UFC 4 Official Reveal Trailer

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Pre-order UFC 4 now and get bonus fighters Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua: x.ea.com/ufc4/yt-preorder
EA SPORTS UFC 4 officially launches worldwide August 14th Featuring Israel Adesanya and Jorge Masvidal as global cover stars.
In EA SPORTS™ UFC 4, the fighter you become is shaped by your fight style, your achievements, and your personality. Go from unknown amateur to UFC superstar in the new Career Mode, experience the origins of combat sports in two all-new environments, or challenge the world in new Blitz Battles or Online World Championships to become the undisputed champ. All of your fights will now feel more authentic with fluid clinch-to-strike combinations that offer more responsive stand-up gameplay, and overhauled takedown and ground mechanics to deliver more control in those key phases of the fight.
The music in this trailer is a remix of the 1971 classic “Baba O’Riley” by The Who, featuring all new lyrics written and performed by Action Bronson.
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Jul 11, 2020




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Comments 80
EA SPORTS UFC 4 days ago
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George Gallardo
⁷ ⁷8h⁷
George Gallardo
⁷⁷877⁷said 78
George Gallardo
⁷⁸ ⁷12⁸ is⁷⁷⁷⁷⁷7 it ⁷
George Gallardo
6,71⁷⁷ for only ⁷⁷⁷it
Дима Липеев
У меня один вопрос ЕА, Зачем , а главное на х**
Waxy Pad
Waxy Pad Hour ago
I hope they update hairstyles and records consistently. Please EA
Mistyc Mc ana
Mistyc Mc ana Hour ago
Jorge the gamedead masvidal
laureninaboxx Hour ago
Karma Hour ago
As a huge sports and video game fan that has never gotten a sports game, I’m looking into buying this game. I hope the graphics are better than the last one, might as well wait until the ps5 for this game tho, I’m done buying PS4 games
Alizeh LuvsZayn
Khabib should be on the cover I shouldn’t give any reasons why everyone knows but being cover Star you loose so better khabib not be on it.
Nah...mortal Kombat is better.
Jordan Bunke
Jordan Bunke Hour ago
Kimbo @ 0:49
hhhh9579 Hour ago
Trump 2020!
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes Hour ago
Ни в одной уфс нету хабиба на обложках или в упоминаниях
Санта Мороз
UFC 2 best of the best
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Keegan Kokko
Keegan Kokko Hour ago
Am I the only one that is seriously disappointed by how it visually looks worse than ufc 3? Looks like they copied and pasted ufc 3 and maybe changed a few animations or something
Shahmeer khan
Shahmeer khan Hour ago
Why Anthony joshua and tyson furry😂😂😂
Arghyadeep Shiva
Plss soon make it for android
SabiT Hour ago
*🔥Khabib Nurmagamedov Vs Justin Gaethje🔥* *😀Rate my videos:)😉*
MoTiVaTiOn Hour ago
Zeph ·
Zeph · Hour ago
Why boxers
Rahman Shaik
Rahman Shaik Hour ago
It's all good and close to real Wait the comment section doesn't include Tony is the type of guy comments
Monkeyman Hour ago
The cover curse lives on 😤
Dan Del Aguaro
This game gonna suck to?
Cpmenace Neon
Cpmenace Neon Hour ago
2:02 am I tripping or is that Tyson fury
Joshua Maltby
Joshua Maltby Hour ago
The coolest fighters in mma def deserve the cover
knight knives
knight knives Hour ago
Pls bring back fight night game
Дима Липеев
У меня один вопрос ЕА, Зачем , а главное на х**.
Recommendations brought me here 😎
TheGrayBear Hour ago
We definitely need better submission system
Blasted Itachi
Oh yesss Who is Ready for UFC4 Imma Use Nate Diaz!! Ok UFC4 IS LIT!!!!🔥🔥🔥
3Scars Hour ago
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz Hour ago
Graphics look the same. It looks like they just added new content. Isnt that what they've been doing to the previous game by adding new updates?
4Bugbug4 Hour ago
Петр Ян чемпион!
Verna Khan
Verna Khan Hour ago
18_sargis Hour ago
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy Hour ago
*do fifa 21 trailer or else I cri*
Pan con queso Banda de Rock.
Siempre quice estar en una pelea de ese nivel, mi sueño se hizo realidad
Nik kamil
Nik kamil Hour ago
I see they just copy tony ferguson from ufc 3. Not much new 💁‍♂️
Kuandyk Sanzhar
And Jorge lost....
qwz hh
qwz hh Hour ago
who's here after watching jorge masvidal getting brutal footstomps
This should be an update like Dead by Daylight, not a new $60 game
Put 30-445344 record overrated masvidal in cover , but no khabib 29-0 Wack
Araes Hour ago
You have to understand that while being undeafeated and objectively being the best in the business, Khabib's fight style and personnality are not the most spectacular ones.
