Tyrion Lannister - The Hand of the King

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"He's made many terrible mistakes. He’s going to spend the rest of his life fixing them."
Tyrion Lannister Tribute 4K
TV series: Game of Thrones (s1-8)
Music 1: Audiomachine - Wildfire
Music 2: Audiomachine - Faded Snapshots and Forgotten Dreams
Music 3: Audiomachine - A Trick of the Mind
Music 4: Ramin Djawadi & Serj Tankian - The Rains of Castamere
Music 5: Ramin Djawadi - Break the Wheel
Daenerys Targaryen - The Queen
Sansa Stark - The Queen in the North
Jon Snow - From Bastard to King
"La Belle Époque" is available here:
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Oct 26, 2019




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Comments 80
g.alqctic edits
g.alqctic edits 18 hours ago
Oh my god with the Rains of Castamere at the end jesus this is AMAZING!
Habib A.
Habib A. Day ago
Forever the Right Hand xD
Niko 3 days ago
*He was THE best character on GOT* Fight me (ง'̀-'́)ง
Dominic King
Dominic King 3 days ago
My favorite character
Christian Stark
Christian Stark 4 days ago
Am i the Only Who thinks tyrion Is a targaryan? This would explain how tywin hates him so much, seeing his father Aerys in him every time he looks at him, Aerys could have fucked Joanna Lannister, tywin Wife, during the tournament the year before tyrion birth. Maybe Joanna before She died asked tywin ti protect tyrion, likes lyanna with his Brother Ned. (I hope you can understand im italiano)
jbm manal
jbm manal 4 days ago
We can saY what we waNt about tyrion but at last ha survive ...not so many did stay alive ...they where all good acting ...in my opinion tyrion top the lot.
Isabella marie de Leon morillo
The moment The Rains of Castemere came my jaw dropped. Literally. Just stunning work.
Raghav Dadhich
Raghav Dadhich 5 days ago
The last part of rains of Castamere was truly amazing. I wish you Portray Dany's death is the revenge by tyrion for Jamie's death
Raghav Dadhich
Raghav Dadhich 5 days ago
He was the best character of Grr martin And the worst of D&D
Lets Roll
Lets Roll 6 days ago
Just subscribed because of this remarkable content you made , A perfect story teller
Stannis Baratheon
this is what i do drink and know things
Ahmed attab1000
Ahmed attab1000 8 days ago
The worst end ever
Ashutosh Tiwari
Ashutosh Tiwari 10 days ago
By far the best Tyrion Lannister's tribute video on RUvid. Fantastic emotions . And yeah that use of rains of castamere in the end was cherry on top
Jox Barros
Jox Barros 10 days ago
Ep1K_ 10 days ago
How does this make season 8 look good
sora roxas
sora roxas 11 days ago
0:22 beautiful shot
#-Kate Hawk-#
#-Kate Hawk-# 12 days ago
Daenerys:dracarys RUvid captions: *the car*
omar kilany
omar kilany 13 days ago
what is the music playing in the back ground
Ovik6280 12 days ago
Music 1: Audiomachine - Wildfire Music 2: Audiomachine - Faded Snapshots and Forgotten Dreams Music 3: Audiomachine - A Trick of the Mind Music 4: Ramin Djawadi & Serj Tankian - The Rains of Castamere Music 5: Ramin Djawadi - Break the Wheel
Sonam Goel
Sonam Goel 13 days ago
He was the survivor, without fighting, without army, without being harmed much, he was a man who coluld play with words, and make people agree to his terms always, he might have made mistakes... But all n he all, he always escaoed the punishments, and deserved to be the hand of the king...
MR. COOL 13 days ago
He was the most cleverst man alive and they fucked him up in s8💔😭 I will carry his acting,agression, cleverness and his trial in season 4 in my heart❤ I kinda felt peter was done with script of s8 and didn't want to give his 100%
Melahet Abuzerova
Melahet Abuzerova 15 days ago
Maani Kn
Maani Kn 20 days ago
Akash Singh
Akash Singh 20 days ago
The title should be the hand of the king and queen
Muhd Abbas
Muhd Abbas 22 days ago
Unpopular Theory Season 8 was just a dream. HBO will shock the world by announcing Season 9 after the final installment of GRRM's A Dream Of Spring.
TheBlockBreakers 23 days ago
D&D at Season 7 and 8: 6:32
TheBlockBreakers 23 days ago
"I'm telling mother" **slap** "You can't-" **slap**
# PUNJABe 5 days ago
Jox Barros
Jox Barros 10 days ago
Fuck his mother!
KarynMcS 15 days ago
One of my favorite scenes in the entire series....
Hamza Qureshi
Hamza Qureshi 25 days ago
this is best...
Nadim Mahmood Ayon
Nadim Mahmood Ayon 25 days ago
This 10 minutes are better than the entire season 8
ConTroller 25 days ago
The best at a time I needed it. We'll done.
Monali chaki
Monali chaki 26 days ago
Can anyone tell me the name of the song in the end?
Hakot 26 days ago
I actually think that Tyrion was the targaryen bastard of Aerys. There's a lot of clues in the books, the affair of aerys with joanna lannister, his dreams as a child with dragons and his fascination about them. I think somehow he's gonna end up as king in the books, if not jon or aegon. That would be pretty ironic
Hakot 26 days ago
9:45 I always imagine that he's sitting in the iron throne and is his coronation and with that music gives me chills
سيف ديزاد
سيف ديزاد 27 days ago
The best personne in got
dexter sahagun
dexter sahagun 27 days ago
the only man can unchain the 2 angry hungry dragons
Andra Juknevičiūtė
Tyrion would be the best king ever....
jotman22 _
jotman22 _ 28 days ago
Fee like pure shit just want season 8 redone
Malik Ghouse
Malik Ghouse 28 days ago
The Hand who lived.
