Two Greedy Italians - Pork fillet with honey and ginger (HD)

Rogier Strobbe
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Recipe by Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo from Two Greedy Italians s01e03.

Pork fillet with honey and ginger.

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Nov 23, 2018




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Rogier Strobbe
Hi guys! Check the description for a playlist with all recipes from the show!
Phantom Worral
Phantom Worral 14 days ago
Shut up with the 'hi guysssss' bullshit
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 10 months ago
@Sharon Joh Yes, its called Beatrice by Luis Bacalov
Sharon Joh
Sharon Joh 10 months ago
would you by any chance know the background soundtrack to this? It's so beautiful.
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 11 months ago
I made this exact recipe today. Exactly the way Gennaro did it on this video My dad is 81 years old and likes old school Italian food. I was absolutely shocked HE LOVED IT
piotrek es
piotrek es 5 days ago
..the best of cooking is ...the blanket and the friendship.
Chris Galea
Chris Galea 28 days ago
Great Channel !
Ratbacon Month ago
3:04 that annoyance, although he knew perfectly well how long it would take to cook.
Nikki Rockz
Nikki Rockz Month ago
paul budd
paul budd 2 months ago
New life goal is to make that dishe THAT good one day...
Angel Papa's Kitchen Michael
Love u genaro wish to meet u is my aim but a poor guy like me wont make it.
Angel Papa's Kitchen Michael
This video makes me cry 😢 coz ur one of video is the same as a tribute.😶
Drew Holley
Drew Holley 3 months ago
I am so thankful that I have stumble upon these videos. These guys can really cook. Simple ingredients and complex passion.
Zack McClintock
Zack McClintock 4 months ago
Yep...I'm crying...
James grega
James grega 4 months ago
Omg thank you... you two are the best!! Yotally made my day
nesian 94
nesian 94 3 months ago
@James grega nah its a solid tribute to a great guy
James grega
James grega 3 months ago
Thank you nesian 94 .... video made me cry a lil but in a good way.... :)
nesian 94
nesian 94 3 months ago
@James grega watch Lemon Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo
James grega
James grega 3 months ago
Noooo! God rest his soul :c
nesian 94
nesian 94 3 months ago
Antonio is dead now
o'reilly's irish pub Heidelberg
Tyler Mahoney
Tyler Mahoney 4 months ago
Does anyone know if Anthony is alive
Christy Hernandez
Christy Hernandez 4 months ago
Nick Prohoroff
Nick Prohoroff 4 months ago
What a pair. What a pair. Molto benne.
George Montu
George Montu 4 months ago
The title should have been 2 grumpy old men
nochblad55 Ian
nochblad55 Ian 5 months ago
Two comments - the relationship between the two is obviously so genuine whereas the subsequent relationship between Gennaro Contaldo and Jamie Oliver is not. Jamie Oliver wants to show that he is the boss and it ruins the rapport. Second - ginger is not traditionally used in Italian cooking as it has not arrived from the traditional spice routes through Genoa or Venice. It is a very recent importation primarily due to immigrants to Italy.
Sam Clark
Sam Clark 5 months ago
Il ligende di carlucio!!!! We miss yo tonio
chrish12345 5 months ago
'you been atta the pears, you been atta the bread...'
J024 5 months ago
Pork heaven right there.
Nikos Zotas
Nikos Zotas 5 months ago
It breaks my heart to watch this video while knowing that one of the two has passed away and the other one cooks alone in other videos. People can live in our hearts and minds with love and respect but it's still sad when they're not physically there. God bless you, Genaro! Rest in Peace, Antonio!
Amal El-Osta
Amal El-Osta Month ago
Nikos Zotas I agree with you... but Genaro continuing to cook alone reminds you of his cooking companion - Antonio. So in a way he is keeping Antonio’s spirit alive... and there cooking shows forever immortalized. For whenever you see Genaro cooking... it makes you want to revisit all the “Two Greedy Italians” cooking segments all over again. God bless your precious heart Genaro... and may your best friend Antonio Rest In Peace... in food heaven... just like both your cooking - which is heavenly 💝
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 6 months ago
I made this recently, followed his every step......absolutely delicious God bless both these men
Angela Cooper
Angela Cooper 6 months ago
Omg I’m gonna make that ,looks delicious!
