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Brendan recaps UFC 236 and talks Stylebender vs Gastelum's unbelievable fight and how it overshadowed Holloway vs Poirier 2, issues purchasing the first ESPN+ UFC PPV, T.J. Dillashaw breaking silence on his USADA test failure and suspension, B.J. Penn's restraining order, Jon Jones going after Stylebender on social media, kickboxing referee exposed to HIV, UFC Fight Night Overeem vs Oleinik and more. Also, trip to Legoland, hiking with Papa Schaub next to Kanye's Sunday Service, Tiger Woods' win, GOT season 8, fan questions and much more.
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BELOW THE BELT explores the intersection of combat sports and pop culture through the eyes of former fighter, comedian and red carpet host Brendan Schaub. The program discusses the latest news in combat sports and pop culture, with Schaub delivering candid thoughts in his unique and unfiltered style. Below the Belt features interviews with the biggest names in combat sports and entertainment, road trips, fight camp visits, sketches, animation and pop-culture spoofs.

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Comments 100
Ian Marr
Ian Marr 13 days ago
I can't believe an ex MMA fighter could be so much insecure about hair loss. The only dignified option is a pair of good quality barbers clippers. Ask Rogan.
Kwyatjo 18 days ago
I quit watching UFC, because of ESPN+
Tyler Marsh
Tyler Marsh 20 days ago
That’s not how EPO and elevation work bro...
Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52
57:57 TJ
iamFUTURElegend 27 days ago
Dead Lion
Dead Lion 27 days ago
Either your hate for Dana is speaking for you or you are a fool. I subscribed to espn plus and bought the PPV and watched without any hiccups. Looks like you’re the stupid old man and not Brian. GET YOUNGER NOW.
Hans Jensen
Hans Jensen 28 days ago
Thanks for the shoutout to Legoland!
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick 28 days ago
Definitely narcing on the streams. But people in the comments section whining about that need to shut up. Talk about entitlement. I used the streams too, but I'm not fucking entitled to them.
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 28 days ago
Keep up the Great work
Curtiss martin
Curtiss martin 28 days ago
Truth is he's Probaly been dark streaming the fights lol.
Nick Simone
Nick Simone 28 days ago
He’s just wrong with this shit epo gives a significant advantage
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 29 days ago
Also, EPO is hella expensive. Way more than pharmaceutical gh.
Someone tell me where i can watch the fights damn it i needs a stream
VΞGΛEidolon 29 days ago
Baseball, football, basketball are "real sports" with what in common? Free UFC wants to be a "real sport", pay for it on ppv.....
The Son of the BattleCry
Well those sports have been around for years and have millions of viewers give it another 10 years UFC will be completely free
Boydd916 29 days ago
Lmao fuck. I start to hate Brendan more and more, every episode/podcast/interview.
Boydd916 29 days ago
Brendan trying to justify him cheating on his girl all the time. Lmao. Also, a "gateway drug like weed"? Yikes, sport.
ant pil
ant pil 29 days ago
On the real though, Schaub is one of the realest in this community.
cb7pwn 29 days ago
can someone here hook me up with a good link to watch the next fights? i WILL NOT give the ufc 80 fucking dollars
imjusthere8 29 days ago
Illegal streams are the "dark web" huh? Ive seen below the belt twice now....im absolutely sure that im not in the trogolodyte demographic this show calls for. Schaub by himself is a shit show...he needs to work his pronounciation and founding his biased opinions with facts.
SaeedC7 Month ago
Can someone confirm how long he ranted about ESPN+ ? Felt my life wasting away
Josh Life
Josh Life Month ago
I noticed Brindin is actually getting pretty fat
Josh Life
Josh Life 27 days ago
+iamFUTURElegend I also realised he used to talk about whatever diet he was "following" with the every 3rd day "I had to have a cheat day" rhetoric, to now, when he doesn't even mention restraining himself... he's all about that good life now, he's changed, hahahaha
iamFUTURElegend 27 days ago
bro i know hes getting them rolls just look at his stomach
Powder 323
Powder 323 Month ago
I’ve never had a problem streaming the UFC fights on my PlayStation at high quality. Some buffer time depending on your internet strength and other factors but for the most part it’s a great experience. No prelims is the only downside BUT I always get my PPV events for UFC on my PlayStation 4. I get 10% off as well for being a PlayStation Plus member so, you can give the UFC your $80 there.
