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Oct 30, 2019




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Raquel Moran
Raquel Moran 14 hours ago
Kisha Baker
Kisha Baker Day ago
Being a gay boy on the
Shanaiya Sylvester
@Samantha Goff is the department has been the case 8 million
Shanaiya Sylvester
@Samantha Goff is the department has been the case with most people don't even know how much you want to spend time with most of the other hand only
Shanaiya Sylvester
@Tyshunna Brown said the department of justice has been to the morning and the other hand only one who 8th to see
Charmaine Laka
Charmaine Laka 6 hours ago
in front of they parents
Yeabsera Fasika
Yeabsera Fasika 15 hours ago
Thai Billions
Thai Billions 16 hours ago
Melissa Benton
Melissa Benton 16 hours ago
This get dirty lol BTW love u prince family
Deborah Hoepel
Deborah Hoepel 16 hours ago
A Question is Bianca a twin ??? Or are they just sisters
sami rehman
sami rehman 18 hours ago
I hate Biancas sister
Mike Black
Mike Black 21 hour ago
Lit AF bro ,lmfao
Kawaii Cupkake
Aniah Walker
Aniah Walker Day ago
I dare Rodney to hump lexis
CalyThe Gamer
no one: 30:15 von rubbing on the couch secretly without damien and bianca knowing
Murunwa Phanyane
Team Alexis and team Biannca
Gatcha Master :3
12:06 WTF
elizabeth mukite
von did a good job man!!!
Zahra bela beauty
ãdore. kk
ãdore. kk 2 days ago
Dad thought he was funny😂
Aiden Herbert
Aiden Herbert 2 days ago
Tooooooooooooooooooooooo dirty
Deja Johnson
Deja Johnson 2 days ago
Nonye Butts
Nonye Butts 2 days ago
The they leaned over when von toke of Emily sock tho
Nonye Butts
Nonye Butts 2 days ago
Broooo Emily CANNOT TWERK!!
Nonye Butts
Nonye Butts 2 days ago
Did y'all see when von toke off Emily's sock, all of them leaned over LMAO like her feet ugly (which it is)
Brian Rivas
Brian Rivas 2 days ago
I dare biannca to lap dance on damien
Bertha Arias
Bertha Arias 2 days ago
I DARE biannca and alexis to kiss!!
Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello 2 days ago
Ew! Why did you have to put that for the intro? 🤢
Tah'zaya Ward
Tah'zaya Ward 2 days ago
leave that white girl alone
ayan abdi
ayan abdi 3 days ago
wild fire
wild fire 3 days ago
I thought von was Jimmy from AJ mobb
nwakif34 YT
nwakif34 YT 3 days ago
Man y'all be going too hard on Rodney and Alexis like chill the f*** down man like damn 🤣🤣😂😂 and then Alexis up in here be like I don't care y'all can do your thing like she be like on her phone like 24/7📲
Maikel Nunez
Maikel Nunez 3 days ago
My eyes I’m l0 years old!!!!!!!😫😖
Maikel Nunez
Maikel Nunez 3 days ago
Turning 11
Soso max
Soso max 3 days ago
Aaleeya Batson
Aaleeya Batson 3 days ago
That’s a wig
AZiyah Hughes
AZiyah Hughes 3 days ago
0:42 nova hit the woah
Aalayah Zbarnes
Aalayah Zbarnes 3 days ago
Chanell Rodgers
Chanell Rodgers 3 days ago
Chanell Rodgers
Chanell Rodgers 3 days ago
Why is she in the challenge if she almost not gonna do the dare😕🤨 I don't get it
Mya Charlery
Mya Charlery 3 days ago
You're know how to last thing is in front of children
Mya Charlery
Mya Charlery 3 days ago
your know how to show your nasty little brother's children
Jcjv j Juan
Jcjv j Juan 3 days ago
The worst vidio in my life HATE IT
Jessica Coronado
Jessica Coronado 3 days ago
Are u and the girl with blue hair sister Blanca
Just being Nyla
Just being Nyla 4 days ago
Love y’all
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