Tyga - Molly (Official Video) (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa, Mally Mall, Cedric Gervais

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Download Tyga's Album "Hotel California" featuring "Molly" now on:
iTunes: smarturl.it/TygaHotelCaliExiT
Amazon: smarturl.it/TygaHotelCaliDlxExAZ
Google Play: goo.gl/P9nn7
Music video by Tyga performing Molly (Explicit). ©: Cash Money Records, Inc.
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Comments 80
supremepatton Capinpin
Listening dis quarantine
Claudia Farias
Snoop dog e Eminem hip hop dos tops haha
GugaTube 20 hours ago
Krl achei que era o unico escutando esse krl de hit em 2020
Dhiraj Sakhare
Mateusz Marciszewski
Young khalifa 👌🏾
Rmc Dmx
Rmc Dmx 2 days ago
Cool song bro !
Poison Code
Poison Code 3 days ago
Fergo30 3 days ago
Man siri spittin
D 3 days ago
Jeez, people alot of people aren’t educated. 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Don’t trust any of that club shit either. Straight crystal
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 4 days ago
legend has it they're still looking for molly 😳
MrEliteSnipes 5 days ago
Bruh i was listening to music and this came into my head and i couldn't find it cause i thought it was by miley cyrus lmfao
Yolkst3r 6 days ago
When you see postie pete in runescape
Hip Hop 99
Hip Hop 99 6 days ago
2013: MOLLY 💚 2020: CONTACT🔥
Pravin Tirpude
Pravin Tirpude 8 days ago
who else is listening this in quarintine😂
Aurora Rusu
Aurora Rusu 2 hours ago
Kevin Dgaf
Kevin Dgaf 12 hours ago
Bored ass hell aha
Claudia Farias
Claudia Farias 8 days ago
Fro, Go Go Go !!!
JD Barton
JD Barton 9 days ago
When I was younger I really thought they were looking for a girl named Molly 😂 and
4.15 pm
4.15 pm 9 days ago
muhallebi çocuğuuu
Lil 666
Lil 666 10 days ago
7 old contact whiz and tyga
Lil 666
Lil 666 10 days ago
contact 4 old tyga and whiz
Syed Azhaan
Syed Azhaan 10 days ago
Back when tyga had bars. Fast forward 2020 all tyga talks about is birthdays.
Armaan 11 days ago
I remember when my cousin showed me this 6 years ago when I was 8 and I believed molly was a girl at a party 💀
Bl. Sihas
Bl. Sihas 12 days ago
Who else is here in 2020
Spectrum UK
Spectrum UK 15 days ago
2020 and I'm just realising that Tyga is stealing Pusha T's flow and no one said shit.
Hou Daa
Hou Daa 16 days ago
2020 👍🏿
Nickboy boy boybig Parson
Voice cool like tyga
Music Manager
Music Manager 19 days ago
Who ever made the first 25 seconds of this song is trash
Rodney Mwenda
Rodney Mwenda 20 days ago
I came to see whether Tyga found molly. Poor me😂😂😂
Rodney Mwenda
Rodney Mwenda 20 days ago
I came to see whether Tyga found molly. Poor me😂😂😂
Naif Alyami
Naif Alyami 20 days ago
Who did try molly? I have tried it once, and felt like a fuckin robot cause that high energy in my body
Thierry Cadet
Thierry Cadet 21 day ago
Molly... 👍 👊 rad. Big up 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙 🆙
lurshai kharbani
lurshai kharbani 21 day ago
Who is Molly?🤔🧐
Ιωάννης Μπραϊαν
Just found out about this song. I don’t get out much lol
Adebola TV
Adebola TV 22 days ago
Tyga : Im highschool thats college Me: Hold Up, wait a minute.. Something aint right
Mnie_Tu_Dochodz 22 days ago
Who tried molly? ;-;
Julian Siabato
Julian Siabato 23 days ago
Tyga opacó a wiz :v
YT-jbc_ BTW
YT-jbc_ BTW 23 days ago
Bro the last time i listened to this was when I did not know about anything hes saying 😂
chris mallette
chris mallette 23 days ago
Smart man there. Bad chick so good I'm never cheating.. You want in?
e eu sei la Kka
e eu sei la Kka 24 days ago
ta mole ta mole mole mole
DontAsk4Name 24 days ago
Lil Pump should to be there
Brennan Lopez
Brennan Lopez 25 days ago
TikTok brought me back
SCP 343
SCP 343 25 days ago
Wiz went in on this.
