UFC 249: Khabib VS Ferguson - "Clash of the Titans" 2020

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►UFC 249: Kahbib Nurmagamedov VS Tony Ferguson - "Clash of the Titans" 2020 #khabib #tonyferguson #ufc249
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Comments 80
UfcHD Month ago
Bro 100$ Lets Go bit.ly/2NRSMxJ PROMOCOD - UfcClubHD1X Will lose Khabib???
Avenger Resolution
Avenger Resolution 12 days ago
💯💯💯💯💯💯 khabib will loose
ShoeNice Classic Uploads
@Rom eo stfu... he has too
ShoeNice Classic Uploads
@Gurneet Singh ture that
ShoeNice Classic Uploads
@Rener Oslo yeah right
Yong Braveheart
Yong Braveheart Month ago
When the caged closed at last u would heard this words...Alhamdulillah God give me everything....Khabib ftw
betterdayz 11 days ago
I don’t know who will win but the one wins and the other one will surely end up losing half litre of his blood.
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein 13 days ago
Love Khabib
Shahzeb Mehar
Shahzeb Mehar 15 days ago
Khabib inshallah ❤️🤲🏻
Abhi D Music
Abhi D Music 15 days ago
Tony is the type of guy who gives pneumonia to coronavirus...
Jacob Macias
Jacob Macias 20 days ago
Watch this shit be canceled again
Prof M
Prof M 22 days ago
More like smart warrior vs. psycho mental case. He will disappear after round 4 like his delusional fans. “Stuuupid guy”:)
Mehedi Hasan Sumon
Mehedi Hasan Sumon 24 days ago
I look forward to watching this match
Ronny Dewwy
Ronny Dewwy 25 days ago
HMU on ig if you need beats for future videos @ronnydewwy
Mr.Cyeber 27 days ago
What? The titans? Kkkkkk #loveKhabib
Abdul Rahim
Abdul Rahim 27 days ago
Khabib Allahuakbar
Lh A
Lh A 27 days ago
cobra et mangouste C’est le mangouste qui va gagner Khabib
Free Palestine
Free Palestine 27 days ago
God We really hate that fucking Tony Fagetson you fucking piece of shit lowlife you really are stupid and stupid looking LOL
Pangeran Sitompul
Pangeran Sitompul 28 days ago
Ferguson Tuhan Memberkatimu
cah ngapak lor kali
ferguson is only chicken pieces🤣🤣
Guiseppe Francescotti
Khabib champ!!
Nootropix 28 days ago
In conclusion, fk connor mcgregor
Juli’s tv
Juli’s tv 28 days ago
Tony 🔥🔥🔥
irfan aly
irfan aly 28 days ago
Gabriel Torres
Gabriel Torres 29 days ago
Press is today!!!
Lava Iris
Lava Iris 29 days ago
Khabib bismillah ...
REGION 62 29 days ago
Omar Preza
Omar Preza 29 days ago
Please tony beat khabib
Black diamond
Black diamond Month ago
Tony like Khabob disslike
Vicente Lucas
Vicente Lucas Month ago
I’m going for TONY!!🤜
Duke Mickey Sr.
Duke Mickey Sr. Month ago
I hope khabib smashes that flappy eared, idiots head in! Can't stand Tony! Go kick another telephone pole ya dumb-shit!
Burak Dulger
Burak Dulger Month ago
Khabib will fuck him
Revenge Month ago
Khabib WİN 💪💪💪
Nate Lelea
Nate Lelea Month ago
Bruh he has the tools to beat that monster chump
Nate Lelea
Nate Lelea Month ago
Tony will win
Zieliński Marek
I don't know but i hope khabib win!!
Simple MaN
Simple MaN Month ago
Winner will be that,who has more fire in heart and eyes
Proapocalypse Month ago
So far Khabib has 2 cancellations and Tony has 2. Who takes the next cancellation?
Spaw R
Spaw R Month ago
Tony is good and underestimated, but I still can't see him taking the W. Either way I want to see a savage battle.
