Two Point Hospital on PS4 - Medical Mayhem

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Dave and Nath have got their hands full as they dive in to Two Point Hospital on PS4.
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Comments 65
Tom H
Tom H 10 days ago
Bathrooms have the gaps because of circulation of air. Smells would be far worse.
Riyad Rahmoune
Riyad Rahmoune 18 days ago
Nath: “why would you run a hospital for profit?” Americans: *crying in bankruptcy*
HaNo0onat Art
HaNo0onat Art 23 days ago
Is this the new theme hospital Omg my childhood favorite game :(( I’m gonna buy this (Ik the old game you can buy it on PS4 too but I have it already in pc )
Gruagach. Eire
Gruagach. Eire 28 days ago
If any of my fellow PS gamers get a chance check out @MayorHairBear channel, it's epic and the guy deserves more subscribers considering the effort he puts into his uploads, quality channel and a decent bloke too, blessings from Ireland to you all.
Bruno Yabu
Bruno Yabu Month ago
C’mon Dave, let’s get Nath to see Rage Against The Machine!
The Materiaman
The Materiaman Month ago
So, bringing back One on Onesie yet?
babykanga11 Month ago
The reason cubicles (stalls) have gaps in America is because they are cheaper to make. They provide enough privacy in my opinion. Be proud of your explosive poos because then it's a power move.
quazzie1 Month ago
Judging by the thumb of this video, I think Dave has discovered his new hairdo.
Shadowscott Month ago
Public toilets? Are they actually cubes. So is it just a different name for the same thing or is there an actually some dimensional differences?
joe jordan
joe jordan Month ago
Access podcast is a great idea👍
Thijs Peeters | LLN
nice one
Adam Stark
Adam Stark Month ago
As a marketing tool this video was spot on. The Access team are great, but watching this made me so angry I went on Amazon and ordered this for same day delivery so I can screenshot what it should look like. Lol.
Cidi Racing
Cidi Racing Month ago
If you go to Tokyo I recommend Shibamata. It's a small area, but has plenty of food stalls, some restaurants and a very nice temple with garden and wood carving gallery. Was there a few days ago. It's also off the beaten path and not that many tourists there.
jeff wolf
jeff wolf Month ago
I don’t get our restrooms stalls either. Lol George from Seinfeld brought it up and wanted the door to go all the way to the floor.
quazzie1 Month ago
Yeah, I think everyone hates them except the manufacturer and the one that pays to have them installed. They'll cut any corner to save a dollar.
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott Month ago
Rob has beef with Burnham on sea? I'm disappointed but living here I can't say I'm surprised. Anyone know what the beef is?
Stephen Banner
Stephen Banner Month ago
It's a copy of hospital tycoon it's not like they lie in beds a cartoon character of a bloke goes in with a swollen head he sees a dr then goes for treatment the leaves it's more like an oversized drs surgery with animated characters when are we gonna see something more realistic with a maternity ward AnE a porters lodge and realistic stuff I'm gutted tbh
Stephen Banner
Stephen Banner Month ago
Surgery that takes longer
Stephen Banner
Stephen Banner Month ago
It's not worth 35
Stephen Banner
Stephen Banner Month ago
Disappointed thought it was more realistic
Cara Langford
Cara Langford Month ago
whoa wait what Elle leaving why is Elle leaving I like Elle alot
Steven Stewart
Steven Stewart Month ago
Did Nate just do a ‘Barbara Streisand’ and from now on his name is Nate by virtue of insisting that his name isn’t Nate??
quazzie1 Month ago
Ha! I had no idea what the Streisand effect was until I saw your comment and had to find out. Yeah... Nate just screwed himself and he doesn't even know it yet. hehe
Selrahc Eipoop
Selrahc Eipoop Month ago
I'm guessing that they're going to play Return of the Obradine (I have no clue if that's the right spelling)
quazzie1 Month ago
I kind of doubt it. Ya can't really play that game for any length of time without completely spoiling the game. In case you don't already know, the object of Obra Dinn is to solve the mystery of what happened on a ship that was found with no one alive aboard. It's a short game, and apparently only fun the first time you play it.
