Two Women Hospitalized After Trying to End Their Periods Early

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Two women were hospitalized after trying to end their periods early
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Jun 18, 2019

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Comments 537
keatsuki 7 hours ago
Why do I feel like the wiki page their talking about is fake AF? Edit: to answer your question joe.....hands.....they used their hands to clean the poop off of them. I know the Chinese invented toilet paper though.
Im into 2.5 mins and I'm learning so much 😧
Christina Titus
Christina Titus 2 days ago
Dam Steve making me feel self conscious about my labia xD
Moonie Kyun
Moonie Kyun 2 days ago
I feel like I'm the Joe in my friend group. I'm always saying "I seen it in a porno once."
Kyra Pretorius
Kyra Pretorius 4 days ago
We need someone to count how many times Joe has said “I saw it happen in a porno,” or “that stuff happens in a porno,” or general mentioning of porn
Tenika Musa
Tenika Musa 6 days ago
Uterus prolapse
Ana Darko
Ana Darko 6 days ago
Nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples nipples
Battle Beast
Battle Beast 11 days ago
Im 14 i love this channel
EdieLouise 12 days ago
This reminds me of a story I heard once where a girl got her intestines ripped out of her ass from either an airplane or train toilet
Konbinience 2004
Konbinience 2004 14 days ago
Joe: I saw that in a porno one time Every time
Sydni Heidenhofer
Sydni Heidenhofer 19 days ago
Uncircumcised penis ♥️⚡️ it feels better for both people. And yes Joe- impotence is caused by damaged nerves due to being circumcised
Julie Perez
Julie Perez 19 days ago
this episode traumatized me lmao
jorielle 25 days ago
Joe: I don't LOOK for things. Things happen. 💀💀💀
Alki Sim
Alki Sim 25 days ago
Woman: *sees ad where vacuum can hold a bowling ball* Woman: yup I’m gonna put that on the most delicate body part because blood is icky ❌
Di Chang
Di Chang 26 days ago
they used leaves to wipe....
Joel Budreux
Joel Budreux 26 days ago
Wait so not one of them girls douche? 🤔
Melissa Truong
Melissa Truong 27 days ago
“I don’t look for things, things happen” Couldn’t relate moreeee
PurpleRhino 27 days ago
This jknews ep was hard to hear hahaha eughhhhhh shivering..
Christina Roger
Christina Roger 27 days ago
"I don't look for things, things happen" best new motto 😂😂
Tip Aly
Tip Aly 28 days ago
I never thought......I mean stupid people are everywhere....
Marpen1980 Gaming
Marpen1980 Gaming 28 days ago
7:50 saying that you're off for abortion because it keeps the crime rate slowed would be the same as being okay with what Hitler did. Cuz he was just doing that to "keep the race pure." Abortion is murder. So, the amount of abortions that are having in America is that we have a genocide on our hands.
Captain Magma
Captain Magma 28 days ago
Is it cold in that room
VpY22 28 days ago
Whaaa???? How many women has steve been with that he didn't know that there are innies and outies?
EX 0
EX 0 26 days ago
VpY22 i think it also had to do with porn since most only show women with innies and if they have outties it not that noticeable 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dasha UwU
Dasha UwU 28 days ago
I thought a douche was supposed to be used in the ass cause I only hear gay guys talking about douching
andyrockism 29 days ago
Joe new shirt" I don't look for things, things happen!'
andyrockism 29 days ago
From the title I knew Joe was going to say" "I saw that in a porno one time" and that is why I click and to see hot Tiff and Stacey.
Stephen 123453
Stephen 123453 29 days ago
The bigger the hoop the bigger the ho
Thunder unit00
Thunder unit00 29 days ago
Lol penis expert
Jordan Reed
Jordan Reed Month ago
What the hell is STAHP JK editor❓
Levi AckermanIs A Dangerous Housewife
This who video, I felt weak.
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 Month ago
1:47 holy shit
RubyRim Month ago
Omg y'all are friends with Jubilee? I love that channel!
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard Month ago
Pretty much everything Joe has seen in pornos, I have too. 😂
Trisha Harrison
Trisha Harrison Month ago
Before toilet paper people wpuld use their left hand for wipeing their ads and their right hand for eating their food. Thats why there used to be a thing where it was bad to be left handed. Because back ing the day that's what you primarily used your left hand for.
Trisha Harrison
Trisha Harrison Month ago
Its called a prolaped vagina or uterus. It happens in cows and horses sometimes too.
Crystal Ruiz
Crystal Ruiz Month ago
I want to Google this...but I'm scared.
I forgot my name
Rocko M
Rocko M Month ago
Stacey looks like a chola Ana Kasparian
Ice King
Ice King Month ago
You hardly need to wipe if you shit in a proper squatting position
Maddysin Leigh
Maddysin Leigh Month ago
I’ve found that masturbating during my period makes it shorter...
Border Lime
Border Lime Month ago
Those 2 lines "Feels like a war story" and "it was like a roast beef sandwich" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ruby Month ago
*Laughs in Muslim* when they're talking about toilet paper. If you know, you know.
sara lipkind
sara lipkind Month ago
I just started my period I wanna try it
Sydney Mcfarlane
I saw the vacuum and i knew what happened immediately
AsiaTv4Arab Month ago
In my country we don't whip we use water
kyni87 Month ago
In case you are not aware most people on earth right NOW don’t use toilet paper systematically lol Water is your friend. It’s actually cleaner
Ch L
Ch L Month ago
Love this show
packleader87 Month ago
It's called prolapse
Mattie Month ago
The E
The E Month ago
this guy joe & his porn 😂😂😂😂
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