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Comments 80
ThatWalker 3 months ago
I am not sure how I feel about this video. I didn't feel the greatest recording this so I really hope you guys do enjoy the video. If not please don't hate :(
Franny Boland
Franny Boland 3 months ago
It’s hilarious when you laugh at the screen love ur vids
Matthew S
Matthew S 3 months ago
There was no chem 😂😂😂
Logan Logg
Logan Logg 3 months ago
ThatWalker I loved it and can you do a 4v4
Kirk Renshaw
Kirk Renshaw 3 months ago
I absolutely loved this you and kay seem like your having fun mabey you kay and td should do the 3v3
Claudia Abrego
Claudia Abrego 3 months ago
Dont worry I loved it
Kamrin Hurley
Kamrin Hurley 25 days ago
Why is your tongue always green?
Robin woods
Robin woods Month ago
Lucas Rowe
Lucas Rowe 2 months ago
How do you slid?
Mik Martin
Mik Martin 2 months ago
Why is kay always QB
Alex Fresh
Alex Fresh 2 months ago
You’re so cool that walker
Shadow_Nick ;-;
Shadow_Nick ;-; 2 months ago
Can I ask why your tongue is yellow??
MACHO MAN64193 3 months ago
That beat tho in the beginning.
tyler michael wallace
You kind of sound like Patrick Mahomes
Jamie Bryson
Jamie Bryson 3 months ago
You crazy
Michael Metz
Michael Metz 3 months ago
Love the vid
Braden O'Sullivan
Braden O'Sullivan 3 months ago
Peter Folino
Peter Folino 3 months ago
I think Walker has been my favorite youtuber 4 a bit now. Keep up the good work Walker
Digby Becker
Digby Becker 3 months ago
Morgan Stevens
Morgan Stevens 3 months ago
Who noticed that He had a yellow tung at #105
Sarita Centeno
Sarita Centeno 3 months ago
Did you drink orange juice
Zoom Gaming
Zoom Gaming 3 months ago
Your tongue is yellow. 😭🤣
Charlyn Muncy
Charlyn Muncy 3 months ago
As any one noticed that his tongue is yellow What has he eaten
Niel Loebig
Niel Loebig 3 months ago
Why is your tung yellow
AbysmalRaptor 3 months ago
Top 5 best madden youtubers HANDS DOWN!!! Keep Up The Great Stuff You TD,and Kay Also 1v1 MMG?
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin 3 months ago
Dirtbike Master5
Dirtbike Master5 3 months ago
Walker and Kay are one of those guys who are there to have fun and doesn’t get mad at each other and they are a good friend..... keep up the good work
Justyce Alvarez
Justyce Alvarez 3 months ago
1:56 he sounds like patrick mahomes
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff 3 months ago
JondoeeVEVO 3 months ago
You tubers should play this mode y’all two versus any other YTs
BlaZe_Recking 15
BlaZe_Recking 15 3 months ago
JondoeeVEVO you can’t
Ryan Bailey
Ryan Bailey 3 months ago
Walker Kay and TD 3v3s
Mohamed Alkulaib
Mohamed Alkulaib 3 months ago
I know hungrybutt and instinct gav gav they r 11 lol
SSinkerman Gaming
SSinkerman Gaming 3 months ago
Your mouth or tongue is orange
Issac Gildersleeve
Issac Gildersleeve 3 months ago
I came from kaykayes
Gavin Trost
Gavin Trost 3 months ago
You guys should do a 3v3 with you td and kay
Ty 3 months ago
U tal to much and your extra talk is annoying
Cori Pisapia
Cori Pisapia 3 months ago
Yellow tongue did not work today
Nae Nae
Nae Nae 3 months ago
It’s not that funny walker
Nat Buz
Nat Buz 3 months ago
Why is your toung yellow
Katie Perrick
Katie Perrick 3 months ago
Well you can run all over dot city
Orangezac30 3 months ago
Lets gooo I’m in the video
Student Kalil Thompson
I will bet u but my mom poned my game
FoxForTheWin 3 months ago
How do I change the camera angle when on defense to the perspective of the offense?
Colby Duvall
Colby Duvall 3 months ago
Do a Mut squads series with u Td and Kay !!!
