ULTIMATE Back To School Shopping! - What's In My College Bag Ep. 13 - System G Carry+ 17 Review

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In this episode of What's In My Bag, we go back to school/college shopping haul in 2019, this time on a budget, and oh boy, do I have some awesome everyday carry gear for you to check out! This isn't the coolest, flashiest, or prettiest stuff, but instead, I went for functional and affordable.
⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and complete a purchase, I may receive a small commission.
⚠️ System G Carry+ 17 Backpack - bit.ly/2ZhdBpb
⬇️ GEAR:
1. [2:58] - OneTigris Tactical ID Card Holder - geni.us/tfSAA
2. [3:15] - Fisher Space Bullet Pen - geni.us/C6zLr
3. [3:43] - KEY-BAK Sidekick Carabiner - geni.us/QDpT
4. [4:11] - B A S U eAlarm+ - geni.us/XNbYu
5. [4:32] - Casio AE1200WH-1A Watch - geni.us/31XF1By
6. [4:53] - Contigo Autoseal Cortland, 24 oz. - geni.us/zPFBN
7. [5:20] - Westmark Resealer - geni.us/ZiYLPd2
8. [5:23] - Final Touch GoSip Straw - amzn.to/2KVo1XU
9. [5:31] - AmazonBasics Travel Umbrella - geni.us/mrYV
10. [5:43] - Tile Pro Tracker - geni.us/8UtX73I
11. [5:43] - Victorinox MiniChamp Multi-Tool - geni.us/NnoP3eK
12. [6:15] - DSPTCH CapSnap - bit.ly/2SMqchN
13. [6:39] - Mighty Vibe - bit.ly/2QCR6uU
14. [6:45] - Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo - geni.us/TvIndI6
15. [7:44] - Burton Cable Lock - geni.us/tprix
16. [8:48] - Apple iPad Pro 11" Tablet - geni.us/Z98KL
17. [9:00] - Apple Pencil 2 - geni.us/FX2fAwl
18. [9:18] - Apple Smart Keyboard Folio - geni.us/bCb9e9a
19. [9:29] - SlickWraps Apple Smart Keyboard Folio Skin - bit.ly/2L8oOU2
20. [9:41] - UAG Scout Case - geni.us/u3uO
21. [9:50] - Ringke Laptop Stand - geni.us/aPzV
22. [10:05] - NTAG216 NFC Tag Stickers ($9) - geni.us/BYBqKF
23. [10:38] - System G Carry+ Utility Pack - bit.ly/2ZhdBpb
24. [10:50] - Logitech M720 Triathalon Mouse - geni.us/adcm8
25. [10:58] - Twelve South StayGo - geni.us/y7uG
26. [11:12] - RAVPower 61W Type-C PD Charger - geni.us/MUcq
27. [11:28] - Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB Drive - geni.us/PLQ2N
28. [11:51] - CHAFON Multi USB Cable - geni.us/3bTeq0q
29. [13:15] - RAVPower USB-C to Lightning Cable - geni.us/rw5SDc7
30. [13:34] - Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box - geni.us/QGl9
31. [14:55] - Sugru - geni.us/nnwPd
32. [15:02] - Wysi Wipes - geni.us/Xw4TGS
33. [15:47] - Gamesir G6 Controller - geni.us/ZAWAvI
34. [16:31] - Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee - geni.us/nZ8QnZ
35. [16:42] - TipTop Things Air Deck - geni.us/lSN3Y
36. [17:26] - Nakabayashi Magnetic Bookmark Ruler - bit.ly/2MzNmbS
37. [17:52] - FujiFilm Instax SP-2 - geni.us/wPfFBF
38. [18:23] - Matador Pocket Blanket 2 - geni.us/nTZS
39. [19:05] - Ostrich Pillow Mini - geni.us/56G4AcC
40. [19:26] - System G Carry+ Travel Organizer (SAVE 15%, PRE-ORDER) - bit.ly/2ZhdBpb
41. [19:53] - BASSTOP Portable Dock Replacement Case - geni.us/WplaeWz
42. [20:01] - Joby GripTight Micro Stand for Small Tablets - geni.us/DBaWp6
43. [20:38] - The Anxiety Toolkit, Alice Boyes, PhD - geni.us/aByorh
44. [21:15] - Heroclip Carabiner - geni.us/HwYRO
⚠️ EXCESSORIZE ME. Mystery Box - bit.ly/2Maxc7U
⚠️ This video is sponsored by System G. All opinions expressed are based on my own experience.
