ULTIMATE 1v1 Lucky Block Race vs SSundee!

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ULTIMATE 1v1 Lucky Block Race vs SSundee! with PrestonPlayz 👊
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Comments 80
PrestonPlayz Month ago
Subscribe or get creepers in your lucky blocks forever
Janette Lagahit
Janette Lagahit 6 days ago
Ur skin like Biffle Wiffle
Maximiliano BlancoMurialdo
I will destroy you
Walked Abdurehman
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson Month ago
《DC Games》 to be the first one is the most part I am Hi dswwwew to be the first one is the most part I am not sure what the data is not the 4th quarter and the tape with a new job easier jojo error 2nd floor 2nd floor and I am not sure what the jojo
Joshua Barton
Joshua Barton Month ago
Congrats on 6 mil
Kiran Shrestha
Kiran Shrestha 3 hours ago
I have sub to you and sundee
yan doung
yan doung 10 hours ago
yan doung
yan doung 10 hours ago
Bad guy Man gut
Riya Misar
Riya Misar Day ago
He used jelly's outro
guliko maisuradze
Honey not lava things XD
Nayan Burman
Nayan Burman 3 days ago
Jelly make this video to
Tat Nguyen
Tat Nguyen 3 days ago
I. Play lucky block skywars.
Aimee Barber
Aimee Barber 4 days ago
You play roblox still
Kelly Butler
Kelly Butler 4 days ago
My sister played this like today and you’re supposed to have a pickax to mine my lucky blocks
Benny 275X
Benny 275X 5 days ago
The bulb is so freaking old yeah it's so freaking OBD2 Bo was so open the
Benny 275X
Benny 275X 5 days ago
The boys old baby with the instant damage and I'm not lying. Wallpaper O P nobody can defeat like then the damaged areas because you can see like the arrows got so much damage or our problems are banned from Minecraft 1.14 or plug-in Minecraft I don't know what kind of plant is it but crappie hello but I will see do I know what hit it or not
Hakan Akbar
Hakan Akbar 5 days ago
Yeah because Preston Preston likes playing Minecraft yeah but I have Minecraft on my mum’s phone but put them on I have different characters but you are going to win Preston
Hope Bartlett
Hope Bartlett 5 days ago
Biffle wiffel and ssundee and nickoal and drom is friends they play Fortnite
Jeth Supnet
Jeth Supnet 6 days ago
Andrew W
Andrew W 6 days ago
Jennifer Sousa
Jennifer Sousa 7 days ago
I love ssunde
Malinda Walker
Malinda Walker 9 days ago
I did the same race
Corne Robertson
Corne Robertson 10 days ago
Hello can I get a shoutout please
Estelle Ford
Estelle Ford 11 days ago
1.44 did anyone else here “ I have wood I can make Dimond Amor” In The background.
Ibrahim Almontaser
Ibrahim Almontaser 15 hours ago
I mean ssundee
Ibrahim Almontaser
Ibrahim Almontaser 15 hours ago
I heard it from ssunde
Tat Nguyen
Tat Nguyen 3 days ago
Gi e m
Muhammad Miraliyev
I heard him saying wool
Never Trolls
Never Trolls 9 days ago
Aria Lakier
Aria Lakier 11 days ago
water%lava preston plazs
Preston join logdotzip in amazon
Amanda Loughlin
Amanda Loughlin 12 days ago
Thanks foral all of aro u tube'station
Alcione Alcione Leocadio
Hi preston
ItzRhon TheSegampong
Well I thin k the last one was unfair, I think they should nerf that.
Don't mind me Hello
I wonder why Biffle not take his face of 🙃
Laura Unicorn
Laura Unicorn 15 days ago
It's not lava blocks it's honey xd
Brown Em
Brown Em 17 days ago
My name is thuong and l am your biggest fan
Darren Curtis
Darren Curtis 17 days ago
Darren Curtis
Darren Curtis 17 days ago
Venessa Galaxy Unicorn
My dog name is Niko be nice to the person Niko Kay
Arrunesh Saravanan
Arrunesh Saravanan 18 days ago
Dennis Jumper
Dennis Jumper 18 days ago
Gg yo
Corne Robertson
Corne Robertson 19 days ago
Preston king of parkour
KOH MIN KHONG Moe 20 days ago
Preston will win
yong kwan
yong kwan 20 days ago
Jillytheseagull #1
Minecraft RUvid I want to know how to do it
Grained smile
Grained smile 23 days ago
Preston can we play minecraft pe.
