UFC Debut: Conor McGregor vs Marcus Brimage | Free Fight

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Nearly seven years ago, a two-division champion from Cage Warriors named Conor McGregor began his journey to becoming the first simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history.
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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 80
warrenpaine Hour ago
I guess that's what they mean by "IRISH POWER".
Jiggy Dreamz21
Jiggy Dreamz21 2 hours ago
Fake af
mr machinist
mr machinist 3 hours ago
Deed de derde Dee. Epic Irish voice/accent. Coming from a scotchmen✊
Infamous Roy
Infamous Roy 4 hours ago
8:44 Mojahed Fudailat
986C 5 hours ago
Before Connor was a total shit cunt.
LetMeSeeThis99 5 hours ago
These fights were Free via Facebook or espn back then.....
Brad Walker
Brad Walker 6 hours ago
71" reach at 5'4 is crazy!
Vince Carter
Vince Carter 6 hours ago
Damn, that skinny guy is so lethal.
R 6 hours ago
'DANA 60GS BABYYYYYYYYYY ~' & just look at all his accomplishment now
B Shelton
B Shelton 7 hours ago
Conor needs to bring the Mohawk back lol
Race Bannon
Race Bannon 8 hours ago
Looked much better without those heinous tattoos.
aaaaaaaaaaaa1111a 11 hours ago
Lol brimage has fought at bantam weight while conor is now fighting at welterweight. Mcgregor weight bully sooooo overrated
Haljava23 12 hours ago
Когда то Конор был нормальным уравновешенным парнем.
Kyesha willimson
Kyesha willimson 13 hours ago
amin ulhaq
amin ulhaq 14 hours ago
I like Connor's fight against khabib, the eagle..👍👍
Busaiker Ride
Busaiker Ride 15 hours ago
Franklin Franklinson
Conor fighting bums from the beginning. Haha.
TD B 17 hours ago
That bolo punch is like a picasso. Work of art in motion
TD B 17 hours ago
Im so glad he fights at light weight now. Very very healthy move.
Disclaimer Otherwise
Just one round and McGregor gasp for air already while talking?
Kishan Rongmei
Kishan Rongmei 18 hours ago
Conor Mc Gregor .
Og Jimi
Og Jimi 19 hours ago
So technical, doesn’t show how thirsty he is for the win unlike now
Maggie Duncan
Maggie Duncan 19 hours ago
J V 20 hours ago
So this where "DANA" is from 🤣
Mathias Emanuel
Mathias Emanuel 21 hour ago
Finally I can watch this fight! I knew that it wasn’t worth it buying 7 years ago.. patience is key if u want to safe some 💰
Boa Boy
Boa Boy Day ago
Brimage is still famous for this.
A66oc Buronov
У вас есть возможность зарабатывать деньги на Tomosha.uz, потому что, как и You Tube, он также зарабатывает деньги
Marco Eskel
Marco Eskel Day ago
Its so weird watching these old fight and seeing how far they have come over the years.
seamoose Day ago
That Conor McGregor guy is really good. He should try fighting Diaz
Maurice Moss
Maurice Moss Day ago
Didn't recognize conner without all of those tramp stamps.
bitoy0213 Day ago
from Humble to Arrogant....
Christos Kermeniotis
Sein Gegner war schwach er hat in die Luft nur geballert du musst in dem man reingehen sonst wird das nichts einfach schwache Kampf
Evan Davidson
that shit happened so fast....
Animal Kingdom Indonesia
Mcgregor still not talk to much hahhahhaa
Maher1724 Day ago
Connor is a great smashed face fighter
Sarah Daniels
First fight: he’s an excellent grappler After he’s super famous: his ground game sucks 🤷‍♀️
Sen D
Sen D Day ago
How is Conor only 24 years old here
Andre Knight
Andre Knight Day ago
I don't like Conner as a person, but his skill is insane
Catur suharto 294
Anders Mikkelsen
Connor reminds me of agent k in men in Black 3, when he was young and new beginner he was sweet and down to earth, but when he becomes older and more famous jeg becomes like and asshole exept agent K wasnt really that big asshole after all. I really cant tolerate people behave like they just can behave ass trash and treat people like trash. Im so happy khabib won. Love khabib. Even if islam really dont tolerate violence, mma ufc and boxing and all that is not really allowed in islam but khabib is still a good man and he fight with honor still.
H C Day ago
Bloke sounds like a leprechaun.
