UFC: What does 2020 hold for Conor McGregor?

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The latest 2019 UFC news feature on Conor McGregor
We predict what Conor McGregor has planned for 2020. And if we’re right it’s going to be a crazy year for the UFC.
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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 16
Kishore .K
Kishore .K Month ago
Thank you so much for valuable information 🙏
Theodore Hn
Theodore Hn 2 months ago
"Pride goes before the destruction"for big mouth unrespectful person that's what MacGregor learn in Khabib's Fight.
Ojie Ordonez
Ojie Ordonez 4 months ago
I think a conor vs nate 3 fight can happend but not this year but maybe next cause i think conor will face justine on july ot august and maybe fight khabib again on november or december or even january 2021 and after i think the thrilogy will happend cause conor wants it too
Saul Kump
Saul Kump 5 months ago
Cowboy ☑️
Honesty Music
Honesty Music 6 months ago
great video!! thank you so much for subscribing 💪🏽
Ali Altinel
Ali Altinel 7 months ago
He doesn't want the BMF title.Get your shit together.Did you even watch his recent interviews
Mondar Daman
Mondar Daman 7 months ago
Connor sucks and keeps getting beaten up by everything he does, nate Diaz, Khabib, Floyd, whos next?
MegaMm76 7 months ago
Вячеслав Киров
song on background ?
Antony Fitzgerald
Antony Fitzgerald 7 months ago
Donald then nate and Jorge... if khabib stops being a ball bag and gives conor the rematch then well see that after. Hopefully this is how it goes
Johnwoo 7 months ago
Lol look at all the sensitive McGregor fan boys in the comments. You guys are hilarious.
raphael vitton
raphael vitton 7 months ago
Hes a gay we don't like him. please just keep it in the past...
Newyula Darya
Newyula Darya 8 months ago
For real, just stfu and don't make a McGregor Video again
Narc Seven
Narc Seven 8 months ago
This is the worst video ever about Conor McGregor you don't know him don't try to act like you know him he doesn't care about money anymore he is millionaire he tweeted that his purse is going to be donated he is eager to get back for his fans and i am still haven't abandoned him.
Raza Ibraj
Raza Ibraj 7 months ago
Narc Seven you are wrong
Crash Pangle
Crash Pangle 8 months ago
he is not going for the 170 belt he's already said he wanted his rematch with khabib so I believe he will go for the BMF and 150 and just be the two time two weight champion
Uncle Mat
Uncle Mat 8 months ago
All Conor has to do is keep is mouth shut and do his job and everything will work out fine. Maybe another Cerrone type fight before everything gets all serious again.
Uncle Mat
Uncle Mat 8 months ago
I'm thinking he has levels of trash talk...like how he was doing Floyd and khabib can't happen no more.
Darth vader
Darth vader 8 months ago
One of the main reasons people not only come to watch Conor's fight but also his Press Conferences is because of his trash talk it's something that most want to see it's not my opinion it's a fact.
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