GEAR LIST - bit.ly/2RnPW6t
Website: www.excessorize.me
Faceboook: facebook.com/excessorizeme
Twitter: twitter.com/excessorizeme
Instagram: instagram.com/excessorize.me

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Aug 24, 2019




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Comments 80
EXCESSORIZE ME. 9 months ago
Look, I know the iPad Pro isn't budget... but for some things, you just shouldn't cheap out on. EVERYTHING ELSE IS REALLY BUDGET THOUGH 💸
Dr.yosef Marzouq
Dr.yosef Marzouq 2 months ago
@ray 40794 الله
DRAGON FATAL 3 months ago
The backpack is 150$........
Dylan Hobbs33
Dylan Hobbs33 4 months ago
Hmm.. agreed kind sir.
Arthur Evans
Arthur Evans 6 months ago
@Blood in Blood out , he really wanted to drive that dead horse home.🤜👊🤛🛠⚒
Richard Guilamo
Richard Guilamo 9 months ago
Even though i graduated years ago maybe I wanna get almost everything you showed in your video thanks EXCESSORIZE ME.
Rabindra Pradhan
Just give me the pillow
BlueDreamZ 420
BlueDreamZ 420 2 days ago
You can put a camel pack in the spot you put the back pack straps for hydration
Lil Dinkles
Lil Dinkles 8 days ago
Um the backpack alone is outa my budget lol
RayPlayzGamez 9 days ago
if U have watched the movie tintin u will no why that card holder is useful for pic-pocket prevention
Hala Musameh
Hala Musameh 20 days ago
A little too harsh on the bag don't you thing
Dinuka Kavishan
Dinuka Kavishan 26 days ago
Teguh Adhi Primasanto
I’m here
Hamza Ramadan
Hamza Ramadan Month ago
I respect you for your taste in shows.
Mannat Choudhary
Teni D
Teni D Month ago
what device is being shown at 12:32 ?
MA ,ART&tec class
hello bro what is the name of this bag
Ben the banjo
Ben the banjo Month ago
If you want to watch the sped up part slow it down to .75
Ahmedhassan - احمد حسن
Bro your way make me nervous 😠
Shubham Month ago
full sized pecker LOL
Caleb Reins
Caleb Reins Month ago
You need to o a budget edc bag!!!!
nicknugget Month ago
having a tiny usb drive is super cool until you lose it within the 1st hour of having it because its so small.
Aaleah Richards
Aaleah Richards 2 months ago
How do you have the money to afford this
Hassan shihaad
Hassan shihaad 2 months ago
Can you give me an iPad Pro and you are so cool and a Nintendo switch can you please give me I am living in Maldives come it’s very cool
Joseph Tjowasi
Joseph Tjowasi 2 months ago
I really want it but its too expensive for me
Joy Ahmed
Joy Ahmed 2 months ago
This bag was heavily damaged in the making of this video
people 2 months ago
I wouldn't even be allowed to use an iPad for school
Mythical Goblin
Mythical Goblin 3 months ago
Are We Going For A Raid In School?!?
richard lopez
richard lopez 3 months ago
Good job...
_ 3 months ago
Ok thanks for this video I am now ready for the trip to mars
Gerenzo 3 months ago
If I could double like this video, I would.
dominikguzman 3 months ago
At 1:00 Did you actually pee on the bag? :D It looks like you pee on it.
NewBornCoven 3 months ago
Bruh I don’t even take a backpack to class
Adam Aaronson
Adam Aaronson 3 months ago
I have bad luck with those clear plastic badge snaps. Always begin to split at the bend. Any recs on alternatives?
Edmund Chow
Edmund Chow 3 months ago
Damn you know he’s asian when he said big 2
Nicholas Martinhik
Nicholas Martinhik 3 months ago
Usually the edc stuff is pretty nice but this is the nerdiest look i have ever seen.
Ibrahim Anser
Ibrahim Anser 3 months ago
I got triggered at the watch because I used to wear it. It scratched so much. Also he has the money for a iPad Pro but not a good watch?
Nik Baret
Nik Baret 3 months ago
Thanks for filming
DRAGON FATAL 3 months ago
Cool 150 for a backpack i rlly wanted lol and im only in middle school
SAMIR MINAYA 4 months ago
Na-ru-toe -_-
Monkey buddy Nejej
Monkey buddy Nejej 4 months ago
I want the backpack
Phi Nguyen
Phi Nguyen 4 months ago
what size is the heroclip in the video? Can't tell if it's a medium or small
Frank AutiWele
Frank AutiWele 4 months ago
Thats pretty cool.
