UFC Norfolk: Joseph Benavidez - I've always believed I was going to win a World Title

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Two-time flyweight title challenger Joesph Benavidez always believe he was going to win a world title as he looks to deliver on that belief at Fight Night Norfolk on Saturday night when he faces Deiveson Figueiredo.
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Comments 80
Colton Crawford
Colton Crawford 28 days ago
Damn maybe one day lol
mixking 101
mixking 101 Month ago
Damn I feel bad for dude.
ls chhangte
ls chhangte Month ago
What happen??
Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez Month ago
The next Kenny Florian.
biologyprodigy Month ago
Benavidez is shit, the weight division is shit, this fight card is shit, this bias UFC promo is shit.
dafuk is going on refree was a bum
Joe Rico
Joe Rico Month ago
Yep, the refs and the judges are killing the sport.. How the fuck you gonna stop a fight with two dudes swinging and no one connecting? TELL ME! This “sport” is being turned into trash..
Joe Rico
Joe Rico Month ago
This stream sucks ass..
Joe Rico
Joe Rico Month ago
Steve Garcia got more strikes in.. Judges will shit call this fight too
Adrian Bergmann
Adrian Bergmann Month ago
I don’t think it’s a fair play where if your opponent wins he gets the title and if you win you don’t. If he missed weight he shouldn’t be fighting on that weight category.
ricky dicky
ricky dicky Month ago
The card is super weak and so is flyweight division. These guys have tried to get to the top and challenge for the title but haven't been able to get around the top guys. Now that everyone is gone your trying to hype them like their not both old dogs that have been around. Cut the flyweight division.
Beezy Montana
Beezy Montana Month ago
Lete go Joe!!! Fuck him up
spacetape Month ago
fugly mane
Grafir Leite Junior
No way...
4saken Reaper
4saken Reaper Month ago
I like this reporter, he asks good questions and is respectful
Aless R
Aless R Month ago
He's such a role model/good dude overall. go get what's yours brother
ริสา ศรีใส
UFC became favoritism asf this guy got erased by DJ...
ริสา ศรีใส
All i see its victim of Demetrious Jonhson fight for the thrones... We miss you mighty :(
ed rage
ed rage Month ago
Come on guys Megan Olivi deserves a red panty night
Chance Jackson
Chance Jackson Month ago
This shit is like a movie watched every fight since Danny Martinez in th WEC . Put cruces on the map
Hawk Month ago
Anyone know the music for music
mixking 101
mixking 101 Month ago
zayde wolf rise up 👌
mixking 101
mixking 101 Month ago
i lied bro its call rise up zayde wolf 😂
mixking 101
mixking 101 Month ago
Hawk made to be legends took me a while to find it but finally found it
Isaiah Hartman
Isaiah Hartman Month ago
I think Benavidez’s defense and experience prove to be too much and he finishes Deiveson late, especially considering he’s never fought more than 3 rounds. Two big ones, who you got? For fresh, hilarious takes on MMA like never before and a full rundown of this weekend’s fights checkout @StrikesandMICSPodcast on Instagram @MicsStrikes on twitter or at the links below podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/like-us-others/id1498169266 open.spotify.com/episode/77AGkzaqKVoo2n4BhFsE8X?si=RFDzxh-SSgCOEpIQq4dwuw www.buzzsprout.com/853339/2739706 Hit us up!! Your takes may even make it on the show! likeusothers@gmail.com �Instagram @StrikesAndMicsPodcast �Twitter @MicsStrikes
Isaiah Hartman
Isaiah Hartman Month ago
Calverton Roberts
I don't give two shit about this joe is less popular than DJ and more boring
jmacyourlife Month ago
“I’ve always believed that I was gonna win the world title, and now that the top 2 guys that had it are gone from the division now I can finally get it” who cares anymore
Zǐ lóng
Zǐ lóng Month ago
So it's Benavidez's fault that one of the best p4p fighters of all time was above everyone else and left UFC and that a guy Benavidez already beat once is vacating the belt?
Yautja Prime
Yautja Prime Month ago
He just had to wait for other people to retire or change weight classes lol seriously though I hope he's able to win.
falaflani Month ago
when the Might Mouse is away...