Seamus Mac
Seamus Mac Month ago
Nath in that thumbnail though! 🤣
orr-man Month ago
Nath - I'm a huge Metallica fan, but get why some people don't like them. If Master of Puppets is the only album you like, give Ride the Lightning a go - it's very similar and almost as good!
Steven Frampton
Steven Frampton Month ago
The way this hospital is set out really bothers me 😂
Jason S
Jason S Month ago
These guys really do have my dream job
Action Rabbit Gaming
Love the Two Point Hospital streams!
Muse of Visuals
Muse of Visuals Month ago
I feel Rosie will be the next person to leave. Two women left PS Access already
Serendip Month ago
"Why would you run a hospital for profit?" *America leaves the room*
James Neustaedter
If you play clue/cluedo on Friday that would be sweet.
Jack and Jeff Hardy
25:52 Dave, you (probably) do not know how wrong that sounds lol Hollie sharing him with everyone 😂😂
Kristen Hawkins
Kristen Hawkins Month ago
Thumbs up 😉
ArulaSky Month ago
Does Dan have a window into the bathroom in the office? X'D Hope not haha
daydreamingcase Month ago
I'm so glad you guys streamed this I saw it in the store and was tempted by it but so unsure.
daydreamingcase Month ago
@GoliathTigerFish 69 I do not, is it similar?
ApexPenguin Month ago
31:23 While you are thinking of Dave Grohl, also remember how Foo Fighters supported "Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives", an AIDS denialist group.
Nathan Williamson
Of course they forgot the stream costumes. Classic Dave and Nath.
Nathan Williamson
@GoliathTigerFish 69 How do you know this? Also, you comment a lot per video.
OH NO ITS YOCO Month ago
Nathan not done many streams in months soon elles leaving he's back. Did elle and Nathan not get on? Come on people
pumkin54 Month ago
Omg Elle had really fun freelance gigs before coming to Access. She hosted shows like the Ubi conference, interviewed developers like Hideo Kojima, did VO work for games. She was a out-and-about kind of presenter/host, not a sit in an office and make videos presenter. She's going back to that, from what I understand. She probably had to give a lot of that up working an 8 to 5 job, and maybe she just missed it. It doesn't have to be some big conspiracy about people not liking each other.
Angus Smoke
Angus Smoke Month ago
Yeah I wondered this as well, although for some reason imagined it would be Rob and Elle not getting on if anyone.
Muse of Visuals
Muse of Visuals Month ago
Nahh I don't think so. Just I feel Rosie will be next as well. Because first Hollie left and now Elle. It's like only the women are leaving..
The Gutter Monkey
Ah, thank goodness, Nath and Dave together again.
Selrahc Eipoop
Selrahc Eipoop Month ago
I've missed the duo
faviniaale Month ago
Gostei do play
orr-man Month ago
Came for the video games. Stayed for the "cubicles" discussion.
Sad Ken
Sad Ken Month ago
Elle is leaving?! Already?! I’ll take her place...
Steve Pruneau
Steve Pruneau Month ago
Should of started with a few of those machines that go *PING!* .. . would've had the administrator's approval! :D
Sad Ken
Sad Ken Month ago
Got my first Platinum tonight - Uncharted 4!
Tru Gaming
Tru Gaming Month ago
Congrats :) my first and only one is The Division
G G Month ago
Nice, my first one was Outer World's. But I'm working on the Uncharted Series right now
Nathan Williamson
That's cool! My first one is Dark Cloud. ;)
Bobby Socks
Bobby Socks Month ago
I went to Sziget festival in Budapest last year and Dave Grohl seen a guy in a wheel chair in the crowd and he was being lifted up in the air in order to see and rock out etc, so he got him on the stage. Was awesome. Check it out on youtube!
Angus Smoke
Angus Smoke Month ago
Nath seems a little comatose during this stream somehow...
