Two Steps From Hell - Victory (WWII Cinematic)

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Hey, guys, back from my little hiatus. Sorry for anyone who was waiting for the next video; things got busy right as the school year ended.
Anyways, I've been working on this for about a month now, and it's set to the same song as another one of my videos.
You might be asking, "Jim, why the heck are you using this song again?" Well, I decided to use it, so I did. Just gotta live with it.
Anyways, thanks to Two Steps From Hell for the song, EpicMusicVideos for the inspiration, Wargaming and Gaijin for their quite amazing games, and my good friend (who I'm not going to explicitly name; let's call him Dave) for letting me bother him constantly about my video's progress, to list a few.
And, per usual, the standard statement: I own nothing in this video, save the way I put it together. Everything else is the property of some major company.
Edit: Since this is basically my only video with any substantial amount of views, I'll just say here that I am sorta-kinda-possibly back from my break from making videos. I've got a couple ideas for a video, but nothing solid yet. I might make an update video when I do. Peace y'all.


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Sep 13, 2017




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Jim_Kirk1 Year ago
Okey, so some people said it'd be better to pin a comment with all the credits (and it'd also help stop people from screeching at me), so here it is, in no particular order: Song: Victory - Two Steps From Hell ruvid.net/video/video-hKRUPYrAQoE.html Videos: World of Warships - Wait For Me ruvid.net/video/video-YI-cDEGy5VM.html War Thunder - "Victory is Ours" Live Action Trailer ruvid.net/video/video-VTzHj-R9McA.html War Thunder - "Heroes" Trailer ruvid.net/video/video-0sfA-NsbzJY.html CALL OF DUTY WW2 Official Trailer (Call of Duty WWII Trailer)* ruvid.net/video/video-Je43uB7tBf4.html CALL OF DUTY WWII Trailer (2017)* ruvid.net/video/video-J4_s2OCRPEc.html The Mighty Eighth Official Teaser #1 (2014) - War Movie HD ruvid.net/video/video-PhmFFtjB2qY.html (Cringey outro videos) Battlefield 1 - Launch Trailer ruvid.net/video/video-XcqlTt6OqpY.html The Final Race - Speed Racer-(2008) Movie Clip Bluray 4K UHD ruvid.net/video/video-DTXFknz4J88.html Speed Racer (2008) - Following in His Brother's Footsteps Scene (1/7) | Movieclips ruvid.net/video/video-O-QaGllHqN0.html FORZA HORIZON 3 Trailer (E3 2016)* ruvid.net/video/video-FJ70jzsDlBA.html *I couldn't confirm whether or not this is the exact video I used for the making of this video, so I picked one that was as close as I remember. Now stop screaming at me, I have anime to watch
Roman Boyko
Roman Boyko 25 minutes ago
This is children's diarrhea for parents, the smell of which is sucked here like Chanel perfume. There is nothing in common between this comic and a real war. Want to argue? Hire from viewing the filming of Russian operators in the Second World War. At least about Auschwitz. So, what you saw above is no more than the diarrhea of ​​a newborn, whose smell is pleasant to you.
Kingoverlordoflords UwU
JiaQir Day ago
*aesthetic screeching*
Dulene Magloire
Dulene Magloire 9 days ago
Lukman Maulan
Lukman Maulan 3 months ago
Thanks Makasih
Roman Boyko
Roman Boyko 25 minutes ago
This is children's diarrhea for parents, the smell of which is sucked here like Chanel perfume. There is nothing in common between this comic and a real war. Want to argue? Hire from viewing the filming of Russian operators in the Second World War. At least about Auschwitz. So, what you saw above is no more than the diarrhea of ​​a newborn, whose smell is pleasant to you.
TheMadBleus 56 minutes ago
Fish underwater be like: ayo tf
BC Chiriac
BC Chiriac 16 hours ago
I dare you all to still tell me you want to join the army after watching the entire video about war especially about the war going on today! Every war is dangerous with no guarantee you make it out alive. You want to join, expect and perpare to lose your life for your country!
notbrucewayne 5
Every time I watch this I see the hero’s that are fighting even though they are losing like the guy in the ship when his ship was sinking he still fought every moment you are losing a war you still fight even though you can’t fight but you give it all you got and you will come home a hero or die a hero...anyone can be a hero
zone8848 Day ago
War, is the romance between men, they just love violent penetrations.
