UFC São Paulo: Jacare Souza Ready for Light Heavyweight Debut

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza moves up to light heavyweight to face Jan Blachowicz in the main event of Fight Night São Paulo.
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Felipe da Silva
Felipe da Silva 6 months ago
Jacare Souza and Lyoto Machida my favorites
kheki yeps
kheki yeps 7 months ago
Worst main event fight ever.. They don't wanna fight each other.. Shit.. Prelim fighter are much better than the main event.
The anti-mad hatter
The anti-mad hatter 7 months ago
Sousa just needs to retire, main event was super duper trash 👎🏾😴
Muely aka Dynamic Gaming!
I got Jacarae by TKO!
Eternal Light
Eternal Light 7 months ago
I'm happy and ready to get ktfo'd like two other fools" - Jacare
Achilles MMA
Achilles MMA 7 months ago
Jacare is good guy unlike weidman and rockhold. I hope he get W this time
Transformando Meu Corpo
Majin Mudkip
Majin Mudkip 7 months ago
"Is he though?"
Do primeiro ao ultimo
****OIÁ O INGLÊS DELE!!!****
kimbo slajs
kimbo slajs 7 months ago
Ciężko będzie
kimbo slajs
kimbo slajs 7 months ago
Jak trza to trza
Mihau Zetowski
Mihau Zetowski 7 months ago
Nie pękaj dasz radę
sergiovictoir 7 months ago
Jacare is back to his roots.Opens medicine cabinet.
jay sullivan
jay sullivan 7 months ago
I would love to see Jacare become the 205 champ.
No Name
No Name 7 months ago
Jacare is the man but I dont see him beating Jones. It's gonna be bloody if he does go against Jones. It'll even mess up his longevity for good, might even force retirement. As much as I hate to say that
Timur Zavidov
Timur Zavidov 7 months ago
This dude fought some murderers. Now he is facing another one. Jan.
Lima Aier
Lima Aier 7 months ago
Jacare is a good guy,Always root for him!
VnEv Boss
VnEv Boss 7 months ago
My dude is bad ass ..!!
joseph labajosa
joseph labajosa 7 months ago
Blackowicz needs to knock jacare out to win.
El 47
El 47 7 months ago
Wtf Kelvin knocked his ass out
Carter Lentz
Carter Lentz 7 months ago
You'd think these guys would have learned by now
romel pinto
romel pinto 7 months ago
Jacare esta en bajada y ya no es interesante sus peleas .....plop
Zokir Xusinov
Zokir Xusinov 7 months ago
Calvados33 7 months ago
I’ve always wondered what’d happen if Jacare fought Damian Maia at middleweight 🤔
The-Turkish King
The-Turkish King 7 months ago
Азат Арыстанбекұлы jacare is def the better fighter but at jiu jitsu idk that would be a fight to see
DeOranjed 7 months ago
His face is very concentrated in one place. Its not spread out is what I'm saying. God bless all ufc fans🐩
Isaiah Q Jones
Isaiah Q Jones 7 months ago
Souza might win this fight if he doesn't talk about Jones
Yazan TV
Yazan TV 7 months ago
Jacare souza is my idol. I hope he dethrones jones
Phuc You
Phuc You 7 months ago
I'm happy, it's normal.
pawned pawned
pawned pawned 7 months ago
Jacare is joining the shadow realm with askren.
Pigs In Da 6IX
Pigs In Da 6IX 7 months ago
Love the fighter but I’m afraid for jacre
Jorge Peducci Jorginho
O fisico y cara da crianca ta loco
Joe Sheridan
Joe Sheridan 7 months ago
One of the best fighters to never win a belt. Unfortunately I think he is past his best now but I hope he has a good run at 205 before hanging them up
NightBot Ban
NightBot Ban 7 months ago
This is one of the coolest looking guys in the UFC. Straight up looks like an alligator.
Rujewitblood 7 months ago
He's got that face that you could put in a video game or a movie or comic book, the mobster's main bodyguard type of look
MADARA ! 7 months ago
But is he as prepared as Chris and Luke are ...?!
goldenboy7722 7 months ago
Jedziesz Janek ! :D
You Daddy
You Daddy 7 months ago
🐊 jacare . Is going to be at War
MG16NCP 7 months ago
Cee R Cee
Cee R Cee 7 months ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to go on a training camp with Grizzlie Bears in the Canadian wilderness in preparation for Khabib
M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt
M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt 7 months ago
Jan is gonna take it, he's to calm and strong overall.
kenny kappa
kenny kappa 7 months ago
One of the best well rounded fighters to not get the gold! All the best alligator dude!
