Ujda Chaman Official Trailer | Sunny Singh, Maanvi Gagroo | Abhishek Pathak | Releasing 1st November

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Ujda Chaman is Releasing on 1st November 2019
Ujda Chaman is about a 30 -year-old bachelor Chaman Kohli, a Hindi lecturer with Premature Balding & in quest of a beautiful wife. After facing several rejections as a prospective groom because of his baldness, Chaman hits rock bottom when an astrologer gives him a deadline to find himself a wife or remain a celibate forever. This leads Chaman on a Funny & emotional roller coaster ride of self-discovery and acceptance.
#UjdaChaman #UjdaChaman1Nov
Sunny Singh as Chaman Kohli
Maanvi Gagroo as Apasara Batra
Saurabh Shukla as Guru Ji
Atul Kumar as Shashi Kohli
Grusha Kapoor as Sushma Kohli
Gagan Arora as Goldy Kohli
Karishma Sharma as Aaina
Aishwarya Sakhuja as Ekta
Sharib Hashmi as Raj Kumar

Panorama Studios International presents
Directed by Abhishek Pathak
Produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak , Abhishek Pathak
Written by Danish J Singh
Director of Photography - Sudhir K Chaudhary
Music on T-series
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Oct 1, 2019




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Comments 17 706
Raja Vishnuvardhana
Kannada ka remake hai yeh .
Mayank Ayush
Mayank Ayush 10 hours ago
Very nice
izna khan
izna khan 11 hours ago
Is this movie or Net Flix series
nakul singh
nakul singh 13 hours ago
Johnny Sins ka guest appearance hona chaiye super duper hit hogi
We The Indians
We The Indians 17 hours ago
we will see both
unbelievable things
unbelievable things 20 hours ago
Best movie hai bhai kadak
Anas Anu
Anas Anu Day ago
Remake of Malayalam movie thamasha
Faiza Javed
Faiza Javed Day ago
Kon kon yha Gagan(Bagga) k liye aya hai,😄😄
Augustine Ainikkal
Tamasha malayalam movie remake
abhishek kamal
In the end looks doesnt matter. What matters is the holy sarkari naukri 😂😂🤣🤣
Abhijith Ram M R
The guy playing the astrologer is Bala's dad in Bala😁😁
Garvit Garg
Garvit Garg Day ago
Ajkal ganjepan pe kuch jyada hi filme banne lgi h🤣🤣
Umesh Pubg Vlog
Kon si movie hit hogi Ujda chaman (like) Bala..(Comment)
Devendra Day ago
Nice movie
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Day ago
Ye toh tu he h mast line h yar
deshmukh p. n
Kon kon ye movie time nikal kar khas watch karne jayega😂😂😂😂 👇 Like
Raj Shukla
Raj Shukla Day ago
Ek number ki movie hai bhai log dek hai
Firstly stop stereotyping people . Who told you that all Bald men are ugly? Who told you that all fat and average or ugly women are good, true and honest , given a chance fat and ugly women will be first person jump into hands of much younger men even their own husbands brother or cousin brother's . Do you want proofs I have many examples to show and the irony is that the society would continue to call and even portray these kind of women as God sent even if they have given birth to their own husbands brother child. Kaliyug hai bhai.
Heem Chhetri
Heem Chhetri Day ago
This movie copied from Kannada movie ondu motteya kathe r5-----sn-p5qs7ned.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?expire=1573536472&ei=eO7JXYemBdHbgwO-_baYDQ&ip=2601%3A548%3A4203%3A9d50%3Adcf2%3Ae136%3A8f98%3Abcab&id=o-ADd41__syg8u30gpuw4PUWx7WmeMBf05VUTtl3oEUhCW&itag=18&source=youtube&requiressl=yes&mm=31%2C26&mn=sn-p5qs7ned%2Csn-ab5szn7e&ms=au%2Conr&mv=m&mvi=4&pl=26&ctier=A&pfa=5&initcwndbps=2076250&hightc=yes&mime=video%2Fmp4&gir=yes&clen=5947575&ratebypass=yes&dur=130.101&lmt=1569920437084139&mt=1573514735&fvip=5&fexp=23842630&c=MWEB&txp=5531432&sparams=expire%2Cei%2Cip%2Cid%2Citag%2Csource%2Crequiressl%2Cctier%2Cpfa%2Chightc%2Cmime%2Cgir%2Cclen%2Cratebypass%2Cdur%2Clmt&sig=ALgxI2wwRQIhAO_tA-QCbPUhO7oJEpJhaSrMZYrcIfvqQYlVAHeK0arwAiAeTf5ZY6HYniqI5PEK2gpHJOWsqVhdLimx3qRv-s1Hxw%3D%3D&lsparams=mm%2Cmn%2Cms%2Cmv%2Cmvi%2Cpl%2Cinitcwndbps&lsig=AHylml4wRQIhANA8dyT78CI_ZwxPucPrsPfJRFmil7TLIhysdpnA6bKFAiAhxo4KzMG1sSLVJAseRouFaB9JaqYY-q7CTZnsfhlSWw%3D%3D&cpn=aEVJaFKlurodxO4U&cver=2.20191109.08.00&ptk=youtube_single&oid=2CRP8AkPsViM0fz90TZTRw&ptchn=EnQD0cw2W76te93TS12pkA&pltype=content