Dom W
Dom W Month ago
The 125ers look like midgets throwing their dick beaters around
Warmika Official
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supersaiyan93 Month ago
Coach Casey is the man will help joe get it done
Kizuna Dramas
Kizuna Dramas Month ago
I dont know what Megan saw in Benavidez... besides money of course.
danilo martins
danilo martins Month ago
I dont think he has that much money.
kale sims
kale sims Month ago
After DJ left and the king of cringe didnt wanna defend his belt? Hell I might be champ after all that.
Joe Frisco
Joe Frisco Month ago
125 is ass joe will be the final champ
FUN-TIME Month ago
I hope triple c sleeps this dude.
Nicolas Ruvalcaba
Joseph Benavides "I've always believed I was going to win a world title, as long as Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo vacated the division" 3:20
Nicolas Ruvalcaba
@Rehan Hussain Normally I woulda known that, but most people don't care all that much about the flyweights.
Rehan Hussain
Rehan Hussain Month ago
Nicolas Ruvalcaba 3rd Fought Demetrius both times
Nicolas Ruvalcaba
@Leem Star My point was, he didn't beat him for the title. This is his 4th title shot, let's see if he wins, let's see how long he defends.
Leem Star
Leem Star Month ago
Nicolas Ruvalcaba he beat Cejudo
Phuc You
Phuc You Month ago
Megan should be interviewing him.
Can T-Rex overcome his reach.
fail_lip Month ago
Joe B 1 Kenobi
Devin Month ago
Looks like the circus came into town
Jeremy Owww my eye Stephens
"I always believed i was gonna win a world title"- corey anderson
danilo martins
danilo martins Month ago
There is levels to this, there is levels!
Sushi Uchiha
Sushi Uchiha Month ago
Jay Rex
Jay Rex Month ago
1:46 - wow he even got in a training partner to mimic Figueriedo's pink hair!!
Bogdanius Jablan
Cejudo is the biggest idiot of all time Triple Asshole but seriously ive been watchin UFC since it started and this division had its moments but really i dont like it its like Michael said like watching 10 year old kids fighting and i think UFC would survive without it easy
Shah Galib Hassan Winner
Joseph "I Used To Fuck Guys LIke You in Highschool" Benavidez
Aivarioha Month ago
Lmao, he never actually beat the champ. This is a handout, what fucking faith and legacy he is mumbling about....
NA Month ago
Megan olivi must have lost a bet or something lol
NA Month ago
@el junior I literally listed things I suggested matter to a relationship and looks wasn't one of them. You apparently can't read lol! And he definitely cannot speak well
el junior
el junior Month ago
@NA when they met each other they were very young and joseph has a lot of charisma and he is real he can talk... You're a kid if you think looks is the only thing girls like, be yourself and you'll get a girl...
NA Month ago
@el junior I can tell you're a high school student at best. Charisma, personality, intellect, as corny as it sounds, outweighs all that other stuff when you're an adult. Confidence is key.
el junior
el junior Month ago
He is not a pussy, he can fight, and girls like badasses
Nicolas Ruvalcaba
That's exactly what I think every time I see her..
Man0n Month ago
Good luck mr. Olivi
Timmy Tom
Timmy Tom Month ago
He will lose again.
Jim Frost
Jim Frost Month ago
UFC thinks this guy already won
* Mako *
* Mako * Month ago
I don't know, watching midgets fight does not excite me. I think I'll give this one a miss.
Uriel Suarez
Uriel Suarez Month ago
What is your height? I have a theory - not very scientific, but I want to put it in my data. I've asked quite few guys over the years. I tell you my theory in exchange for you height.
No Name
No Name Month ago
If only I can toss you in with the midgets so they can fuck you up. That'd be exciting wouldn't it
Persh Month ago
The most deserving fighter that hasn't won a title yet
Persh Month ago
@Brandy Paton I meant the weight class, but if you go through his journey too its inspirational.
Brandy Paton
Brandy Paton Month ago
I’m sure he means in the weight class joe is an og deserves it like a bisping but hopefully he doesn’t go out like he did though bispings still the man though
Persh Month ago
@Ali Z not really lol
Ali Z
Ali Z Month ago
@Persh you're joking right?
Persh Month ago
@NA you have another name?
José Afonso
José Afonso Month ago
Why are you guys crowning Joe before the fight? He has been finished before, and Figueiredo is a beast.
