UFC Norfolk: A Day in the Life of Joseph Benavidez

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Flyweight title contender Joseph Benavidez gives a glimpse into his training, home life, and talks about the ups and downs of his career as he gears up for his championship fight in Norfolk.
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Comments 80
619 575
619 575 Month ago
Its over plz don't fight anymore
biologyprodigy Month ago
All this fake ass Benavidez hype, he still gets knocked out.
Kgbdiaz86 Month ago
You got this joe you deserve it humble dude been grinding since the beginning an og
The Doctor
The Doctor Month ago
Been a fan of this dude since he murked Torres in the WEC. Really wanted to see him rematch Henry, but a belts a belt. If he wins, defends a few times, he should retire with the belt. No need to prove anything else
phantom0nkey Month ago
2:29 Emily Whitmire!
Luis Espinoza
Luis Espinoza Month ago
I’m sure Benavidez and Megan are just laughing out loud over these comments
Lazar Rakic
Lazar Rakic Month ago
I didn't expect that accent at all
he11fire217 Month ago
Every time I see Joe B. I feel like congratulating him on completing his last chemo treatment.
Cazimir Silkovich
Joseph 'OG' Benavidez take it to Figueiredo on Saturday
Blur Titan
Blur Titan Month ago
He’s very lucky to be with megan
Galveenus Month ago
Could have had old Arnold Allen headlining Norfolk. Suffolk Punch
zer02heero !
zer02heero ! Month ago
Let's go Joe!
King Delevingne
King Delevingne Month ago
If I was Joseph, my entire day would consist of banging Megan. 24 hours a day! Non stop.
M. Ham
M. Ham Month ago
I met Joe when the UFC came to Portland Oregon He was the nicest guy. And took time to take pictures with everyone. Always been a big fan of him since he was in WEC. But after meeting him made me an even bigger fan. Good luck Joe!!! Get that strap💪🏾
Nautilus1972 Month ago
Look, we're all here for Megan .... and no Megan.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Month ago
1:19 😬yikes
J J Month ago
so cringe 🤣
CallMe Daddy
CallMe Daddy Month ago
Will harris (anatomy of a fighter) beat u to this
Ramin Guy
Ramin Guy Month ago
That guy's a pussy. He'd lose to CM Punk in thumb wrestling piece of shit.
Rhythms Of Grace
There is not many fighters I respect these days, but this one has learned a life lesson to share with us all! "Early in my career, the first string of fights towards the top, the title was always the objective. It wasn't as much about the process. Eight years later, I just look at it different now; I don't feel like I need it. It's kind of more like; If I achieve this, that would be great, but I have learned it's not something I need. Obviously I want it, but that's different than needing it. The first flyweight title fight I ever lost, I thought was going to be the end of my life. But when I went back stage, everything was still the same; people still loved me. A week later they all still supported me, and once I realized that, I was able to let go and just enjoy the process and crave the moments the journey brings. The title is now not anything to be obsessed about as much as people make it out to be or I make it out to be. Every fight is obviously important in this sport; you do all you can and you will have that chance of winning anyway. Everyday right now I find rest in simply giving myself a chance to win. Much different than defining my humanity by having to lay hold of the title." --Joseph Benavidez Joseph is a 35 year-old/125lb UFC-MMA fighter flyweight. With a record of 28 wins & 5 loses, Benavidez still has yet to secure a title win, but he is a true champion of the fight of life and has already procured a title in my estimation; one of moral-fortitude and character that inspires all. Go get you a championship win young man! The greatest title we could ever win is the title of life. We never quit on the overall journey as we learn to be more addicted to the moments and daily-grind of the process; this is the greater good than the ultimate title we seek. Sounds cliche, but life truly is a lifelong marathon not a sprint. In one of those ideas there is rest for the soul, but in the other, there is an elusive identity that we can never catch up too or satisfy with an unattainable worth. Find Joy in this simple truth; the journey is the destination!
Космическая Ставка
ruvid.net/video/video-fCDsW493lbA.html ой это бомба🔥
djakuza medusa
djakuza medusa Month ago
Even if he lose he gets to nail Megan so its a win/win situation for this man :DD
Madlib Beats
Madlib Beats Month ago
You know you're short when your neck is at the door handles
Nate River
Nate River Month ago
90 percent of who people who watched this video was hoping to see Megan Olivi somewhere.
hassan Waleed
hassan Waleed Month ago
At the end lol, he still loses every single fight
Reef Parker
Reef Parker Month ago
He’s the second best flyweight ever seen. And has a 28-5 record.... Ok pal
hassan Waleed
hassan Waleed Month ago
Megan olivi is an averagr latina, dont know why dudes are making her out to be the prettiest maiden. Many ring girls are better than her
JoL Month ago
Not only her looks she cooks, and loves to watch fights. Some girls are for fucking, and others are for marrying. You don't want to marry a really hot dumb chick because looks fade...
