UFC Debut: Conor McGregor vs Marcus Brimage | Free Fight

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Nearly seven years ago, a two-division champion from Cage Warriors named Conor McGregor began his journey to becoming the first simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history.
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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Wade Robinson
Wade Robinson 8 hours ago
marcus hardly looks motivated. but what do i know? lol
Hank Waldren
Hank Waldren 8 hours ago
Like Diaz told him "you fight midgets"
Heru Irawan
Heru Irawan 9 hours ago
He should be consider a cartoon dubber after he retire
Dian Gracesilla Simanjuntak
God bless u conor
Jim MoeFoe
Jim MoeFoe 13 hours ago
6:50 He should have got a few uppercuts as well.
zambot3 18 hours ago
OL’ half pec McGregor. Shortest pectorals in the business.
LH Prod.
LH Prod. 20 hours ago
That 9 punch combo to finish the fight.
Helson Ly
Helson Ly 21 hour ago
This dude looks exactly like the crazy Irish guy that threw a dolly at the bus!
Ice Viking
Ice Viking Day ago
Anyone else get that Manscaped add where the dude can't find his balls under his massive bush?
TJ Sully
TJ Sully Day ago
He blew up so fast. Sometimes I wonder just how great he could've been.
Vu Ngo
Vu Ngo Day ago
Wow this Mc Gregor guy looks good, he might be a champ one day!
Cold Blooded
Cold Blooded Day ago
The crowd will be *all hype* for the fighters intros but when he announces the referee, everyone's always like "uh... ok?"
Kern Williams
Hahahahaha stupid Marcus
Manny Soto
Manny Soto Day ago
Humble back then
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 2 days ago
Laser like accuracy with them punches.
Deadie Merkury
Deadie Merkury 2 days ago
Marcus was arrested for murder.
Nicholas Vona
Nicholas Vona 2 days ago
2:20 They're were laughing about it then...
Roter Fuchs
Roter Fuchs 2 days ago
Both of their tushes look great in those little tight shorts, but a man-thong would really give us some great images during those tangled up ground grapples. Am i right or am i right UFC fans?
NismOrly22 2 days ago
The fight game’s biggest superstar
NRG PlayZ 2 days ago
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan 2 days ago
He’s sniper accurate though.... still didn’t help with the eagle 🦅
Jesus Jose
Jesus Jose 2 days ago
And markus was never seen in public again
S D F 2 days ago
Back when Conor needed 60g's
I Pleedafif
I Pleedafif 2 days ago
That's actually Eddie Winslow all grown up.
Женя Fz
Женя Fz 2 days ago
Tommy Raccioppi
Tommy Raccioppi 2 days ago
The difference in the progression of McGregor, he’s definitely 100 times better. His movement his fight IQ.
Solomon King
Solomon King 2 days ago
5'4"... wtf
pacsoul Pavon
pacsoul Pavon 3 days ago
So young and so hungry ! These jungles make you into a lion
Leslie Burke
Leslie Burke 3 days ago
He got emotional, well that's your game plan tbh
jie hogg
jie hogg 3 days ago
What was conors walking out music anyone know ??
kar12894 3 days ago
Of course he wins his debut, they toss at him the shortest non-midget black man in the UFC Khabib the bestt
bs1820 3 days ago
Conor is like twice his size.
Bikal Limbu
Bikal Limbu 3 days ago
Who hates conor attitude ?
Imran Modi
Imran Modi 3 days ago
This version of McGregor can easily defeat Khabib
Matthias Izard
Matthias Izard 3 days ago
Idk cause khabib trained a lot to beat connor
jhon adam
jhon adam 3 days ago
This is how u promote a tap machine
taylor dehth433
taylor dehth433 3 days ago
I just turned 24 and now I'm embarrassed of myself
Hugh Joel Caulk
Hugh Joel Caulk 3 days ago
My claim to fame? Well, FYI as of January 2021, almost 19 MILLION people have all watched me get my ass whooped! 👊 ✰ 🦶 🤕 🥊 and.... that's just on RUvid! ~Marcus Brimage
Jody Breeze
Jody Breeze 3 days ago
Connors walkout song should be return of the Mac
bgrav007 3 days ago
If Brimage only knew he boxed with Mayweather...
Fixed fight
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson 4 days ago
Marcus brimage looks like a mortal kombat character.
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IntotheVortex 4 days ago
His striking is so much sharper since this fight
Gorilla Vines
Gorilla Vines 4 days ago
It's like he's holding a roll of quarters.
jamie billado
jamie billado 4 days ago
ANOTHER SHITTY MCGREGGOR FIGHT OMG! fired! Who ever coaches him, pays for his wins, calls the shots. Should be fired. I've been "fighting" 29 years and this is the worst bullshit I've ever seen in my life. 5 year old with full gear fight harder then this joke
OldboyXan liquid rage
What happen to conners tat's?
tazou 94
tazou 94 4 days ago
il est ou son tatouage michto
Much Acho
Much Acho 4 days ago
Conor was like a killer munk, he was in the trance, than riches and bitches clouded it, but let's hope we get the old mcgregor back against portier, would make the year much better
ky baam
ky baam 4 days ago
lazybeastz182 4 days ago
if you fight conor u need to bum rush him or he's gonna pick u apart
HolasoyMai 4 days ago
MarksAGoodLad 4 days ago
I won money on this fight.
