Ujda Chaman Official Trailer | Sunny Singh, Maanvi Gagroo | Abhishek Pathak | Releasing 1st November

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Ujda Chaman is Releasing on 1st November 2019
Ujda Chaman is about a 30 -year-old bachelor Chaman Kohli, a Hindi lecturer with Premature Balding & in quest of a beautiful wife. After facing several rejections as a prospective groom because of his baldness, Chaman hits rock bottom when an astrologer gives him a deadline to find himself a wife or remain a celibate forever. This leads Chaman on a Funny & emotional roller coaster ride of self-discovery and acceptance.
#UjdaChaman #UjdaChaman1Nov
Sunny Singh as Chaman Kohli
Maanvi Gagroo as Apasara Batra
Saurabh Shukla as Guru Ji
Atul Kumar as Shashi Kohli
Grusha Kapoor as Sushma Kohli
Gagan Arora as Goldy Kohli
Karishma Sharma as Aaina
Aishwarya Sakhuja as Ekta
Sharib Hashmi as Raj Kumar

Panorama Studios International presents
Directed by Abhishek Pathak
Produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak , Abhishek Pathak
Written by Danish J Singh
Director of Photography - Sudhir K Chaudhary
Music on T-series
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Sep 30, 2019




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Comments 100
Dalia Parveen
Dalia Parveen 3 days ago
Though Ayushman is my favorite but this movie is far better than Bala
varsha suryam
varsha suryam 6 days ago
I just love this film, depicting the pain of the main characters how they have to face criticism in society and they too need normal human life like others .. This film featured so beautifully . Hats off to the actors and the entire team for such a valuable performance.
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh 6 days ago
Dinesh katyal
Dhanraj Shetty
Dhanraj Shetty 8 days ago
Over exaggerated remake of simple beautiful Kannada movie. While the original movie will gives happiness, remake gives inferiority complex to bald guys and panic to who are facing hair loss😑😑
Sachin Negi
Sachin Negi 10 days ago
Nice movie..
Nikhil Ghos
Nikhil Ghos 11 days ago
Arleen Flynn
Arleen Flynn 14 days ago
shorturl.ca/xxx133sh0whorny පිළිගැනීමේ නිලධාරිනියගේ යතුරු ගන්නඇයගේ අනෙක් තැනැත්තා කීවේය
humaboutique2 17 days ago
This movie was beyond stupid. I was so excited to watch it but it's the epitome of misogyny and fat shaming. Basically he likes an overweight because she let's him be a doormatt.
Samiuddin Omer
Samiuddin Omer 23 days ago
Allah ☝️ have mercy on all
Typical Biki
Typical Biki 24 days ago
Soolmon bhoi ki kehke leli😂😂
MID ുഗതല
MID ുഗതല 24 days ago
This film Malayalam reamake song super
MID ുഗതല
MID ുഗതല 24 days ago
This film Malayalam reamake poli aane
RakeSh To
RakeSh To 25 days ago
This movie is Better than BALA
suhail ahmed
suhail ahmed 27 days ago
this is the copy of kannada movie ondu motteya kathe
Akhil Biji ECE10
Remake of Malayalam Filim *Thamasha*
Vyan kumar
Vyan kumar Month ago
Ads de ma mat chudwaya karo
Fit Survivor
Fit Survivor Month ago
India mein personality aur bank balance dekh kar hi ladki wale shaadi karte hain aur baad mein ladki aur uske gharwale dono in return pyar aur understanding ki umeed karte hain. Bhai aapne to sirf personality aur paiso ko hi importance di thi, to mil to gaya aapko woh sab. Ab pyar ki demand kaha se aayi? P.S - Insan ki koi value nahi hai aaj ki date mein.
Gaganpreet Singh
Its a lot better than bala. Better entertainer!