Wild Bill HipHop
Would be hilarious if Brendan got popped for illegally streaming... He is not the brightest bulb on the tree by far
Hey Brendan... I know you never been champ or even close but you should know that champions get a cut of the PPV, so you are actually hurting the Holloway's, Porier's, DC's of the UFC... That PPV shares also gives the fighters something to strive for! We all know the base pay should be way more n we all know the reason why its not!
PromoteThis TV
PromoteThis TV Month ago
How does that lost little boy Chin make it through the day?? Seriously, I get that he has an education, has editing and technology skills.. But, he seems like the most gullible, non common sense guy I have heard.. I think he is gay but, doesn't want to be fucked with by Brendan, Theo, and others for it.. Seems like a nice guy, but damn he would only make it in a place like L.A or somewhere like that where it is a bunch of people that aren't "Street Smart.." It's like he has experienced NO LIFE whatsoever.. Probably just in his own bubble like a lot of these L.A folks are
Qwertyfied18 Month ago
Chinese CTE stars. God bless you schworb.
ant pil
ant pil Month ago
Food diaries getting you big, big brown. Swolenation lets go
martin rubio
martin rubio Month ago
Same reason Lance Armstrong didn't go to Colorado Springs to train pal
Spencer Reese
Spencer Reese 22 days ago
martin rubio yeah that blew my mind as well....lance Armstrong’s team was like, “we could train at altitude instead of hiding in hotels and port a potties to shoot epo.” And lance was like, “I know it’s the same but I like the challenge of not getting caught”
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez Month ago
This man was 1k sure poirier would lose.
Troy Body
Troy Body Month ago
Can someone please tell me why these two guys got to go around Yoel, Chris, Jac, and Luke? Is this another postioning by Dana like he did Conor?
Escobar Rich
Escobar Rich Month ago
Do y’all hate on Brendan because he reminds you of a jock who used to bully y’all
sodhodfd Month ago
Here is your EPO. Drug of champions www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2014/11/03/rita-jeptoo-boston-marathon-champion-epo/18412151/
Kot98 Month ago
Brendan, taking EPO and training in Denver at altitude is not the fucking same.
SincereDoper Month ago
brendan you've made the same terrible argument a few times now and i thought joe or someone set you straight already. taking EPO is different than going to a really high elevation because at a really high elevation training is a lot harder so you can't do it as much or get as much out of it. if you're taking EPO at sea level you can train all day and get way more out of it than simply being at higher elevation. now please, brewndawn schawshankredemption, stop saying this same stupid shit over and over.
SincereDoper Month ago
holy shit brendan finally found out about illegal streams... we've been doing this for a loooong time sir, nothing new here and the UFC has been losing a shitload of money for a LONG time. currently illegal streams are so easy, if i miss that though i can just find a torrent for it. the same goes for TV and movies and most video games, welcome to the internet brendan, it's a magical place if you know where to look.
Azhar Mohammed
Azhar Mohammed Month ago
I don't think that these guys know that they could've bought the stream on youtube for $60 on the UFC channel and the stream had no hiccups at all
Judas3rd Month ago
$80? Where did they come up with that amount?
godkidd13 Month ago
FORSURE don't blast reddit like that or i wont be able to watch them anymore wtf schaub!
j b
j b Month ago
Why you putting all the streams on blast B, delete this
Will Black
Will Black Month ago
If TJ gets the 3 strike rule ONE FC will be knocking lol TJ vs DJ 🤔
Fighting Month ago
Make ESPN+ $10 a month and include all major fights. Everyone and their mother streams anyway. No one would mind paying if it were cheap.
Daniel Miranda
Daniel Miranda Month ago
One second in and I'm looking for my time stamp comments... I know yall wont disappoint me
rhys connel
rhys connel Month ago
Brendan Schaub the type of guy to name his son after Tiger Woods post sex scandal #tigerblood
Tyler Williamson
He must have shot this right before Joe's podcast, because he tries to push that weak ass opinion about EPO not being that bad with Joe and he shuts him down pretty hard lol. Funny how he acts so sure with his producer but when joe tells hom hes wrong he doesnt argue.at all
kevin vu
kevin vu Month ago
I think adultery is pretty bad characteristically... but BUZZ BUZZ.! GANG GANG.!
Max G
Max G Month ago
You guys need to do a better job of showing the people on RUvid who are watching this the pictures you were looking at
Martin Turek
Martin Turek Month ago
Brendan “what else you got” Schaub Brendan “shoutout to that guy” Schaub Brendan “sign me the fuck up” Schaub Don’t get me wrong.. I love this guy, the show’s great.. But this line of his -> “what else you got” is just too much for me 😅😅
OZZY xKC Month ago
Damn snitch tell the whole world on every podcast about the streams
What stream i can't find shit!! Help please lol
Jordan Buckels
Jordan Buckels Month ago
Based off of Brendan's comparison of training at higher elevations and using EPO... TJ should be a walking red blood cell lmao. This dude was taking EPO AND training in Denver.
