UFC São Paulo: Weigh-in

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Watch the UFC Sao Paulo Weigh-in live on Friday, November 15th at 4pm/1pm ETPT. Fighters speaking in English and Portuguese.
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 80
乡youtube 4 months ago
Oxi, por que o pessoal zoa o Jam? Eu hein.
THE MIGHTY LION 7 months ago
God bless everyone pls. AMEN
右利きです 7 months ago
Is this Halloween party???
Constantly hungry
Constantly hungry 7 months ago
Brazil love fights
savvy830 7 months ago
Why is Ariane Lipski fighting Paolo Dybala ?
K P 7 months ago
14:39 chris cyborg
Mr Swagboy3000
Mr Swagboy3000 7 months ago
This joker shit is so cringe
Klefthoof Robert
Klefthoof Robert 7 months ago
i did NOT expecte Ariane Lipski to be as good as she was in her match , she wrecked that short lesbo chick
Excelsior 7 months ago
23:50 How I love this respect they gave each other!
kenneth griffin
kenneth griffin 7 months ago
thats the heath ledger joker makeup. not joaquin phoenix. fail ... woulda been cool 10 years ago lol
Alex Sander
Alex Sander 7 months ago
nome da música na entrada do coringa ?? alguém sabe ?
talic_tom 7 months ago
the worst card in history UFC
Daniel Pletikosić
Daniel Pletikosić 7 months ago
12:45 left is cop and right is me on drugs in club
Brent 7 months ago
Ariane Lipski at 3:30 is gorgeous and baby got some buns too
Naveen Yadav
Naveen Yadav 7 months ago
What is the name of this girl in blue tshirt?
Daniel Gosse
Daniel Gosse 7 months ago
Jan still got jacked arms and chubby abs.
MarceliX Official
MarceliX Official 7 months ago
When the UFC come to PL
kheki yeps
kheki yeps 7 months ago
Worst main event fight ever.. They don't wanna fight each other.. Shit.. Prelim fighter are much better than the main event.
jay sullivan
jay sullivan 7 months ago
Is that Wilhem Jan Blachowicz A.K.A. BJ?
Martin Korn
Martin Korn 7 months ago
Polish Power💪💪
Kyle Jaynes
Kyle Jaynes 7 months ago
Charles "The Brazilian Tony Ferguson" Oliveira.
Tai Lopez
Tai Lopez 7 months ago
16:36 - Hey guys it's Tony Ferguson on the left
Culture Mix
Culture Mix 7 months ago
JOKER,..... that was classic lol i love it
Kahele Koki
Kahele Koki 7 months ago
Brazil v Brazil card
bracikmen 7 months ago
Lipski is gorgeous and by her last name I think she has Polish heritage
DiGeorge Syndrome
DiGeorge Syndrome 7 months ago
The google eyed girl is mostly looking up now
SickKent 7 months ago
Jacaroids and his HGH head.
RiddLz BTK
RiddLz BTK 7 months ago
Hungry eyes in disguise😂😂
Gustav af Fridoliné
Tracy Cortez!! Like a Female version of khabib, wrestler/grappler and a striker. A pain in the ass for the opponent. She’s very beautiful also, I hate that the interviewer made her cry!!😢 Good luck in the future Cortez!
Leo S
Leo S 7 months ago
Tracy Cortez looks sooo hot
Andrzje S
Andrzje S 7 months ago
Jan Blachowicz !!!! 👏👏👏👊👊🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Andrzje S
Andrzje S 7 months ago
Blachowicz 👏👏👏👏👏
PitBullZorza 7 months ago
I bet Błachowicz by murder.
jorge blast
jorge blast 7 months ago
Jacare and Jan, both humble guys, a good fight
MUSIC GOD streets approver
Tracy cortez is hot
jorge blast
jorge blast 7 months ago
@MUSIC GOD streets approver Macedo isnt in this card, she will be in UFC Fight Night 165 on december
MUSIC GOD streets approver
jorge blast wheres Macedo? i saw Tracy and Lip and closed the video lol both fire girls but Tracy is the hottest
jorge blast
jorge blast 7 months ago
Cortez, Lipski and Macedo, best looking girls
maloukey M
maloukey M 7 months ago
Tracy Cortez is hot AF 🔥🔥🔥
Jon Bones Turinabol Jones
Bobby green out here looking scared of Trinaldo but wants to act tough with his other prev opponents. Def of a punk
spanky mcnugget
spanky mcnugget 7 months ago
!!!hell yeah big shout out to markus perez that was bad ass!!!
