UFC Decade in Review - 2019

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Look back at the decade that was! The final year of the decade introduced new champions, rivalries and visions of a great decade to come.
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Comments 80
Anwar W.
Anwar W. 3 hours ago
khabib forever
Tshering Samdrup
Tshering Samdrup 5 hours ago
I like the way nate roles up his hand .. This man has no sense of pain.. all he wait is to lock up ...
Igor Seishin
Igor Seishin 7 hours ago
Ussman has the best win in fight to title, 50-45 very very easy, incredible
Николай Иванов
Вы видели сколько там монахов в белых хиджабах болели за Кабиба? 😂😂
Deep Elements
Everyone thinks they're funny until they are in the ring face to face with their worst nightmare Kamaru. Usman is the destroyer of clowns and he will always send them back to twitter to do what they do best. Crack jokes.
Иван Иванов
Чё-то захотелось пеересмотреть бой Ромеро и Уиттакера.
Abdullahi Mustapha
Woodley anything
🔥🔥🔥🔥 great fight 1:27 🔥 👇👇👇👇❤
Tommy Breeze
Tommy Breeze 2 days ago
This old man past due date
zun li
zun li 3 days ago
md raju
md raju 3 days ago
Khbib undefeated
anis elouafio
anis elouafio 3 days ago
guys please adesanya vs whittaker what is that song ? so good
Александр Иванин
Арсений, ну это смотря в каком месте ты рубишь, если в вулкане то конечно, это может быть, а ежели к данному вопросу придти с разумом, имеется возможность найти казино с лицензией и гамать там, ни одна душа никак не даст гарантии в том что ты выиграешь, однако 100 процентов больше шансов. Я рублю 3 года, порой плюс, иногда сливаю. Вот тут есть каталог проверенных, можешь выбрать сам www.cpasite.ru/cr/
ZafirZion 3 days ago
Them corn rows gave him 20+ Strength
Sumukh 3 days ago
Nate just a chickenshit bitch
Mr Flow
Mr Flow 3 days ago
First Fight wasnt sportly
UAE Lover
UAE Lover 3 days ago
Oh fuck khabib the best
Montreux Xerrei 92
Khabib head movement is insane...
Samnangpheav Success
Does anyone know the sound track of the adesanaya fight in this video?
Браер Владимир Немец
Хабибка одеяло тупое.
Nikhil Thari
Nikhil Thari 4 days ago
This is First time i am watching mma, please support me and show me some love,ruvid.net/video/video-9Mvo8c5qSNs.html
Abdullah Osama
Abdullah Osama 5 days ago
Ryan Barclay
Ryan Barclay 5 days ago
Can't believe they didn't play Woodley's hot new single.
divoC 91
divoC 91 5 days ago
You know nothing Jon Snow....
MDYT 5 days ago
nAtE wAs goNna COme bAck
The Diaz fight was bs
Svante Pavón
Svante Pavón 6 days ago
Khabib - king of hugging
Vj 3 days ago
King of leg humping
Veselin Srdanov
Veselin Srdanov 6 days ago
Hayvan !!
Hayvan !! 6 days ago
Une tuerie ptn 👌👌👌👌👌
heru bono
heru bono 6 days ago
Masvidal vs conor?
Luis Bigott
Luis Bigott 6 days ago
Khabib es un monstruo
Missy jenns amputated penis Mmm
As much as usman is a walking talking douchebag...i actually liked watching the only douchebag in the same league , get his ass kicked BADLY
Missy jenns amputated penis Mmm
Ben "flunky" askren is the perfect example of a amateur fighter catching a break and actually getting signed by a professional promotion... Ben was the biggest hype machine in he history of mma...almost as pathetic as james toney when he fought randy couture
Mohammad Zafar
Mohammad Zafar 7 days ago
Ibraheem Asfour
Ibraheem Asfour 7 days ago
Khabib ❤️❤️❤️
Lucas Dias
Lucas Dias 8 days ago
That first guy was like a very good anime villain introduction. He was laughing and then killed a friend of the protagonist
tdot life
tdot life 8 days ago
Jorge won that for sure but masvidal does not have the stamina Nate has 3rd round could of been different
🔥🔥🔥🔥 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊 1:54 💕💯 👇👇💞
Khabib Is Lit
Jerm Inator
Jerm Inator 10 days ago
Decade in review? A decade is ten years. Should have been year in review.