OZZY xKC Month ago
How can you talk about the best barbecue had but you haven't had it from the best BBQ city in the world? Kansas City baby
Chip Billingsley
Brendan the Golden snitch needs to chill with the streams
PC P Month ago
I dont know what streams hes talking about but illegal streams are never clear and in 1080p like hes saying they are. I've been watching sports streams since they started years ago and they look shitty but are worth saving the money.
Brian T
Brian T Month ago
And u need tor to get on the onion bro then u need to find a roating url to get a search engine not dark web buzz buzz
Ryan Pearsall
Ryan Pearsall Month ago
77% of WORLDS POPULATION is 5"6 to 5'11.. With optimal fight weight between 145 to 175.. BONES JONES and MIGHTY MOUSE ARE ONLY THE TWO MOST DOMINANT FIGHTERS IN HISTORY! IRONICALLY THEY ARE BOTH DEFENDING BELTS FROM 4% OF WORLD'S POPULATION MAX! We can''t argue best pound for pound fighters unless we spread the divisions equally in proportion to the worlds population. Dana is bottlenecking a bunch of killers in the 155, 170 division.. So many tweeners who are killers that are forced to go up or down between those divisions.. and it also reduces their longevity by either taking punishment from bigger people or punishment from weight cuts.. Gastelum, Cowboy, brazil cowboy, Masvidal, Colby, RDA, Askrin, Conor, Khabib, Tony, .... FUCK, you name it.. it's a tragedy.. 155, 165, 175.. IF 125 HAS TO BE SACRIFICED FOR A 165 division, As a fan, I would be willing to make that compromise with DANA.. .. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE.. PLEASE... !?? WHY THE FUCK IS JORGE MASVIDAL THE FIRST PERSON TO MENTION COMMON SENSE ABOUT POPULATION DISTRIBUTION AND COMPETITION!? HE'S TAKEN A MILLION PUNCHES TO THE HEAD, FOUGHT GANGSTER STYLE STREET FIGHTS.. YET HE'S THE ONLY PERSON WHO MAKE SENSE.. EVEN JOE DIDN'T PICK UP ON THE POPULATION COMMENT.. I understand why Joe dismissed Jorge's 7 pound difference solution as in boxing but he should have reiterated his key point of spreading out divisions in proportion to the worlds population
adaryll turner
adaryll turner Month ago
I know he gets a lot of heat about it but honestly I love hearing him talking about his kid. The young man went through a lot and still has a journey ahead of him. I am a father so I have a soft spot for it, I felt all of his emotion he had about it, scary thing to go through but Thank God he's ok and living it up with pops. So cool man. Dont care how you feel about religion, Those prayers some of us really made for it feel answered when I hear him talk about his boy. God bless them both.
Brenden Hemby
Brenden Hemby Month ago
Did yall see how fat TJ is???
Swedish Latino
Swedish Latino Month ago
ugh.. Brendan starts saying Legoland is only for kids and how boring it is but after 13 mins he has had a rant of how good the food and enviroments and everything else is. Yes Brenda. Legoland is as big as Disney World. If you americans would travel the world more you wouldnt be so flipping ignorant Legoland is dope af where they hire known chefs and the hygiene and quality in everything they sell is unique quality compared to Disney. Just saying =) If you have money mate instead of spending it on kids clothes you should travel the world and talk to more international people
B Barrett
B Barrett Month ago
Brendan "balls deep" Schaub
Branden Michalek
Better watch out, RUvid is "cracking down" on MMA news channels, like ESPN just went CNN on alt mma news... Yeah streaming is the chit...
Jd7 7
Jd7 7 Month ago
33:00 this is what im talking about. Myself as an MMA fan and especially UFC. I don't want to stream illegally, but i'm a die-hard and i'm not gonna miss it. I support the UFC and have gone to live events. I've bought PPV. When this thing was getting built up on FOX, it was getting built up as a mainstream sport. The UFC sells PPVs like boxing, and has regular fight nights espn+ cards now etc.. This business model is a lot. They're privatizing their fights for profit, which I get, because it's a business, but for this consumer/business agreement to be successful, they might want to dial it back a bit. Lots of my friends couldn't give two shits about it and I don't feel its on me to find MMA fans to be friends with to watch a fight. This is 2019, not 1989. We don't expect to pool together just to watch a boxing event or an MMA event on cable. coming from Vegas you'd think Dana would know how people really are. Reduce the price, so individuals can watch, or deal with streaming. Run the numbers and if you're getting ahead with this method then keep on keeping on.
