UFC 251 Pelea Gratis: Masvidal vs Diaz

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Jul 9, 2020




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Comments 100
mp biggame
mp biggame 53 minutes ago
3:05 haha Masvidal must be the most entertaining fighter :D
Nicholas R.
Nicholas R. 2 hours ago
I know Nate has a pretty good ground game and he's "tough" (too lazy to get out of the way of punches) but i can't hold him in high regards as far as skill. His punches are lazy and reaching, he has no head movement or defense at all, he can't adjust in order to win or at least minimize the amount of damage he takes, he gets too caught up in his image of being "tough" and ends up looking foolish and gets beat on. He got his name from tuf show and people seem to like his attitude or whatever but to me, he swims in the shallow end of the talent pool
Andy McEvoy
Andy McEvoy 3 hours ago
Is Nate Diaz the Rocky Balboa of the MMA world? He needs to take a proper beatin' first to wake up?
Sebastian Quiroz
Sebastian Quiroz 7 hours ago
Diaz con una mejor estrategia, no te digo que cambie todo el boxeo, pero un poco mas al contragolpe antes de boxearle de lleno . Tranquilamente le puede ganar, en el tercer round en boxeo ya le cambio el ritmo a masvidal, masvidal ya no tenia el derechazo de lleno en explosividad, masvidal ya buscaba el abrazo, respiraba por boca, le cambiaba la cara, aparte cada vez que nate le conectaba el slap se iba masvidal, masvidal le tiene miedo al daño, no tiene la misma mandibula que nate . Gano bien masvidal, pero diaz le puede ganar, es muy fuerte mentalmente y tiene mucha resistencia.
Nigel Lee
Nigel Lee 8 hours ago
I hope my idol nate cameback in ufc to fight again🔥🔥🔥
Deimos Project
Deimos Project 10 hours ago
That left hook body shot was the most hurt I ever seen Nate his FACE
Kannika Duanphen
Kannika Duanphen 19 hours ago
Yusuf Yazıcı
Yusuf Yazıcı 20 hours ago
Adamım ya
Elias Ruiz
Elias Ruiz Day ago
Yo le voy a Nick días pierde o gane saludos desde Tijuana cerró colorado algo chulo pa 😉
marcin rosol
marcin rosol 2 days ago
accuracy of masvidal is unmatch//
gamer's P C
gamer's P C 2 days ago
Never give up 👍👍🥰 👍After so much injury, Net Diaz did not give up again, congratulations.
eastsidaz211 2 days ago
Nate Diaz can take an ass whipping and keep going, that man got heart. Even tho he lost the fight Nate Diaz is a tru gladiator
eastsidaz211 2 days ago
Nate Diaz got heart to want to keep going and his eye brow was cut that bad. I got mad respect for jorge masvidal for him not continuing to damage the man face futher ya dig. His eye lid was gonna start to hang off in a minute. Wow
Thomas Denis
Thomas Denis 2 days ago
Who do like nate diaz honestly ? If yes, how did you do that and why ??!
Ramdon todos
Ramdon todos 2 days ago
Quiero una pelea de. Masvidal vs. Nike. Díaz
marian ion
marian ion 2 days ago
This fight is the definition of two dogs fighting...oh man. PS: guys, if you don't understand spanish just look for the fight you want ant text "english version"...see where that leads you
Rexel Gallardo
Rexel Gallardo 2 days ago
Bloody nate bloody nate, here we go again.
Oyekunbi Adams
Oyekunbi Adams 2 days ago
It's like Nate's face is made of tissue paper. Jorge has punched weaker mofos and they didn't bleed as much. I almost feel bad for such inferior genetics. His brother bursts up pretty easy too.
DminusFlamingo 2 days ago
sucks to win like this honestly i would be pissed if i won a fight because of doctor. still lets be real, they both limited in a cage with rules. so even lose should be accepted.
jude03 2 days ago
17:28 speed .25 see why did the doctor stop the fight..