LongclawStark 29 days ago
Amazing, Keep Going
Prem Punjabi
Prem Punjabi Month ago
The only SOLE reason to watch GOT. #PeterDinklage
Natalie Mejia
Natalie Mejia Month ago
Starting at 8:25 always brings me chills!
talget white
talget white Month ago
I'm still pissed of season 8
mariofranco Month ago
He was the best show character until D&D ruined him
Daniel Read
Daniel Read Month ago
You actually made the last season look decent. That's an achievement in itself.
Kai Ayame
Kai Ayame Month ago
Ivar and Tyrion are kinda similiar. Both outcasts, a cripple and a dwarf, both intelligent, both choked their lovers with a rope type because they betrayed them, both smart mouths, both born from a great family and famous Father, both have a sibling that hates them, both insecure.
Samer Safa
Samer Safa Month ago
Thats what i do I drink and i know things
Liam thomas
Liam thomas Month ago
Oh my god. Wow the part where the city is being scorched along with some vocals give me the shivers
Richard Sun
Richard Sun Month ago
kings are dying like files, typo error
John Snow
John Snow Month ago
I drink and I know things. Never thought I could be summed up in a single sentence.
JóH RédFíéld
He was the only one who could be a great king. But damn, this end so bads.
Immanuel Marshall
And so he spoke...
Proud Indian
Proud Indian Month ago
Tyrion is the real kingslayer
Sᴏᴏʀᴀᴊ Sᴇʟᴠᴀɴ
Aarush Kumar
Aarush Kumar Month ago
I don't know what happened but I know that Daenarys Targaryen dropped from one of my favorite character to that spot that I don't even want to acknowledge that she was a character in the whole series ..atleast they could have made Jon snow or I must say Aegon Targaryen the rightful heir the king..
Hossam Eyada
Hossam Eyada Month ago
Rohan Khera
Rohan Khera Month ago
They just ruined the whole season 8 😭😭😭
Faiyaz Malek
Faiyaz Malek Month ago
Favorite character 😍
Ine Airlcana
Ine Airlcana Month ago
I loved the part where Tyrion said "I believe in our queen. She makes the right choice." and then the rains of Castamere played. And so he spoke. The most beautiful Tyrion tribute I've seen.
Jusimn Month ago
Waw, this is really amazing
Ovik6280 Month ago
현메준 Month ago
I wish to confess... That we’ll miss Tyrion Lannister
Gabriel Braileanu
Lol, Lannister with House Stark main song
Meth Month ago
Am I the only who hates the singing in The Rains of Castamere? It sounds like a jokey spoof.
Sameera Je
Sameera Je Month ago
What’s the name of the song in the end of the video??
Ovik6280 Month ago
Sameera Je Ramin Djawadi - break the wheel
Byron James Buyco
I actually learned much things because of this dwarf. I truly admired tyrion in GOT. Love him
Nikhil Padmanabhan
He Learned me a lesson....Height is Just a Number...what a charecter Just love him ❤️
Aniket thakur
Aniket thakur Month ago
Tyrion Lannister the king of seven kingdoms, protector of the realm..... Aye ?
Teslee Month ago
Daenarys: Dracaris YT english sub: The car
Mister O’Hern
Mister O’Hern Month ago
Tyrion Lannister...the reluctant winner of The Game.
SilVVolf Month ago
3:45 his reaction ahhahah
mtawali13 Month ago
He betrayed his queen
The true son of Tywin Lannister....
Colby Smith
Colby Smith Month ago
I think we should all do ourselves a favor and forget that the last two seasons happened
Faizal Abdul Rasheed
It was Tyrion’s intelligence which brought Jon Snow to the Dragonstone and made a worthy Alliance with the Dragon Queen. Without him Jon snow wouldn’t get the mining time or The queen to bond together with him.
Martin S.
Martin S. 2 months ago
"I once brought a jackass and a pine-cone into a brothel.." The Last Words said in GOT. Sums Everything up really..
Hamish 2 months ago
This nearly made me like season 8
Ali Alhosani
Ali Alhosani 2 months ago
8:26 what is the name of this music
Gintama Ouais
Gintama Ouais Month ago
@Ovik6280 qu'elle est le song début jusqu'à 3 minute plz
Ali Alhosani
Ali Alhosani 2 months ago
Ovik6280 thank you
Ovik6280 2 months ago
Ramin Djawadi & Serj Tankian - The Rains of Castamere
Михаил Ульянов
Отличный персонаж, слитый тупым сценарием. Как и вся ИП
passingthoughts 2 months ago
If anyone could list the music played in this music it would be greatly appreciated thank you
Prakash Chandra
Prakash Chandra 2 months ago
He is Shri krishna of GOT
RandomCamm 2 months ago
Using Serj Tankian’s Rains of Castamere was one of the most spine chilling moments in any of the compilations I’ve seen
Hypatia 370
Hypatia 370 2 months ago
he is the worst thing happened to daenerys
Abinandan V
Abinandan V Month ago
To be honest dany has gone mad!
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