UFC 246: McGregor vs Cowboy Pre-fight Press Conference

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Conor McGregor, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and UFC President Dana white participate in a press conference ahead of UFC 246.
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Jan 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Rock N' Goal
Rock N' Goal Day ago
I think he “retired” Right now just because, as he Said a Lot of times, he fights for the Fans. If the Fans aren t there at the Arena, why the fuck should he fight? He has a Lot of Money so no “reason” to fight in this period.
Vivek Negi
Vivek Negi Day ago
Calm plus humble mcgregor looks so intimidating
William Rosenlof
Lost all respect for Cowboy after this fight.. Not interested in seeing him fight anymore.. He should definitely retire
r navy
r navy 2 days ago
Khabib realy did make conor humble 😳
Loading Gamers
Loading Gamers 2 days ago
cerrone got paid only 200k wtf ufc?
Never Stop Dreaming
Khabib teach this guy, you can't just open your mouth for everything and flying in the air, falling from that height is painful.
Nami Najmabadi
Nami Najmabadi 4 days ago
Gsp has left the chat
Lokham Natung
Lokham Natung 6 days ago
Khabib made him humble
Lindsay York
Lindsay York 7 days ago
Freaking love Cowboy. Such a class act and tough son of a gun.
Joshua White
Joshua White 7 days ago
I've been watching ufc press conferences since 2006 this is totally my favorite one love it
Gauge Olar
Gauge Olar 7 days ago
Yes I will be there 👍
pro man
pro man 7 days ago
I'll bet ya McGregor wins!!!
Faris Thekiller
Faris Thekiller 8 days ago
14:06 Is he crying?
The silly guy
The silly guy 9 days ago
How many times has he left and ‘been back’
Astonic 10 days ago
i think he became more humble not from weak ass khabib or mayweather i think it was his kid who did that XD
Anirban Samanta
Anirban Samanta 10 days ago
He dominated 155?
The MMA Addict
The MMA Addict 11 days ago
Cowboy, " I'm so excited to go in there and do absolutely nothing like a deer in the headlights".. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Which is why you were chosen over Gaetjhe cuz Conor doesn't want that smoke
b harty
b harty 12 days ago
I really like the new humble Conor.
Capt. Shid
Capt. Shid 13 days ago
Where is the whisky bottle,,, lol
Khalid Hallaq
Khalid Hallaq 14 days ago
khabib really changed him
Future UFC champion
Donald Cerrone is the type of guy to hold record in holding records
Nawed 377
Nawed 377 16 days ago
Khabib humbled him
Eugene Thompson
Eugene Thompson 17 days ago
no matter how many times cowboy loses i cant help but like him.
Dennis Ver
Dennis Ver 18 days ago
Pressure creates diamonds
Matrix. 21 day ago
13:05 that's why I respect donald humble and a nice guy
Matrix. 21 day ago
Connor locks big and in great shape hope he comes back and knocks these Walters out
Rafi Hasan
Rafi Hasan 23 days ago
I remember how everyone in the chat were spamming "Best friends" XD
Chris Early
Chris Early 24 days ago
Whos here after conor beat ceronne
Asim Khan
Asim Khan 25 days ago
Dana should have said yes it would be awesome for Conor to fight 3 times in 2020 but if I give it to him first. How crazy is this, people get cut for not fighting but what about the ones that want to fight but the UFC won't give him a fight?
Del Sol
Del Sol 27 days ago
Pyton good man
hacker 31
hacker 31 27 days ago
Khabib said he wants to make conor humble & he did
Essex G's
Essex G's 28 days ago
Cowboy literally thanked Conor for the opportunity 🤣🤣🤣 everyone saying he humbled, no ones doubting him anymore that’s why.
CR4ZY_K30GH 29 days ago
Conor "I am going to Kickstart UFC 2020 year big and continue it!" 2020 Retires👌
Krishna Magar
CR4ZY_K30GH it’s because of corona
Rock N' Goal
Rock N' Goal Day ago
I think it s just because, as he Said a Lot of times, he fights for the Fans. If the Fans aren t there at the Arena, why the fuck should he fight? He has a Lot of Money so no “reason” to fight right now.
ii ii
ii ii 29 days ago
Khabib changed him in a positive way
Fucking COVID-19
Victor Leon
Victor Leon Month ago
Viking vs Cowboy
Oliver Gene
Oliver Gene Month ago
This is the only fighter Conor likes before he fights
Teen Nugget
Teen Nugget Month ago
well things went to shit i’m the last 4 months
Maniac Month ago
13:00 Cowboy is the man
Tom and jerry Kuttis malayalam
BoxinLikeABoss Month ago
Looking back, I wish this fight lasted a little longer...