Adam K
Adam K 4 days ago
con had a shit personality but he was one dangerous fighter. glad to know hes growing as a person now days tho.
Nurul Project
Nurul Project 4 days ago
The best khabib
Rushikesh Patil
Rushikesh Patil 4 days ago
No tattoos?
James Hammond
James Hammond 5 days ago
Mac is twice that dudes size but
Piyumath Siriwardena
"Was the game plan to stand up with marcus?" "I didnt really have a game plan." "Was getting in his face part of the plan?"
Guider 5 days ago
6:50 when your dog catches something from the floor and you try to take it out of his mouth
lenny leonards
lenny leonards 5 days ago
Marcus has a 71 inch reach? How accurate are these measurements?
PANDA BLAZE 5 days ago
Man got the gta tattoo on his chest
Mr Rich
Mr Rich 5 days ago
ben daley
ben daley 5 days ago
By far the greatest .
ushojedi 5 days ago
Who else is here for Robert Sundel?
raycorey 5 days ago
8:44 “Daaaanaaaa 60gs babyyyyyy”
Mr Man
Mr Man 5 days ago
Did anyone notice how the commentators favored Brimmage... even when he was clearly being our classed! All of a sudden they change their tune when Connor f’in destroyed that POS without any contest...
pendekar kesatria
Petarung arogan sombong iblis penerus fir'aun menghina agama islam, menghina khabib, akhirnya mampus juga mc gregor dengan khabib nurmagemedov
Nolan Soloway
Nolan Soloway 5 days ago
That left hand stoned him
steve cork
steve cork 5 days ago
God connor looks so thin here 24 year old
Otheos 5 days ago
Yankee with no brimage
Sportd_ Key
Sportd_ Key 5 days ago
Всем Привет Друзья)Оцените видео буду очень благодарен)ruvid.net/video/video-7ETgsIlM7F4.html
Alan O
Alan O 5 days ago
Skip to 4:35 for the actual fight
ROB R 5 days ago
That was sooo racist! -White Liberal Girl
jesse kennedy
jesse kennedy 6 days ago
This really shows how far Connor came ..
Billour Ou
Billour Ou 6 days ago
Awesome. He is one of the great fighters in the world.
Valdeck 6 days ago
A good fight.👍🍻
Anonymous Exe
Anonymous Exe 6 days ago
6:34 Connor was ready to risk it all...
Craig C.
Craig C. 6 days ago
What a journey he took us on
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 6 days ago
He got beat the fuck up....dammmmm!
theo grobler
theo grobler 6 days ago
When conor was still humble
duro de pelar
duro de pelar 6 days ago
a las personas solo les gusta la violencia, luego nos quejamos en cima de que el mundo va como va... mundo cruel o personas crueles 👀
Ezequiel Benjamin
No entendí
The Dancing Gyrados
This dude is 5-4 with a 71 reach wtf
Ulas Kudiretbay
Ulas Kudiretbay 6 days ago
This guy, who has nothing is real motivated McGregor)
САБР TV 6 days ago
Всем привет
Jesus Christ Is Returning
Prasert Pipattananant
Idiboy123 6 days ago
The only time UFC uploaded something about Marcus Brimage and it gets 18M views what a legend!
Евгений Сопран
Martial Vibes
Martial Vibes 6 days ago
I'm not sure this is Conor... Where are his tattoos? 🙄🤓
sven trogrlic
sven trogrlic 6 days ago
"Dude, u can have anything, but my irish flag" 6:51
Ja ggobuk Nin
Ja ggobuk Nin 6 days ago
코너맥그리거 도 하빕 과 붙으면 힘들겠지...
Artofficial 6 days ago
I don't know about this Conor McGregor kid. I think he's all hype. Going nowhere.
robert ferrer
robert ferrer 6 days ago
Keith Mikell
Keith Mikell 6 days ago
"I thought he was emotionally attached to the contest and he will overthrow his shots, and he did".
patricia helena gallon
drexrexx 7 days ago
60k to 120m hell of a return
Kickin' Wing Hotboi
Connors feet were sweaty as fuck, no?
B A 7 days ago
Seeing it after so many years, it is interesting how much tagged McGregor got early on, which would make many people wobble. Apart from the chin factor, Brimage and much of the FW division look like 14 years old next to him. At that time he didnt really seem like such brilliant striker and the difference was mostly physical.
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