DragonHeart613 Month ago
Joseph says he's always believed he would be a champion but he's yet to step into the cage to fight for the title. The fight hasn't happened yet & it sounds to me like he's already proclaiming victory!!! Joesph is a smart guy & a true veteran of the sport but if he actually looks past his opponent come fight night, he risks losing his 3rd shot at UFC gold. It's never a good idea to celebrate prematurely because it never ever ends well!!!
EASE Month ago
1:42 voice crack
artiew87 Month ago
Benavidez should hit up Voodoo Edmond and learn that diego sanchez anti aging shit
Constantly hungry
Let's go champ
Wagne Vasconcelos
Vai levar um couro do paraense
João Medeiros
João Medeiros Month ago
Nao vai nada
Brandon Indardeo
Plenty people sleeping on Deiveson. Yall rather have this guy who tries to win by point system .
Hunain H
Hunain H Month ago
@Uriel Suarez not even once but Joe KO'd him twice.
Uriel Suarez
Uriel Suarez Month ago
@rusty shackleford What a coincidence. I just finished watching a King of the hill compilation video as I got your notification. This one, ruvid.net/video/video-LrGucxOZxlc.html
rusty shackleford
Calls joseph a point fighter. Did we forget his tko highlights are playing in the background? Some new fans don't know shit!
Uriel Suarez
Uriel Suarez Month ago
Benavidez TKO'd Jussier Formiga, who beat Deiveson. We're well awake. Joseph has only lost to champion-type fighters.
Benjamin GrieseI
@Brandon Indardeo You’re a stupid ass casuaI
Nick Wuebker
Nick Wuebker Month ago
WOW! I'm getting a little sick seeing all this stuff for Benavidez and barely anything for Devison Figueiredo. Everybody is already crowning Joe the champ when the fight hasn't even happened yet.
Jay Rex
Jay Rex Month ago
Well a lot of people were proved wrong. But of course they will state that "it would have been a completely different outcome if Deiveson had actually made weight!"
Beezy Montana
Beezy Montana Month ago
I'm for Benavidez since Figueiredo missed weight. Also Benavidez was the last man to defeat Cejudo
Jay Rex
Jay Rex Month ago
Yeah I've got Figueiredo, he seems like a more genuine, humble guy.
Chance Jackson
Chance Jackson Month ago
Cause joe has been in the top 3 of two divisions for over 10 years..
Nick Wuebker
Nick Wuebker Month ago
@Big Mack I'm rooting for him too. Dude is an animal in the cage and I think he's the hardest hitter at 125.
vito corleone
vito corleone Month ago
He used to fuck guys in high school
DaRealSpydablac Month ago
Going to see this in person
Billy Vick
Billy Vick Month ago
Ronda rousey is number one she my Hero
Sushi Uchiha
Sushi Uchiha Month ago
Me too! Let's kill ourselves??!
Billy Vick
Billy Vick Month ago
Kiss my ass dip shit
El Bronco
El Bronco Month ago
No one cares about this toddler weight class
El Bronco
El Bronco Month ago
Maxbiggy wow ur very smart
Maxbiggy Month ago
Toddlers dont weigh that much bro
Onyx KingMe
Onyx KingMe Month ago
King of a a graveyard like Shevcenko, Nunes and Cyborg. Everyone good has left.
Anderson 'The Spider' Silva
What do you mean?? Flyweight has always been the most rubbish division. It was never talent filled.
wetdog Month ago
Henry cejudo is a afraid to fight benavidez.
wetdog Month ago
@Adriangarciacejajose 1 I just hope benavidez gets his shot at the title. Definitely don't think cejudo would be able to run through Aldo as easy as some people might think. Aldo's vicious with those kicks.
Adriangarciacejajose 1
wetdog not afraid but just not worth the risk I feel Like cejudos doing everything right fighting aldo who’s been beat countless times right now he’s at the peak of his career where he is why put that in jeopardy in a division that’s not taken seriously
Samuel Leon
Samuel Leon Month ago
Demetrious johnson and triple C are better
kicknsystm Month ago
I always enjoyed his fights.
kicknsystm Month ago
@Brandon Indardeo There doesn't have to be a knock out or submission to be a good fight. They're entertaining of course but coming from someone who has a little experience compared to them & a lot compared to many others you can learn from & enjoy watching the details of different styles.
Franny Month ago
Brandon Indardeo some people enjoy the technical side, idiot.