Forza Juve
Forza Juve Month ago
Damn I knew khabib humbled him a bit but not this much
Jasjit Bajwa
Jasjit Bajwa Month ago
Khabib beat the shit out of this guy
Juvenile Delinquet
"LET'S TALK NOW".....!!!
Kristián Lukáč
please shut the fuck up loser
Consultant Anesthesiologist
Conor "HUMBLED" by Khabib Nurmagomedov by "HUMILIATION"
Jayden Month ago
Donald looking like an anime villain with that shadow
Jayden Month ago
"any potential roadblocks in 2020" :(
Theforcer 1
Theforcer 1 Month ago
imagine what 2020 could have been
JD JD Month ago
Why is Conor fighting a talking shadow hat?
Jesús Artavia
Jesús Artavia Month ago
What a song?
George Washington
This fight conference was in stark contrast to McGregor's other ones...
Adlane Boukhari
Adlane Boukhari Month ago
His Humble
Manik Parihar
Manik Parihar Month ago
Conor mcgregor = Wit of chael Ego of lesnar Brashness of bisping Confidence of the rock Mindset of Bruce lee
Mark K
Mark K Month ago
2:30 Was that Ferguson whoooing in the background?
Im Chase
Im Chase Month ago
anita Christie
anita Christie Month ago
SantaSock Month ago
Wow chad johnson was cring af
Conor wasn’t technically wrong Khabib versus Tony never happened
Izzahan 265
Izzahan 265 Month ago
Khabib Really make him humble
Heem 123
Heem 123 Month ago
Lunar Pizza it’s khabib grammar
Lunar Pizza
Lunar Pizza Month ago
ishmam faiyaj
ishmam faiyaj Month ago
Connor "pussy" McGregor HUMBLED! ! !
John Lord
John Lord Month ago
This was cringe to watch, fake fight to save face over UFC229
jay schoeller
jay schoeller Month ago
Yeah cowboy nice show you put on 😂😂😂😂 40 whole seconds LMFAO.. ik respect cowboy but please, better stop.... you done mate
Military Toy
Military Toy Month ago
Connor realise that whiskey is not good, now he keeps a beard and converted to Islam. Well done Connor. Good man
The Quin
The Quin Month ago
When a cowboy faces the Hellboy...Damn
An Alias
An Alias Month ago
Poor cowboy just wanted to blow the roof off XD
Julio Tzoc
Julio Tzoc Month ago
Texas doesn’t claim this fucker
Simon B
Simon B Month ago
The respect between mcgregor and cowboy is beautiful... cowboy even defended Conor when that guy was asking about those alligations bullshit... Nice to see
chester allan torres
I think McGregor's behavior in presscons depends on whether he won or lost his last fight
Lunar Pizza
Lunar Pizza Month ago
Explain Eddie Alvarez fight then...
One3rdNinja 2 months ago
Does anyone else just love how at 11:44 they just start chatting about how awesome Cowboys coat is? 😅👍
Drunk Liker
Drunk Liker 2 months ago
Conor in 2015: talk shits on every opponent's Conor in 2020: Humble and respect his opponent's
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson 2 months ago
4:21 "do you foresee anything getting in the way of your plans for an active 2020?" um nothing at all
Enigma McC
Enigma McC Month ago
Ok great
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson 2 months ago
So much for that "2020 season" huh Conor? What a year to pick as well, Covid bless
zizou Doctorigo
zizou Doctorigo 2 months ago
the shitty boy got humbled
Ruben Soporte
Ruben Soporte 2 months ago
wtf man is it holloween sup with the costume dude...
Ojie Ordonez
Ojie Ordonez 2 months ago
I just notice that conor and gsp's accent are a little bit tha same lol
Slappy 2 months ago
Anything suspicious about the first questions for Conor ? Lmao man kept lobbing McGregor opportunities to boost his image... the same dude...
Jacob Cordova
Jacob Cordova 2 months ago
Last more
Slade Willson
Slade Willson 2 months ago
the most peaceful conference I've seen😂. Love how much respect they have to each other
Ahnaf Atif
Ahnaf Atif 2 months ago
but is it almost too good to be true though? Sincere question.
Md N Khan
Md N Khan 2 months ago
Khabib did what he said, he made him humble.
Aidan magee
Aidan magee 2 months ago
I swear,mystic Mac is becoming a future teller legend like the Simpsons, calling that Khabib and Tony fight would not happen. Scary
Dimezx 2 months ago
I hope he bet the house
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