DeezKnucks 2 days ago
Lol I really like Masvidal, but people were acting like Nate was full of shit when he said Masvidal was getting tired. He clearly was tired. Rounds 4 and 5 would've been very interesting.
Andy Calderon
Andy Calderon 2 days ago
2pac ali
2pac ali 3 days ago
0:56 ilmasee yuyuiy
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 3 days ago
😷15:05 pa oa pa papa ! 😂😂😂
Antonio Santiago
Antonio Santiago 3 days ago
La pararon??? No porfavor...
jayanth gowda
jayanth gowda 3 days ago
Nate Diaz 💓
Ken Ess
Ken Ess 3 days ago
Diaz is exactly what’s wrong with some guys’ mindset when they train mma.. they get the skills, but none of the discipline. Bro just fights sloppy.. Yeah he takes a mean beating.. is that a good thing?
m33lover 3 days ago
OOh....So you're a wrestler now.
Tausif Hasan Neel
Diaz bleeds alws
Osamuyimen Igbinoba
Hopefully Nate don't cut easily in their next fight.
Brandon J
Brandon J 4 days ago
Is that chito Vera commentating?
emybr ramen
emybr ramen 5 days ago
Es mejor no quedarse ciego de un ojo por el momento
davi cubi
davi cubi 5 days ago
Macho actualidades por que estoy por de inscripción fuera
gabriel del gallo
Por lo menos nate tiene bolas de pelearle de frente el mamón de kamaru usman se abrazo 5 rounds a masvidal
Robin Blackman
Robin Blackman 5 days ago
My children asking me 'what does BMF mean ? How do they get away with that ? Yet we cant even say Blackboard anymore
Auto Matic
Auto Matic 6 days ago
Nate gets cut just by touching paper.
Auto Matic
Auto Matic 6 days ago
But he is pitbull
Corey Sauceda
Corey Sauceda 6 days ago
They were whispering to each other on some WWE shit... Lame. DIAZ is done son.
WolVvKinG 7
WolVvKinG 7 6 days ago
Nate is a true warrior !!
British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent
LA LUCHA PARADA TEMPRANO NATE HABRÍA GANADO. Nate no resultó herido de ninguna manera. Política ,,, hicieron ganar a Jorge. ¡Es una mierda! REMATCH O BOICOTEO DANA WHITE Y LA MAFIA UFC!
Alvarado Baque
Alvarado Baque 37 minutes ago
Diaz ya estaba re cansado de que hablas wee
British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent
FIGHT STOPPED EARLY NATE WOULD HAVE WON. Nate was not hurt in any way. Politics,,, they made Jorge win. It’s sucks! REMATCH OR BOYCOTT DANA WHITE AND THE MAFIA UFC!
Mr Shikadance
Mr Shikadance 7 days ago
Nate looks like he's double jointed in his left shoulder. This probably affects the way that he throws punches from the Army probably intentionally doesn't throw a lot of power because if you throw enough power from an arm or you're double jointed you can pop your arm out of socket. I have this exact problem.
madness TV
madness TV 8 days ago
Nat bleeds to quickly his face has been hit so many times that the skin around his face has softened. The tissue of skin simply breaks easily 😜
Arman Kamal
Arman Kamal 8 days ago
Коментатор ваш смех не уместен
r1g8p7 8 days ago
Why the hell was The Rock there...
mortalkombat11 8 days ago
nate diaz can never be the bmf. he's a shy guy
Big 3ye
Big 3ye 8 days ago
They need a rematch because of the indecisive win.
adam chapman
adam chapman 8 days ago
Not a fan of both guy,s but Diaz would have ended up loosing anyways.