A lot love him for recent Till, Diaz, and Askren. UFC lacking superstars. Israel isnt exactly a megastar lol. They went from Conor and Ronda to these two.
Pav Hour ago
What’s up with these shitty covers. The cover athletes deserve it but make better covers for madden and ufc
Pulp Hour ago
Nona Vlog
Nona Vlog Hour ago
I’m giving up on RUvid...💔 It’s been over a year that I’ve been grinding hard to create content but I feel like i never get any support & motivation...
Brady Austin
Brady Austin Hour ago
Okay bye
Aporta Na
Aporta Na Hour ago
hopefully this comes out on PC!
Timebot Hughs
Timebot Hughs Hour ago
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Jesus***CO Hour ago
U time traveler
Spekki Hour ago
Lets goo cant wait to get submitted by anthony joshua as demian maia. Oh and tyson fury overhand spammers.
Nik kamil
Nik kamil Hour ago
This ain't ufc. There is lack pound for pound number 1. They put israel??
Delightful Addition
I wonder if they would do something like add Abby from The Last of Us Part II as a DLC character.
Luke Hour ago
AA I swear I’m the only one who enjoyed last of us. Shows how shallow gamers are
AA Hour ago
Oh please don’t remind me about her, or that game in general. Wasted potential
Asa bossen
Asa bossen Hour ago
Pretty cool ngl
Kermit of Rivia
EA: It's in the microtransaction after a tko!
Wtf did they do to Tony's face?
Jayzues LUPIAN
Bring fight night back
M 0113
M 0113 Hour ago
Same shitty game
RiskingMyBiscuit 420
Hopefully you can call in the doctor to ends fights in this new game.
David Nadbornik
Another pay to win, EA?
e k
e k Hour ago
Video games are not the same. Hackers ruined video games.
maoribrotha53 Hour ago
Another EA UFC game with characters that have never had a pro mma fight... You might as well put Messi in Madden while you’re at it.
Bhashitha Samarakoon
Fifa 21
Two.38z Hour ago
😅 how does this work with conor retired???
Nobody invest in this bs. It looks like another reskin of UFC 3 but with just a roster update and with a few new arenas. 🤦‍♂️
Alex Hubbard
Alex Hubbard Hour ago
will there be Doctor Stoppages and Draws?
Enoch Best
Enoch Best Hour ago
Dana must regret putting Jorge on ufc 4
Cloudy Hour ago
Masvidal in ufc cover no wonder he lost😂
Alizeh LuvsZayn
Took the fight on 6 days notice. Also Kamaru toe stomper snoozeman was boring as hell. Wait till masvidal takes full camp and rematches. He’s gonna kill snoozeman.
Marvin Footpenis
I can't wait to stomp on some toes!!!!!!!
Zhan Zo
Zhan Zo Hour ago
The Chef
The Chef Hour ago
Is it just me or are the graphics and animations laking in the new sports games ?
al fatcat
al fatcat Hour ago
So they can take masvidal off the cover now, right? Replace him with Max, the genuine champ.
RuthlessSnake Hour ago
Give us dlc fighters
J Nol52
J Nol52 Hour ago
Where’s fight night
Lincoln Wise
Lincoln Wise Hour ago
Please give us a better cut/ bleeding system. And make it so fights can be stopped from a cut if you take too many strikes in the same spot
Mark G05!
Mark G05! Hour ago
EA Please abandon the Fight Night ownership and give it to some other group devs who are willing to make a great boxing game
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan Hour ago
Joe Rogans appearance is missing
The Teknologist
You won't make anymore boxing games, but you put boxers in your UFC game..c'mon man!
Abel Renew
Abel Renew 2 hours ago
Dooope! ruvid.net/video/video-g5sG8wHRZaQ.html
Ibraheem Gaied
Ibraheem Gaied 2 hours ago
Khabib is to great of a fighter to be on the cover of this garbage game.
jose yuriar
jose yuriar 2 hours ago
That looks nothing like fury
The Viper
The Viper 2 hours ago
LOL curse continue Masvidal lost
Xavier Fuentes Castillo
Oh great the season of EA screwing us with loot boxes is back.
wade wilson
wade wilson 2 hours ago
Need Charles Bronson as DLC
Ivan c
Ivan c 2 hours ago
I can smell alcohol and cigarettes from EA😩
Dylan Wagner
Dylan Wagner 2 hours ago
Finally another UFC game
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