UFC Pelea Gratis: Ferguson vs Barboza

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Una de las mejores peleas del 2015 la tuvieron Tony Ferguson vs Edson Barboza, una guerra que no llegaría a decisión de los jueces.
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Oct 19, 2016




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Comments 100
suscriptor afgano
suscriptor afgano 3 hours ago
Menudo mierda de deporte luego nos quejamos por que nuestros hijos por que son violentos
Nico Farias
Nico Farias 11 hours ago
Que buena pelea
L I V E S T R O N G 18 hours ago
Winning the fight against Barboza without wrestling is so impressive.
Parker Shelton
Parker Shelton 21 hour ago
Its stupid that tony's little toe kick was illegal but you can up kick and smash your heel into the jaw of an opponent perfectly fine. The rules really need to be re-thought.
Athota Joysmith
Who will win McGregor vs Tony??
Dangerous sport indeed
espatec fuet
espatec fuet 4 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to steal my nickname and use it as some kind of muay thay
Jamol Sharifov
Jamol Sharifov 4 days ago
Judayam ajoyib...
chris20097172 5 days ago
Tony awesome.
Guy At Places
Guy At Places 5 days ago
Tony probably practiced his ground game for khabib more than any other fight but used none of it for gaethje lmfao
Fierypickles 5 days ago
Man...i can see why tony got destroyed by justin. He needs to get some fundamentals for his boxing. His big edges are willpower, huge gas tank, power in his hands and that eccentric jujutsu. He depends too much on tanking attacks. I get tony is tough, his will is od, but i think not being defensively responsible has its limits no matter how tough you are. Stand behinf his killer jab and add some head movement and better foot work, he'd crush those top 5 left over in his way. Poirier would take advantage of that lax defense, especially how accurate he is, hooker too, crazy volume, power and accurate and tough like tony. Gaejthe is basically hooker, but more rudimentary and with them killer calf kicks. Unless tony makes those changes, he aint getting passed those dudes. I dont think they'll wear out like other opponents as easily, prb tonys biggest edge along with his jujutsu
Rob L
Rob L 5 days ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to deduct a point from himself before the fight starts
sebastian Bastian
Barboza stupid
Money Heist
Money Heist 6 days ago
That was wild 🥴😬
Umed Normaxmadov
Umed Normaxmadov 6 days ago
Ferguson n1
Germán Quezada
Germán Quezada 6 days ago
My favorite Tony Ferguson fight.
Germán Quezada
Germán Quezada 6 days ago
Tony Ferguson best fight.
Germán Quezada
Germán Quezada 6 days ago
My favorite fight of Tony Ferguson.
Germán Quezada
Germán Quezada 6 days ago
Mi pelea favorita de Tony Ferguson.
Germán Quezada
Germán Quezada 6 days ago
Best fight of Tony Ferguson.
Germán Quezada
Germán Quezada 6 days ago
The best fight of Tony Ferguson.
Germán Quezada
Germán Quezada 6 days ago
La mejor pelea de Tony Ferguson.
Milly花艺Floral & Frank美术Art VISITING Your Channel
Great fight!!! Just joined!!!... Thank you for sharing!!!... 👍👏💪🤝 ++ 🔔🔔🔔
netero isaac
netero isaac 8 days ago
2:21 dmn!!!
Amar Rrabha
Amar Rrabha 8 days ago
Very strong each other
H K 9 days ago
Ferguson's strategy is to take many punches to the head and then tiring the opponent. He is going to have serious brain damage when the career is over.
K A 9 days ago
That roll was so sick I still don’t know why he didn’t try and take Justin down early in the fight that’s what kahbib will do and do it well.