Sangeeta Bera
Sangeeta Bera Month ago
Isse Jada Acha Bala movie hai,. 1 minute bhi movie m bor nhi Lagta,. Ayushman is best
Bipin Saun
Bipin Saun Month ago
Bala se bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot bahoot achi movie ha amazzzing
nyam Tayang
nyam Tayang Month ago
The art of explaining lesson is much better then "Bala"
Roshan Mehta
Roshan Mehta 2 months ago
Son: people can live without marriage also Father: Really ? Tell me one name. Son: Salman khan.😂 Father: Their case is different. At least they get some.... What? Girls they find at least girls 😂😂😂😂
Udhab Sharma
Udhab Sharma 2 months ago
Better than Bala..
Praveen Anvekar
Praveen Anvekar 2 months ago
Remember shushant singh rajput and watch new comers movies
Sampath Bangera
Sampath Bangera 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-VtJRoUk8GVI.html It's kannada movie remake..must watch Kannada movie Ondu motteya kathe..link👆
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 2 months ago
Kannada remake.... super hit kannada film... ondu motte ya kathe
Rakhi Chhikara
Rakhi Chhikara 2 months ago
He is really handsome .He acted in pati patani aur woh movie
Pushpendra Kishore
Pushpendra Kishore 2 months ago
Saurabh Shukla, common to both the movies
Saminah Mahtab
Saminah Mahtab 2 months ago
Reminds me of bala..alot
Te Ya
Te Ya 2 months ago
Make very fun of others lets see your face and stucture 😊i hope and i know that you are very handsome with everything❤️👍🏻
Queen Budha
Queen Budha 2 months ago
This actor is very handsome and has good acting skills. Appreciate him and watch his movies
Dalia Parveen
Dalia Parveen 3 days ago
Totally agree with you
Prakhar Shrivastava
Prakhar Shrivastava 2 months ago
Bisesh 007
Bisesh 007 3 months ago
I think Bala is best And aayushman khurran is best actor
Bisesh 007
Bisesh 007 2 months ago
@Angel Raks this movie tralier shows tHAT the movie is related to hair so bala is best and aayushman is best for this movie i only want to say that the bala is best movie and aayushman is perfect for the character or actor thats all
Angel Raks
Angel Raks 2 months ago
Why are u Comparing There is no comparison Every one is good in there places
Dheeraj R
Dheeraj R 3 months ago
Kannada remake
Bishnu Pantha
Bishnu Pantha 3 months ago
Acting mast he sunny Ka Really inspiring
sonu poonia
sonu poonia 3 months ago
Yaar rock vin diesel or bhi bohot he vo bhi to ganje he
Suraiya Islam Munni
Suraiya Islam Munni 3 months ago
Nice movie.
Kanti Kumar
Kanti Kumar 3 months ago
Super 👌 hit movie
BHABANI MAHANTA 3 months ago
One of the best movies I have ever watched
Saba Malik
Saba Malik 3 months ago
Fit movie
Rabiul Hoque
Rabiul Hoque 3 months ago
Move ka link do please
Rishav 6
Rishav 6 3 months ago
Maanvi is angelic
Prajwal AN
Prajwal AN 3 months ago
Power of kannada industry 💪💪⚡
Razak Pandikkad
Razak Pandikkad 3 months ago
This movie is the remake of 'tamasha' malayalam movie
Raja Vishnuvardhana
Raja Vishnuvardhana 3 months ago
It is kannada remake and Malyalam is also Kannada remake
shalini sharma
shalini sharma 3 months ago
shoaib dawood
shoaib dawood 3 months ago
ujde instead of ujda be better
Raj kumar
Raj kumar 3 months ago
Bro change your style without hair .
Angshuman Sarmah
Angshuman Sarmah 3 months ago
My upcoming future in next couple of years 🤣 I'm gonna be soooo fucked !!!
