'UFC’s Randy Couture Knocks Out Criss' | Criss Angel BeLIEve

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MMA Hall of Famer Randy Couture shows Criss how quickly he could lose consciousness in the Double Straight Jacket stunt.
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Comments 80
Dan Le
Dan Le 14 days ago
It doesn't take the MMA fighter to choke him out. Anyone can do it
D.P.O Saad khan
D.P.O Saad khan Month ago
Black magic people burn always Hell
Joshua Hignight
Joshua Hignight 2 months ago
That's what she said 2:28
Jum Broni
Jum Broni 2 months ago
Fake! It almost looks real but when you get put out the 1st time it is an Amazing feeling. It's like you go to a rabbit hole. He would have extreme emotion. I've been out before. It is like a hole that closes slowly. But the odd part is you can hear. Even when your out and dead you can hear for about a half second after you go. I had a triangle choke on my neck head and the dude was really going hard. I didn't want to tap because he was a steroid freak. As the hole was closing one of my training partners was talking to me to the side. Saying "hey bro you have to put your hand between his legs and make space" it was so weird!? It sounded like he was in a high School hallway all the way down the other end but he was inches from my head coaching me. Then the hole closed. I woke up so quickly. I was jumping up and down and telling all my training partners what I experienced. Full of emotion. That's why I think Chris was not completely out.
Jan Francis Mangona
Jan Francis Mangona 3 months ago
+120 index, not normal. I got masturbation index -4 normal
Josh Begandy
Josh Begandy 5 months ago
Criss looking like a transgender soccer mom
camo man
camo man 6 months ago
Why is this man wearing makeup. Wtf
Dtrain 7 months ago
Criss your wig is insane
joseph almeciga
joseph almeciga 7 months ago
Careful that choke
Xscape iLLusions
Xscape iLLusions 7 months ago
Fake Angel.
tahia dz
tahia dz 9 months ago
Chris angel it s devil fuck you man
marco martinez
marco martinez 10 months ago
Looks like he got chocked out first, then somebody play a prank on his hair, then he woke up. So there’s nobody to blame. That’s magic right there.
Ariff Daniel
Ariff Daniel 11 months ago
How am I not liking Randy?.... Cool guy
Evan Sweeney
Evan Sweeney Year ago
That was impressive Criss, I definitely give you that one. DO MORE OF THIS!
Brayan Sanchez
His neck is red
Josh Begandy
Josh Begandy Year ago
If Mo from the Three Stooges was Gay
Amaya Jones
Amaya Jones Year ago
I miss this show, just like I miss Spike. Now how am I going to watch reruns of 1000 Ways to Die?
Seeking Truth
Seeking Truth Year ago
This is another Mandela Effect. His name used to be spelled Chris but now it is Criss? Smh
joseph almeciga
That happens to my first cousin he died like that way the officers choke him by em purpose R I P in 2001
joseph almeciga
that is a snake choke right there
Pedro Hernandez
Criss angel cant fight, hes just an actor
Frederick Johnson
Get Grand Master Tu too teach you how too protect your neck while being choked
Picasso VVIX
Picasso VVIX Year ago
I've died before and it feels the exact same way. When you're trying to hold on to your life and stay alive it's like trying to stay awake as you lose consciousness while you lose your blood. You don't even feel it is the scary part.
L S Year ago
Oold yes. But still poo sehy
Greg Jay
Greg Jay Year ago
Thanks for the head rush
Southtown Odyssey
steve-o did it better
Rodolfo Santos
Alecxia Ortiz
Alecxia Ortiz Year ago
Criss angel es un amigo de mi mamá , el habla inglés y español
mikael Year ago
Chris wasn't knocked out. If he was he'd of taken some time to come to. He faked it before going out. ssspt
Suellen Moreira
VanillaGorilla 84
The "Tunnel Closing" analogy is what I imagine Death (in a quick manner) to be like and don't personally believe in any kind of afterlife..etc Having said that, and though I can respect him for being a magician/illusionist, Criss Angel has Nothing on David Blaine...PERIOD!
Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey Year ago
at least angEl admitted he is doing simple trickery...