Rafi Ahmad
Rafi Ahmad Day ago
Remake of malayalam movie thamasha !
Thambu Christy
Karthave Malayalam movie Thamasha💪💪💪
shwetank chaudhary
I Know some guys are ignoring movies like ujdaa chaman and bala just becaused they have faced this problem and don't want to hurt themselves. Tum log ye pain kabhi nahi samjhoge ..
parth limbachiya
parth limbachiya 2 days ago
Testo tron tron 😂😂
Muhaz Ks
Muhaz Ks 2 days ago
Copy of kannada ondu motteya kate
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Mohit kumar
Mohit kumar 2 days ago
Are bagga bhai,,😂😂😂
Madhu Sudan Raju
Madhu Sudan Raju 2 days ago
Madhu Sudan Raju
Madhu Sudan Raju 2 days ago
its a original copy of Kannada movie ondu motteya kathe ruvid.net/video/video-UXv-9QdR3s8.html
Aleena TJ
Aleena TJ 2 days ago
Its similar to the malayalam movie 'Thamasha'!!!
Govind 2 days ago
In Kannada Ondu Motteya kathe.
Govind 2 days ago
Kannada movie remake
unnikrishnan 786 king
This remake of Malayalam movie Thamasha
Akkibaat Ality
Akkibaat Ality 2 days ago
Bala vs ujda chaman Who is best comment ⬇️
Shivaraj Gc
Shivaraj Gc 2 days ago
Remake of Kannada movie....
pawan bhaiya apna imo no dijiye mera naam md salman
Bala movie ka siqual hai udja Chaman
Noor Denish
Noor Denish 2 days ago
Omg its just so so funny
Aman venus studio
Nice film
Hot space
Hot space 2 days ago
Watching tik tok app any time
SYnc 2 days ago
Finally the audience have started to differentiate good plots from the so called 'blockbusters'...
Rajesh Ganiga
Rajesh Ganiga 3 days ago
Remake of kannada movie "Ondu motteya Kate"
Ajay Pathak
Ajay Pathak 3 days ago
Oh god it's too better than bala amazing 💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍trailer
Ashu Rao
Ashu Rao 3 days ago
All young can relate now days
Sayed Nobel
Sayed Nobel 3 days ago
Ujda Chaman is better tn bala. Rally a nice movie.
Copy of Bala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
karthik naik
karthik naik 3 days ago
Anyone one from karnataka.. ondu motteya kathe😂😂😂
Arun verma1999
Arun verma1999 3 days ago
bcho ko bigadne me.tum wolliwood walo.ka hi hath h
Red Ball 4
Red Ball 4 3 days ago
They named it ujda chaman. It shows the creativity level of the filmmakers... 👎👎👎
manasa mv
manasa mv 3 days ago
Ondu motte kathe
Vishal Gamit
Vishal Gamit 3 days ago
Tunupur. Ka. Super. Hero
Aradhana Sonkar
Aradhana Sonkar 3 days ago
Bala n this movie are same
Muzaafir 2.0
Muzaafir 2.0 3 days ago
Remake of Malayalam Movie 'Thamasa' 😌
Good topic
Teja Teja
Teja Teja 3 days ago
Kannada movie remeke
N Tor
N Tor 3 days ago
baldness is not a sin.but due to JaHaLAt in third world countries like India Pakistan bangla desh people make fun of bald person call them Takla ganju ganja etc ....i live in england no one say these kind of words to bald person...
FunBaz Official
FunBaz Official 3 days ago
yaar sab Taklee ka flim nikal rahe he.. 😔👈 is van k take ki tarha taklaaa ganja 😩😫
Ranjeet kumar Kumar
I think it's good movie for intetmet
Sudhansh Saurav
Sudhansh Saurav 4 days ago
Very nice movie.
Let's gather knowledge
This better movie than bala... I have, seen both
GunGun YADAV 4 days ago
Tejas dhaliwal
Tejas dhaliwal 4 days ago
Peeche se kaha se le lenge😂😂
Shikhasach Bhardwaj
Soo confuse bala ya ujda chaman
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