William Ramskill
So doctors just wander around doing nothing? I knew it!
quazzie1 Month ago
@ᚹᚨᚱᚢᚢ Aw, shoot. Figures it would be on something I don't have access to. Maybe I can find another version that's usable on PC. Thanks for the info, Pæruu !
ᚹᚨᚱᚢᚢ Month ago
@quazzie1 Btw it has a bunch of dead alphabets, but try using caps as sometimes it can give you the wrong rune or symbol otherwise.
ᚹᚨᚱᚢᚢ Month ago
@quazzie1 I used this android app called "Write in Runic" lol. It has the F rune as the icon on a gray-ish background. I noticed it works even in some videogames that don't allow symbols. Have fun!
quazzie1 Month ago
@ᚹᚨᚱᚢᚢ How did you get runes as your user name??? Teach me, oh wise one.
ᚹᚨᚱᚢᚢ Month ago
It has to be realistic
Robin Karlsson
Robin Karlsson Month ago
Don't get me wrong i love your channel!! But this.... this.. this is not funny or good :(
Darren Morris
Darren Morris 12 days ago
Robin Karlsson You should try checking out Jane’s first playthrough from playful rival channel Outside Xbox if you haven’t yet and want chaos caused by her 😁🤣
TucBroder Month ago
Wow, Nath was really talking about everything else but the game being played. Well done promoting the game Nath... Speaking of the game... I need this game now! :p
TucBroder 28 days ago
@Nathan Williamson Perhaps, it just came across like he was sooo un-interested in being there.
Nathan Williamson
It flows more naturally this way. Only so much can be said.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Month ago
Who knew Nath was so insecure about using the bathroom? 😂
PedanticGaming Month ago
44:09 'Will work for peanuts' 'Doesn't know what they're doing' I mean if Access are hiring they've just seen my resume :p
Zet and Peli Gaming
Star Trek Insurrection is the best Trek film. Mic drop
Ross Buzzell
Ross Buzzell Month ago
I don’t know speaking as an American whose lives about half my life in Europe I can definitely say I DONT KNOW! it’s infuriating
Kevin Weise
Kevin Weise Month ago
"So people come in their sick and you need to treat them". Yeahhh t hats right you just described a hospital thank nath. Hahahahahaha classic.
James Stewart
James Stewart Month ago
I enjoy the streams with Dave and Nath. The conversations are great to just listen to while working.
Derek Gamboa
Derek Gamboa Month ago
James Stewart same here!
BOOTS_TX Month ago
I heard tickets to RATM are like $300 dollars.
Ehren Knappe
Ehren Knappe Month ago
You guys are killing me. It’s pronounced bah-day with the “bah” part spoken slightly faster than the “day”, and it’s French, not American.
Eliott DeWitt
Eliott DeWitt Month ago
That one way window was a wonderful surprise in the gp office 😂🤣
sinmasta619 Month ago
Why are there no trophies for this on ps4 ?
poke869 Month ago
Everyone: "Dave what is this layout of the hospital?" Dave: "Not my fault they put a room in already." It was one room, the rest was your fault Dave. :D
Tru Gaming
Tru Gaming Month ago
LOL great point
eivom Month ago
Elle don't go! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
themarcshark Month ago
For a good 5 seconds I thought that the thumbnail was the actual art from the game 😬😬🤣
MisterTracks Month ago
awesome content
MisterTracks Month ago
awesome video
Josh Heckman
Josh Heckman Month ago
Is this a remake of Theme Hospital or something?
PhantomTonberry Month ago
Made by old bull frog staff, so essentially a sequel/remake just without the theme hospital licence.
Bobby Socks
Bobby Socks Month ago
My favourite streaming partnership and looking forward to this game! Happy days!
Johnny Herman
Johnny Herman Month ago
IT'S THEME HOSPITAL!!!!!!!! Gah, now I'm gonna have to go buy a ps4....
Steven Whitfield
Johnny Herman
Johnny Herman Month ago
@Steven Whitfield Sadly just at work.
Steven Whitfield
You got a PC
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