EVO6 7 months ago
Non native-English speaking fighter starter pack: 'I'm happy'
Billoonn Shakur
Billoonn Shakur 7 months ago
@Sergei S you forgou "Im ready", "it will be a good fight", "everything is good", "good training camp"
Nathan McMullen
Nathan McMullen 7 months ago
Thanks god
Hiro Nizer
Hiro Nizer 7 months ago
@Sergei S and "you know"
Sergei S
Sergei S 7 months ago
You forgot "Wow"
wild east side
wild east side 7 months ago
Trevy 0.
Trevy 0. 7 months ago
Wow his English has gotten way better
C0D3M0NK3Y 7 months ago
Jesus Christ he's a fucking freak 😬
VeganPorKKebab 7 months ago
Jacare is good but let’s see after 2 rounds in heavier division. Expect heavy breathing.
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 7 months ago
Still remember when Jacare walked down Brunson all ganster-like after that headkick. This dude is about to be 40 and still a ripper.
H M 7 months ago
@Lil Tyquil yep it says 39 on google.
Lil Tyquil
Lil Tyquil 7 months ago
He’s 39 i think
Diamond Di
Diamond Di 7 months ago
Andrew Nguyen yes truly the baddest Asian.
Travis Bourg
Travis Bourg 7 months ago
Andrew Nguyen blachowicz I think is 37. That’s getting up there
Sukhdev Sohal Year 13
I hope he didnt take notes from the clowns Weidman and especially Rockhold
alcott devalte
alcott devalte 7 months ago
I think Jacare gonna go for a choke and win.
Gina Habig
Gina Habig 7 months ago
Wow he’s been also working on his English best I have ever seen it maybe this is a new beginning!!
g33003030 7 months ago
He have lived in America for a couple of years so that was about time
Salt Collector
Salt Collector 7 months ago
Anyone still watch the Kevin Lee chicken dance videos? LOL
Carlos Juarez
Carlos Juarez 7 months ago
Iw beat his squidwards looking ass back to brazil
Peter kariuki
Peter kariuki 7 months ago
Jacare will be a better fighter at 205 than Rockhold and Weidman
The-Turkish King
The-Turkish King 7 months ago
Peter kariuki hell yeah he will he’s a humble person where the other two r both arrogant ash
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid 7 months ago
I hope he follows the Smith/Santos 205 Strategy: Use their lighter weight speed and get the 1st round KO...NOT THE Rockhold/Weidman 205 Strategy: Try to Grapple with Bigger stronger guys, Get outmuscled and KOed quickly.
Adrian Oliveira
Adrian Oliveira 7 months ago
É noiscjacaré
koloolok 7 months ago
Sorry jacare, you’re getting knocked out
rory clynes
rory clynes 7 months ago
Jan with a KO win.
YACIN AZ 7 months ago
Capronic2 Dethroned
Capronic2 Dethroned 7 months ago
Jan's hands are still on fire from KOing Rockhold, hope he can pull out the upset 👊🔥
Eller Ellerek
Eller Ellerek 7 months ago
Jan is favourite
Capronic2 Dethroned
Capronic2 Dethroned 7 months ago
@Marlind Ymeri well.. That's just your doubt
Marlind Ymeri
Marlind Ymeri 7 months ago
Capronic2 Dethroned I doubt he’d be the underdog
Blaze Burst
Blaze Burst 7 months ago
1:14 squeeze or broken
Valentina the savior Shevchenko
10 years ago Brian Ortega was given a choice between Modelo or Corona Extra
Dennis Fossey
Dennis Fossey 7 months ago
Aivarioha 7 months ago
middleweight fallout continues...
Clown Fiesta
Clown Fiesta 7 months ago
He gonna get merked.
Sincere One
Sincere One 7 months ago
Win or lose, Jacare is a fucking assassin!
MMA Analyser
MMA Analyser 7 months ago
Souza has always been near the top of the middleweight division looking forward to see how this fight goes it's a tough one
Multi_African 7 months ago
Great fight coming up. Two guys with serious power
Thanglenmang Sitlhou
Chris "I was winning before I got KTFO" Weidman.
Uttamjeet Singh
Uttamjeet Singh 7 months ago
You didn't pick your name from The Dictator did you?
jon5000 7 months ago
Weidman will be back better
Isaiah Q Jones
Isaiah Q Jones 7 months ago
MMACONNOISSEUR_ 7 months ago
Mayank Malviya
Mayank Malviya 7 months ago
Ja puttar, uni Jan di phuddi phad de, meri dua hai twaddey nal.
Имя Фамилия
Ahmy B
Ahmy B 7 months ago
You could fight till your 45 with your jui jitsu skill set jacare
MY WORKOUTS 7 months ago
I can baptize 95% of y’all. On god!
