UFC 246 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6

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On Episode 6 of UFC 246 Embedded, welterweight headliner Donald Cerrone relaxes in the comfort of making an easy weight cut to 170 lbs. Anthony “Showtime” Pettis discusses how his technique of handling his own weight cut helps him. Conor McGregor shows up to the UFC 246: Ceremonial weigh-ins with his son and crowds roar as the headliners position for a final flex-and-faceoff and deliver their thoughts in anticipation for the fight. UFC 246 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the three title fights taking place Saturday January 18. Order the Pay-Per-View at ESPNPlus.com/PPV

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Jan 18, 2020




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Comments 4 586
rind baloch
rind baloch 8 days ago
Thank u khabib for making this criminal terrorist mind man humble or conor fans shomae mate kus 😀😀😀
Austin James
Austin James 16 days ago
7:56..... Everyone is right big dog lol you are stuck in the mud and a liar
Austin James
Austin James 17 days ago
When cowboy says were gonna blow the roof off.... he really means the exact opposite lmaooo
Will Chill
Will Chill 19 days ago
Dana stole the from Shaft: Easiest money you'll ever make #fixed
L N 21 day ago
Came here to see Summer Tapasa 💪🏽. #ganggang
Eurasia smart
Eurasia smart 24 days ago
Look at Conor McGregor beard, why no one stereotype him
Юрий Самсонов
YES exactly
DaX Month ago
Rogan should not wear skinny jeans
Silence No One
Silence No One Month ago
Ckeck out this song dedicated to fighters ruvid.net/video/video-D036EDSi6qk.html
DJ // SQ
DJ // SQ Month ago
Cerrone 🤝 blowing roofs off
Carmal Philip
Carmal Philip Month ago
I cannot wait !! Seriously dude ? ... It was over in 40
reza d
reza d Month ago
...or you could call it: Whitetrash fight
DefToCommiesMMA Month ago
A new brand of MMA - subscribe for upcoming videos
anuma nuva
anuma nuva Month ago
I think cowboy in there was like 'did I leave the gate open? Have the atvs got fuel? Dang, did I feed the Dawgs? Did I leave the stove on?....
Cody Foster
Cody Foster Month ago
Well that fight went exactly how Dana wanted it to go. His golden boy got a easy win (as predicted) he didnt get hurt and now Dana will feel warranted in giving Connor a title fight later this year.
Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume Month ago
Rogan hiding that fanny pack...
Kendra Parker
Kendra Parker Month ago
Conor McGregor Jr. So cute ❤️
Jazz Purple
Jazz Purple Month ago
He did not show up
Agus Riyanto
Agus Riyanto Month ago
Let's go daddy
roger alsterberg
Connor Dana match fixers
Gregg Jackson
Gregg Jackson Month ago
I absolutely hate joe rogan. Guy is auch a kids ass fraud...
Scott Farris
Scott Farris Month ago
You know you're a fan when you watch the embedded videos before and after the fight...
Gameplay Art
Gameplay Art Month ago
In that stare down conor is just a vessel, no emotion just fierce awareness.
Rodion Gulakov
Rodion Gulakov Month ago
Mr Mighty toes is back to WWE kind of UFC. Really no one on earth can hit with pinky toe so hard.
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo Month ago
Nothing like having a shooting on Sunday in Hawaii - what a fucking surprise - twice a month with Chris running the show - setting records - and what's he doing to address it ? Nathan - body camera conference - I mean 😳😔😔💁😲 this government is the worst I've ever seen it or could possibly imagine - nobody feels safe and nothing is getting accomplished ! It's NEVER been so poorly run - the entire administration is criminal - y'all belong in prison - not running anything not even the local McDonald's - can't even trust a single word that any of you say ! All you do is lie and make excuses - anything you do come up with or say is completely one hundred percent the exact opposite - and now everyone knows that - whatever your statement is - it's exactly the opposite ! Chris Wray is ready to talk brown - and about his people the klan - he's a klansman - him Ronny William and the rest of them - Mathew lord have mercy please don't open your mouth anymore - Ice that agency shouldn't even exist - not in America - your fucking pathetic - using the apps that aren't sleeping like notes ! 🙄🙄🙄😲 that's embarrassing - is there anything you can do with tech and smartphones that isn't so obvious and so ridiculous ? Your just a complete embarrassment ! Seriously you got no business whatsoever doing anything on a computer - honestly - can't believe the FBI AIS WVEN BOTHERING RESPONDING TO ANYTHING ? Why bother ? What exactly are y'all gonna do ? Or accomplish ? Nobody trusts you and nobody counts on you to do anything anymore - everyone that used to work there even says nowadays it's worthless - it's trash - the department of justice is complete trash - the biggest criminals in America are working at the justice department ! That's a layup - everyone knows - that's why it's pointless to call or ask anyone to obey the law or constitution - not until the next election and then your all going to prison ! Attorney general is implicated in a scandal - numerous scandals - disgrace -
