UFC 244: Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz Staredown - MMA Fighting

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At UFC 244 press conference, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz squared off for the first time Thursday evening in New York City.
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 159
Arnon Burns
Arnon Burns 23 hours ago
This might be really good.
Best Ever
Best Ever 3 days ago
I got Masvidal by decision.
Diego S Yabran
Diego S Yabran 4 days ago
Vamos Nate Díaz el 2 de noviembre se cumplirá lo que vos dijiste ( voy a ganar ) si así es lo que sale de tu boca se cumplirá , esa noche se inteligente sos un Chabon que que peleas muy bien vamos Nate Díaz sos un Guerrero que nunca se rinde vamos carajo!!!!!!!
Furio Mil
Furio Mil 4 days ago
rompele a cabeza jorge
Dean Human
Dean Human 19 days ago
This is actually insane!!! I just don't know who to put my money on.
Crazy Potato
Crazy Potato 23 days ago
Nate's only chance of winning this fight is being a human punching bag for 3 to 5 rounds, having Jorge get tired from rearranging his face, then choking Jorge out.
shin chin
shin chin 24 days ago
This fight is so stupid, nate sucks? Why is this even hyped about.
Rob S.
Rob S. 26 days ago
80s Miami vs 90s Cali
TunerDad TunerDad
TunerDad TunerDad 26 days ago
I like both...bit Nate has this with sheer will and cardio. Jorge will try to show out and bang....get gassed and get overwhelmed. Jorge is already doing the Connor thing. Nate is being Nate.
morales morales
morales morales 27 days ago
Pelea callejera,
shrek tical
shrek tical 27 days ago
Professional af. This is gonna be epic to watch even more so now
Edward Blodgett
Edward Blodgett 27 days ago
This won't end in seconds boys! Go Diaz.😊
ambil pengkolan
ambil pengkolan 27 days ago
nervy moments to both of them
Katarina Alves
Katarina Alves 28 days ago
i want nate diaz to win but i think masvidal might win
Elijah Taylor
Elijah Taylor 28 days ago
Masvidal will get ko I believe in 2nd or he will be beat by submission in 4th
Majesty D
Majesty D 28 days ago
Diaz wins
Acmecondor's Realm
Acmecondor's Realm 28 days ago
Conor is crying right now because nobody even cares about fighting him only Dusty Potpourri...
Tiger 28 days ago
Nate by submission round 5
Mark D16
Mark D16 28 days ago
Did masvidal get that suit out of Mcgregors bin?!😂😂
niner nation
niner nation 28 days ago
Zeishurra Hallowell
I just hope it lasts for 5 round, please not a 1 -3round letdown
エルククイ 28 days ago
WHITE LION 28 days ago
Let's go Nate! 💪🏻🙃👍🏿
Alex Robins
Alex Robins 28 days ago
"Man like Jorge masdival in scarface suit, Got his three piece and a soda, Nate Diaz smokes his zoot"
_ Zaldivar
_ Zaldivar 28 days ago
So happy UFC booked this fight! Now, can we please get Khabib vs. Tony?!
Lee Demkiw
Lee Demkiw 28 days ago
I hope Nate rips his head off and shits down his neck.
Alexander Reyes
Alexander Reyes 28 days ago
West or south I seen a lot of fights but these two dudes man I don't know 50/50
Dicken Stormzz
Dicken Stormzz 28 days ago
Spoiler Diaz gonna a chin broken at 4 round
sean 28 days ago
This fight shouldn't be the main event.
Rob Nolan
Rob Nolan 28 days ago
Man ! Nate bulging and puffing when squaring up is like oscar winning awards ... his jaw protrudes, his neck grows ..he is a puffer
Roger Mitchell
Roger Mitchell 28 days ago
Im from Florida so naturally i got Jorge Masvidal
Uncaged 28 days ago
People wetting their knickers over one of the most boring stare downs in UFC history ... this 'BMF' belt thing is cringey and pathetic, should be a decent fight but nothing to get over excited for
DevilTrigger 28 days ago
Masvidal looking fly
King Kaos
King Kaos 28 days ago
Jorge channeling his in Scar Face in that dope AF suit 😎👊🏼
News that matter
News that matter 29 days ago
How tall is Diaz. The guy looks like 6'4. I had no idea hes that tall. I wonder if hed move up in weight and fight Jon jones. Hea got the height.
News that matter
News that matter 29 days ago
@TopTen TV thanks bro. He looks alot taller crap. I saw Jorge in person and he was about my height. But nate seems taller. Maybe his sneakers or something.
