like saying anything but the comments will Me nope
Dayday 6297
Dayday 6297 5 days ago
I've dipped gummy into syrup before...its good as hell
Debra Hubert
Debra Hubert 6 days ago
Can you try WINE?
Wide Geoff
Wide Geoff 6 days ago
Them: It's wet Me: It's liquid
Ian Hately
Ian Hately 6 days ago
Me when the ranch dressing soda was tested: OF ALL OF THE WORST THINGS, YOU CHOOSE RANCH!!!!!
MrNoobgames roblox adventures
Pocky is Asian candy for anyone wondering
Incyex 6 days ago
0:59 listen to that voice tho..
Brandon Negus
Brandon Negus 6 days ago
The syrup one made my A1C jump way up watching it. o.o many tasty carbs.
Sprouts 6 days ago
Anyone else wanna see the whole staffs dental bills at the end of the year
Mr. Folkes
Mr. Folkes 6 days ago
Ew. Just ew.
Satans Daughter
Satans Daughter 7 days ago
This is every kids dream
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 7 days ago
Sam1DM 7 days ago
Fake maple syrup
NouraTV_123 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Ok for a matter of a fact i know that jamie swears i heard him say f* and i think sh*t i dont know but i heard him say it
chinonicole haha
chinonicole haha 7 days ago
Is looks like something that men make in our eggs
Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey 7 days ago
Bacon grease WHYYYYYYY 😭😭😭😭!!!!!!
Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey 7 days ago
Ranch dressing soda does not sound good at all EWWWW🤮🤮🤮🤮!!!!!
Plushie Shows
Plushie Shows 7 days ago
How do you know how glue tastes
Rosita Arias
Rosita Arias 8 days ago
U should have done milk and Oreos
Cade Power
Cade Power 8 days ago
You should make a pillow that stays cold so you don’t have to flip it over at night
Travis Phelps
Travis Phelps 8 days ago
“I wanna dip everything in that” -Jaime
Marls Bwell
Marls Bwell 8 days ago
Wait how did the jelly work because it's so thicc
Little Goji
Little Goji 8 days ago
2:29 we all know what this really looks like💦🍆
AriesStormTiger 27
Chocolate on chips? Count me in
AriesStormTiger 27
Jon or Joey said, "so if this is big poxy stix, does that mean theres Small pox?" Lol, smallpox is a disease that killed lots a long time ago. (Its still thing today)
Dalton Coffey
Dalton Coffey 8 days ago
Best-almost all of them Worst-bacon grease
Mr.Jaeggerr 8 days ago
cum fountain
Jess Irion
Jess Irion 8 days ago
Moon Watcher
Moon Watcher 8 days ago
Vat 19 looks at food. I’m going to liquifie ya. Food OH NO
Irma Chelidze
Irma Chelidze 9 days ago
your mouth is on fire. but now I'm in fire
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 9 days ago
Fountions but they are for weridos
Summer Thomas
Summer Thomas 9 days ago
you should do a condiment fountain
tina johnston
tina johnston 9 days ago
Kaylyn Heuer
Kaylyn Heuer 9 days ago
I’m not a peanut butter friend either joe
S L 9 days ago
Don’t u love paid actors
Tristan Morrisseau
Let me taste
Crazy Duck
Crazy Duck 9 days ago
OMG Hahahahahah 4:28
cookies 404
cookies 404 9 days ago
That’s disgusting (ranch dressing soda)
Nick Taterz
Nick Taterz 10 days ago
That’s not ranch soda
crackadoole mest
crackadoole mest 10 days ago
2:50 looks lile panadol
2026-Liana Roberts
2026-Liana Roberts 10 days ago
Danny, a gallbladder is part of your body that stores bile.
Tessa Hedges
Tessa Hedges 10 days ago
7:38 R.I.P. Eric making every Vat19 vid amazing Like if you miss him too😭
Yasmine Padilla
Yasmine Padilla 10 days ago
1:20 is such a wholesome ben moment. 😂
Eli Moore
Eli Moore 10 days ago
Good mythical morning?
Rishi G.
Rishi G. 10 days ago
How do none of them have diabetes yet
Aine Mc Loughlin Clancy
adults: CUM Kids:GLUE
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