Abu Saleh Chowdhury
Abu Saleh Chowdhury 3 months ago
J x xfcfffggfhzvvvtcc ra
Kiran Kiran
Kiran Kiran 3 months ago
It's a remake of Kannada's Blockbuster "Ondu motteya Kathe"
Zahangir Islam Islam
Abin George
Abin George 4 months ago
This is a remake of a Malayalam movie called "Thamasha"
Deekshith Rai Yenmoor
No Kannada movie remake "Ondu Motteya Kathe"
mausam rijl vines scenes
Flop movie😂🤮
Parveen Mol
Parveen Mol 4 months ago
Thamasha alle ith malluzz
Technical Jodi
Technical Jodi 4 months ago
M bhi hun ganja 😘😘
Hasan Musanna
Hasan Musanna 4 months ago
It's an awesome movie... ♥
Kishan Motwani
Kishan Motwani 4 months ago
Mirzapur season 1 my Chanal
Kishan Motwani
Kishan Motwani 4 months ago
Unsung warrior
Unsung warrior 4 months ago
Ondhu moteya kathe kannada movie
Sandeep hotstar
Sandeep hotstar 4 months ago
Kannada movie remec
BhalChandra Gavas
BhalChandra Gavas 4 months ago
Bala se bhi jyada behtar film ujda chaman hai wobhi hai par ujda chaman aur jyada achhi hai
Rodgers Owoko
Rodgers Owoko 4 months ago
One of the best movies I have ever watched. It was really funny!
Kazim Bahlooli
Kazim Bahlooli 4 months ago
I mean fuck that, if I would have got that kind of baldness, I would have gone to a barber and shaved my complete head off, and then just grown my beard, a complete bad ass look 😎
few seconds
few seconds 4 months ago
Chand nikla super lyrics by eminent writter hats off to you dear💐👌🎻🎷
Bulu Sahoo
Bulu Sahoo 5 months ago
One of the best movie Far better than Bala
mruthyunjaya mc
mruthyunjaya mc 5 months ago
This is an remake of Kannada movie...
Muhammad Shamsheed
Muhammad Shamsheed 5 months ago
Bollywood wale ke pas ab story nahi rahi ak story hee 2, 2 movies Mai dal rahe hai ak hee sal Mai, 1_ujda chaman 2_baala
Pervez Alam
Pervez Alam 5 months ago
Sooo faar better than bala.. Its truely fantastic nd sarcastic then Bala.. Too good job of all actors
Sakshi Tiwari
Sakshi Tiwari 5 months ago
This movie is a must watch 🙌🙌... Much bttr thn bala
Mohan Kumar
Mohan Kumar 5 months ago
It's Kannada movie Ondu Motteya Kathe remake
Ahmad Nawab
Ahmad Nawab 5 months ago
Movie kb daal rhy??
Parvinder Singh
Parvinder Singh 5 months ago
Such a lovely movie.... sooooooo cuuttee couple
Ayurveda with Rajiv Dixit
Don't bother with this movie guys ...it's just a movie, actually the main reason behind baldness is porn addiction, unhealthy life style, unhealthy food , stress, lack of nutrition due to unhealthy food and all....men seman is one of the most precious thing in this universe and have a capabilities to create another human being, include yog, aqua pressure , correct your digestion, avoid pitta increase food , include amala , alovera and all rasayana in your diet....... Movie just a movie...human body have a capabilities to tackle with any situation and problem....when you will give a time to your system then your regeneration of hair follicles, cells and all will start dramatically. At last be positive and happy..🙃
DEATH INVENTOR 5 months ago
PHANTOM GAMING 5 months ago
Movie is so underrated
zeeshan Ahmed
zeeshan Ahmed 5 months ago
Watched during flight from Doha to Lahore, Awesome movie with a great social lesson particularity for Indian & Pakistani Society.