TopTen TV
TopTen TV 29 days ago
Nate is 6'0 jorge is 5'11. nate is way to small for jones
зуб зеро
зуб зеро 29 days ago
MANNY 29 days ago
These guys have way to much respect for each other
MANNY 29 days ago
@Neo no
Neo 29 days ago
fix your scuffed profile pic dude
Hayley  Sowards
Hayley Sowards 29 days ago
Insanity that Nate can make masvidal look like the good guy 😂
HZGaming4U 28 days ago
She probably never even watched Scarface before hahahahahah
WHITE LION 28 days ago
Hi Hayley
Hayley  Sowards
Hayley Sowards 29 days ago
Nate’s finally grown into his body. He looks pretty decent size
Whitey Worldwide
Whitey Worldwide 29 days ago
Tune in to watch Diaz put a stop to the hype.
Jean-Ian Simard
Jean-Ian Simard 29 days ago
Dana leave the stage with Diaz and and Masvidal by themselves, unattended. For the first and only time. That's Crazy!
Sam Crews
Sam Crews 28 days ago
Jean-Ian Simard I thought the same thing. Nothing but respect right there 😎
Jeffrey Jackson
Jeffrey Jackson 29 days ago
streetbeefs MANBUN vs LANKY TOAST
Mr Mysterious
Mr Mysterious 28 days ago
Jeffrey Jackson lmao Lanky toast??? 😂😂😂🔥
Ryan Gennaro
Ryan Gennaro 29 days ago
That’s one wrinkled ass suit
K9 Blue Boi 206
K9 Blue Boi 206 29 days ago
K9 Blue Boi 206
K9 Blue Boi 206 29 days ago
This not be staged like the McGregor Mayweather fight💯
theonly man
theonly man 29 days ago
Diaz and Vick are maybe the biggest lightweights ever.
TopTen TV
TopTen TV 29 days ago
Diaz cant make light weight anymore
Toki Buroak
Toki Buroak 29 days ago
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 29 days ago
Masvidal looked stupid. Nate gonna regulate.
Sekebaze K
Sekebaze K 29 days ago
Nate is definitely going to lose again mark it
PURGE 29 days ago
Diaz 🚬
Beto Patiño
Beto Patiño 29 days ago
Una lucha de Titanes..
Sushi Uchiha
Sushi Uchiha 29 days ago
Jorge and Nate's combined IQ could potentially be in the double digits, dope fight though.
roflswamp6 29 days ago
Jorge is actually pretty smart he just doesnt articulate himself like an intellectual...
Denise Mitchell
Denise Mitchell 29 days ago
Give him a bucket Nate and a Dr Pepper See y'all there Can't wait
m hazey
m hazey 29 days ago
Bro ... this year in UFC has been 🔥 !
T Chien
T Chien 28 days ago
this year marks the downfall of ufc credibility. Introducing a nonsense belt like bmf will do more bad than good
Shwam 29 days ago
@white dom yeah it kicked up these last few months but thats about it
white dom
white dom 29 days ago
not really
Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Jenkins 29 days ago
Masvidal with the Tony Montana scarface suit. 😂
Ramon Briones
Ramon Briones 29 days ago
It's actually the Saturday night fever suit 🤣😂
Рчр Ов
Рчр Ов 29 days ago
Toni Mantano 😄👍
Hajduk Besmrtnik
Hajduk Besmrtnik 29 days ago
Roll it up, light it up...
Isaac Melgar
Isaac Melgar 29 days ago
What the hell us Masvidal wearing lol
palmer s
palmer s 29 days ago
Isaac Melgar bruh have you never seen Scarface? What a clown.
Rob 29 days ago
My uncle added a gold chain with a gold razor blade. It was the 70's.
Bryan Maldonado
Bryan Maldonado 29 days ago
Smh rookie
Rob 29 days ago
Has to be, saw it in the movies.
eleodoro de la fuente
@Isaac Melgar yes gansta boi
Alabama Wyatt
Alabama Wyatt 29 days ago
Will The Rock strap on the belt? He promised.
Ramon Briones
Ramon Briones 29 days ago
No because Jorge is gonna lose
Kay D
Kay D 29 days ago
Diaz is the only person that can make Masvidal not look like a thug himself. Ha.
That T-shirt Guy
That T-shirt Guy 25 days ago
You're a noob it's okay. Masvidal is a GOON not a thug. Go finish your homework.
Rob S.
Rob S. 25 days ago
@HZGaming4U yep
HZGaming4U 25 days ago
@Rob S. Nate looks like your average High School Bully Kid... lmao
HZGaming4U 25 days ago
@Rob S. So true!! lmao
Ax3 ReRE
Ax3 ReRE 29 days ago
This is sad smh
Huginn's Sight
Huginn's Sight 29 days ago
Wtf you talkin about? This is a real fight.
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