Jd7 7
Jd7 7 Month ago
48:32 heart issue? didn't know it was a heart issue?
Jd7 7
Jd7 7 Month ago
40:00 too truth. Money isn't hard to make if you use your brain. $50 000 isn't much. Fuck jobs. Be smarter than that.
Jd7 7
Jd7 7 Month ago
and fucking also 36:23. We accept Dana being the way he is because??? He's a millionaire? He's the boss? wtf if he were anyone else we'd call him a lying PoS because at the end of the day thats what he is.
München70 Month ago
And i dont know what problem Brendan has with DAZN. My 4 year old boy kows how to use it. there are no lags or disconnections.
München70 Month ago
80 dollars for a pay per view, this is insane. in germany i can watch the main card for 10 euro
Wild Bill HipHop
A year subscription to espn+ was included in that price. Which is usually $50 I think. So it was like $30 for the ppv, unless you already had espn+. Then it was $60... Which is alot!!
James Moore
James Moore Month ago
At 43:44 starts co-main recap
False Prediction Sonnen
Why didn't anyone post the fight talk times? I rely on you guys for this
Press Woodard
Press Woodard Month ago
Man this guy really hates Dana lol
Dracus Month ago
I love you mr schaubbbb
Brandon Brazill
Brandon Brazill Month ago
Do Schaub really think watching a link on Reddit is the darkweb?
rhys connel
rhys connel Month ago
Brendan Schaub the type of guy to name his son after Tiger Woods post sex scandal #tigerblood
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt Month ago
I see his point about Holloway at 155, but.. and this is just my opinion, could it have to do with the training for it? I feel like if he fought at 55 he'd get a better grasp at his strength and conditioning, especially in the strength category. He clearly wasn't hitting as hard, but he still tagged DP up if you look at the post pictures. I think it was more of a lack of.. knowledge S&C at the 155lb level. I most certainly think Blessed could run the 155lb weight class though. All that being said though, I have no idea what Holloway walks around at though, maybe it isn't for him. *shrugs*
TheTylamo Month ago
Greatest sporting/entertainment event I’ve ever been to by a mile. Atlanta was electric
lets stickygoat
lets stickygoat Month ago
Brendan's stance on EPO's depends on whether they say yes to food truck diaries or not
Mid-South Outdoor Life
I'm not sure if I would be classified as a hardcore fan or a casual fan. However what I can say for sure is at 1 time I never missed a single paper view over a stretch of about 8 years. In the last 5 years or so I have probly purchased 75 or 80% of all paper view events. THIS ESPN+ THING IS SHIT!!! I don't even have a standard Internet connection at my home. So in order to continue getting UFC events I would now have to bring in an Internet provider of which there are not any good options in my area, after that I would have to subscribe to in pay for ESPN plus, then after that I still have to pay for the paper view. TOTAL SHIT! Im out until its fixed.
Stevey TeeVee
Stevey TeeVee Month ago
Yeah they probably should have stopped that fight. Anders isn't even in the 205 weight class, but I mean his team probably doesn't want him on a losing streak. So they were ready for the sacrifice to the MMA gods. And Max's stock didn't go down, if that's the case Mikey Garcia's stock went waaay down when he fought Errol Spence. Because at least Max won rounds or at least made 2-3 rounds kinda close.
Dawgy Jones
Dawgy Jones Month ago
Needs to be free for view anyways..
emma Mountain
emma Mountain Month ago
Can u every start with the fights always have to start with 10 to 20 minutes of random shit u here on fighter and the kid
jake johnston
jake johnston Month ago
Everyone I know under 25 illegally streams it in Australia, so your not wrong. Surprised you have been blinded from all this!?!?
Matthew Randall
Matthew Randall Month ago
Why are you begging to eat your Brendan... Style Bender could FOR SURE put some lbs on that ass. Even if he walks into the cage against Jon at 203. He's a freak, and I think he's a much better striker then Jon.
Sir Killuminati
Sir Killuminati Month ago
Ching brings up valid points and Schaub blows him off. So cringey
Omuerta Genetix
Omuerta Genetix Month ago
He said his dick was hard for the king slayer AFTER watching 2 hrs of American idol.... BRENDAN.. YOURE GAY... JUST ADMIT IT
Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides Month ago
The site had its first problem streaming an event. They fixed it, all web services have problems and they always will. All he said is WAHHHHH FIX IT. If you want to support the fighters you'll pay for it, otherwise you'll steal it and try to justify it.
Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides Month ago
The site had its first problem streaming an event. They fixed it, all web services have problems and they always will. All he said is WAHHHHH FIX IT. If you want to support the fighters you'll pay for it, otherwise you'll steal it and try to justify it.
Dustin Kilburn
Dustin Kilburn Month ago
I’ll just remind everyone of UFC 165 That was the best title fight. Of all time. Cuz it was for a title. But Izzy vs Gas was great. Really happy for Izzy. I just want to see him erase Costa. The dude is too pretty and I’m jealous.
polynikes9 Month ago
Max relies on volume and conditioning,to overcome his opponents.He stands in a very squared up stance and his centre line is constantly open.This enables him to throw quickly with either hand,but also means he is open to counters.It's why he takes so much punishment even when he wins.Its not conducive to a long and healthy career.Dustin has way better boxing technique.The reason Max was feeling those shots,was because of the way Dustin was throwing them.Basically his body was behind his punches.Max's are more arm punches and he's a lot more squared up thus leaving a straight line down the middle for an opponent to counter,while Max's swarm is coming from either side.Dustin's jab was solid as,because he was behind it,his shoulder was behind it.It was going down the middle whilst at the same time,covering his own chin.Basically penetrating the opponents centre line,whilst covering your own.Technique was the difference,not size.
Matteo Lombardo
Matteo Lombardo Month ago
kelvin could have won
C K Month ago
Sorry kids but the PPV was very easy to understand and watch. If you couldn’t get it to work on ESPN+ that’s bc you aren’t good at following simple instructions
Omuerta Genetix
Omuerta Genetix Month ago
Tell it to Brenda ... I streamed that shit with 1 click.
Jourdan Parkinson
First rule of illegal Stream club...we dont talk about illegal Stream club...Stfu Schaub!!!
Jack Scouse ///M240i
This and the Rogan/Schaub podcast is really laggy...anyone else had this problem? Also Watched each on different days so cant be connection
Kyle Graves
Kyle Graves Month ago
Sports bars charge a $5 cover get a beer or two, Uber or drink water then drive. Watch the fight, enjoy yourself, go home. All for under 30. Masvidal2020
Press Woodard
Press Woodard Month ago
U remember the demons and mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person next time you talk shit about Greg Hardy! Get off his nuts it’s just a mistake like everyone else , when did y’all become Jesus
SquishMitten66 Month ago
i love how he started the rant off by saying " maybe i streamed it illegally, maybe i didnt..." lol
What stream site??? I can't find shit??
Will Month ago
Schaub steals his talking points from Luke Thomas
Roshe Mac
Roshe Mac Month ago
Still laughing and talking about pics the audience can't see? Cool bro...
Martin Turek
Martin Turek Month ago
Roshe Mac right? Pisses me off 😅
nLesLiFe Month ago
brendans purposely trying to get the streams shut down by constantly talking about it...how bout stfu not everyone is a millionaire and can afford every single ppv, stop tryna ruin it for everyone else
Rok Fish
Rok Fish 28 days ago
lol @ the idea that the ufc didn't know about streams until fucking Brendan mentioned it. Streams have been around forever
DB Cooper's MoneyBags
+Wild Bill HipHop lol
Wild Bill HipHop
DB Cooper's MoneyBags You do have to have a couple friends though. 😝
Wild Bill HipHop
bogdan hausi google
DB Cooper's MoneyBags
You don't have to be a millionaire to get a couple of friends together and throw $20 a piece on the fights. I do it every ppv and im far from rich.
nLesLiFe Month ago
brendan doesn't understand what the DARKWEB is....
UFC Armchair Cornerman
Brandon: “I’m a purist.” Also Brandon, on JRE: “I’m not a purist, I’m the TMZ of MMA.”
Read Castor
Read Castor Month ago
Where is the fight talk comments?
Jonn Abshire
Jonn Abshire Month ago
Dammit wheres the fight talk link when I need it?
Atomrofl42 Month ago
If Brendan knew how many people illegally stream that shit 😂😂
Colton Martens
Colton Martens Month ago
Who is worse? Luke Thomas or Schaub?
kylecatterall Month ago
Fight talk 39:00 ish 👊🏾
Read Castor
Read Castor Month ago
Bro thank you! Saw no comments about it this time until yours
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