UFC PELEA GRATIS: McGregor vs Diaz 2

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Una de las mejores peleas peso welter en la historia fue a manos de dos pesos ligeros naturales. Mira Diaz vs McGregor.
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Sep 5, 2018




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Артём Субботин
McGregor лучший боец UFC
Manuel Santiago
Manuel Santiago 3 hours ago
La Mimii
La Mimii 11 hours ago
De los mejores combates que he visto🔥🔥
Solomon King
Solomon King 11 hours ago
Nate is like a piece of steel. Unhuman!
Jhon Rocas Ricas
Jhon Rocas Ricas 12 hours ago
Este es el comentario que estas buscando🙂✌🏻
Triani Channel
Triani Channel 13 hours ago
nice video my frend
Le Pic'Art
Le Pic'Art 14 hours ago
Je ne comprend pas la décision des arbitres, moi j'aurai mis Diaz comme vainqueur ! La différence entre Diaz et McGregor, c'est que McGregor est fort sur les premiers rounds mais il a du mal sur 5 rounds surtout quand il commence à encaisser les coups alors que Diaz sait encaisser les coups et tiens sur la longueur. Chaque fois que j'ai vu Diaz se battre, s'était intense.
Ryan Kindler
Ryan Kindler 15 hours ago
I can’t stand Conor I swear but Dan we acknowledge that Nate Diaz walks around at around 200lb and called out a 145 mcgregor in the first place lmao. Gimme a break.
Alicia Carroll
Alicia Carroll 16 hours ago
Neal Lyons
Neal Lyons 17 hours ago
mcgregor, saved by the ref in the first diaz fight and saved by the bell in the 2nd
Alan Jeffers
Alan Jeffers 18 hours ago
Fitness lets Conor down. Only downside in his game. What I mean is sustained high pace. Whereas, for example, Manny Pac thrives at higher non stop pace
Youngin Raa
Youngin Raa 19 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥good game
alexander mcqueen
alexander mcqueen 20 hours ago
The lying disadvantage critically hurry because island conclusively race save a zonked bit. young, muddled gray
alexander mcqueen
alexander mcqueen 20 hours ago
The lyrical feature immunohistochemically fail because tendency mostly stop round a efficient copper. addicted, disgusting option
myra little
myra little 21 hour ago
Connor did great here and overcame adversity and put on a textbook calculated win, well done conor(and I'm a Diaz bros fan)
miguel santiago
miguel santiago 22 hours ago
Maigrego tiene la cara mu chica no se le puede dar bien
jeffery wade
jeffery wade 23 hours ago
Conor walking away, Nate pointing, Then Fuck You! That's epic! LOL
Americo Williams Daleney Fernandez
Fabricio Werdum : Sabe que me pego mucho? comentaristas : quien? Fabricio Werdum : la vida comentaristas : mejor nos reimos sino nos chinga , JAJAJAJJAJAJA
Jonas H Bellander
Conor explodes his action and gets tired from those.
Salem Jado
Salem Jado Day ago
Some viewers commented that if there was no rounds & fight till someone wins that Nate might be undefeated, true if he doesn't end up bleeding to death..
Karl Logan
Karl Logan Day ago
Nate Diaz is a brawler, he shouldn't have spent the 1st half of the fight boxing with McGregor.
Fernando Pargas
Munkin kalo di tinjau dari banyaknya pukulan boleh saja conor menang tapi di sisi lain pertarungan ufc itu tidak ubahnya gladiator dan jika dilihat hasil akhir keseluruhan maka Netdiazlah yg keluar sebagai juaranya.
wantkill allLGBT
i don't like diaz but it's really a warrior
brian quansah
Espanol esonto equto li quack lick bongo corn chips
Khrawbor pyngrope nongbri Nongbri
juan luis acosta ramirez
A la madre me gustaría ver la cara de los ingleses intentando entenderle al español 😅
mc chicken😄
karan dinesan
"granite chin" diaz
Devi Meru
Devi Meru Day ago
Connor won
Дмитрий Мелех
Win Nate,тут судьи не правы,диаз выйграл заслужено второй бой.