whatisme544 24 days ago
i’ve known you for like ever i think about 6 years u are everyone’s child hood
DARK Phoenix
DARK Phoenix 24 days ago
l like the old Preston :/
Yeetus Defeetus
Yeetus Defeetus 22 days ago
Who doesnt
Sharmine Garcia
Sharmine Garcia 25 days ago
Go preston
Brasier Duvall
Brasier Duvall 26 days ago
How do you find dimonizd
Charles Ge
Charles Ge 27 days ago
Yo bro
Victor Demetrio
Victor Demetrio 27 days ago
Preston will win this fight
Corne Robertson
Corne Robertson 27 days ago
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!💓💓💖💖💞💞💕💕💜💜💗💗❤️❤️😜
Corne Robertson
Corne Robertson 27 days ago
Corne Robertson
Corne Robertson 27 days ago
Please gif me a shoutout and my friends I spent hours watching all your videos and I dit subcribe❤️💜💗
The Master key
The Master key 28 days ago
MonkeybOi Little
MonkeybOi Little 28 days ago
MonkeybOi Little
MonkeybOi Little 28 days ago
Rachel Nugent
Rachel Nugent 28 days ago
Kyson bot
TROUBLE CRAFT 29 days ago
great video keep em coming
Belinda Ortega
Belinda Ortega 29 days ago
Ssundee for the win
Ahmet Mehmet
Ahmet Mehmet Month ago
You are the best Preston please like it
Emily Ryan
Emily Ryan Month ago
I all ways subscribe
CJ Potts
CJ Potts Month ago
Ok Preston
Premie T05
Premie T05 Month ago
BiffleWiffle Is the Biggest Bot Out there
Wira Ahmad Sinatrya
Preston the well has a chest!!!
Angie Barry
Angie Barry Month ago
I wunt Saturday
Rainbow Gamer
Rainbow Gamer Month ago
Lucky blocks can be soo triggering at some points!!! :(
Adoracion Asuncion
Who are you world
Jean Dwyer
Jean Dwyer Month ago
I did thx
Fadzom Month ago
Preston, could you possibly get Ssundee to play bedwars on stream with you? and if you decide to do so, PLEASE make sure Crainer comes to, becasue your bedwars streams and their bewars streams when they are together are my favorite, and I also miss seeing Ssundee and crainer hang out. ;-; please, I hope you decide to do so. PS: If it is AT ALL possible, maybe get Ambrew to, to get the gang together. maybe some private matches custom game modes with Thea Gaming as well. I miss it so much when they used to do that. and if you were there it would be PERFECT.
Yeetus Defeetus
Yeetus Defeetus 22 days ago
You rly think preston reads comments from you?
Apple The Pie
Apple The Pie Month ago
Preston u use Ian for views
Maria klotzmannova
Stephanie Mull
Stephanie Mull Month ago
Wow this was only one week ago
Milena Milanovic
Julian Adamson
Julian Adamson Month ago
Vs. bifflewiffle skin LOL
Catrice Allen
Catrice Allen Month ago
why did they all look like biffle and have weird usernames
David Sindern
David Sindern Month ago
Liwliwa Tabi
Liwliwa Tabi Month ago
jason onizuka
jason onizuka Month ago
or WOW bro
jason onizuka
jason onizuka Month ago
Join my relam it’s called WOW Bro
jason onizuka
jason onizuka Month ago
I’m so sorry I never got Fire merch
jason onizuka
jason onizuka Month ago
Where do you live
Mahmoud Asmar
Mahmoud Asmar Month ago
Hiiiiiii prestonnnnnnnnn prooooooooo
xXCrystaliaxX Month ago
Game . ____________ was killed by magic me. What thats not even magic thats an special arrow not a magic
FortnitePlayer 6986
Hwo else just realized preston has a beard becuse i did😐😐
JC Reyes
JC Reyes Month ago
Next videos