عبدالله العراقي
A very strong fight. Greetings from the Arab country of Iraq
djembejambi 8 days ago
Why on earth would they want to rematch these two. I know the answer is money but the win was decisive
Nademm Inamdar
Nademm Inamdar 8 days ago
4.24 whopaaaaa lol
Dedicated Spartan
Muy bueno.
rolas de la riva
rolas de la riva 8 days ago
Y va a pasar lo Mismo
The Unspoken Truth
Who is here after the rematch got announced?
Doubleoh Spartan
Doubleoh Spartan 8 days ago
If anybody seen how Nate fights usually don't get going till the 3rd or 4th round so honestly if the fight would have continued Nate would have definitely tapped Jorge out Jorge was already tired
Zig Zag
Zig Zag 9 days ago
This fight is bad match up for nate.. Sad to watch. Almost like he beat him silly. Nate to crazy keeps coming at u like a zombie mad respect for him. He can take a punch better than anyone else I seen.
Hill16Dub. 9 days ago
Diaz = Warrior. You've gotta love the man. Even Sarah Connor wouldn't be able to terminate this guy. Respect.
RonKris 9 days ago
Diaz ate at least two of the same shots that dropped Till.
h Tuugii
h Tuugii 9 days ago
Super fighter Masvidal 😉👌
Grant Lawrnc
Grant Lawrnc 10 days ago
Nate gonna have head trauma when he gets old bruh👌 he stay taking way to many shots over the year's
V. Lenin
V. Lenin 10 days ago
nate diaz is like the final boss you fight and when his health goes down to the minimum he regain his health and comeback.
Lord Marco
Lord Marco 4 days ago
@Alex Amaya Maybe but you can't deny he's a fucking tank.
Alex Amaya
Alex Amaya 8 days ago
Nate is not that good.
Dr. Chim Richalds
Dr. Chim Richalds 10 days ago
Hot cha cha. Now I have a hankering for tacos 🌮.
Jiří Štěpánek
Jiří Štěpánek 10 days ago
Brutal fight top !
Fausto De Elío
Fausto De Elío 10 days ago
Pesimos comentaristas.
J C 10 days ago
Nate cant fight untill his face is good an busted open
Mbaho Mornan
Mbaho Mornan 10 days ago
Tyni 10 days ago
Diaz is a warrior
Michael Lindsay
Michael Lindsay 10 days ago
Lol nate do his best work in the later rounds his brother nick is the quick starter
OpenCasket 10 days ago
Masvidal le pego con todo, fresco y con toda la fuerza en sus mejor rounds...ahora q?...4 y 5 son muy importante para Nate...quien sabe...
This Is Sewious
This Is Sewious 10 days ago
I like usman but i feel like nate stood longer with jorge than usman did. Usman was scared of jorges hands
Melvin Zapata
Melvin Zapata 10 days ago
Esto fue humillante para nate ,no se para que diablos busco una revancha si regresa igual masdival lo va a matar
Matias 96
Matias 96 9 days ago
Fue una paliza la verdad , no veo como Nate gane una revancha capaz ganar más masa muscular
Dustin h
Dustin h 10 days ago
These guys respected each other its like they'd rather be chillen
Dustin h
Dustin h 10 days ago
Stockton slap made george laugh
Dustin h
Dustin h 10 days ago
Always wanted to see diaz go up a weight class
Camilo Lagos
Camilo Lagos 10 days ago
A Díaz siempre lo cortan jajajaja
Luis Bermudez cruz
Luis Bermudez cruz 10 days ago
qué mucha mielda habla el locutor
Abraham Llamas
Abraham Llamas 11 days ago
Pinches comentaristas tan de la verga
Gunjaks Thapa
Gunjaks Thapa 11 days ago
we want conor mcgregor vs masvidal.. please
fatboi lokó
fatboi lokó 11 days ago
Nate got beat the fuck up👀🤔
Salvador Rrapi
Salvador Rrapi 11 days ago
I like Nate, but let’s be realistic he got handled here
Jeronimo 999
Jeronimo 999 11 days ago
Que malos los relatores
Elvir Fale
Elvir Fale 11 days ago
Diaz wants to act all gangster he got the shit beat out of him
matthias elsner
matthias elsner 11 days ago
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Notorious Ufc
Notorious Ufc 11 days ago
Anyone notice nate using better footwoork in this fight? Around 1:20 first round he gets the outside foot and instead of going right hook, left straight nate threw and right hook, left hook lol
Orisbel Espinosa
Orisbel Espinosa 11 days ago
Y esos narradores querían que ganara Dias a la fuerza,que descaraos son
jim brown
jim brown 11 days ago
What a WWE Fake fight!... dude who are they fooling with that stoppage or fight.