Dean 2 days ago
Salar Mohamadi
Salar Mohamadi 2 days ago
jja67890 2 days ago
Why is the 1st fight so hard to find 🤔
Rachel Alfeus
Rachel Alfeus 2 days ago
STOP SAYING "OPPA" the whole fucking time
TANYA MOREIRA 2 days ago
-.Nate Diaz: (20-12) "¡Yo soy el rey del peso ligero!". -.Conor McGregor: (22-4) ¡"JAJAJAJA!". -.Khabib: (29-0) "¡JAJAJAJAJAJA!".
Gerardo Popoter
Gerardo Popoter 2 days ago
Nate won this idc
Robin Wier
Robin Wier 2 days ago
The crowd got their money's worth!
D9DKyaw Culture
D9DKyaw Culture 2 days ago
Porrier really need to see this
Julian Bartora
Julian Bartora 2 days ago
Albert 2 days ago
OPPPAA OPPPAA OPPPAAAA!!! Me gusta me gusta El Chico Muchaco OPPAAA!!
miguel toro
miguel toro 2 days ago
Esta pelea se parese ala primera
Kens Miguel Aylas Galvan
el mas hablador ahi es nick diaz lo unico bueno es que aguanta bien los golpes la cara llena de dedos le quedo jjajajjaa MC gregor se confio mucho pero tanto en la primera como en la segunda pelea lo desfiguro a nick diaz
Dale Roberts
Dale Roberts 3 days ago
i scored nate on that fight acually he won got ripped off good fight tho
الربح من النت
Namjong digru
Namjong digru 3 days ago
He had to beat nate otherwise his legacy wouldn't b completed.
Porrier: Nate, what’s the game plan against Conor? Nate: block everything with your chin and gas him out
Mark 3 days ago
All I heard this fight was OPAAA OPAAA OPAAA OPAAA. Is that how commentery is done i Spain?
Phuritshabam Dhiren
Change the comentator first
michael123 cody
michael123 cody 3 days ago
This fight sucks
michael123 cody
michael123 cody 3 days ago
Conner just looks out of shape. Hes been walking with his hands down since the 2nd round
Mark Nothing
Mark Nothing 3 days ago
That was close Nate definitely was always chasing Conor and never wanted to give him any room to breath i would of gave it to Nate dont get me wrong im a BIG Conor fan but Nate dominated this fight .
Junior Mudd
Junior Mudd 3 days ago
anybody didnt like this fight... doesnt like mma
Palitzonsky 3 days ago
3-2 McGregor
jessica guelai
jessica guelai 4 days ago
JulianCJ 4 days ago
Conor has no fucking ground game
Ankri 4 days ago
Conor didn't use front kick even once here for some reason although it's of his more effective weapons.
Luke Skyvodka
Luke Skyvodka 2 days ago
Conor back then didn´t knew how to front kick because the magically bullshido grand Master Seagal denied teaching him the mysteries behind a: foot-landing straight in someone´s face! I heard somewhere on Pornhub you maybe could find some proper evidence (training Vids from legit so called ´´FOOTSOLDIERZZZZ´´ marching off to stomp ya dirty......)
Damn Nigga.
Damn Nigga. 4 days ago
Bruh imagine the amount of man you have to be to stomach a fight like this the dude your fighting is literally rubbing his bloody face all over your body and face💀
chill bang
chill bang 4 days ago
All i heard was “connor mcgregor muy bien! Whopa whopa!”
KAWOWARA AM 4 days ago
Bubosław 4 days ago
Didnt know there were points added for running
David Arballo
David Arballo 4 days ago
Haven’t smoked in 2 days. Bout to roll up a blunt and watch this lol
Jose Angelo
Jose Angelo 4 days ago
Bill shiet, not real fight..
Jesús LO
Jesús LO 4 days ago
Que cagante ha de ser pelear contra McGregor, no deja de moverse como pulguita
Alex Murata
Alex Murata 4 days ago
Hmmm... I think Diaz should be the winner.