Anthony Gannon
I always enjoy watching Conor fight , is a very good fighter , I don't care who wins once it's a good scrap , I think if jorey masvidal thinks he's the best in the world, he will have to fight with cornor , or we could Havre the triligity cornor and Diaz fight the winner of that fights the winn of jorey Vs Kabib, and all on the undercards of the Tyson and hollyfield , that wud b the re trd fight also, jmo don't want to offend any, But come on men Tyson fury wudt stand a chance against iron Mike,there a world champions high calibour and low caliber ,
Turki Kaboha
Turki Kaboha Day ago
He's really different now. A good person. No cursing, he even sound different. Like a normal person.
Brock Crandall
Me be a Pot of Spear Gold 5'9,🖕! ruvid.net/video/video--ccbCcdl_6s.html
Brock Crandall
Conner McGregor, Cherp! Me be a pot of Spear Gold! ruvid.net/video/video-U_OeUMQd9vs.html
Brock Crandall
Cherp! ruvid.net/video/video-Gv9HqSyAIwQ.html think not, Cherp! Conner McGregor, Cherp! ruvid.net/video/video-Gv9HqSyAIwQ.html
Cam Moto
Cam Moto Day ago
Conor will always be a champ
Travers 2 days ago
LoL that was beautiful, I needed to see that
-- 2 days ago
They look so little
David Herrera
David Herrera 2 days ago
Why Marcus look bigger on the picture 😂😂
Miguel Antonio
Miguel Antonio 2 days ago
Viking win! 👍🏻
3 million subs without a video M
Shoo Josef menim min fkn broder
Last scene missin
Conner fighting way below his height class
Skümmtööns '66
A real live Leprechaun, right here on TV! Badass👊!
Skümmtööns '66
Marcus can't even get back to his corner, "Nah, I'll sit right here, bring it the stool" That's what you get for not touching gloves at the start of the round. BADASS!! 👊👊👊👊
mario hee
mario hee 2 days ago
Connor is the cop , the other guy george floyd😂😂😂
Dylan Roth
Dylan Roth 2 days ago
Wow this guys pretty good at fighting I hope he never beats up an old man
Christian Warren
Dylan Roth
Dylan Roth 2 days ago
Brimage looks like he's on roids
NealStronk 2 days ago
Khabib's reaction in the background lol 7:29
VEDANT PARWAL 2 days ago
Nate Diaz - He fought midgets
Эльнар Яковлев
Макрегор 👍
Yusuf65_ Official
connor is 24 years old ? wtf
TIm Smith
TIm Smith 2 days ago
Yusuf65_ Official 6:41 Wild drug crazy looks, should have be tested immediately after the fight.
Test Test
Test Test 2 days ago
Mc cornor va bobby lesley
RK800 2 days ago
Wait, what? Detroit: Human Reference lol
Sweather boys
Sweather boys 2 days ago
good match
Bachtiar Rachim
Bachtiar Rachim 2 days ago
Yaaah..lawan nangka bubur...🤣🤣🤣
Chris Padgett93
Chris Padgett93 2 days ago
60 grand, must of been alot of money to him at this time.
Yep he was on social welfare up until this earning about 120 euro per week 😅😂
Merman Terren
Merman Terren 3 days ago
Imagine those people that don’t have RUvid like I’m taking a poop
Leo Mendoza
Leo Mendoza 3 days ago
Weak Gregor
Scott Margreiter
Scott Margreiter 3 days ago
Very nice K.O.
Alex Македонский
Ну не знаю, с Диазом поинтереснее было...
Alex Non
Alex Non 3 days ago
Sat, Apr 6, 2013
Dylan Atkinson
Dylan Atkinson 3 days ago
Damn who is this guy?? He's going to be a UFC superstar someday!
Rt Rt
Rt Rt 3 days ago
As much shit this guy talks he always supports his opponent when they lose. Everytime he mentions them in his post fight in a positive way.
Skümmtööns '66
Supports?? What, like helping them up off the mat? Supports their head and neck after getting knocked out? 😝(I know what you mean)
Chad R
Chad R 3 days ago
McGregor sounds like a drunk chipmunk
Bandit 3 days ago
Еб*ть я русский
Craig Irwin
Craig Irwin 3 days ago
Would you look at the state of that horrible flag he holds👎
I'm Purrito
I'm Purrito 3 days ago
i actually love his tattoos
Live Life Freely
Live Life Freely 3 days ago
That fight was stopped 5 punches too late.
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