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Two Steps From Hell
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Composed by Michal Cielecki.
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Dec 1, 2019




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Comments 80
eva loveee
eva loveee Month ago
Christian W.
Christian W. Month ago
The moment you realize 8 minutes is just too short...
Fiona Delisle-Vasey
Fiona Delisle-Vasey 2 months ago
Cracking album it's a simple as that💜💙💚
Arnold Sherrill
Arnold Sherrill 2 months ago
If they ever decide to do a documentary about the first Artemis mission back to the moon this music should be part of it especially this piece
Cristelle Icard
Cristelle Icard 2 months ago
Merci mon fils de m avoir fait découvert cette music un concert en Europe à ne pas manquer.
Iandiamond 3 months ago
“The galaxy is on Orion's...Belt.”
Lonezewolf Gaming
Lonezewolf Gaming 3 months ago
145 dislikes, I guess you were on the wrong side of RUvid again.
Arendsoog 73
Arendsoog 73 4 months ago
Orion, the mighty Hunter, killed by Artemis but immortalized by Zeus as the constellation seen in the night’s skies
Luke Flanagan
Luke Flanagan 4 months ago
“To Prevent War, The Galaxy is on ORION’s Belt!” -MIB, 1997.
trever2244 Nels
trever2244 Nels 4 months ago
That's what the little dude inside the big dude said. -Will Smith
yeet skrt skrt
yeet skrt skrt 4 months ago
Would recommend using Skullcandy crushers for this 👍
FrankieLasVegas 4 months ago
That is amazing.
Whimsy Grove
Whimsy Grove 4 months ago
I dated a guy named Orion. Wonder if he's heard this song before. I gotta admit, it's an epic name. Unfortunately...he was not so much...
risingsoul 4 months ago
sorry tsfh but i was a huge fan, but the last music seems boring, no new stuff, like a creative block or so. i really love the old albums like archangel, invincible, skyfall and so on. i hope the real epic tsfh comes back soon TTvTT
Mateo Bezuh
Mateo Bezuh 4 months ago
That breakdown on the title track was Aweeeesome...great work, totally didn't expect the triplets and the ending.
Qwerty ytrewQ
Qwerty ytrewQ 4 months ago
God damn it I read this as Onion
ColdWavE 5 months ago
im going to see them live finally in europe? looking forward to listen this live
Disvolter 5 months ago
Smooth and beautiful !!
Sonido Delbarrio69
Sonido Delbarrio69 5 months ago
l I
l I 5 months ago
What a song. It would be better a good drop
pinetto depinnis
pinetto depinnis 5 months ago
Gli hanno fatto pure la colonna sonora 😂
Benjamin Schilling
Benjamin Schilling 5 months ago
The Infrasound is heavy tho. But i line
Sasori de la arena roja
Siempre me sorprende escuchar cada una de sus canciones... ¡Gracias!
Cristina 5 months ago
Fuerte en la emoción total, qué belleza con esta mezcla de voces, es grandioso.
Tom Pacino
Tom Pacino 5 months ago
Me detyroi ta shikoja te keqenne sy dhe ta mposhtja
Tom Pacino
Tom Pacino 5 months ago
Ajo u be Ari...Derr i Eger...Mace
Anna Bell
Anna Bell 5 months ago
Why would someone not like this song
Draka Von
Draka Von 5 months ago
The last two books I wrote were to TSFH music. The music drives the story.
Druppel 5 months ago
I'm getting dark knight vibes from this
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry 5 months ago
I want to be educate for comment here.
Ľubomír Šišovský
Onair 5 months ago
What is the way to go home? I got lost in this constellation......
Onair 5 months ago
Denis Arsen Selić
Denis Arsen Selić 5 months ago
Our lost days are over Sir! We found Orion! So yes, we are on our path back to Earth!
kaja v.
kaja v. 5 months ago
Astonishing! Feels like a galactic journey💓
Khorne Berserker
Khorne Berserker 5 months ago
This is TSFH at its finest! Can't wait for the concert! :D
one one
one one 5 months ago
Once, in a time long forgotten, our world was full of happiness and light... Before the dark times, there was the master family, a husband and wife, who had two sons. The sons trained together, lived together, and were always by each other’s side. Once their training was complete the two son reported to their father, the father gave many a praise to the first son, but none to the other. The other son, the youngest, was filled with rage and jealousy. That night, the youngest son crept into his father’s room, and killed him in his sleep. The moment the deed was done, a wave of grief came crashing down over him, he ran as far as he could, into the forbidden forest. The darkness that lived there began to wear away at his mind, using his sadness against him. In the years after, the eldest son took over as head of the master family, and rebuilt the world to be even greater than its former self. The youngest son came out of the forest, the darkness still attacking his mind, to see the world going on without him. This was the tipping point; the stability of his mind came crashing down, and he believed that nobody remembered him. His mind was then taken over by The Dark One, who raised an army of shadows and demons to conquer the world. Unfortunately, he was successful in his mission, plunging the world into an eternal night. Before, the mages had combined their power to lock The Dark One away, but now they are dead and gone. There was, however, a prophecy made at that time, telling of how the mages imbued their combined power into a sacred staff, for when the world needed their power again. It also tells of a brave warrior, who will come from and unexpected standing in life, to wield the staff. That warrior is our only hope now, he must free the imprisoned older brother, and release the younger from his dark torture. Once the master family is unified once more, then the world will finally be at peace. So young warrior, are you up for the challenge?
xxWidex 5 months ago
This sounds like Thomas's illusion album
Alana Fdf
Alana Fdf 5 months ago
The song is very soft, and also very touch my heart.