Ethan Vivi
Ethan Vivi Day ago
Very impressive ,I like your work mate
Bruce W
Bruce W Day ago
Just think If japan never attacked Pearl Harbor everything could be diffrent
lu Lo
lu Lo Day ago
maki owada
maki owada Day ago
この戦争に戦った全ての人に敬礼 この戦争が二度と起こらないことを祈ります
JakemAhfoot Mahfoot
5 freakin' stars!
Kingoverlordoflords UwU
I made this hole seen in build a boat
andy tay
andy tay 2 days ago
nice cinematic n meaningful
Hernández YT ‽
Friends I am very much a fan of the history of the Second World War and my parents do not like me to see this hahaha as they see life
Kolya Starikov
Kolya Starikov 2 days ago
Ребята не важно из какой вы страны , какой вы нации , в какую веру веруете . Нахер это всё . Лучшье друг к другу миром ходить.
Ch Agar's journey
That there never was a war ...
Rona Ki
Rona Ki 3 days ago
I fine this sounds 2 year🙂
Kashifuddin Ahmed
Media: video games cause violence Meanwhile The video game teaching us the reality of war.
Florian Remy
Florian Remy 4 days ago
WWII is a great and terrible story in History. Two Steps From Hell is a gift and masterpiece maker in story of Music.
Ester Carlos
Ester Carlos 4 days ago
Hermosa canción 🎧🎹🎵🎼🎼🎶
prowannab 4 days ago
Absolutely awesome video! Now get back to anime!
seni cox cox isdriy Velizade
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 2021
2:08 Here's the song's start point
Dhimy Taka
Dhimy Taka 6 days ago
Man this song also perfect for a country's independence montage
Orlando Megaok
Orlando Megaok 6 days ago
Hai Vu
Hai Vu 7 days ago
For country.
vonPelger 7 days ago
man.. you're a genius...
Феофан Это поле должно быть заполнено
I dont get it. So japaneze nazi returned home safe and sound? Is it some kind of plot twist? And how come it was russian aircraft doing all the shoting at nazis but in the end we see american dude returning home? This video is confusing.
Евгения Шпак
Удача для солдата на войне очень важна....
Kuba i Świat Zwierząt
This music is my life 🖤
Orlando Megaok
Orlando Megaok 7 days ago
Momento Minecraft
Rony Alves
Rony Alves 6 days ago
Meu ovo
Zaman yutub
Zaman yutub 8 days ago
did you realize every body who like this song til touch in deep on your heart are Reningkarnation of soldiers in Ww2 me . Indonesian and iam belive it.!👍
2:28 Japanese Kamizake pilots must train to suppress emotions, he must be about to drop tears. Poor him
Isa Ghani
Isa Ghani 8 days ago
Levi Jacob Johle
Levi Jacob Johle 8 days ago
What war was this
Levi Jacob Johle
Levi Jacob Johle 8 days ago
I like the part where the guy sacrifices his life to kill that chines guy in the plain
Jheferson martinez
семён головко
Жди меня, и я вернусь.
Che Kamal
Che Kamal 9 days ago
Che Kamal
Che Kamal 9 days ago
Che Kamal
Che Kamal 9 days ago
Che Kamal
Che Kamal 9 days ago
Eleni 10 days ago
The best video I have ever seen in the world it is sooooooooo... fricking good
Revan Muhammad Zaki
BASSstarlet 10 days ago
Whats wrong with the picture :/
Atrur 10 days ago
jaki w tym sens ... kiedy człowiek zabija człowieka ....
Generic User
Generic User 10 days ago
the guy crashing his plane, just emotionless gives me chills
CrossFire Mobi China
Chiến tranh là thứ đau thương
Epic Club
Epic Club 11 days ago
When the entire squad is down but the leader says "no man left behind" When the highest level player gets serious for a little bit
James Ireland
James Ireland 11 days ago
All of which are parents and grandparents have fought for is now given away in 2020
Ian Brighouse
Ian Brighouse 12 days ago
Rony Alves
Rony Alves 6 days ago
Banzai Daniel San
DTN Imagineer
DTN Imagineer 12 days ago
Is this the battle of the German ship bismarck
styx1986DK 12 days ago
nestoras misiriotis
this thing made me remember that movie...**** this litle video made me cry like a little baby .. but im not ashamed
Sebastian M.