Hint Of Salt
Hint Of Salt Year ago
pemula om
pemula om Year ago
WhatTo - HowTo
Acting or Over Acting
Chandra Prima
Chandra Prima Year ago
iklan sampah
Edgar Wilians
Edgar Wilians Year ago
Ya lo dejaron los demonios k lo ayudaban
Edgar Wilians
Edgar Wilians Year ago
Ya sele acabó la magia a este pendejo
Justin Albiston
The look on randy s face after he realizes he can't choke out a demon.
Soulaymane Elebrahimi
j roc
j roc Year ago
You can tell they already rehearse this by the red marks around his neck exactly where Randy pointed to.
That spot on the screen at 2:22 had me tripping for a minute.
Work Email
Work Email 2 years ago
is this guy gay or....wut the
jorge padilla
jorge padilla 2 years ago
In the back of crisses mind he's thinking do you how much I have to pay to get chocked out like that on the strip ?!
SuperTDSmith 2 years ago
watch hulk hogan chokes out richard belzer
Y Oooo
Y Oooo 2 years ago
can someone stabb em next
Coldblooded 2 years ago
Awww looked like a love making session 😂🤣😂🤣 tf outta here
Andi Gandoez
Andi Gandoez 2 years ago
Waylon Phillips
Waylon Phillips 2 years ago
So he is a human 😱
Alfonso Cranndango
Alfonso Cranndango 2 years ago
Have a feeling not the first time this guy has choked on man muscle before...
Jace Turner
Jace Turner 2 years ago
r u ready?
M Tdrew
M Tdrew 2 years ago
Crisis is a crazy dude
Mic Mag
Mic Mag 2 years ago
Two legends! I used to see them both around Vegas! Randy in a pickup with the plate UFC001 and Criss in a black Lambo
MortoMusic 2 years ago
Anybody seen Criss Angel and Anthony Kedis from RHCP in the same room? Like on the real
the trick to getting out of the rear naked is; use about 30% effort for awile then act like your passed out for a few seconds.. then give 101%... works 9 times outta 10
The Great Restoration
Cris bud.....you need a new hair style
Trendy T
Trendy T 2 years ago
Choked a chicken once......
fractal space
fractal space 2 years ago
That has to be the scariest way to die. Tunnel vision, knowing the person isn't letting go, makes me shiver thinking about it and also makes me want to learn how to defend against that even though I know it would never come up in real life. Particularly getting choked, it seems so personal. This is why you shouldn't get into street fights, you don't know if the other guy can kill you also street fighting is a bad thing to have on your record.
Nick B
Nick B 2 years ago
chris angel just wanted to wrestle with another dude, thats all.
Haragei Lucid
Haragei Lucid 2 years ago
Nothing but respect for Randy but they should have got Damian Maia, lol
Evade_Sour 2 years ago
Randy Cutour vs Kris Jenner
EIn stein ELn
EIn stein ELn 2 years ago
Arnold Rivers
Arnold Rivers 2 years ago
Looks like he faked going out, before Randy even applied real pressure.
Ryan Carreon
Ryan Carreon 2 years ago
I wanna kill my self and I need this guy to kill me.
cody silva
cody silva 2 years ago
Me and my friends from middle school used to do this to each other to get high
It’s just Sig
It’s just Sig 2 years ago
One of the most caring chokes ever
Unco Chin
Unco Chin 2 years ago
He didn't even get chocked out lol
Justin Potts
Justin Potts 2 years ago
Theoretically could the training of the vocal chords help? Look at like Corey Taylor's neck, it's massive SMART SIDE OF RUvid UNITE
FatFuckinLENNY 2 years ago
Chuck Lidell chocking SteveO is way better
PARCE93 2 years ago
He didn’t go out
Dalton Hunt
Dalton Hunt 2 years ago
SpartanUruk 2 years ago
The comments on this video are fucking amazing! xD
Scott H
Scott H 2 years ago
Randy should’ve poked his eyes. Looks like Moe.
Shan Wood
Shan Wood 2 years ago
Didn't put him to sleep but I think Criss got the jist.
tookurjaerbs 2 years ago
It would be an honour to be choked out by Randy Couture
YeahRIght 2 years ago
How appropiate is it that Randy looks comfortable choking someone out. Like a fish in water
johnnyrainbow50 2 years ago
Lmao Randy's face after he chokes him out.
Tony Spicer
Tony Spicer 2 years ago
That was cool.
robert jordan
robert jordan 2 years ago
Chris angel aged horribly
SS37 3dOH
SS37 3dOH 2 years ago
tim kennedy and steveo, is a much better rnc
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