Shahed Hsj
Shahed Hsj 4 months ago
Watch bollywood new movie Udja chaman full movie link : ruvid.net/video/video-BhqirDl6fIc.html
Gautama Siddhartha
Gautama Siddhartha 5 months ago
Thus is our Kannada movie ondu motte kate remake movie south Indian movie
Arvinder Singh
Arvinder Singh 5 months ago
Very funny & good movie, 4 🌟
It's remake of malayalam movie tamasha
Umesh Kumar
Umesh Kumar 6 months ago
Suar ka baccha director abhi ka time mein randi bharwa ko Ladki Mil Jata Hai To Naukari wala hai madrachod tere ko dimag Nahin Hai Naukari wala Tere Paas koi hai takala usko bol ek number Surya Rai Dil aaenge Ham bhosdi wala picture banaa to dhang Ka Bana Ban chod
Kumar shingham
Kumar shingham 6 months ago
Aaj Amazon prime par ye movie dekha - Dil kush ho gaya dekh kar... Kya lesson dia is movie ne last mai..... Ekdum maja aa gaya.... Kisi bhi situation mai kisi bhi person ko uske looks par comment marna galat hai... Jo bhi jaisa bhi hai - Kala gora nata lamba langda jaisa bhi ho wo smart or handsome hai Applicable both for girls and boys.... Dharti par sabhi sundar hai sirf dill saaf hona chaiye..... 👍
Subhrajeet patra
Subhrajeet patra 6 months ago
Kya hua iss desh ko. Isshi desh mein hi logon ko Kale,gore,natte,motte ,takle,ganje ki prblm hoti hai aur duniya mein kahin nahi hoti.
RINAS NASMI 6 months ago
Another remake from south
Abhijit Patnaik
Abhijit Patnaik 6 months ago
Chu*iya movies sab hall main aate hain, aur aise movies ko Pirated dekhna pad raha hai.
Sandeep Srivastava
Sandeep Srivastava 6 months ago
Better than bala
Ujjwal Shrestha
Ujjwal Shrestha 6 months ago
Gurvinder Singh
Gurvinder Singh 6 months ago
Mast line.. un ko mil to jati hai
White Pastel
White Pastel 6 months ago
It feels like the movie is subtly promoting that it's okay for men to stare & want to touch women because of testosterone? really surprised how in 2020 and in times of #meToo, a movie can still stay that men have urges they can't control and get past the censor board.
yashika Sharma
yashika Sharma 6 months ago
Bahut achchi movie bahut bahut achi movie 🥺
Rabiul Hoque
Rabiul Hoque 6 months ago
Felipe Jenkins
Felipe Jenkins 6 months ago
🔥🔥 💖💖💖💖💖💖 T-Series 💖💖💖💖💖💖 0:56 🔥💃💕💘 👇 👇🔥
land froster
land froster 6 months ago
Original Kundukulangara
Try Malayalam version of this. You will know how beautiful they could have turned this
sharath sharath
sharath sharath Month ago
Bsdk 🖕🖕🖕🖕 Try Ondu motteya kathe Kannada language orginal version
Poonam smart kitchen
Farjana Begum
Farjana Begum 7 months ago
Ye movie link do n
Bipin Saun
Bipin Saun 7 months ago
Really love this movie...... Such mein bala movie se bahoot achi lagi❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Farheen Khan
Farheen Khan 7 months ago
Very good movie, realistic with a thought provoking msg
Asim Muhammad
Asim Muhammad 7 months ago
Like: Ye tu tere jaisa lag raha hai... Ye tu tuhi hai...
Neerja Singh
Neerja Singh 7 months ago
Sakina Choudhary
Sakina Choudhary 7 months ago
really good movie .koi movie dekhta hi nhi or dekhne se pehale hi flop bol deta hai .ye zaroori tho nhi jo hero hit ho pehale se hi uski movie bhi hit ho agar naa ho tho public dekh kar hit kar deti hai aise bahut se hero hai movie acchi naa ho phir bhi hit ho jaati hai becauseb of their stardom.these movie is good plz dekh lo eak baar
MANOJ Noronha
MANOJ Noronha 7 months ago
Remake of the kannada movie
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