UFC 241: Nate Diaz full post-fight interview

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Nate Diaz spoke to the media following UFC 241 in Anaheim, Calif.
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Aug 18, 2019




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Comments 1 123
green_ sockeye
green_ sockeye 2 days ago
Biggest threat to Khabib. Out of the championship level LW fighters(TF, CM, DP, JG, EB, PF, DC, AI) He is by far the best on the ground; not even close. Tony deserves some credit but not at Diaz level. This is a real two weight champ, he can actually hold the belt because his game is complete.
Fabrizio Garreta
Fabrizio Garreta 3 hours ago
Exactly people underage him but he has all the tools to beat everybody
Peter Charalampopoulos
Why does he talk funny? Is it cause his been punched in the head so much?
Johnny 5 days ago
Colby who? What weight class? 😂👊🏽
zook nut
zook nut 6 days ago
Nate smoking here?
Total Performance Canines
5:00 nate talking about kabib...smhlmao
Boss429 11 days ago
10:26 LMAO!
TATEHUAX 12 days ago
Adam Gonzales
Adam Gonzales 13 days ago
nate mf diaz!!!!!!!!!!! much love and respect to this man cause while everyone was talking down on him he was still doing his thing and dont get a fuck what no weak mf has to say been a fan since day 1 cant wait til the next fight
JKG HBAY 15 days ago
Anyone know what type of sunglasses those are
MotardPDX 18 days ago
Legends never die..Nate Diaz
iShortDan 19 days ago
Had his ups and downs and fought all the best fighters yet he’s still here fighting. Koji Oishii Hermes Franca Clay Guida Joe Stevenson Great Maynard Dong Hyun Kim Rory MacDonald Benson Henderson Josh Thompson Rafael Dos Anjos Conor McGregor These are all the fighters Nate has lost to but where the fuck they at now? Nate still here beasting!! BAMF CHAMP!!!
Steven Jimenez
Steven Jimenez 20 days ago
When he says fo sho. I feel that shit
d b
d b 21 day ago
what the fuck is the last question about....?
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper 21 day ago
This whole entire interview just goes to show how unique and bad ass this guy is. Fuck yea. Let’s go Nate.
Christopher John
Christopher John 22 days ago
Does the camera man have Parkinson's?
King Russell
King Russell 22 days ago
I love Nate Diaz but it sad hearing him have Tyson Tongue
airtec87 9 days ago
whats tyson tounge?
Jason Damaso
Jason Damaso 22 days ago
9:14 - 9:23 lol
Edel NEAGAN 21
Edel NEAGAN 21 23 days ago
"Who is he? What weight? I don't know who that is?" hahaha
Sonny bernis
Sonny bernis 23 days ago
😂😂 ""heh heh i believe im the coolest out of all these sorry ass mother fuckers"" ""I need that belt made as soon as possible......'CH' ur cocky nate"" Hahahahaha this foo😂😂 gotta love the diaz brothas
Notsofast L
Notsofast L 24 days ago
My prediction Nate vs Jorge ends early due to Nate being cut
I say
I say 25 days ago
"I am representing for him" nate speaks on nick
aspirineripazha 25 days ago
10:25 the best part
Renegade Red
Renegade Red 25 days ago
For what it's worth I'm a 40 year old trucker who's run the course and seen every jonny come lately gone with the wind after obtaining all kinds of qualifications. This interview inspired me to go in and ask for what I'm worth and it actually worked. Still working on the baddest mother fucker in the game belt though. I too need that real quick. Massive props to Nate for how he's handled this. Respect always.
esai padilla
esai padilla 25 days ago
Since nobody’s gonna say it .. does anybody else realize how high this mf is
Anne kit
Anne kit 26 days ago
Elle seck back laugh priceless
Carmine Dolce
Carmine Dolce 26 days ago
Nate we love you man I'm excited bout ur come back
ivan pudic
ivan pudic 26 days ago
man i love diaz
King Dan
King Dan 26 days ago
Nate sitting here talking about street fighter where’s the episode tommy 😒🤷🏽‍♂️
Hegelian Dialectic
Hegelian Dialectic 26 days ago
15:10.... Nate is da mannm
M N 26 days ago
NATE you are the best brother that goes without saying... NICK is another Legend. SLAP CONOR ONE MORE TIME PLEASE.. You a Gangsta, Slapped that hoe and pointed and laughed LOL
M N 26 days ago
NATE & NICK rep the Bay and 209, I posted on every video calling Dana out for sucking Conors nut sack, and to let you back in and Now I will pay to watch since NATE IS BACK!!!