Gavin Sansone
Gavin Sansone 3 months ago
I won
IMB Films
IMB Films 3 months ago
Why’s your tongue the same color as the ball? And you laugh like a mad man! (I’m new) bruh ur were being a little toxic to Kay
myself . myself .
myself . myself . 3 months ago
@ThatWalker do a 3v3 with you , kay , and td
LT Grant
LT Grant 3 months ago
Play with TD and Kay 3v3 Superstar KO?? (Like if he should do it)
Xrg Gàmíng
Xrg Gàmíng 3 months ago
They should make it in superstar ko where u can play against friends that would be hard
Danny Butler
Danny Butler 3 months ago
Walker you TD and Kay Should do a road to the super bowl series but on Mut squads
Tori Sorrell
Tori Sorrell 3 months ago
I don’t enjoy your videos as much as used to. Seems like you just suck the views out of Td and other content creators just to stay afloat. I’m not trying to hate but hopefully my criticism will make you get back on your grind again like how you used to be.
Tori Sorrell
Tori Sorrell 3 months ago
Not saying your aren’t electrifying in videos. Cause you have a great personality, but it just seems like everything is the same
Bora köksal
Bora köksal 3 months ago
Please more vids with Kay
Briean Boddy-Calhoun
Do this with TD!
Yohaun 3 months ago
We need a Kay Walker and TD Superstar KO
Nick Foles
Nick Foles 3 months ago
How do you change ur camera angle on defense on 2v2 and 3v3? Me and my friends always get a horrible angle that we can’t change.
Why is your tongue yellow
Kendall Horan
Kendall Horan 3 months ago
Make a ko video with Td and kay
ツTaze_shaymess 3 months ago
yoooo i’m the shayper08 i’m dropping a sub prof is on my channel
Blase Anderson
Blase Anderson 3 months ago
Can you cross plat form on madden 20?
Blase Anderson
Blase Anderson 3 months ago
Walker:weird colored tongue. Kay: tank tops
Gray Gamer
Gray Gamer 3 months ago
Do 3 v 3 with *you* *TD* and *Kay*
Norberto Carrasco
Norberto Carrasco 3 months ago
Caelan Driscoll
Caelan Driscoll 3 months ago
Why is ur tongue green?
swyan450 3 months ago
Yellow toung
Scott M
Scott M 3 months ago
Show the draft
Maddox Matkoff
Maddox Matkoff 3 months ago
I swear Walker sounds like Patrick mahomes
ThatWalker 3 months ago
Jack Hehir
Jack Hehir 3 months ago
Is it just me or why is walkers tongue always yellow
Jack Hehir
Jack Hehir 3 months ago
Ok thx
ThatWalker 3 months ago
Go back a couple vids. I explain
Nicholas Mason
Nicholas Mason 3 months ago
Play some mut squads
Ben Rituclue
Ben Rituclue 3 months ago
If you didn’t eat anything that would make your tongue yellow get to the docter ASAP
Ben Rituclue
Ben Rituclue 3 months ago
Ok good and thanks for replying you awesome
ThatWalker 3 months ago
Hahahahhaa I have a drink that does that. I ain't dying
Aero__ 3 months ago
You, TD, and Kay are killing it. You ain’t need no group 💯
Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson 3 months ago
You should do this with td
Lori Ryan
Lori Ryan 3 months ago
U guys should do td Kay and u Walker all in one game
Claudia Abrego
Claudia Abrego 3 months ago
Do 3v3 you,kay,and td
Lil Uzi Vert
Lil Uzi Vert 3 months ago
You should do a superstar 3v3 with him and td
Max Beddigs
Max Beddigs 3 months ago
How do u play with someone on Xbox if you’re on ps4
finny wrecker
finny wrecker 3 months ago
best collab yay
Tyler Griffin
Tyler Griffin 3 months ago
Should I be concerned about the yellow tongue?
Mike 3 months ago
Shake that ass for me
Maclain Hovland
Maclain Hovland 3 months ago
Why is his tongue yellow
Minato_4th 2005
Minato_4th 2005 3 months ago
Walker eddie jackson is my cousin and I'll send you a picture for proof
Matt Holland
Matt Holland 3 months ago
Keep doing u. Glad u and td keep making good vids. Will we ever see another college football vid?
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia 3 months ago
Love these two you tubers 💪🏽
iTalkMadden 3 months ago
Kay: actually commentating on the game Walker: *laughing uncontrollably* Walker is actually one of my top 3 madden RUvidrs. Keep up the good work
lowkey Ty
lowkey Ty 3 months ago
Kobe4Ever 3 months ago
lets go im the 61st comment
Danny Dunn
Danny Dunn 3 months ago
Keep grinding don’t stop the 🔥vids
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