Sholowlow Love weed
Just fire ! AMAZING SONG
Iam Deuce
Iam Deuce 26 days ago
Toy story three brought me here to find molly.
Ms.Chotika Tayabovorn
how many times they said molly -_- 234567890987654321234567890-0987654321`123456789098765432123456787654334567887654345676543456787654567 times
googles hacks
googles hacks 28 days ago
Win I thought you were thinking I needed a wash room here and tub out Chevy
roodboy606 28 days ago
I always thought Wiz said my new whip is important and thought it was weird 😂
mohamed shazeen
mohamed shazeen 29 days ago
Cov19 Molly Molly
Тони Йорданов
хайдутин такъв
Rah Sage
Rah Sage Month ago
Ashley Mayor
Ashley Mayor Month ago
Am looking for molly ?
Kovinci dReam
Kovinci dReam Month ago
This song is specifically for ppl who pop molly. Where y’all at 🙋🏽‍♂️
jade geisbrecht
jade geisbrecht 15 days ago
yo wassup bro😂😂
John Carter
John Carter Month ago
Natia left a pokemon ball on my bed. Lmaoooo. I thought I hide all toys. Lmaoooooo. She like no, I throw my pokemon ball at you. Lmfaooooooo! If I could take her out at night, she'd be the best fuckin partner. I swear. I need me a Lil baby that's gon listen. She funny, she listen and she hide my heart in my jewelry bag. Still can't find it
John Carter
John Carter Month ago
I'm blowing weed as I'm walking. Lol. Put something in the air.
John Carter
John Carter Month ago
Just popped it. It's early too. Come out and play with me
Molly Rose
Molly Rose Month ago
thanks for making a song about me 😌😊
John Carter
John Carter Month ago
And my dude so bad that I'm never ever cheatin. Speeeeeeeed! Put it in my drink. Alright I'm bout to get a drink now!!! They bought a whole pound of Mary but didn't know that I was Molly. Lmao! I had him smokin all his reefer.. You wanna pop me now or later? Lol
Luiss Month ago
Im just trying to find the song from playboi carti
Francis victor
Francis victor Month ago
Omg I just found out what molly is wtf I thought it was a person for so kokg
Dương Phạm
Dương Phạm Month ago
Andree rigth hands
Specialsmoker 420
where did you get those hot female robots? I need and want one
Diana Grocholewska
Super clip Tiga here Diana ( Lady Guga)🧜‍♀️
FlyBoy USAF Month ago
I doubt greatly his molly experience
Jay Jay Moore
Jay Jay Moore Month ago
we are not looking for Molly anymore we are looking for Alexia Alexia Alexia Siri Siri Siri Siri
J U A N Month ago
2022? :v
EVOGenesis666 Month ago
The world definitely fucked around and fell in luv wit her
Timur Sezen
Timur Sezen Month ago
wtf im scared
Samantha Saunders
Love music
malmo malmo
malmo malmo Month ago
📢📢📢moly moly moly😎
Gamatkoi Month ago
2020 still lit🔥
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Month ago
Пиздато Tyga стелит...
Brianda Mason
Brianda Mason Month ago
7 year old me: whos molly Mom:😶😳
Toni Montana
Toni Montana Month ago
big chxpo
big chxpo Month ago
Man I was there when they video shoot it it was lit man wow what a throwback! 🙏🏽❤️ good old days
Manuel Cedillo.JRZ.
X^3=2royales colombo syracause.
BI52 Month ago
Wiz and Tyga will always be my ma fav rappers 🔥🔥
Max Aus
Max Aus Month ago
Why was I 9 with enough intuition to know that molly was some sort of "drug" lmfao
Daniyar Jumamuradow
Me: SIRI I need some molly SIRI: OK SIRI to Wiz: Hi I am looking for molly!
Vanessa Penaluna
I think my IQ just dropped 45 points by watching this...
Gery D
Gery D Month ago
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