markus martin
markus martin 11 days ago
Woooopa woooopa gangnam style!
jim brown
jim brown 11 days ago
It looks like a fake fight... that is not how Nate fights. this fight was rigged for a rematch!
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 12 days ago
😷😷😷6:25 Salio por todas las canicas Diaz,y solo se llevo 2 en la boca de Masvidal.😂😂😂
Bronny Junior
Bronny Junior 12 days ago
joe rogan sounds weird in this video
Beren 12 days ago
Soy yo o chito vera a y Werdum van en contra de Diaz
King Cesar
King Cesar 12 days ago
Masdoval killed Diaz🐺⚔️💯
Sayward October
Sayward October 12 days ago
"Masvidal is gassed" really just means Diaz landed a few punches in the 3rd
Santiago henao vallejo
Esto si da espectáculo, no como ver derribar a khabib
Papaluška SK
Papaluška SK 12 days ago
Nates a true warrior but he was completely out classed. Clean sharp shots Masvidal, we all know Diaz Bros would rather die then give up.
The Astute Nomad
The Astute Nomad 12 days ago
Everyone saying Masvidal was gassing now can realize he went 5 with Usman. He was never going to slow down on Nate.
Frankie hitman26
@Alex Amaya lol. Double stacking his pizzas and shit.
Nia Sea
Nia Sea 2 days ago
@Andrea Brembilla From start to finish, one of the best and most honest comments on this fight 👍🏼
Alex Amaya
Alex Amaya 5 days ago
@Frankie hitman26 Jorge is just better than Nate. He would have to fuck things up, not train and shit the bed to lose to Nate
Jagger Django
Jagger Django 8 days ago
@Frankie hitman26 nah, masvidal would´ve messed up his cut even more and the ref would´ve stopped the fight by then anyway, nate is a tough dude so he probably wouldn´t have been finished, but he´d not be able to suddenly turn things around and finish Masvidal either especially since masvidal doesn´t get finished either...Nate was simply outclassed in this fight and was going towards a dominating decision loss or a stoppage due to the cut getting worse than it already was
Andrea Brembilla
Andrea Brembilla 10 days ago
And Nate's body got worked so much that he wasn't going to turn around anything at all. He blamed bad training afterwards because he's a sore loser, but if you've ever get even a single body shot in your life, you know that's just bullshit. The rematch will go the same way, too much gap between them. I'd rather see Jorge vs Edwards but you know, the rematch sells way more.
CF F 12 days ago
Mismatch, therefore schooled
Eoc Cntrs
Eoc Cntrs 12 days ago
Guerrero el Díaz
rafael garcia
rafael garcia 12 days ago
Y Ahora quiere Volver a pelear con Masvidal, le gusta que lo agarren como saco de boxeo, su lengua no lo salvo de la humillscion de esa noche, si dejaban que seguiría peleando,Masvidal lo mataba.
Ultra eye
Ultra eye 12 days ago
Oh my god Nate is god of endurance!!
Jorge l. tabares marin
Quiciera que JORGE VIDAL Y MICHAEL PEREIRA verás como reciben muchas más masas populares porque estos dos harían una magnífica pelea.
Dio Anggoro
Dio Anggoro 13 days ago
Pantang mundur Diaz
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