Jeffrey Vedha
Jeffrey Vedha Month ago
He was only ever stopped by demetrious Johnson. I hope he wins.
Thot Jones
Thot Jones Month ago
Dude needs a title just for bagging Megan
Rhythms Of Grace
These are the guys I have mad respect for not fighters like Conor or Israel Ego Adasanya. Joseph maintains quality character in and outside the octagon. He is a man that young fighters can look up to and emulate for a healthy success. Quick success like Conor Mcgregor always tends to bring a man to ruin with untamed pride and wacked out self-confidence. Kudos to you Joseph Benavides and thank you for being a great example of authenticity inside and out. And I know Megan must be a great wife to you!😊
Ginna kilong
Ginna kilong Month ago
The best part of being Joseph Benavidez is not about winning ufc fights, its the priviledge of being a husband and sleeping with Megan Olivi.
Brendan Nelson
Brendan Nelson Month ago
Wake up in the morning, smash the wife, have breakfast. Go train, have lunch, train some more. Come home, have dinner, smash the wife, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat.
Jada-tiladawg Month ago
Joseph “megan olivi’s husband” Benavidez 😂😂
VisInvis Month ago
Have never really followed Joe Benavidez but i'll be watching this one. Good luck with the upcoming fight, also good advertisment for the UFC gym brand lol
savvy830 Month ago
Even Joe B's dog is a Flyweight.
NEO Xirtamnikcuts
So sad all the jealous people out here disrespecting this dudes wife. Get a fkin life you sick fks 😤
J C Month ago
Bet this is just another P3 ad
Paul Maurice
Paul Maurice Month ago
I needed some cheeks clapping.
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
Go get em Joe, routing for you.. Hope you get the belt and smoke henry again
Live a Life
Live a Life Month ago
Who else clicked here for Megan Olivia comments??
Insane Month ago
@VisInvis Nofap bro? is that you?
donnie the khajiit
Omg yesssss
VisInvis Month ago
Porn addicts and recovering porn addicts
Bill Cross
Bill Cross Month ago
wakka flaaka
wakka flaaka Month ago
I came here for Megan
Menard Acosta
Menard Acosta Month ago
@wakka flaaka bitch if i find u am gong beat y'all mofokin ayaass nigguh
wakka flaaka
wakka flaaka Month ago
@Menard Acosta bitch if I find u imm a make u clap
Menard Acosta
Menard Acosta Month ago
No one gives a F
moe G
moe G Month ago
This guy is a real legend of the sport
California Love
California Love Month ago
"Joe B-Wan Kenobi" And New! 👊
Prod: MiGo Mucci AnT
I don't like champs like this. He's a good fighter and all but If you ain't beat DJ you can't be legendary like Henry
Bill Cross
Bill Cross Month ago
And he beat henry
core bry
core bry Month ago
Howd this guy get Olivi man
Kanders A
Kanders A Month ago
Because he’s not a loser like you
I know I'm an asshole , but
How do any of the gremlins that Kate Beckinsale fucks get her?
Trinity Month ago
Meanwhile Cejudo is too busy cherry picking his fights and never missing an opportunity to look super cringe 😬
Insane Month ago
@rusty shackleford Agree, cheryy picking best fighters may be
rusty shackleford
Oh come now he starched dillashaw and moraes. Cherry picking my ass!
bobby canton
bobby canton Month ago
Y’all are disrespectful even mentioning this mans wife
bobby canton
bobby canton Month ago
Big Mack also bringing up another mans sex life is gay lmao
Big Mack
Big Mack Month ago
bobby canton let‘s talk about your wife Oh wait you don’t have one you virgin lol Stop this white knight shit no girl is gonna bust it open for some simp like you Pathetic
J Leos009
J Leos009 Month ago
Fucking sexy wife he's got eh?
bobby canton
bobby canton Month ago
Menard Acosta no one cares if you think Megan looks good or not. Point is that’s the mans wife and other people shouldn’t be talking about her period
Menard Acosta
Menard Acosta Month ago
I don't know why people so jealous Megan wasn't even too pretty, she's ok but she's average af
Hyosube Korobokkuru
joe needs to win this fight, but davison could use some promo too
Jake M
Jake M Month ago
Ad for a treadmill?
Edoardo Villanueva
Whether he wins or loses he goes home to Megan Olivi
See You Soon
See You Soon Month ago
@J Silva No one knows what that is..
J Silva
J Silva Month ago
@See You Soon he was referencing Animal House. You would know that if you weren't so daft
hassan Waleed
hassan Waleed Month ago
@Edoardo Villanueva whatever the fook she is
hassan Waleed
hassan Waleed Month ago
@T Chien chrissy and vanessa are pretty hot yes, vanessa has weird shoulder shape and arianny looks like a ladyboy so not her.