Ensar Tayson
Ensar Tayson Month ago
Khabib win😎☝️
moh ibra
moh ibra Month ago
khabib will win,hs is the best ,has best manner in this game
B Tulga
B Tulga Month ago
Greatest fight in history
Jhon Rivero
Jhon Rivero Month ago
This guys will fight bc they love it not for any bloody religions 50%/50% I like both hard to support onej
NAPALM92 Month ago
Delusionnal fanboys out there ! The same cheerleaders who said: "Conor will KO Khabib in the first round !", "Poirier will finish Khabib in the later rounds !", "Khabib has no cardio and will gas out in the 3rd round !", "Khabib can't throw a jab, he's an amateur !"... it's Always the same dry ass shit every single time when Khabib has a fight scheduled. Everybody makes the list of Khabib's weaknesses and highlights the strengths of his opponents, but nobody takes the time to acknoledge the fact that Khabib's fight IQ is among thet highest in the whole UFC roster. If that wasn't the case, he wouldn't be the champ right now and he would've lost already, especially in a division full of killers like the lightweight division. There's a handful of fights where Toy didn't look as good as people think. He looked very beatable against lesser fighters. Khabib's the best chain wrestler in the division, he's the best grappler in the division, and the best ground & pounder in the division. The guy's nickname should be "the mauler", not "the eagle". Tony's wrestling won't be enough. Tony's jiu jitsu won't be a factor cause Khabib won't allow him to use it. Just wait & see. And Tony's striking is overrated. He's not a boxer, not a kickboxer, but he's got good elbows, but like i said, when Khabib gets him to the ground, his elbows wont be an issue cause Khabib never gets in the guard of his opponents… There's a miscalculation from all the Khabib haters… Or maybe it's just wishful thinking… ???
Ramon Crocodilians Productions
@NAPALM92 Of course that Khabib's style. But it ain't gonna work on Tony.
NAPALM92 29 days ago
@Ramon Crocodilians Productions khabib said in an interview that he gave him the submission intentionally to gas him out
Cammy Lindsay
Cammy Lindsay Month ago
@Ramon Crocodilians Productions name one weakness khabib has?hes got stamina,strength a chin made of iron and he's the best grappler in UFC history nobody even comes close to him in the ground game.there will never be another like him I thought McGregor was something special until khabib mauled and destroyed him
Ramon Crocodilians Productions
@Cammy Lindsay Nah, Tony can beat him. Khabib have a weakness. He can be beat. I disagree.
Cammy Lindsay
Cammy Lindsay Month ago
I agree pal khabib is clearly a beast and he's in a league of his own and personally in my opinion I think he will be like the UFC version of Floyd Mayweather and will never be beaten he's just too classy
Stone Cold Stipe
Fight cancelled due to both pulling out due to coronavirus
MMA Все организации
ferald junior
ferald junior Month ago
Khabib time
Shefin Shafi
Shefin Shafi Month ago
Comment section is same like the previous conor vs khabib fight..but after the fight,it disappears 😂😂
Oin Oin
Oin Oin Month ago
Khabib was not a fighter...!! He's just a FUcker wrestler only.
Al Delcr
Al Delcr Month ago
I can see Ferguson winning anyway In this fight.. I can only see Khabib winning a decision
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh Month ago
Music name plz
Fake Pilot
Fake Pilot Month ago
When Connor met Khabib, you said same as now, so better keep silent and pray like Drakel
Sailang go
Sailang go Month ago
Ooooooo........ ruvid.net/video/video-yjU9dEA9_5I.html
Z-H Vierität
Z-H Vierität Month ago
Tony hat mehr schwächen als Stärken. Tony vs Diaz Tony vs Lee Lee war besser aber er konnte in nicht würgen? Khabib kann das am besten, und ich sehe beim Khabib keine schwächen, damit man sagen kann, ich bereite mein Kämpfer gegen Khabib auf diese schwächen? Beim Tony hat man gesehen. Khabib wird sich einmal an in klammern und danach geht die Puste auch am Tony weg. Obwohl ich Moslem bin Allhamdulilah, aber Tony kämpft geiler, aber Khabib wird in nicht kämpfen lassen.
ayrton 46
ayrton 46 Month ago
Khabib vs ferguson 30-0☝️☝️☝️☝️
Skywalker Month ago
Seriously Habib is too much for Tony... May the better man wins though!