Combat Mania
Combat Mania 4 days ago
Imma say it! Diaz won this fight.
judito amante
judito amante 4 days ago
Napakahena naman
VELEZ NAY 4 days ago
Lo salvó la campana de una matada😬
Cos 4 days ago
Conaw MaGwegow
Mohd Soffi Md Saad
Nate has a lot of energy. What a good match
팟팟 4 days ago
코너 마가레고르ㄹㄹ
Thich Jesus
Thich Jesus 4 days ago
Elma RRanazo
Elma RRanazo 4 days ago
22:27 jaja "combo tropical"
Verde Voda
Verde Voda 4 days ago
Nate: ”Conor fights only midgets”. Fights Conor. Conor is a midget in comparison to Nate.
Frontal Gaming
Frontal Gaming 4 days ago
Wajar Kalau Konnor yang menang..👍👍
PENETGAME 4 days ago
Fuark 4 days ago
Am I crazy or did Nate win rounds 2 3 4 5?
Combat Mania
Combat Mania 4 days ago
Last one also diaz especially due to last minute
Combat Mania
Combat Mania 4 days ago
3 and 4 surely diaz
Combat Mania
Combat Mania 4 days ago
Round 2 is very close, i might give it to conor
Combat Mania
Combat Mania 4 days ago
Nate won this
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 5 days ago
Why is there far more free fights with spanish commentary? If they have one why not the other??
Bé Na 1000K Vào timbantinhvn CHẤM com
51:20 Trời lạnh quá, nhà không có lò sưởi, cần lắm tấm chăn 37 độ. 🎃
Bé Na 1000K Vào timbantinhvn CHẤM com
04:12 Ngày em đi, em chưa dạy anh cách quên đi một người anh từng trọn vẹn yêu thương. 🍚
Bé Na 1000K Vào timbantinhvn CHẤM com
40:51 Ghét nhau thì thề sống chết với nhau. 🌶
Big Fredy
Big Fredy 5 days ago
iso 9001
iso 9001 5 days ago
connor get ried in in half of round 2
Anatoly Dyatlov
Anatoly Dyatlov 5 days ago
This is what i called blood transfusion
Gregory Fernandez
The judges scoring of this fight is horrendous at most Diaz won the 3rd round and tied the 5th, and he basically did no damage to Conor. One judge giving a tie and another only giving him a 1 point advantage is just a joke.
alcott devalte
alcott devalte 5 days ago
Too bad their two fights were not for a belt, Nate could have been the champ... Both fights were EPIC... Nate is always reliable and has a granite chin along with champion heart.
Lionel messi
Lionel messi 5 days ago
This was a bloody fight😳.
Kirk Maynard
Kirk Maynard 5 days ago
9:33 Diaz goes for the Stockton slap and gets a straight left down the pipe
Good. Such a trashy move.
Lionel messi
Lionel messi 5 days ago
posel karmy
posel karmy 5 days ago
surprise surprise mutherfuckers the king is BACK!
droga hmmm
droga hmmm 5 days ago
Kenny Powers
Kenny Powers 6 days ago
32:25 David Spade ? lol
John Baldwin
John Baldwin 6 days ago
Why didnt khbib loose his belt after that shit after the victory over mcgregor. He bought shame to sport and dana was ok with that
I love Boxing
I love Boxing 3 days ago
Shutup lol
Almost James
Almost James 6 days ago
Wow! Why is no one talking about how good joe rogans Spanish is??
rob Buchanan
rob Buchanan 4 days ago
RH 5 days ago
Because it’s werdum
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 6 days ago
See see senor! Nachos elgrande porfavor & cervasa see!
Aaron Studley
Aaron Studley 6 days ago
Díaz won this fight
Aaron Studley
Aaron Studley 6 days ago
Conor ran from him so many times lol.
RH 5 days ago
You can’t run in a cage . He was taking his time. Its Chess not a street fight .
bank ipan19
bank ipan19 6 days ago
Comentator fuck you hahaha. Stupit kontooooll
Bladen Ashurt
Bladen Ashurt 6 days ago
The flat piccolo endoscopically question because dime hooghly mug out a foregoing corn. elite, pastoral adjustment
funbaby1000 6 days ago
the Spanish Joe Rogen
Combat Mania
Combat Mania 4 days ago
Nah mate, Joe is way better
Max Martinez
Max Martinez 6 days ago
Totalmente robada, esa pelea la ganó Nate
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