Sebastian M. 13 days ago
Only the dead have seen the end of a war.
panini99 term
panini99 term 14 days ago
Everybody knows the moovie title?😁
Also BTW the film here is from World of Warships Official Channel
LUCKY LOVELESS 15 days ago
SAIKHOM NELSON 15 days ago
Anyone know the full movie name
Edward Wiśniewski
Edward Wiśniewski 16 days ago
dywizjon 303
Pão De queijo
Pão De queijo 16 days ago
i like listen this music when i play word of warship
Erick A
Erick A 16 days ago
Sauce please
Daniel Farith Celis Ruiz
Rommel Martin Gutierrez
Word war two has Philippines vs Japan
Евген К
Евген К 17 days ago
Pantelis Voutsarakis
I would like to use this song for a video I took with my drone. How could I do it right? Is there somewhere available for this use ??
Pantelis Voutsarakis
@Jim_Kirk1 I got the song a few days ago I put it in my video I put a URL and the details of where I found it. I uploaded it to instagram but it was blocked due to copyright. That's why I ask people who have used it how I can do it too.
Jim_Kirk1 17 days ago
The name of the song is the name of the video, and as far as I can tell it's free to use under fair use laws
B58 18 days ago
The world without humans: Cool, peace, green stuffs.. The world with humans: *world go boom boom*
Haadi Jalaluddin
Haadi Jalaluddin 18 days ago
This song gives euphoria and brewing from deep inside from the heart and makes you feel good.
Racing Wu
Racing Wu 19 days ago
What's the movie
L_loneyi 19 days ago
clips form war thunder trailer hhmmhh quality, cuts to world of warships 240p.
PaxsteBoii 19 days ago
My Grandfather is an weeb,He said that he always participated to a event named 'Romusha'
Unreliable Kid
Unreliable Kid 19 days ago
Every single second in this video is literary wall papers
mattamier 19 days ago
I am confused did the American sailor and the Japanese pilot survive
satria murya
satria murya 20 days ago
Awesome theme song
Sufiyan S
Sufiyan S 20 days ago
What game is this????
Texas Knight
Texas Knight 20 days ago
Little did the allies know, they were fighting on the wrong side
KAFRYUYJ2 21 day ago
Tete anda besar sekali
Ronald Chicas Guzman
Les tengo un gran respeto a los pilotos Kamikazes
Nuby 22 days ago
Every soldier knows that war is dangerous. But it's only the Japanese Kamikaze that purposefully goes out to his certain death. If that isn't bravery, then I don't know what is.
John Zhang
John Zhang 22 days ago
Tuoprpg Folding
Tuoprpg Folding 22 days ago
Forfux Forfox
Forfux Forfox 23 days ago
Hmm is not World Of Warship ?
Saulo Duque
Saulo Duque 23 days ago
Do Brasil,alguém?
Rony Alves
Rony Alves 6 days ago
Fala aí...
卍Krüger卍Nazi Meino卍
This song Only to me gives Chills?
TheCampingJames 24 days ago
I realised that two country tell different story by the same war .
avenger9 Jowo
avenger9 Jowo 24 days ago
wwii midway
homo sapiens
homo sapiens 24 days ago
From time to time humanity needs some cleanup to get rid of bad genes. That's the time of war... NO REAL HUMAN BEING WANTS WAR...
Gamer Anicher
Gamer Anicher 25 days ago
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno 25 days ago
Porque se tuvo que morir el japones
Renzo jesus Arenas Flores
10 de 10
Minh Hai Pham
Minh Hai Pham 26 days ago
What did our human do on this earth?
NIKO asa
NIKO asa 26 days ago
na querra não a vencedores e sim sobreviventes
Plasticide 26 days ago
The sync was amazing tho my man, even though you did not make it yourself
付安 27 days ago
Huina Andy Ou
Huina Andy Ou 27 days ago
War ships battle of jet 🪖
Marzena Kuna
Marzena Kuna 27 days ago
Battle of Somma, Verdun :/
Jorge Luis Camacho Parra
War is horrible but that games are awesome!!
Oskar Talacko
Oskar Talacko 28 days ago
2:27 Just 2 men overflowing with pride and love for their families ans countries facing each other for the sake of other's freedom and future.
Nathalie HAYE
Nathalie HAYE 28 days ago
Désolée, je suis française
Sabaton - Wolfpack (Subtitles)
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