Fred Minville
Fred Minville 10 days ago
Tan 11 days ago
Jokes apart, I don't think we would witness a fighter like Tony ever again
Tan 11 days ago
El cue
Terrence Tysor
Terrence Tysor 11 days ago
Tony stand by up sucks
You Ain't Black
You Ain't Black 12 days ago
Ferguson exposed by Gaethje
JL-CptAtom 6 days ago
Two weight cuts and short notice at his age and he's "exposed"
Gald Fieldren
Gald Fieldren 6 days ago
@tas tiger ferguson can win the rematch
tas tiger
tas tiger 10 days ago
@You Ain't Black ~ nope, I do not believe Tony would win in a rematch...and? I fully believe Gaethje has a better chance against Khabib but to call Ferguson "exposed" I won't accept that so I stood to what you said
You Ain't Black
You Ain't Black 10 days ago
@tas tiger Would he win a rematch against Gaethje ? All the wars caught up with Ferguson and he is now washed up and on the way out
tas tiger
tas tiger 11 days ago
"exposed" ?? he lost a fight, dude, it's mma and it happens... Gaethje has a better chance than Tony to beat Khabib in my books but Tony is a one-of-a-kind mma fighter, he is fkn awesome in every way
Richard Diaz
Richard Diaz 12 days ago
Tony Ferguson vs. Nate Diaz!!
Rryujin my Boo
Rryujin my Boo 12 days ago
Sometimes i like Tony 🤭😂
Rryujin my Boo
Rryujin my Boo 11 days ago
@tas tiger no when he talk
tas tiger
tas tiger 11 days ago
when he wins?
Benjamin Wellenzohn
that take down at 2:21 by tony is nuts! Lightning quick!
MrDeano8888 13 days ago
2:24 What the actual F**k....that is one hell of a take down. I keep watching it in slow mo and its even more impressive
Anuj Jyothykumar
Anuj Jyothykumar 13 days ago
That's called an imanari roll. If you have time, watch Ryan Hall vs BJ Penn...... Hall went for the roll and submitted BJ iN seconds. One of the greatest submissions of all time
Hayden H
Hayden H 13 days ago
wow much respect to Barboza.
Kool-Aid Man
Kool-Aid Man 13 days ago
I dont understand why that kick is illegal
tas tiger
tas tiger 11 days ago
same but the 1 point deduction didn't matter in the end... so 🖕 to ref. BJM anyway
Beta Simp
Beta Simp 13 days ago
Barboza fool, goes for a takedown against Kukue
wilayat ali kaimkhani
tony is a big cheater
tas tiger
tas tiger 11 days ago
pray tell...when did he cheat?
Muhammad Faruq
Muhammad Faruq 14 days ago
This guy is very unpredictable
Pete Smith
Pete Smith 14 days ago
these kids could knock out an infant.
Casual Hunter
Casual Hunter 14 days ago
Nate Diaz vs Tony is the fight to make. Battle of cardio and endurance freaks
edgar rossel
edgar rossel 14 days ago
que miedo , no se que hago acá :C
Cristobal Ordonez
Cristobal Ordonez 15 days ago
MAN those body shots from barboza are killer
Cristobal Ordonez
Cristobal Ordonez 15 days ago
That upkick wasn’t that illegal. More of a getup-push
B S 15 days ago
Tony’s key to having a Mexican cardio is having the Mexican diet , beans and rice can really fuel a body
shishir acharya
shishir acharya 16 days ago
Tony is a type of guy who deduct referees point.
SRTHEMIMOPAR 16 days ago
Should have gotten a warning..come on big john..you are better then that!
k quat
k quat 16 days ago
What a slick finish.
Abdirahim Nouh
Abdirahim Nouh 17 days ago
Commentating: Spanish 99% of the comments: English
G.J. KOSTER 17 days ago
Zachary Hausman
Zachary Hausman 17 days ago
That was a nice D’arce!
Christopher Navarro
Where was this Tony when he was fighting Justin T^T
Dominic Doupona
Dominic Doupona 8 days ago
To much damage taken in recent time I think he has pass his own zenit
Armando Arellano
Armando Arellano 12 days ago
Christopher Navarro hope this guy shows up against Dustin
Kwame Coleman
Kwame Coleman 18 days ago
Tony got out stroke lol if it wasn't for that submission at the end he would have took his second lost but at the sametime tony was working him but if that fight would have went on a lil longer it definitely would have be a L for him
Tony is a showman.He is good but a good showman.
Gald Fieldren
Gald Fieldren 16 days ago
He is showman champion. CSO
nirvan ganapathy
nirvan ganapathy 19 days ago
what happened to this tony
Fieokshx Dysijzgx
Fieokshx Dysijzgx 19 days ago
Rad 19 days ago
Moh Wang
Moh Wang 20 days ago
5:34 take this sand
Pitt wiper
Pitt wiper 20 days ago
Real fighter
Alexis Figueroa
Alexis Figueroa 21 day ago
se puede sentir el olor a sangre
LONE WOLF 21 day ago
Do what? You can't kick them in the face if you're both on the ground? Since when?? LMAO. How can they not do that but kick you with much more force in the head standing up?🤔🤔. That is all what fighting is. Everything should be allowed except kicking in the nuts and biting 👂 off like Tyson. Obviously!!!
