Tycho - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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KEXP.ORG presents Tycho performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded August 1, 2014.
A Walk
Host: Troy Nelson
Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Janelle Delia, Luke Knecht & Christopher Meister
Editor: Luke Knecht
photo thumbnail by Dave Lichterman


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Sep 25, 2014




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Comments 80
13aby13oi Month ago
who stil bumping tycho in 2020??? ^.^
Benjamin Gammons
this band is the drummer, and only the drummer
Dario Sepúlveda
This songs remember me winning eleven, fifa, pes, fifa street and ps2 times
lemon jump
lemon jump Month ago
opened this video to share the link to a friend....ended watching it......i am so in love with this music.....i cant get enough of it ..
JamesTheWineGuy Month ago
Love Tycho!
Сергей Веденеев
Класс Ребята!Вы Таланты!
Priotniel Amir
Priotniel Amir Month ago
Nice drum play..
Inn Bron
Inn Bron Month ago
14:06 to more music
Fábio Rocha
Fábio Rocha Month ago
Jony Caverna
Jony Caverna 2 months ago
Beatiful. Holy Mountain is the film back
obec_18 luv
obec_18 luv 2 months ago
He give me the vibe of an arrogant person so 👎
vidal 2 months ago
Diego Costa guitar is great!
Ulises Barrera
Ulises Barrera 2 months ago
It’s even worst than the “new” 2U
Hamza Momin Rauf ICSBR1
I love this song cause I'm born on August 1
The Lucky Tree
The Lucky Tree 2 months ago
Definitely a very Unique style, very melodic and and you decide to truly hear at least 2 or 3 times you can really can enjoy the quality of this musicians, Wow such a good band 🤙🤙🤙🏆🏆🏆✨✨✨
Livins Varghese
Livins Varghese 2 months ago
BOC must be soo proud.
sh we
sh we 2 months ago
16:27 why does drummer lean down to floor? To dampen a drum?
sh we
sh we 2 months ago
peacekkqmark 2 months ago
Second song is basically a car commercial.
jefferson familara
jefferson familara 2 months ago
Amazing sound! Great band!
Jean Piedra Salas
Jean Piedra Salas 2 months ago
Me gusta la muisca
Warmer 2 months ago
Thank you for bringing this beautiful music!
ABHAY DEV 2 months ago
This is just beautiful..
JoNyKraMs 2 months ago
really like this band but, is a intrumental band or have songs where they sings?
Felipe Luiz
Felipe Luiz 3 months ago
2020 ...
Groovelessons 3 months ago
Love tycho. Such awesome sounds. They inspire me every time. If you like take a listen. 🤘🏻. Rock on. open.spotify.com/artist/7A7tYp5BMCF9EL9n3qSrt4?si=6Mej2yJAQayyVB0gFXpf7g
Jaxon Jaxonfied
Jaxon Jaxonfied 3 months ago
The thing I like about this drummer is the fact that he's not trying to overkill his parts.
Tim McGee
Tim McGee 3 months ago
ZZzzz....ZZzzz.... ZZzzz... ZZzzz.... ZZzzz.... ZZzzz....
Rosa W-H
Rosa W-H 3 months ago
I just found this! Im hyped 😄
Mario Tesla
Mario Tesla 3 months ago
A walk is a masterpiece
Luis Henrique Gomes
Luis Henrique Gomes 3 months ago
Why so beautiful?
J B Paez
J B Paez 3 months ago
Muy bueno! Me sacan y pasean por el espacio.
sselfless 4 months ago
23:03 love all these drum fills
sselfless 4 months ago
Damn the more I listen the more I'm like THAT DRUMMER IS SO GOOD
lwb256 4 months ago
Wow!! Known of Tycho for years and just now found out they were an actual band. Fucking amazing. How ignorant of me for just now finding this out!!!! Just gained 100000x respect for them. So awesummmmmmmm.
The Holy Duo
The Holy Duo 4 months ago
Imagine being in that room..........
Даниил 4 months ago
нихуя козловский поднялся
Erich Mazon
Erich Mazon 4 months ago
one of the most amazing drummers ever, esp at this time in scotts music, to be able to play all the drumming live, amazing. took my wife and daughter to see them on this tour. love tycho, mad respect.
Jayjay McFly
Jayjay McFly 4 months ago
The audio Engineer Kevin Suggs nails mixing. However, Kevin Sucks at mixing nails :)
FilthyFloor 4 months ago
this is good music. A lot of comments condemning purely computer-generated music... get a grib guys. Music is music. If people like it, its nice.
Max Dorofeev
Max Dorofeev 4 months ago
Отличные ребята!