Edoardo Villanueva
hassan Waleed she’s Italian you dumbass lmao
King Ceez
King Ceez Month ago
Where’s the banging Megan Olivi
Curve God
Curve God Month ago
Hes going to get slept
Ron Anderson
Ron Anderson Month ago
1:48 does megan know about this?
Steve O
Steve O Month ago
you see then funny thing with team alpha male fighters is. once they leave the gym and train somewhere else, they start winning.
Big Mack
Big Mack Month ago
Steve O team alpha male is trash Bunch of metrosexual meatheads
Luke Butzow
Luke Butzow Month ago
Not true lmao
jaja Month ago
Most of his wins was when he train in alpha male, not shame losing to DC and DJ, because most fighter losing to them anyway
Omar Q
Omar Q Month ago
Good luck to Megan Olivi's little brother
Texas Ghost
Texas Ghost Month ago
Dollar store frank shamrock
doobsnack Month ago
Just an all around good dude man.. just win on Saturday
eat the rich
eat the rich Month ago
This division = Zzz
Tan Ten
Tan Ten Month ago
I guess you never seen his opponent fight. Watch Figueiredo's highlights. He's fucking lit
Densetsu San
Densetsu San Month ago
A day in his life? No clip of him making love with his wife? Well maybe that's why they don't have children.
ENOUGH! Month ago
Strangely somehow people think the anonymity of the internet makes it ok to be creepy
VisInvis Month ago
You watch too much porn, that shit is bad for your mind
JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON
What the f is wrong with you
J Leos009
J Leos009 Month ago
@⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ and you, spoken like a true bitch whose on their fucking period.
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
@Densetsu San Spoken like a true inceI. Hurry up and k lIlyourseIf you weird ass Ioser LMAO
Alper Tras
Alper Tras Month ago
megan olivi liked this
Unsilent ABE
Unsilent ABE Month ago
One of the most underrated fighters.. Very Very tuff old guy.. Haha JoJo...
Jerry Beans Man
Jerry Beans Man Month ago
Emily Whitmire is hot
Max Trujillo
Max Trujillo Month ago
Who tf choose this music
Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan Month ago
Flyweights.... Zzzzzzz Dana just cancel this division already.
Jerry Beans Man
Jerry Beans Man Month ago
They cut out the part where he bangs Megan Olivi
Everardo Andrade
James Best hahahahaha yeah you are right 😂😂
James Best
James Best Month ago
Everardo Andrade after he wins the belt
Everardo Andrade
Jerry Beans Man wonder when they are going to start making babies
ForeverCalzone II
Hopefully this shows him smashing Olivi
ENOUGH! Month ago
Hopefully you will get over your creepiness one day
Austin Randall
Austin Randall Month ago
It’s a shame this fight isn’t promoted worth a shit. Hell of a fight it will be
Trashtalking Billy
It s all over youtube
Bloater Snake
Bloater Snake Month ago
Flyweight division sucks
Joel Pires
Joel Pires Month ago
5:03 wuuuuuutt?
Emperor Sheev
Emperor Sheev Month ago
“If you don’t know, now you know” ~ Dana white
Prod: MiGo Mucci AnT
4:55 he makes out with his dog but not his wife 🤣
Jose Salas
Jose Salas Month ago
2:07 looks like henry cejudo
Brayden Zwetsloot
Ehhh not so much, Henry has a fucking melon head
Joe “I used to fuck guys like you in high school” Benavidez
adam Month ago
Where's megan olivi fine ass at?
Vanilla Coco
Vanilla Coco Month ago
He has to win this fight
metrA voboL
metrA voboL Month ago
Joe is just a fucking good dude hope he wins the title
thefartist Month ago
Joe Benavidez is so gay
Jim Frost
Jim Frost Month ago
I heard he use to fuck guys like Henry Cejudo in high school
Big Mack
Big Mack Month ago
Menard Acosta i don’t think a fight is needed since you‘re the king of the gays
Menard Acosta
Menard Acosta Month ago
Fight him then let's see who's gay
Hole in Dans Sock
tee hee he's so tiny......
Sohail Saffari
Sohail Saffari Month ago
He's just small boned
DeepOff Month ago
Joe you got this sir. I been a fan since WEC
DeepOff Month ago
@Justin Le hell yeah! That was a battle for sure. Gosh i had to dig in the vault for that one. Nice one
Justin Le
Justin Le Month ago
I remember when he fought Dominick Cruz back then and it was such a good fight
DeepOff Month ago
Marine Corp
Hole in Dans Sock
Ohhhh not a casual, hello Sir. 👋
1226dragon Month ago
Sushi Uchiha
Sushi Uchiha Month ago
Eww he lets his dog lick his mouth then kisses Megan lol, dogs dig in the trash and love to lick their own balls. How's it taste Joe?
Emerson Matos
Emerson Matos Month ago
Ta fudido
MisterTracks Month ago
nice content
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