BlazzyBIazzy 22 days ago
Barboza bro u gased out quick
Markie 22 days ago
Amazing fight. Maybe Diaz would of got it in the 5th. Jorge seemed to be slowing down
Gary Coughlan creative music
Back for the 8 time this fight is like street fighter. Of a movie, what a fight.
Captain Ron
Captain Ron 22 days ago
Much love from Ameria! ;))
Minenhle Myeza
Minenhle Myeza 22 days ago
6:29 Did he just pull him back to fuck him up some more 😂😂
Leo Rocko
Leo Rocko 22 days ago
I always knew Tony is not the bogeyman... Even before he lost to Gaethje
Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez 23 days ago
"Una patada en el glutio"😭😂😂😭🍑
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Panzerkampfwagen 1 24 days ago
13:00 “Father... why hast thou forsaken me?”
CGA Resistance
CGA Resistance 24 days ago
5:34 Thats illegal .. Tony put Sand in his eyes
Mili Guzin
Mili Guzin 22 days ago
Woodoo !
Alejandro Gutiérrez Piña
Tony podrá ser una verga, pero qué pitisa le puso gaethje jajaja.
SurkularSinisism 24 days ago
Just unlucky night for Barboza as far as landing that perfect punch. I was seriously scared for Ferguson every time they exchanged strikes, because he was jumping in there with his chin hanging wide the fuck open, on every trade off. Tony got clipped with some good ones, but Barboza was unloading some power shots in the beginning that never seemed to squarely land on the button. Ferguson ain’t scared to risk it, that’s for damn sure. Helluva fight and a well earned victory for the man
Sloan Ramon
Sloan Ramon 25 days ago
Tony does a lot of stuff pretty well, but his D arce is a serious weapon.
OJ MONK 25 days ago
Tony is a beast, he loves blood lmaoo
Bun Sophearum
Bun Sophearum 25 days ago
11:35 this is how Tony will stop Khabib
Gamro Maros
Gamro Maros 26 days ago
11:20 Aaamonooos
Walk and Talk JJ
Walk and Talk JJ 26 days ago
Tony is sloppy as hell that is why Justin smashed him.
SPACE LION 26 days ago
Tssss el cucuy!!
Samuel Quintanilla
Samuel Quintanilla 27 days ago
Ferguson is a goddam monster. He is not human.
Michael 27 days ago
What was illegal about that kick to the face?
Sloan Ramon
Sloan Ramon 25 days ago
Can not kick a grounded opponent.
F XR 27 days ago
tony gives him the sand lol 5:30
*babes18.ru?v=Mythig0H0H0* 4:17
Riio Youtube
Riio Youtube 29 days ago
Says Referi¿?¿
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar 29 days ago
That's y this cheap show off guy got his ass whooped by justin
Asif Ali
Asif Ali 29 days ago
i should say that Barboza is a kick boxer rather, the best kicks ever seen
بلومير blomer
Tomas Ponce Delgado
Tony is a fraud and a cheater!
tas tiger
tas tiger 11 days ago
how so?
john doe
john doe Month ago
That’s so gay you can’t kick on the ground wtf? You can throw mean ass elbows and flying knees but you can’t kick on the ground? That’s retarded asf.
john doe
john doe Month ago
Barboza is shredded asf.
Tahsin Feroz
Tahsin Feroz Month ago
How quickly he tap out
ETC KILL Month ago
5:33 throw the sand
Asian Tiger
Asian Tiger Month ago
Bad defence by Tony
Angshem Danyeng
Angshem Danyeng Month ago
Barboza won this game...
tas tiger
tas tiger 11 days ago
not this fight though...
Soup Noup
Soup Noup Month ago
Барбоза бы выйграл в стойке
dinkin' flicka
dinkin' flicka Month ago
Tony won this fight because of his cardio
Panger Imchen
Panger Imchen Month ago
Am I the only person who hates tony..?
Omar Rendón
Omar Rendón Month ago
No dejo de repetir la pelea una y otra vez...
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