Samad El Hatri
Samad El Hatri Month ago
Best vn best cor is nix
muhammad nauval01
Judging from yesterday's fight Tony Ferguson was very struggling to defeat the cowboys, while Conor McGregor was very easy to defeat the cowboys. sure the khabib will win this fight easily. God willing khabib will definitely win. Amin yaa allah
Himanshu Gautam
Himanshu Gautam Month ago
Tokki Foefire
Tokki Foefire Month ago
I 👏 can't 👏bloody 👏wait👏
Mahfoozur Jamiel Rahman
Bot of these guys have mad Stamina. This is like a tiger vs lion battle
enjoy art
enjoy art Month ago
Khabib is great fighter and undetectable in world . All jews zainace can't defeat khabib Inshallah . This is khabib time inshallah
crs 14
crs 14 Month ago
I want this fight to be bloody
Lord Narasimha
Lord Narasimha Month ago
I don’t care if anyone gives this comment a like, but let’s please spread it all over social media to push for competent judging for Tony vs Khabib. Because Khabib’s gonna do work from top, Tony’s gonna do work from the bottom and the last thing we need is an idiot judge who isn’t even watching the fight deciding “Khabib is on top, he’s automatically winning”. Copy and paste this
Lorenzo Marin
Lorenzo Marin Month ago
“Khabib Behave yourself or El Cucuy will come and take you away.”
syed rafi
syed rafi Month ago
Inshallah khabib will win.
Thrust Issd
Thrust Issd Month ago
the man who never bleed and the man who always bleeds his opponents
Kevin Month ago
khabib is going to be sleeping on the floor of the octagon.
Soolking Month ago
You and I have never seen Democracy; all we've seen is hypocrisy. Malcom X
GhO5T Month ago
Tony will win,remember my words!!!!
Andi Adzhar
Andi Adzhar Month ago
Tony Will also lose
words wpns
words wpns Month ago
Let the mauling begin
Deebo Nash
Deebo Nash Month ago
Sorry but Khabib is gonna smell his balls and choke tony out... it's the truth
Mando Farias
Mando Farias Month ago
Tonys the type of guy that goes to the mall to prepare for Khabibs maul!
rock solid
rock solid Month ago
The eagle has got the strength and power unknown in UFC history....
Yu Chien
Yu Chien Month ago
i dont like khabib but i think Khabib can beat 2 persons like Tony in one night. different level.
Himanshu Gautam
Himanshu Gautam Month ago
Do u really think that ur thinking matters ??
Yu Chien
Yu Chien Month ago
when ground fight tony will be like a stupid chicken.
HICHAM 8020 Month ago
Khabib from Djibouti 👊
Xolbek Yuldashev
60% khabib
Gurbeige Kolekter
Khabib's gameplan is as usual, push to the fence, pin legs, put on his weight and smash face with his free left hand and sometimes go for the choke. I'd like to see what Tony's BBJ and 10th planet's gameplan to counter this.
Morjina Akter
Morjina Akter Month ago
I f**k ufc
Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to enter the oxtogan wearing Deontay Wilders ring entrance suit he wore against Tyson Fury, just to make things tougher on himself...
Syed luqman Hussaini
Same like McGregor.. stupidity of #Tony Simplicity wins then the stupidity
Syed luqman Hussaini
@Vjif Tony is tougher then khabib's... then why did Tony lost matches in his career? And why is khabib still undefeated? Now? Who is tougher
Vj Month ago
@Syed luqman Hussaini well if you go by that logic khabib struggled against glison tibau and literally cried after the decision ( no offense he really did) and guess what tony murked glison tibau styles makes fights my friend also tony had a broken hand in Johnson fight and still went to a split decision that's how tough he is.
Syed luqman Hussaini
@FuShengAlex yep.. khabib said ... i know. But. Have u played any game.? The higher level will always be tougher then the starting. So he played 28 matches. 29 will be harder then all 28. And next will be ever more hard. And see the match of khabib vs michael johnson. And then michael johnson vs tony. Khabib defeated johnson. But tony lost with johnson
FuShengAlex Month ago
@Syed luqman Hussaini Yeah ok casual, Conor??. Khabib on Tony: I think, just my opinion, my last couple of years, I compete with guys like Barboza, dos Anjos, Conor, Poirier, Iaquinta, all of these guys not tough like Tony Ferguson,” Nurmagomedov said. “That’s why we focus like always, but right now we have more focus, more hard work. Tony is not like these guys. He’s a little bit tougher than all of them.”
Syed luqman Hussaini
@FuShengAlex yes ok.. I'm talking rubbish😂. But don't worry. Same like McGregor. Tony also 😂
Alphonse Dune
Alphonse Dune Month ago
Khabibe vs Ferguson amazine
William Burch
William Burch Month ago
I can't wait to watch Tony shut this assholes mouth !! I watched kabhib wrestle a high school kid. The whole time he was disrespectful and called the kid a bum before the match. What a prick !! Hope Tony shuts his cocky mouth for him and I believe he will !!
Wesam Altamimi
Wesam Altamimi Month ago
Khabib time
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