Oscar Sánchez
Oscar Sánchez 5 months ago
Will TSFH music ever be available in vinyl? ...I'd love it if it was.
winter tales
winter tales 5 months ago
I thought this was about the starseed...
Alla Gubarieva
Alla Gubarieva 5 months ago
Very beautiful a melody. ..THANK YOU VERY MUCH, dear friend.
Chillix 5 months ago
Amazing as always TSFH!
Elisa Buehne
Elisa Buehne 5 months ago
i want to know where they get the images
Elisa Buehne
Elisa Buehne 4 months ago
@Aelarr HOW DO YOU KNOW ? :O
Aelarr 5 months ago
They most likely create them themselves or have someone do it for them.
Georgios Karatsoris
Georgios Karatsoris 5 months ago
8 minutes journey to another dimension!
Claudio Valenzuela
Claudio Valenzuela 5 months ago
De orion vendrá nibiru del lado sur ay voy a ver si te va, a gustar su entrada
Jano Jana
Jano Jana 5 months ago
I didn't like it
Vlad Vlas
Vlad Vlas 5 months ago
Lyrics special unit two steps from hell ?
Romain Laroche
Romain Laroche 5 months ago
C 'est malheureusement très plat c la première fois que je suis déçu de tsfh
eurosensazion 5 months ago
Epic. You guys never fail. All tracks are so inspiring and uplifting.
ple App
ple App 5 months ago
skij99 5 months ago
Anyone remember Orion from "Tears in rain monologue"?
Nadia D
Nadia D 5 months ago
Amazing wow love it 👌👌👌👏👏👏❤️🔥🔥🔥
Furious Sherman
Furious Sherman 5 months ago
I was half-expecting an orchestral cover of Orion by Metallica. Even so, I wasn't disappointed.
DEPTHCHARGE117 5 months ago
It is good but needs more intrigue more power it is too sad
JandorGr 5 months ago
Иосиф Виссарионович
Господи, 10 из 10, русские, делитесь лайками, измерим русскоязычную аудиторию гениев
Alberto Rosa Carrillo
Dioss, para cuando una con Melendi
SnoopyDoo 6 months ago
So Nick Phoenix decided to abandon TSFH?
Linus' Epic Music Channel
No. This is an industry release from 2013 that was rereleased to the public. Both Thomas and Nick are working on new releases in the meantime.
Alejandra Sendra Ferrer
My heart comes back to life when I see a new TSFH album. Thank you very much! I love you!!!
Zantagiro7 6 months ago
she's medusa sister!
General Decker
General Decker 6 months ago
nicely done
Je suis une artiste
Je suis une artiste 6 months ago
Orion is the name of my cat so i LOVE this song
herzog311 6 months ago
totally forgot about that masterpiece. i loved to listen that one every time I can. here it is again. thanks a lot for upload again. great work 👏
Carl Capps
Carl Capps 6 months ago
MSM has us 1 step from Hell but their mirrors are dirty as Hell.
Varg Pack WAVSIII 6 months ago
so Dragon is the last album... no more of the originals composing?? sad.
Linus' Epic Music Channel
No, they said during the Dragon live stream that they were working on Dragon 2, probably for next year. Also Thomas is working on his 3rd solo album.
datz fatz
datz fatz 5 months ago
where did you get that idea from??
airplane 45w3
airplane 45w3 6 months ago
like stellaris
PickelJars ForHillary
Teutonenherz1980 6 months ago
,,No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."
New Che
New Che 6 months ago
رائعة !
Can I get 1000 subs for no reason?
"So short" hehehe, aws song.
TÂMARA SEBALDE 6 months ago
🇧🇷 ❤ GOSTEI ❤ Obrigada por compartilhar. 👏👏👏👏👏 ( 4 2 2 )
Pferd, Pony & Co
Pferd, Pony & Co 6 months ago
TSFH: your music is the soundtrack of my life💫
Pferd, Pony & Co
Pferd, Pony & Co 5 months ago
My life is an adventure 💫🪐🔥🌊🐉
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan 5 months ago
Of course! Obviously you lead a very exciting life fighting off alien entities threatening our existence with a full TSFH album in the background.
Indiana Sparrow
Indiana Sparrow 6 months ago
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die.
Cheschire Cat
Cheschire Cat 5 months ago
where did u get these?
NSA 6 months ago
3:52 to 4:03 was really weird but oh hell right after it 4:04 was awesome as hell
Le Gouzy
Le Gouzy 6 months ago
Fantastic !
corre clau corre
corre clau corre 6 months ago
Susan Muraguri
Susan Muraguri 6 months ago
Oh, wow....
Prometheus 6 months ago
Super ! Very fine and interesting music Michal Cielecki. Greetings from fellows from Poland
Сако Чахоян
not have WOW sori for that dizlike
Xung Lan Tu
Xung Lan Tu 6 months ago
ooooh Orion album uploaded by TSFH! Can't wait to listen to Rebirth again :'D
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh 6 months ago
For a moment I thought it is an Onion album & she's carrying an onion in her hands.
Dang Nguyen
Dang Nguyen 5 months ago
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