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After taking the fight on one week's notice, Jorge Masvidal went the distance with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman -- but failed to dethrone him, as Usman secured a unanimous victory in UFC 251.

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Jul 11, 2020




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David Dobbins
David Dobbins 5 months ago
Too much weight to cut ...too short of time.
GamingwithWealthy 6 months ago
Rashad Evans has dreadddddsssssss
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 6 months ago
Hello, Humans. "Breaking from the herd is better than getting lost in it." -Matshona Dhliwayo TERRANCE OUT
Joanna 6 months ago
Hello, Humans. "Breaking from the herd is better than getting lost in it." -Matshona Dhliwayo TERRANCE OUT
Sam Barone
Sam Barone 6 months ago
fight with colby a stand up war best fights of the year..he's so smart that he takes a different approach on every guy and never has really lost a round n takes no damage.pretty incredible regardless u like his style he has beat every big name there is
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 6 months ago
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Sam Barone
Sam Barone 6 months ago
Great highlights of usmans skills..wish everyone else seen it as that
Joanna 6 months ago
Khabib is better action
positive thinking
positive thinking 6 months ago
I wonder why he didn't have any pop he lost 20 lb and 6 days Rashad Evan knows I takes a life out of you he's acting like he don't know because he's biased full training camp no doubt Georgia Mass but all Beats Kamara Osman
positive thinking
positive thinking 6 months ago
Lmao! So biased Rashad Evans
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore 6 months ago
I'm sorry but masvidal was not ready the man partied all night lost twenty pda in six days quarantined I respected usman but less then 6 days notice to do all that not prepare the exhaustion no training I guarantee the match would not made it to the fourth round masvidal fully prepared for that match I need an immediate rematch usman can't be happy with that victory
Steve Mac
Steve Mac 6 months ago
Usman wouldn't have a chance vs Jorge a 100%ready not with a 4 day notice if you take out the 2 days to travel so the guy lost 20 pounds in 4 days and train get ready can you imagine with. 3 months time he would dust the floor with Usman come on people wake up
wayde wonder
wayde wonder 6 months ago
Brain stop been a hater and give credit to the Nigerian champ!! U the only one looking for excuses why he won shut up
primetime5000 6 months ago
rematch not....usemans to good and khab....makes big money fight
primetime5000 6 months ago
useman vs khab ...super fight ..it will do 1.3 m
edit11 6 months ago
crotch sniffer fight
Choncy Benton
Choncy Benton 6 months ago
Did i miss somethin? When TF did Usman outstrike street Jesus
amirpro 1389
amirpro 1389 6 months ago
Follow me
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
This host is on coke. Usman avoided striking with Masvidal every chance he got. There was no improvement in his striking. He relied on what he does best.
Joeybabbs .BABBS
Joeybabbs .BABBS 6 months ago
one dimensional turd. conor would destroy this guy
Byron W
Byron W 6 months ago
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Fruitrollup 6 months ago
Khabib is better action
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
I feel sorry for the poor bastard who had to put together this highlight reel.
Fruitrollup 6 months ago
Worst fight ever take the belt away
Fruitrollup 6 months ago
Lol that not a highlight
Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II
Not necessarily though... it’s the Cuban boxers that gave the Americans and every other nationality in the Olympics that smoke
BUGG20 6 months ago
Thanks Usman I was tired of Jorge hype job ass
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
Haters Going To hate.. Usman is a beast, But haters will find every reason to put down Usman.
born ready
born ready 6 months ago
Masvidal got washed. There was nothing he could've done to pull a win.
jethro simpson
jethro simpson 6 months ago
usman should call out nate diaz and mcgregor
Mark Lord
Mark Lord 6 months ago
I was so disappointed in the fight. I was looking forward to seeing the first foot-stomp KO ever :-(
Ed House
Ed House 6 months ago
Usman is a boring fighter
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
Usman is basically the Mayweather of the UFC at this point, both have an uncanny ability to put people to sleep watching them fight.
DFORREAL Log up 6 months ago
Usman wasn’t he was old school wrestling l. This fool didn’t want no smoke from Masvidal. I’m grad the brother beat and humble him for talking crab about how is was going to knock him out and how easy it was going to be to beat him.
David Hodges
David Hodges 6 months ago
Masvidal let me down how the fuck did he lose that come on
Jessepe Jibbs
Jessepe Jibbs 6 months ago
I feel sorry for the poor bastard who had to put together this highlight reel.
rico lucky
rico lucky 6 months ago
did yhall see him parry the knee, say what!?
andre1442 6 months ago
This host is on coke. Usman avoided striking with Masvidal every chance he got. There was no improvement in his striking. He relied on what he does best.