Eklypze 7 months ago
Can't wait til Brazilian Joker teams up with Mexican Joker
natedogg101 7 months ago
All these fighters stand with there hands behind there back but Jorge Masvidal means business when he does it
upsidedahead 7 months ago
2:14 classy tattoo 🥴
Chris White
Chris White 7 months ago
UFC Sheila is back??
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy 7 months ago
The joker was quilting
electroflux 7 months ago
Joe-ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Rogan
electroflux 7 months ago
Rua rocking the dad bod!
Sky Rider
Sky Rider 7 months ago
Sky Rider
Sky Rider 7 months ago
Blachowicz vs Jacare This fight will be The fight of the night 💪
IgNa towicz
IgNa towicz 7 months ago
Lucas51192 7 months ago
That joker face is fu*king amazing!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Ishmael 7 months ago
Blachowicz by TKO.
Ishmael 7 months ago
Markus Perez killed it with that Joker makeup!
Yarely Mendoza
Yarely Mendoza 7 months ago
And he got the gray sweatpants on....... #whysoserious
Solec9494 7 months ago
Blachowicz & A. Lipski
Світлана Гедрович
14:12 Why So Serious? 😁🃏
Спорт это жизнь T J K
Бой когда и восколка по какому канал п
Ryan Bonner
Ryan Bonner 7 months ago
women mma fighters signed by the UFC are nearly always smoking hot. there was a lot of hot ass on that stage, between the octagon girls, fighters, and the brazilian girl who stands there for no apparent reason, but to get her pussy nice and wet.
Thai With Pictures
Thai With Pictures 7 months ago
Dajesz, Janek!
KingDoms Kingdom1985
Damn, i don't want either in the main event to lose as they're both such nice guys and incredible fighters.
ka mo
ka mo 7 months ago
If you laugh you sub!
1:01 OMG In love
Monscent 7 months ago
Lipski looks like an in-shape ring girl.
Monscent 7 months ago
Hermansson spent a ton of time in Jacares guard and Jacare couldnt come close to submitting Hermansson.
Chandler Jay
Chandler Jay 7 months ago
Whats new!?, Bunch of Roided Brazillians.. 😆
Chandler Jay
Chandler Jay 7 months ago
I thought Barao is already retired.. Lmao 😆
Forest Whitaker's Eye
The man best known for the time he anus'd Luke Rockhold will anus Jacare as well.
Chandler Jay
Chandler Jay 7 months ago
Well another UFC card in Brazil??, sure that the Brazillian crowd will be silenced again.. 😆🤣😂 🇧🇷
WhySoSrs? 7 months ago
War Shogoooon!
AwesomeAlex! Adam
AwesomeAlex! Adam 7 months ago
Tracy Cortez = Beautiful
Triangle Sally
Triangle Sally 7 months ago
7:55 Vegeta tattoo!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 7 months ago
Tracey Cortez is the hottest OMG!
herbatkowy 7 months ago
Panie Janie niech Pan mu wleje!
Kamil Boss
Kamil Boss 7 months ago
HeIlL usium
HeIlL usium 7 months ago
14:39 I can swear he asked him: "why you so serious ?"
Lars Marius sivertsvik
People sleeping on Blahowich, again. Jan via KO/TKO R2.
Hans Scholl
Hans Scholl 7 months ago
Lars Marius sivertsvik old man goes down on first
Rui Martins
Rui Martins 7 months ago
I heard colby was going to be in the crowd on fight night xD
Robin Drew
Robin Drew 7 months ago
Vip seats for Mr Covington 😉
Borys Borysewicz
Borys Borysewicz 7 months ago
2020 Jan Błachowicz new champion UFC #TeamBłachowicz
Randy Savage
Randy Savage 7 months ago
Fuck yeah m8!
Nick Assault
Nick Assault 7 months ago
pleace ufc drop your weight in music. Where can i get it?
Gustav af Fridoliné
Tracy Cortez be thick and hot asf
grega6 7 months ago
7:05 that woman in blue shirt needs a compilation. She tries so hard to not look at men ass , but she failes every time :-D
grega6 7 months ago
Silva dude is ripped, like 2 years ban ripped..
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