M N 26 days ago
NATE SLAPPED THAT HOE lol during a fight and he pointed and smiled lol Conor got slapped like a hoe (not confuse you Dana is Conor's Hoe, I called Conor a how in this situation).. LOL NATE & NICK WE LOVE YOU BROTHER!!!!! 209 & 510!!
Perry L. Fanning
Perry L. Fanning 26 days ago
Nate Diaz fought with a broken spine... lol
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper 21 day ago
Perry L. Fanning nate fights with broken English and still wooops ass. Nate Diaz baddest motherfucker. Play more street fighter
Donal Bolger
Donal Bolger 27 days ago
Nate reminds me of Rusty James in rumble fish . Younger brother of the last cool dude , smart -just not word smart .
Rìncon Ufc
Rìncon Ufc 27 days ago
MrKalosi 27 days ago
How come Nate Diaz speaks like he's had a week bender on meth lol his lip hangs lower on one side when he talks like he been up for dayz lol
Kiritahanga Neil
Kiritahanga Neil 25 days ago
Hit too many times lol
Gusto Jones
Gusto Jones 27 days ago
10:14 You're Welcome
C Gizzle
C Gizzle 27 days ago
I love Nate but he does sound like me after a bottle of tequila :/
Causing Havoc
Causing Havoc 27 days ago
I’ve been here 40 years fighting still killing Diaz :
xXG3TPWNEDXx 27 days ago
fuckin nate lol. I love the dude but his public speaking is bad. Although you still understand the point he is trying to make even though he doesnt convey it well with all the stuttering.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 27 days ago
We need to track the baddest mf’er in the game belt
google user
google user 28 days ago
The thing about the society that is wrong. People who should speak out, do not. However, when they do even those who thought different would agree.
Hershel Dennis
Hershel Dennis 28 days ago
Nate you right like a mf man been in the game get I’m yo I’m the shot money bc you been doing this shit
Diesel Powered
Diesel Powered 28 days ago
I pick Nate Diaz in all fighter games and someone please make the man the belt he has earned and requesting! He is OG yo and keeps it real by sliding the props to his brother and camp and Bonus for NOT knowing Colby, the latest UFC media darling.
rivera martinez
rivera martinez 28 days ago
Ninja shit!!
Tom Joseph
Tom Joseph 28 days ago
People finally woke. Everyone Diaz bandwagon jumping now. Thumbs up if you’ve been woke since the beginning.
Noicehockey 28 days ago
what is the model of ray ban sunglasses he is wearing?
Ricky None
Ricky None 28 days ago
Nate"give me that I'm the shit money"Diaz
dan grout
dan grout 28 days ago
I wanna compete for the who's the baddest mother fucker belt, and thats mine. 209 reining champ
Charlie Bronson
Charlie Bronson 29 days ago
Nate gangsta Diaz i call him like that true badass of UFC
Wesley L
Wesley L 29 days ago
i like this guy so much. wanne see him every weekend fighting:D
Taimoor Sultan
Taimoor Sultan 29 days ago
Sounds normal at 1.25 speed
Jessica Teune
Jessica Teune 29 days ago
Colby do you like he did Lawler. 😭😭😭
Kim Williams
Kim Williams 29 days ago
Damn Nate sounds f***** up wonder what he did after the fight lol 420
Jon Stoppable
Jon Stoppable 29 days ago
Who will you pick in Street Fighter?
Cullen DeFries
Cullen DeFries 29 days ago
Nate is the shit! Has always been real and true to himself with no compromise. Respect!
Todd Eden
Todd Eden 29 days ago
God. I love Nate. He’s as brutal at the press conference as he is in the ring.
Brandon White
Brandon White 29 days ago
How satisfying would it be to see Nate take out Colby
Amiin Elkey
Amiin Elkey 29 days ago
Best interview
Kylan Pownell
Kylan Pownell 29 days ago
"McGregor is such a bad ass!" 3 years later: "Diaz is such a bad ass!" XD Diaz always.
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