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo Month ago
Yo Chris Wray is actually working ? Responding to the white racists- the gun rally - dang Chris slow your roll - might do to much and actually end up accomplishing Sutton - god forbid - never thought the feds would be the most pathetic unreliable untrustworthy people in America ? Really a fucking disgrace Chris ! And that's an understatement - are you actually gonna have the balls yo say you aren't aware of this situation ? Exactly - everybody is aware of it and you do Nathan ! Your a piece of shit ! Understand dat ? Worthless ! All this has happened under your watch Chris ! So don't think for one second your going anywhere ! Understand dat ? You Chris Wray aren't going anywhere ! Your gonna be held accountable - period ! Go explain to congress and the rest of the world - exactly what the fuck your excuse is ? Why your breaking the law and violating the constitution - good luck asshole - no Chris I have zero Zero respect for any of you ! Make me sick to my stomach -
Darvy Lake
Darvy Lake Month ago
Stephen McAllister
just goes to show. cowboys are a bunch of pussies. 😂
CR Ri Month ago
Cory Robin
Cory Robin Month ago
Such a great fight night!!! My hell it was badass!
LehMario Month ago
Who’s here after Cowboy got ROCKED
david forte
david forte Month ago
The beard gives them the im a hipster, but also a tough big man look
CoolMoon Month ago
And 40 seconds later.
m g
m g Month ago
J Greenseed
J Greenseed Month ago
Donald, shoulder... shoulder Donald. Enjoy.
Thomas Bozly
Thomas Bozly Month ago
FledermausLPs Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-CxZ8aJG8jzU.html Lol^^
Dumb Blonde
Dumb Blonde Month ago
C'mon just kiss him
Pricilla Ruiz
Pricilla Ruiz Month ago
green Caulfield
green Caulfield Month ago
The women in this sport look disgusting
karar Kareem
karar Kareem Month ago
اكو عرب لايك اذا انته عربي❤️🦍
Yo Its Mannyyy
Yo Its Mannyyy Month ago
0:40 Legend has it he still hanging
North Micronesian Island
Need your support to my channel my goal is 750 subscribe that all im asking thank you and happy 2020😁😁😁😁
PULLUP J Month ago
Fucking still didn’t show up 😂😂😱still never showed up
SufferingRin Month ago
The thumbnail (7:41) looks like they're a gay couple who's about to kiss each other
Peter Lau
Peter Lau Month ago
The winner of the fight is those who didn't pay to watch 40 secs of it 😂😂
Peter Lau
Peter Lau Month ago
@John Anna nice
John Anna
John Anna Month ago
i watched the fight for free
Peter Lau
Peter Lau Month ago
@Joe Pesci 😂🤭
Joe Pesci
Joe Pesci Month ago
True words. Fml
Yeahno Month ago
As fake as wwe
Ebola Ebola
Ebola Ebola Month ago
I paid 144 to watch 40 seconds at least Connor mcgregor won 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
rich rich
rich rich Month ago
40 seconds to finish
Legendary Howard
45 seconds was all it took
LUV RYCE Month ago
Ok CONOR McGregor Won in under 40 seconds
PaxPdiddy Month ago
I saw the tic tok of it boi
danny w
danny w Month ago
I think its fake fight to bring coner back and help cowboy to become someone in the ufc. I never heard of this dude before!! Its paid for.. giving hugs after the fight and grandma ran to conner to give him a big huge hug... lol what a joke!!!!!
david_m 2531
david_m 2531 Month ago
danny wichita nah man cowboy is already someone he has literally broken more records than any fighter in ufc history
RockieTV Month ago
OMG watch this!!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-W2QY9Bgso4g.html
thizisnoizy Month ago
please subscribe my channel ruvid.net/show-UCGPeOfoPu_x2iq7rCLEI_Pg?view_as=subscriber #rapstar ruvid.net/video/video-ldjMo3JS9Hg.html&start_radio=1
gold school
gold school Month ago
The first one is official and the second one is for cash grab
Poor cerone, he chokes in all his big fights. His take blows to the face strategy didn't work again I see.
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