Kris Carroll
Kris Carroll 6 months ago
With a full camp, jorge takes this fight. Hes a true fighter. Kudos to usman for winning the fight and retaining his title
Hengyang Zhang
Hengyang Zhang 6 months ago
I'm just wondering if it's legal to foot stomp your opponent with your heel rather than forefoot. Isn't that way more efficient and damaging?
Malo 209
Malo 209 6 months ago
Usman is a bum wouldn’t stand toe to toe
Mr. Mayhem
Mr. Mayhem 6 months ago
Nigerian blanket
5annent 6 months ago
UFC predjudice) they still fuckin with Jon Jones 1 loss record) GTFOH!)
Sir Fawkes Allot
Sir Fawkes Allot 6 months ago
Usman is basically the Mayweather of the UFC at this point, both have an uncanny ability to put people to sleep watching them fight.
Sam Barone
Sam Barone 6 months ago
Regardless he imposes his will on every guy and when he is done in the ufc he will go down as the best ever to do it
Swa M
Swa M 6 months ago
GC thank you casuals who just look for the knockouts and aggressive fighters
Swa M
Swa M 6 months ago
Mayweather was great if you actually love boxing not just bout knockouts if you study the sport in fall in love with the sport it’s exciting to watch him make opponents look stupid
Doctor Sykadelix
Doctor Sykadelix 6 months ago
Mayweather was entertaining as hell for the first half of his career at least
Bojack the Man
Bojack the Man 6 months ago
@Dre Jay Good try, now put on the Dunce Cap and sit facing the corner.
miamimanuelcano 6 months ago
So foot stomps is a clinic lol Usman played it smart but he didn’t destroy Masvadale the only injury was a cut by head but.
kieler Tripp
kieler Tripp 6 months ago
JUJU 1222
JUJU 1222 6 months ago
This fight was so damn gay if he didn’t clinch all the damn time Usman would have went to sleep I can guarantee it
Silvester Hercules
Silvester Hercules 6 months ago
Snoozeman won with nothing but hugs and foot stomps
Ace Ridah
Ace Ridah 6 months ago
I can see Usman Holding that Title For A Long Time
Edward Aa
Edward Aa 6 months ago
UFC 251 - garbage card. Once again aldo is wash up Hollaway got robbed again Main event cuddle time !
Mauricio Acuña
Mauricio Acuña 6 months ago
Usman barely won he didn't dominate this fight
Creature 6 months ago
Masvidal at the end to Usman: "Im tired AF!"
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Steven Marshall
Steven Marshall 6 months ago
Not a single decent highlight other than toe stomps.
Doc Valiant
Doc Valiant 6 months ago
Texas Boy wins
Jorge masvidal vs colby covington next
milleezy 6 months ago
Got that ass beat for talkin too much and tossing the “N” bomb around😂😂😂
mlzanercik 6 months ago
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Allen Adgerson
Allen Adgerson 6 months ago
20 lbs on 6 days notice show me another one at that level GAME BREED!
Samuel Ekhaeyemhe
Samuel Ekhaeyemhe 6 months ago
wow! Brian is Racist or something?
Avocado Gaming
Avocado Gaming 6 months ago
Usman is boring as F. He head-butted on purpose too
Mike Manley
Mike Manley 6 months ago
Usman should get cut from the UFC, no wants to watch a toe stomper.
Kenneth McGill
Kenneth McGill 6 months ago
Horrible fight breakdown.
Dwayne Whitehead
Dwayne Whitehead 6 months ago
If U see this cash app me rn $Dsoulja1, And tell me what time or year u seen this gotta see this😂
Cole Hunter
Cole Hunter 6 months ago
Satan loves people who bet on humans fighting
Astral Stickman
Astral Stickman 6 months ago
Masvidal stopped in Italy for some pizza on the way to get his bag in Dubai
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph 6 months ago
Why degrade Usmans win, Brian Campbell,YT trollers? Both fighters had big adjustments to make. Both fighters brought their training and preparation to the octagon! Usman put in the work and won, period. Haters. BLM
Lord Sephiroth
Lord Sephiroth 6 months ago
Kelly Siar
Kelly Siar 6 months ago
Pop Pop Popopopp
Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage 6 months ago
Humans love to watch other humans beat the shit out of each other and they call it entertainment. Cave man shit right here... no wonder we started the depopulation program.. Agenda 21... just a couple of more years... humans messed up this world. Turn another blind eye I will show you exactly what will happen. Wait til you humans get chipped then you will know this isn't a game or a hoax.
Pakistani Reactions
Pakistani Reactions 6 months ago
Who's the idiot in charge of titles of these videos?
Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas 6 months ago
U cant lose 20 lbs in 6 days and think you'll be at your best. I wanna see him in a full camp. That matters folks. Idc what anybody says. That is a big factor
Joe A
Joe A 6 months ago
Trump 2020!
James Mitchellp
James Mitchellp 6 months ago
What the hell just happend to my movie on webbsite im a adult a man not a child if i want to watch adult movie its my bussiness none off anybody elses so put movie back on before i call my attorney and have somebody ass well i will have to call.my unckle which is a high class attorney in which i will wait til in the morning all i wanted is to watch a movie adult movie.
Spiky Elf 4M
Spiky Elf 4M 6 months ago
Hahaha look all the punks who are saying footstomps like they have nothing else to say lol 😂
FatLikeKessel 6 months ago
When Usman decides to try and test himself and his striking game against opponents of the same strength, then I’ll enjoy watching him fight. In less words, grow some balls and stand up with someone who will actually challenge you. The guy has faced no adversity , and when it’s there he will do exactly what he did to Masvidal , pin the cage and wait it out. One dimensional to the definition.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 6 months ago
The wackest title fight in UFC history
Kingdom Life
Kingdom Life 6 months ago
There was no fans in the stadium ??
Your mans
Your mans 6 months ago
The greatest UFC fight was Khabib vs Conner, that’s it, no more “greatest ufc fight” bullshit.
FRECK DAGOD 6 months ago
Usman & khabib gonna be a wrestling match
eduar ed
eduar ed 6 months ago
Damn just when masvidal was getting the big money...sucks i want him to keep getting that big pay check
DeAundres Blue
DeAundres Blue 6 months ago
Wrestling saves alot of UFC fighters from Losses
Ray DaMan
Ray DaMan 6 months ago
Or does it help you win fights?
ninjastorm540 6 months ago
People were getting on Masvidal purely on hype and popularity alone. Others who actually look past that knew Usman would win
BMX Ivan
BMX Ivan 6 months ago
This is trash
PAIN333 6 months ago
Usman 10 headshots and 200 footstomps LOL
OIF/OEF-0341 6 months ago
"Combat analyst".......lmfao
bonqueque 6 months ago
i saw this live BIIIISH
Tut Gaddafi
Tut Gaddafi 6 months ago
Still 1 lost remain. #Usman
the Independent voter
Masvidal is still the better striker. Smart game plan for Usman not to stand toe to toe, would have been knocked out.
ourforgiveness *com
ourforgiveness *com 6 months ago
BRENDA wheelen
BRENDA wheelen 6 months ago
Can I ewt
Ezekiel 963
Ezekiel 963 6 months ago
Usman fights like Carla Esparza on steroids.
Chris Hart
Chris Hart 6 months ago
Uutuuy uuy cc to the shop
Mike me
Mike me 6 months ago
Man i thought fighting jesus was gunna get that...
HOH 6 months ago
Usman is trash.
Josh Heral
Josh Heral 6 months ago
UFC the eagle
silly guy
silly guy 6 months ago
All that money bet on jorge and lost. If having a big mouth won fights
Mentally Disturbed
Mentally Disturbed 6 months ago
6 days that’s tuff I known he wait give him a rematch
Big Jo
Big Jo 6 months ago
If I wanna watch wrestling I'll watch Jordan Burroughs. That's why I like Gaetje fights better
Lemurai 6 months ago
I don’t even watch UFC not since Couture, Liddell and Ortiz left. I just look at the highlights.
Confortos Ghost
Confortos Ghost 6 months ago
I respect Masvidal for taking this fight but man he should've waited cuz yeah its his first title but after Masvidal last fight imagine if he took a fight with some preparation and won?? His career just started getting the spotlight that I feel he has deserved for the past 5yrs and this may actually cloud the light that just started to shine.
Jason Seeber
Jason Seeber 6 months ago
I'm not sure how Usman put on a clinic he laid on him and foot stomped him for five rounds yet another boring performance from usman
Idris Mammedov
Idris Mammedov 6 months ago
Usman try to wrestle Khabib call him out
Ex Vius
Ex Vius 6 months ago
Unpleasant to watch? Yes. Impressive to literally see a man absolutely imposing his will on his opponent? Also yes. Usman is a tough opponent because he doesn't give a damn how boring he looks, he is in the octagon to win. Period. I don't want to watch it but I respect the hell out of it.
Djoker Dominator
Djoker Dominator 6 months ago
Khabib smokes Snoozman. Grappling wrestling Snoozman gets taken to school by khabib. At 195 lbs khabib destroys Snoozman
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