Nick M
Nick M 4 months ago
The drummer is bad. He needs learn more to improve his tecnique. But the band and his music is good. I like it.
Jan Sigayan
Jan Sigayan 4 months ago
Andry Vasquez
Andry Vasquez 4 months ago
The drummer is flawless
LIDER TRON 4 months ago
willtrac 4 months ago
So Relevant
patricia gennari Vieira
Woooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! You Guys Saved My Life!!!!!!!!! Thnx A LOT!!!!!! LOVE YOU 4 EVER!!!!!!!!
Toby Gilleman
Toby Gilleman 5 months ago
was really not expecting a les paul...
Black Phillip
Black Phillip 5 months ago
Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs < Respect! This sound amazing!
Antsuma 5 months ago
I've heard all of Tycho's songs but can't name a single one.
Jan Sigayan
Jan Sigayan 4 months ago
lol me too at first, I really had to pay attention to the intros
Black Phillip
Black Phillip 5 months ago
Because it's an experiance.
Alberto Crescini
Alberto Crescini 5 months ago
I was so happy there weren’t vocals...
Ryan 5 months ago
Here in 2019: so happy to see how far they’ve come since 2011. Tycho u r the goat
Dennis Kuun
Dennis Kuun 4 months ago
Here for about a month and cant get enough! I wonder if I discovered this back in '14 when it was released!!!
Alberto Crescini
Alberto Crescini 5 months ago
Ryan are you happy of Weather?
Dan Erickson
Dan Erickson 5 months ago
That drummer is so solid.
Mp Pink
Mp Pink 5 months ago
disability that i fear the most ...... deaf
willtrac 5 months ago
ohh myyy god
willtrac 5 months ago
Its My Friday
Its My Friday 5 months ago
Heavenly melody
Gaze Underground
Gaze Underground 6 months ago
Love it
Noah Thul
Noah Thul 6 months ago
Just discovered these guys in a chill-hop mix - instant love.
MrFrostpower 6 months ago
I see creating beautiful impression with lesser number of sounds and muscial means and at a slower speed as more masterful than violent whirlpool of notes and melodies that makes you lose the net.
Darth Saya
Darth Saya 6 months ago
Music for the few, not the many! PURE class!
Mark Karjaluoto
Mark Karjaluoto 6 months ago
I didn't think they could authentically duplicate this from the studio to a live environment, but I was mistaken. They did a wonderful job.
SuperFrooty 6 months ago
Props to the KEXP audio team of course, but at least 99% of why it sounds so good is because of Tycho. I am in near-total disbelief at how accurate their tones and dynamics are to the records.
Stellardruíd 6 months ago
A walk is probably the song that feels most like home for me.
aeropilot 5 months ago
Stellardruíd luv you 🌟
Justin Pope
Justin Pope 7 months ago
cool to see that tycho is actually a musician and isn't just some dude with a laptop. also great taste in hardware synths
samn grg
samn grg 7 months ago
Bring Tycho with 'weather' 2019... Please
Kunchang Lee
Kunchang Lee 7 months ago
The drummers is solid
Daniel Snider
Daniel Snider 7 months ago
Literally bought the album at a record store because the art caught my eye. Best impulse buy. :)
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 7 months ago
Incredibly predictable and boring music.
aeropilot 5 months ago
Sean Brown lol, like ur comment ... maybe??? 😘
Rubens Sanz
Rubens Sanz 7 months ago
You are awosome Sounds fantastic Regards From Mexico
bookmarkthis 7 months ago
Every song sounds too similar... it's all like an early U2 instrumental produced with some 90s/00s gear.
aeropilot 5 months ago
bookmarkthis down voted, for balance ☺️
John Williams
John Williams 7 months ago
Wonderful! Great to work to (analysing data at my computer, in a state of flow ...)
Granadero Locust
Granadero Locust 7 months ago
Me encanta Spectre.
Shane 8 months ago
Just met Tycho - glad I did - the drummer is really excellent. They all are.
Juan Miguel
Juan Miguel 8 months ago
Katia Martins
Katia Martins 8 months ago
✨P e r f e i t o✨ Som que embala o meu espírito, acalma e aquece meu coração ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🕊🎼🎚🌟🕊🎼🎚🌟🕊🎼 Grande abraço 🙇‍♀️
LIDER TRON 4 months ago
Magina essa vibe no luga certo
Pardo Samurai
Pardo Samurai 8 months ago
2019 anyone?
Slime Sound Productions
Yeah more of Tycho please
Forrester Gump
Forrester Gump 8 months ago
The drummer is killing it! Reminds me of Mike Bell of Lymbyc Systym! RIP.
NICE CHANNEL 8 months ago
They are so cool. I love them.
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