Murat Açık
Murat Açık 10 days ago
k habib 10 numara
Brett Duffus
Brett Duffus 10 days ago
Masvidal has come along way from fighting in back yards vs heavyweights.
k҉i҉k҉i҉r҉ i҉k҉i҉
0:10 bullshit
capt Obvious
capt Obvious 10 days ago
Coward had one way out.. a true man beats one at his own game ..all he had was the flyin knee. That didn't work he was FUCKED..... ABSOLUTELY MOST DISAPPOINTING TIME IN UFC HISTORY
capt Obvious
capt Obvious 10 days ago
@Nelsito Flow nate was a shit wrestler. Had some jujitsu, sure. Not much compared.... .. BUT NO CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING. bro. I agree all is fair in war.... just bitter
Nelsito Flow
Nelsito Flow 10 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-6RicMWUq4pI.html Jorge Masvidal VS Nate Díaz !!!
Nelsito Flow
Nelsito Flow 10 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-6RicMWUq4pI.html Jorge Masvidal VS Nate Díaz mira esta pelea
Dorji Norbu
Dorji Norbu 10 days ago
Khabib fights too bored 😐 🤨🤨
Filip Paić
Filip Paić 10 days ago
Dana white never did like stipe
Omid Norozi
Omid Norozi 10 days ago
Khabib fights gives me goosebumps. He's in another level of humanity.
Nikos Bongos
Nikos Bongos 11 days ago
2020 they will fight with mask and glasses🐰😋
🔥 great fight 1:12 ❣🔥💃 👇 👇🔥
Ne Oublie
Ne Oublie 12 days ago
Khabib praying to satan before he gets in the cage
MrMenagen 12 days ago
I hope Masdival knee is ok ha ha we love George le partiste lo kojones
BearlyFunnyBear 13 days ago
seen the Masvidal vs Askren fight like a 1000 times by now
xerox o
xerox o 13 days ago
Israel will beat Misvadal and Paulo easily . If they rush the way they do when they face him .
Hafidz Ahmad
Hafidz Ahmad 13 days ago
Imho ufc lack of real kungfu fighters after watchin the lady from china
Екатерина Лисовская
В конце видео увидел хабиба и выкл видео. Не интересный боец
Jesus is coming soon
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Andy Azza
Andy Azza 14 days ago
no imagine the DIAS brothers vs....but then again they probably sorted that out (several times) 15 years ago!!!!!
Isaiah Hartman
Isaiah Hartman 14 days ago
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🔥🔥 real fight 1:10 🔥❤ 👇👇👇💟
RATS TYRANTS 15 days ago
Masvidal Must have a Whore for a Mother and a Capron for a father to get down on his knees and make fun of someone who is out Cold.
mizo pa
mizo pa 15 days ago
If robert doesn't bring the fight to israel,it sure will be a boring fight,israel needs a fighter who brings the fight to him inorder to be not boring..
Wellington Cardoso
Wellington Cardoso 15 days ago
Esse Khabib ainda vai cair .. e pq esses caras vacilam muito ... Mais e só acerta e não para pohaaa... Aí se fosse eu aí ..
Captain Chaos
Captain Chaos 16 days ago
Masvidal is a sack of shit
sean walker
sean walker 16 days ago
Thos just ai t a decade lol 12 month
Isa Umalatov
Isa Umalatov 16 days ago
Khabib King ☝️👑💂‍♂️👊
Shrek’s Onions
Shrek’s Onions 16 days ago
Y’all are talking about great events, but there’s one problem that concerns me. What about my nigga Stipe Miocic. He won back the belt yet no one mentioned him. Man, give Stipe the spotlight he deserves.
Matt D
Matt D 16 days ago
kumaru usman is so weird
Jacob 16 days ago
Fuck the doctors for Nate and Jorge
Cuseball121 17 days ago
Can you imagine how different the mma world would be if Poirier had been able to get full guard and complete that guillotine? Crazy fun year overall
Harry von Harrika
Harry von Harrika 17 days ago
Massvidal is a mann
Stack the plug
Stack the plug 17 days ago
Woodley really could’ve finished kamaru with the guillotine
Fuad Tanvir
Fuad Tanvir 17 days ago
Khabib vs poirier background soundtrack anybody?
🔥🔥🔥🔥 real fight 1:35 💯 👇💜
Sergio Meléndez
Sergio Meléndez 17 days ago
¡What a videos!!
Muji Adi
Muji Adi 18 days ago
Jingmoy Debbarma
Jingmoy Debbarma 18 days ago
Nate's call-in out Masvidal will b forever Lagendary .. Gangsta call
Madi Karl Ov
Madi Karl Ov 18 days ago
3:27 People after several cups of Vodka
Jaskaran singh Sodhi
Adesanya's two last shots to win the title were the bestt
Phantom haha
Phantom haha 18 days ago
I want to see Nate Diaz vs Adensaya
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