Ky edits
Ky edits 4 months ago
Imagine lugging this around all day
Dakota Marshall
Dakota Marshall 4 months ago
I know you channel is great and all bit did you just say *NARRUDO*
NinjaWorrior 786
NinjaWorrior 786 4 months ago
Who ever is wondering how much the bag is for it’s $150 DOLLAR LIKE WTF
Matheo Marcial
Matheo Marcial 4 months ago
U forgot the books
Ermira Dervishi
Ermira Dervishi 4 months ago
I need bag name pls 😁😁😁
the flame
the flame 4 months ago
I have the same watch same color same everything
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz 4 months ago
the best part of this video its not the backpack, its the gadgets
Colton Ihrie
Colton Ihrie 4 months ago
You should do a review with a USWE bag
L Miller
L Miller 4 months ago
Ah yes take a Swiss army multi tool with a knive to school
Mr Green
Mr Green 4 months ago
I cant afford any of that! 😁
Wyatt Waters
Wyatt Waters 5 months ago
13:03 AMEN
Travis Harrison
Travis Harrison 5 months ago
We all know what the hardshell bookbag was for🤣
Ethan Ramaekers
Ethan Ramaekers 5 months ago
Hey! I’m an aspiring filmmaker and I own a Sony a7iii, tripod, rode videomicro, 3 lenses, and I love making videos with my friends. I received $250 for Christmas and I’m planning on buying some film gear! What would you suggest?
Helova Shot
Helova Shot 5 months ago
Apple is pure over priced trash! Most of the hard ware is provided by Samsung anyways so I'd rather stick with Android and get all the benefits
toroha7 5 months ago
terrific review. 😁😁😁⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍👍👍
Christian Canalita
Christian Canalita 5 months ago
LOVE your channel! I'm going into debt with all the cool stuff you've been reviewing.
Erdinç 5 months ago
aga o çanta kaç kilogram?
The Alphazeph
The Alphazeph 5 months ago
Love ur unique way of presentation ... keep it up
Suresh MC
Suresh MC 5 months ago
Dude stop breaking shit
Kc the Destroyer
Kc the Destroyer 5 months ago
I love how I know every thing about mice and AirPods well mostly but he said for all you young kids it is called a USB port like bruh I am ten
Sultann 5 months ago
Can you please review something less $$$ and ty for the videos
Bobby Beta
Bobby Beta 6 months ago
This bag was a no go for me. Review the Tocode Harold Travel Backpack! Its larger and much cheaper!
Chace Smith
Chace Smith 6 months ago
The answer for the problem at the bottom is 16.
David Sagar
David Sagar 6 months ago
Matthew Ezekiel A. Calasicas
how much are all of these??? I want them.
tommy_chans 6 months ago
I expected a back pack review but just got a dude telling me about all the crap he brings with him
Hugo Jönsson
Hugo Jönsson 6 months ago
do you need to have at least 1 condom in you videos. i mean it is funny but it is not as funny when you have it in ALL of the videos. like you videos btw😂
burngwngs 6 months ago
This was awesome and helpful. Thank you!
Mohamed Shawky
Mohamed Shawky 6 months ago
Man why tf is this video is so fast i had a headache after watching it ?? but honestly this is so much effort to appreciate
Chris O
Chris O 6 months ago
Why do i have to be poor 🙁 lol
Red Jive1799
Red Jive1799 6 months ago
are these link to the stuff shown in the vid all us dollars or the currency in everyone respective country?
I I I I 6 months ago
Back to hell u mean
IAmRaphael 7 months ago
Visine, uh? :3
deepankar g
deepankar g 7 months ago
yepthe office is the best u erned a sub
Arbaaz Siddiqui
Arbaaz Siddiqui 7 months ago
0:40 that calves
Wayne Justine Doneza
Why am I laughing? Hahaha!
Nowshad Nioz
Nowshad Nioz 7 months ago
Buy this and you have a mobile home on your shoulders
Gurshaun Jagpal
Gurshaun Jagpal 7 months ago
Luckily for me my name starts with G
Minh Phu Pham
Minh Phu Pham 7 months ago
Please continue make video about what's in my bag please.
brill98 7 months ago
Do the ghost backpack
Edward Wang
Edward Wang 7 months ago
it's a back to school bag, but it has a swiss army knife
Aden Low
Aden Low 7 months ago
school shooting preparedness
Painkiller488 X
Painkiller488 X 7 months ago
Funny that I’m in Peru, I leave my backpack in middle of the food court and half an hour after it was there with all my stuff, just as I left it hahahahaha
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