Brandon Indardeo
What have u really enjoyed in his last 5 fights ? Split desicions and desicions?
RRough Month ago
Until DJ happened.... xD
Nate Month ago
None of these two would beat Henry or Mighty Mouse. Booby belt.
Nate Month ago
Demetrious The Goat Johnson Right now dude. Henry lost them got better and ended up beating DJ. Henry clearly improved.
Demetrious The Goat Johnson
Joe has already beat Henry. It was close but it happened.
Odell Biden Jr.
Odell Biden Jr. Month ago
Believe, conceive, achieve.
Odell Biden Jr.
Odell Biden Jr. Month ago
Did I offended the manlet army?
Ciacho x
Ciacho x Month ago
@Imad Btjngt HAhahahahhahahhah
Imad Btjngt
Imad Btjngt Month ago
Grandmaster CHOODA
Hey look it’s Megan Olivis husband
Corey Stewart
Corey Stewart Month ago
some - because they’re just casuals and doesn’t know anything about the sport
some -
some - Month ago
why you gotta be so disrespectful to the man you fucking imbeciles
Big Mack
Big Mack Month ago
Arczethus lmfaooo him becoming champ is as unlikely as you losing your virginity
Benjamin GrieseI
@Grandmaster CHOODA It’s Joey B, future champ you weird Ioser
At the end of the day this guy has already won at life by getting married to Megan Olivi! :) Mr. Olivi will probably take the title soon!
Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata
ewww flat and mediocre looking, 3/10 at best
Zero Mega
Zero Mega Month ago
I'm glad they stripped Benedict Cejudo. He talked all that shit about saving the flyweight division but when the time came he abandoned it. It would be poetic for Joe to win. A guy that stayed loyal to the division to actually solidify it as champ.
Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third
1. He did save the division. 2. He left the flyweight division because he accomplished his goal there and was the *first* new champion after Demetrious, who’s reign was one of the longest in MMA history. It’s clear he wanted other fighters to have their shot in there
Jesus Month ago
Zero Mega yes I did see that fight, and we saw two different things. I saw DJ get suplexed and manhandled to a solid decision win for Cruz. As to how DJ would have done against Dillishaw we’ll never know man, because DJ never tried to move up seriously. We know where his comfort level was at, and he showed it again by moving to ONE for the $$$ and “easier” fights. Look, Henry’s a clown, agreed, but don’t get it twisted- that clown makeup is war paint and there’s an animal beneath it that may be the UFC’s first 3 weight class champion. MAYBE.
Zero Mega
Zero Mega Month ago
@Jesus DJ was undeafted135er before he fought Cruz. And Did you watch that fight between DJ and Cruz? He won via lay and pray after getting lit up for a round and a half. He was stronger than he was when he fought Cruz and could have beaten TJ. He only loss to Cejudo because he broke his foot in the first round and still only loss in a decision. The best bantamweight couldn't put him out on one foot.
Jesus Month ago
Disagree man. Only Cejudo could have beat Dillashaw and stop the closing of the division. No shade, but DJ could never have handled the Bantamweights (as Dominick Cruz demonstrated) and Benavidez either honestly. Henry was there for the division when he needed to be and now we finally get to see a new champ breathe some new life into the division, WHY?-- Cuz the cringe killed the snake lol.
Jeremy Owww my eye Stephens
S. de Kort id say under appreciated.
Jamal Quintyne
Jamal Quintyne Month ago
Joseph Olivi!!
joe Month ago
He is the one who‘s saving the flyweight division let‘s go Benavidez #andnew
El Bronco
El Bronco Month ago
joe stfu
Dinu Month ago
Megan Olivi
Billy Vick
Billy Vick Month ago
Ronda is my Hero she is number one and I am a Big fan of her I Love so much she is very Wonderful Amazing I love it
Ste Shar
Ste Shar Month ago
lol who is this guy. hahah go find her videos and comment there. da hell old man
hitmeng chico
hitmeng chico Month ago
Benavidez would KO mcgregor stiff
Big Mack
Big Mack Month ago
hitmeng chico 🤣🤣🤣 Mcgregor is a 7‘5 giant compared to frodo benavidez
Sushi Uchiha
Sushi Uchiha Month ago
Mario Anaya
Mario Anaya Month ago
Soldier of God 61
Khabib Time.
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