UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Jorge Masvidal talks record fast KO over Ben Askren

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Jul 7, 2019




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Comments 8 330
BECOMING WR 4 hours ago
Jorge is a scorpio. Don't get under a scorpio's skin.
spin abbus
spin abbus 8 hours ago
Masvidal and Diaz. The real gangstas.
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts 11 hours ago
Jorge and Conor equally dislike crotch sniffers
Angelo Arao
Angelo Arao 21 hour ago
Men.. this guy is like a walking swag
Golden King
Golden King 2 days ago
Best and realest interview ever.
fedorjmb shin
fedorjmb shin 4 days ago
#supernecessary lol
Tadgh Murphy
Tadgh Murphy 4 days ago
Love Jorge but he talks a lot of crap too. They're all selling a product!
Raymo The Great
Raymo The Great 5 days ago
At the 3-4 minute mark. Totally ended Askren.
Ryan Chappell
Ryan Chappell 5 days ago
Masvidal is now officially my favourite fighter in the UFC
istvan csendes
istvan csendes 6 days ago
mom did an awesome job with him to teach him a second language ...my man
istvan csendes
istvan csendes 6 days ago
the dude swipe between languages ..love him and his momma did an awesome job with him
Big Boss
Big Boss 6 days ago
Can they stop pronouncing Jorge as George? Its so ignorant and disrespectful
Saud 6 days ago
'Yeah I don't like the dude but know how to get inside his head" yeah with your fucking knee my guy LOL
MoRpH 7 days ago
khabib vs masvidal...make it happen
Stuart Eales
Stuart Eales 7 days ago
“Yeah I’m for sure putting my face in your crotch “ I got you bro”
Rocco Siffredi
Rocco Siffredi 8 days ago
Puts his face in his crotch 😂😂🤣🤣
Haciendo Hora
Haciendo Hora 8 days ago
"I get to punch co workers i dont like in the face" xD
Callum Stark
Callum Stark 9 days ago
That was definitely more than just bitnis Jorge.
Horace Osirian
Horace Osirian 10 days ago
*_2019 Psychopathic Role Model of the Year_*
jacqueline robinson
I love the way this guy talks, real deal!
kevin sorto
kevin sorto 10 days ago
Aye he speaks Spanish 😂😂
J.R. Gibbs
J.R. Gibbs 11 days ago
“Yea for sure I’ll put my face in your crouch” 💡
J.R. Gibbs
J.R. Gibbs 11 days ago
“I’m not gone sell my soul I know they go around and tell people they get a title shot, I want to get paid for my services” He is AHEAD of the game
Unstoppable Tramp
Unstoppable Tramp 11 days ago
Conor has this saved in his favourites
Big Boss
Big Boss 11 days ago
Masvidal vs Diaz vs Mcgregor
Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman 12 days ago
Jorge from Miami dawg leave that dude alone.. he’ll fuk u up
juvie gill
juvie gill 12 days ago
Jorge is my favorite fighter
Tsjung Fu
Tsjung Fu 12 days ago
When you see Jorge passin’ by with his hands on his back , he ‘s goin’ to whole foods... Leon Edwards can tell.
Nick Sullivan
Nick Sullivan 13 days ago
Jorge is menacing, and badass. There's like a sincerity to his chilling soundbites, yet you still sense he's kind of a nice guy. Just don't disrespect him... Him and Connor would undoubtedly be the biggest fight in history right now. As a Connor fan... I think I may predict Jorge winning too. Unless Connor knocks you out, which he could easily do to the 145 and 155 divisions / he has little chance of winning. I don't think he'd knock Jorge out, this guy has a steel chin and lots of all round skill. The fight aside even though - these are the two best trash talkers ever, like Jorge overnight is instantly no.2 lol but different to Connor. These two would put on a trash talking opera, the build up would be magical.
Shikhar Meh.
Shikhar Meh. 13 days ago
This croath ain't for dudes😂😂🙌🙌
Terrence McDanel
Terrence McDanel 13 days ago
"You're such a fucking fish man" 💀😂💀😂
Brutally Honest Basketball
This dude literally ended Askren's career. He made him irrevelant too, its been a month and I didn't even realize Ben had retired.
Rico Seedat
Rico Seedat 14 days ago
He looks like that uncle you NEED to respect or an ass whooopin pending.
hudsonj728 15 days ago
"no longer with us clavicle" Legend
Evans Dogbe
Evans Dogbe 15 days ago
one of the best lines in 2019 " It was super necessary..."
Ayhan Koç
Ayhan Koç 15 days ago
3:16 savage :)
Star Lord
Star Lord 15 days ago
Love this guy #Real
jon r
jon r 16 days ago
I could listen to these bloke talk all day , so funny .
Sandeepan Roy
Sandeepan Roy 16 days ago
Jorge "you got it" masvidal 😎
Santiago Vazquez
Santiago Vazquez 17 days ago
He will beat McGregor ass🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
First Last
First Last 17 days ago
Khabib vs Masvidal would be a fun fight, after their matches.
Brandon 18 days ago
I love how much his disrespects Bens wrestling
Zo Wattz
Zo Wattz 18 days ago
Ben Askren is trash 🗑 lol...Jorge is a damn beast! Jorge is the new king in UFC
Danny Laboca
Danny Laboca 18 days ago
Bad ass straight up ass whooper.
Alex Mejia
Alex Mejia 18 days ago
“Put my face in your crotch “ 🤣 LMAO Jorge a DOG
Cody Greenly
Cody Greenly 19 days ago
UFC's dosent need a thug like this guy in the octagon release him he clearly one of those gangster like thugs who don't respect shit and can potentially kill fighters
Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman 12 days ago
Cody Greenly what?? Shut the fuk up guy
double00shotgun 20 days ago
This nigga is Gangstar in 2 languages.
Cesar C
Cesar C 21 day ago
Damn. We not even safe at Whole Foods
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi Fruit 21 day ago
Best post fight interview 💯🙌
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi Fruit 21 day ago
Z 95
Z 95 22 days ago
No body: Ben arsken: cancels membership at whole foods🙂
paul smith
paul smith 23 days ago
Such a badass but real talk
Manny Gallotta
Manny Gallotta 27 days ago
Greatest postfight
김재선 Month ago
1:39 Is he a rapper?
COACH V Month ago
Best post fight interview ever
Fritz Month ago
I would like to punch my coworkers in the face and get a bonus paycheck for that.
Domagoj Kersun
Domagoj Kersun Month ago
"Go back to eggball"
K B Month ago
“I knew how to get inside his head” Yes Jorge, we saw. With your knee.
eazy Fig
eazy Fig Month ago
4:03 HE DID got OFF EASY
Uriel Yamil Zertuche
I hope a similar outcome from Usman Vs Colvington this weekend with Cody getting destroyed in round 1
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