UFC São Paulo: Jacare Souza Ready for Light Heavyweight Debut

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza moves up to light heavyweight to face Jan Blachowicz in the main event of Fight Night São Paulo.
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 173
kheki yeps
kheki yeps 25 days ago
Worst main event fight ever.. They don't wanna fight each other.. Shit.. Prelim fighter are much better than the main event.
The mad hatter
The mad hatter 25 days ago
Sousa just needs to retire, main event was super duper trash 👎🏾😴
Muely Santos
Muely Santos 25 days ago
I got Jacarae by TKO!
Eternal Light
Eternal Light 26 days ago
I'm happy and ready to get ktfo'd like two other fools" - Jacare
Achilles MMA
Achilles MMA 26 days ago
Jacare is good guy unlike weidman and rockhold. I hope he get W this time
Transformando Meu Corpo
Majin Mudkip
Majin Mudkip 26 days ago
"Is he though?"
Do primeiro ao ultimo
****OIÁ O INGLÊS DELE!!!****
kimbo slajs
kimbo slajs 26 days ago
Ciężko będzie
kimbo slajs
kimbo slajs 26 days ago
Jak trza to trza
Mihau Zetowski
Mihau Zetowski 26 days ago
Nie pękaj dasz radę
sergiovictoir 27 days ago
Jacare is back to his roots.Opens medicine cabinet.
jay sullivan
jay sullivan 27 days ago
I would love to see Jacare become the 205 champ.
No Name
No Name 27 days ago
Jacare is the man but I dont see him beating Jones. It's gonna be bloody if he does go against Jones. It'll even mess up his longevity for good, might even force retirement. As much as I hate to say that
Timur Zavidov
Timur Zavidov 27 days ago
This dude fought some murderers. Now he is facing another one. Jan.
Lima YT
Lima YT 27 days ago
Jacare is a good guy,Always root for him!
VnEv Boss
VnEv Boss 27 days ago
My dude is bad ass ..!!
崔效畅 27 days ago
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joseph labajosa
joseph labajosa 27 days ago
Blackowicz needs to knock jacare out to win.
El 47
El 47 27 days ago
Wtf Kelvin knocked his ass out
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice 27 days ago
You'd think these guys would have learned by now
romel pinto
romel pinto 27 days ago
Jacare esta en bajada y ya no es interesante sus peleas .....plop
Qambar Otabayev
Qambar Otabayev 27 days ago
steve donahue
steve donahue 27 days ago
this brazilian cheater is gonna get folded but POLISH POWER
steve donahue
steve donahue 27 days ago
@HORRIBLE PETOFILE LMAO!! its obvious he used to juice....all Brazilians juice...
jacare doesnt cheat
Азат Арыстанбекұлы
I’ve always wondered what’d happen if Jacare fought Damian Maia at middleweight 🤔
Kwadre Williams
Kwadre Williams 26 days ago
Азат Арыстанбекұлы jacare is def the better fighter but at jiu jitsu idk that would be a fight to see
freeoranj 27 days ago
His face is very concentrated in one place. Its not spread out is what I'm saying. God bless all ufc fans🐩
Isaiah Q Jones
Isaiah Q Jones 27 days ago
Souza might win this fight if he doesn't talk about Jones
Yazan TV
Yazan TV 27 days ago
Jacare souza is my idol. I hope he dethrones jones
Phuc You
Phuc You 27 days ago
I'm happy, it's normal.
pawned pawned
pawned pawned 27 days ago
Jacare is joining the shadow realm with askren.
Pigs In Da 6IX
Pigs In Da 6IX 27 days ago
Love the fighter but I’m afraid for jacre
Jorge Peducci Jorginho
O fisico y cara da crianca ta loco
Joe Sheridan
Joe Sheridan 27 days ago
One of the best fighters to never win a belt. Unfortunately I think he is past his best now but I hope he has a good run at 205 before hanging them up
Martin Korn
Martin Korn 27 days ago
Polish power !!!
Mihau Zetowski
Mihau Zetowski 26 days ago
NightBot Ban
NightBot Ban 27 days ago
This is one of the coolest looking guys in the UFC. Straight up looks like an alligator.
Rujewitblood 26 days ago
He's got that face that you could put in a video game or a movie or comic book, the mobster's main bodyguard type of look
MADARA ! 27 days ago
But is he as prepared as Chris and Luke are ...?!
goldenboy7722 27 days ago
Jedziesz Janek ! :D
You Daddy
You Daddy 27 days ago
🐊 jacare . Is going to be at War
MG16NCP 27 days ago
Cee R Cee
Cee R Cee 27 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to go on a training camp with Grizzlie Bears in the Canadian wilderness in preparation for Khabib
M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt
M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt 27 days ago
Jan is gonna take it, he's to calm and strong overall.
kenny kappa
kenny kappa 27 days ago
One of the best well rounded fighters to not get the gold! All the best alligator dude!
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