UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Jorge Masvidal talks record fast KO over Ben Askren

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Jul 6, 2019




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Comments 60
Every clip of jorge im like "cool ill check this out for a sec" Then i watch every minute of it. Street Jesus✊💪
Antonio Herrera
Antonio Herrera 5 days ago
Bruhhh... this dude is a fucking KILLAAAAA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 7 days ago
12:08 favorite moment of em all lmao “your such a fucking fish man “ 😭
maurice p
maurice p 8 days ago
Best press conference ever
Kwanele Mvulane
Kwanele Mvulane 12 days ago
Such a fucking badass
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro 13 days ago
@8:42 Jorge's reaction when the journalist speaks to him in his "lengua madre".
Luke Peterson
Luke Peterson 15 days ago
4:15 haha
T S 15 days ago
One of the best post fight press conferences ever.
Brandon Solis
Brandon Solis 16 days ago
i fucking love this guy lmao
Orlando Odyn
Orlando Odyn 19 days ago
Shouldv pulled them out the back pocket with usman 🤦‍♀️
Combat Sports World
MGM Grand Buffet... to the face.
Bryan Bentley
Bryan Bentley 20 days ago
Tell us how you really feel Jorge lol.Have to give the man respect or he will take it from you.
Vykros 20 days ago
masvidal def runner up to entertaining the people with his words wish he beat trash usman but he is a beast hope there is a rematch it makes sense more for the money and i think a full camp will help give masvidal a sharper blade in the ring, can't see usman changing he's pretty plain jane xD. when people start saying yeah he's a beast tho it means your boring to watch fight. If he faces someone lame nobody will really watch it.
Josh Baker
Josh Baker 21 day ago
I told all my friends that masvidal is the baddest man on the planet.... apparently it’s some guy named Marty from Nebraska.....🤔
Anthony Enriquez
Anthony Enriquez 21 day ago
He’s a fool lmao 😂 he’s down to earth Jorge
JK Broadstock93
JK Broadstock93 22 days ago
Who are the 1,000 that disliked this?
Fari Legend
Fari Legend 23 days ago
It just bitness
sinnceer era
sinnceer era 24 days ago
Nick Stiver
Nick Stiver 24 days ago
Lol if I see him at Whole Foods
CitiAppleTv 24 days ago
Jorge really brings the violence.
Cheif Bubbles
Cheif Bubbles 24 days ago
Masvidal's face at the beginning says it all: "y'all see what I did? That dude just died in there yall!"
Wits' End
Wits' End 25 days ago
6:16 "maybe when you were more physically talented" what a joker
Erin 25 days ago
Lmao why it gotta be wholefoods?
Archie Burgos
Archie Burgos 25 days ago
Smart guy! The way he answers the media epic!
Mykal Lange
Mykal Lange 26 days ago
I’m puttin mother fuckers in another universe when I’m done with them 💀
Wavy Crockett
Wavy Crockett 26 days ago
This crotch ain’t for Dudes
Andrew Hook
Andrew Hook 26 days ago
The dude jokes while fighting ppl like diaz,he's hilarious!!!
M B 27 days ago
SUPERNECESSARY Needs to be made into a word and put in the dictionary. Supernecessary meaning: to knock fools the fuck out, adj:to decapitate a MF. In a sentence: I had to SUPERNECESSARY my opponent
Joey KO
Joey KO 27 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-6qVh5B9dDgM.html Street Jesus saves UFC fight island
Bles 27 days ago
Askren gona be online shopping from now on.
ban_it 27 days ago
Sean Vang
Sean Vang 27 days ago
One of my top 5 interviews ever
Alvaro Burgos
Alvaro Burgos 28 days ago
Who is the spanish reporter?
Shawn Lacue
Shawn Lacue 28 days ago
Jorge at 12:02 is the funniest trash talker😂😂
mike check
mike check 28 days ago
best press conference ever! he is fighting for the title now!! usman , masvidal fight island!!
Augusto Marra
Augusto Marra 29 days ago
1.09 Start 1.30 finish the Interviú.. epic . love Jorge for that moment to the end
jim Griffin
jim Griffin 29 days ago
How can you not like Jorge......Classy without really trying.
Shani Shay
Shani Shay 29 days ago
I don't watch this UFC this much but this man is a straight up savage. Love em😍🤣
crapmonster 29 days ago
i love jorges spanish man this dude smart af unlike dominic reyes who cant even speak spanish
Cameron Month ago
“in a way he got off easy” dayum 😂😂
Znaci Tako
Znaci Tako Month ago
Am_ Month ago
OK, I'm a fan now :D
Jeancarlo Betancourt
Even if I see him in Whole Foods 😂😂😂😂
Warunner Gaming
Warunner Gaming Month ago
musicguitar Month ago
Jorge is fuckin hilarious! 🤣🤣
111 Month ago
1:33 95% of American football fans would get smacked up by ‘soccer fans’
Mohammed Maiwand
Love and respect
E A Month ago
The extra punches were necessary! LMAO
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Month ago
11:26 "You guys are going to be jealous of me because I get to punch my coworkers in the face" lmao my brother Jorge love you bro!
Just A Normal Person
Not personal it’s just bitness
Courtney Gillespie
The bmf title is my title ask anyone.......
Hhjff Nbbjoy
Hhjff Nbbjoy Month ago
Jorge a gangster like an actual one 😂 he don’t care abt no one
Raider Richard
Raider Richard Month ago
I’m an immediate fan after what he did to askren
A Dutta
A Dutta Month ago
14 minutes 30 seconds didnt happened
El Chivato
El Chivato Month ago
1:10 “I saw some criticism that the punches weren’t necessary” “because he was already knocked out” where the fuck does the UFC get these retarded reporters? You punch and fight until the referee pulls you off and stops the fight. It’s really that simple. The reporter who asked those dumb ass questions is a gutless coward soy boy pussy and should be fired.
Tsjung Fu
Tsjung Fu Month ago
Askren really got what he deserved. Love to see this back again ! Whatta Prick is that Askren ! Asshole !
Ramin Aghvami
Ramin Aghvami Month ago
Is it the best post fight of all time? He was funny with every sentence
" he wants to hug my leg and put his face in my crotch...". That just killed me! This post presser was part stand up a'so. He definitely has the delivery for it no doubt.
Doble A
Doble A Month ago
This dude funny af
Vue Xiong
Vue Xiong Month ago
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