Blaze Burst
Blaze Burst 7 months ago
I would rather die than get baptized
👊Jacare is going to win I have five on it
Twardy Koń
Twardy Koń 7 months ago
Adam Badali
Adam Badali 7 months ago
Lets goo! 🐊🎇🐊
Dario Rossi
Dario Rossi 7 months ago
Next One Championship
Girth Man
Girth Man 7 months ago
In science a pattern doesn't occur until 3+ but middleweights going up to LHW doesn't look too promising so far.
K O 7 months ago
@R Brooks Both past their prime, he was exhausted after his fight with Volkan, got dominated by Jones, and could've lost to Gustafson if he had fought smarter
Ha Haha
Ha Haha 7 months ago
@theCust0m because their move vas explainable, they were huge for the mw
R Brooks
R Brooks 7 months ago
@theCust0m Smith was able to fight Radhad and Shogun upon entry though
JustAdo 7 months ago
@theCust0m True but they werent pushed to the top 5 immediatly, so they had time to build
theCust0m 7 months ago
At first it did look promising. Santos and Smith did well @ lhw... Then came rockhold and weidman😂
AntyChryst 7 months ago
no chance with jan
Oleg T
Oleg T 7 months ago
I hope LHW Jacare performs better than Rockhold and Weidman
Paul Davis
Paul Davis 7 months ago
Well, he lost but at least he didn't get knocked out like glass chin Weidman and Rockhold. lol
MK Noob
MK Noob 7 months ago
I'm from future. Yeah, he did better, he wasn't out after the fight xD
ENOUGH! 7 months ago
as much as i like jacare, this is getting him nowhere. i cant remember any fighter past his prime ressurecting his carreer by changing weight class. for guys still improving like santos, masvidal, gastelum, bobby knuckles and so on it can be a huge booster, but not for the aging guys. these guys are such competitors that they have a hard time to quit at the right moment... imo jacare should switch to a minor promotion for a few fights or hang up the gloves. hes a legend allready
Insane 7 months ago
@Sukhdev Sohal Year 13 I would, but that is what I'm saying, division must be really tough, if they lost like that
Sukhdev Sohal Year 13
@Insane Yeah but wouldn't you expect two former champions to do better rather than lose to 1 youngster and the other average?
Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje
"I aint no glass chin gangster" -Jacare about Rockhold and Weidman moving up to 205
Caden Merriett
Caden Merriett 7 months ago
Jacare ain’t no glass chin though and he can go five rounds Jan isn’t as experienced with long fights
Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje
Rakesh Sharma woodley couldnt knock him out with bombs but getting knocked out once makes darren a glass chin?
Rakesh Sharma
Rakesh Sharma 7 months ago
If Weidman and Rockhold are glass chin gangsters, what does that make you
Nonnis _
Nonnis _ 7 months ago
Darren The Terrified Gorilla Till jacare gonna get KTFO. LHW is too big and powerful.
thomas burns
thomas burns 7 months ago
@Valentina the savior Shevchenko most likely Whittaker had success in getting a tko so it's not like it hasn't been done
🍔 I'm like a smart person I know the biggest words I believe me I'm a very stable genius I'm the
Life is Peachy
Life is Peachy 7 months ago
@NATIVE LATINOS Fook TRUMP Natives are weak and dumb. Always losing wars, have no great athletes, no great strength athletes, no great geniuses or booming economies.
Life is Peachy and of course I am proud of being Native American Youth Squidbilly
Life is Peachy lol Caucasians are always claiming they had a great native American grandmother😄
Combat Bananas covfefe
Life is Peachy
Life is Peachy 7 months ago
Nothing quite like losing every war you're a part of and not having any good elite athletes.
Patrick Bronske
Patrick Bronske 7 months ago
I love watching Jacare. One of my favorite fighters
H M 7 months ago
@Nitish Shetty at least he was strikeforce champ.
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus 7 months ago
@Rory Bray ur right thTs cuz jones being a pro distance fighter he avoided the bombs Dude watch.the fight jones even said he almost lost his head to Santos No ones ever got that close to KOing jomes not even Gustafson
Rory Bray
Rory Bray 7 months ago
@Uncle Ruckus Nearly took his head off? He didn't even rock him once lol
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus 7 months ago
@Patrick Bronske itll be like santos again Santos nearly took jones head off
Patrick Bronske
Patrick Bronske 7 months ago
Nitish Shetty if he can make a run at 205 I think he’s a very hard matchup for Jon Jones
Oun Abbas Hussain
Oun Abbas Hussain 7 months ago
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