Vol deMort
Vol deMort 6 months ago
When bestfriends grow old together...
Dis Donc!
Dis Donc! 6 months ago
Did they edit the colors? Because in the newer video where Gennaro is mourning over his friend the colors seem very different, kinda dull. Also the scenery doesn't look so tidy.
44 ый
44 ый 6 months ago
Мама миа! В Италии даже обшарпаные стены смахивают на произведение искусства!
Angel Juárez
Angel Juárez 6 months ago
The intro song always got me
Richardredballs 7 months ago
How can I be this emotional looking at a cooking video..
Mike C
Mike C 7 months ago
This is the most emotional video in youtube.. If you haven't seen the tribute to this video. Go on and watch then you know what i mean...
tøp 7 months ago
I love this two like they are my two loving uncles😊
georgcorfu 7 months ago
georgcorfu 7 months ago
0.13 Yaaaa, you said it correctly Gennaro ,well done!
JinHwan Yang
JinHwan Yang 7 months ago
Two greedy friends....
Dee Whobewatty
Dee Whobewatty 8 months ago
Love these two, a beautiful friendship. Sadly Antonio no longer with us. 💖
Seyar Esmati
Seyar Esmati 8 months ago
georgcorfu 9 months ago
1.57 Look at that red in the background!
georgcorfu 9 months ago
3.34 It s amazing how they manage to set a scene in front of a deserted house and make it look so beautiful.
Gabriel Oltsson
Gabriel Oltsson 9 months ago
Due giganti in cucina!
CMG 9 months ago
Fernando Pessoa a celebrated Portuguese poet once said that we're all "postponed corpses"... So, enjoy life while you can.
Hans Gerhard Wagner
Hans Gerhard Wagner 9 months ago
Sorry but the piece of meat is not filet....
Itzik Nahmias
Itzik Nahmias 10 months ago
i like you two, you're so adorable.hhhhh
RisingDawn 10 months ago
Came here after lemon pasta
Mercutio 10 months ago
I love the look of confusion and then outrage on Antonio's face when he realises how long the dish will take
J024 10 months ago
Gennaro's mixed accent is so funny.
i candy
i candy 10 months ago
Watching this video makes me happy and sad at the same time. I miss this lovely duo. RIP Antonio😔 All the best to Gennaro❣
Dolly Ej vlogs
Dolly Ej vlogs 11 months ago
I was literally crying seeing gennaro outing blanket on him.
Matt is Mac
Matt is Mac Month ago
Definitely a bubbly bromance moment right there lol. I always loved the Italians and their culture of how caring, funny, and passionate they are to one another. ✊🏽🇮🇹
Bob Taylor
Bob Taylor 11 months ago
Difference between an extrovert and a narcissist? Extroverts are little loud and assertive but they don’t make anyone worse off.
sos 11 months ago
Always cook a good meal for friends and family because you never know when it'll be the last meal you share together.
Internet Summoner
Internet Summoner 5 months ago
sos some great words !
Sumanth Manthapuri
Sumanth Manthapuri 11 months ago
I feel so blessed to watch these two wonderful humans cook Italian dishes. Lovely People. Family and Food is the Life. That's what makes your life Beautiful.
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 11 months ago
These guys truly loved one another Brings a tear to my eye
Boriss Blinov
Boriss Blinov 11 months ago
MrAMYJACK 11 months ago
A bush kitchen,no thermostats, no exactly 3.2 minutes, no loud mouth swearing idiot. Just doing the job. I understand the relevance of the blanket
Стефан Митков
this is gold
twlepcha 11 months ago
One thing you forgot to add is wine or scotch whiskey with this food
Justis Mendez
Justis Mendez 11 months ago
He’s definitely British and not Italian
Dean Canete
Dean Canete 11 months ago
We missed you Antonio
Jessus Christ
Jessus Christ 11 months ago
the fat one looks like he is already dying... the other one is about to stroke out or have a heart attack. jee you think its the food?????
Fussbudget the Ninth
Well, Carluccio got to 80 and Contaldo is still running a kitchen and making TV programmes at 71. It MUST be the food 😊
Jani Liebenberg
Jani Liebenberg 11 months ago
I love these guys! This is similar to what we call "potjiekos" in South Africa😍😍😍
Matt is Mac
Matt is Mac 11 months ago
Antonio got me dead the way he got excited about that pork 😂💁🏻‍♂️ 1:44
TheFallsCapone 11 months ago
Lol I noticed the thrusting motion of a clenched fist....😂😂😂
Monali Patel
Monali Patel Year ago
nothing is better then watching two true italian's
papa mama
papa mama Year ago
So why I am crying.....
Shadsy The Hedgehog
How greedy are they really?
Linsey Mowatt
Linsey Mowatt Year ago
So beautiful to see the interplay between these wonderful friends. RIP Antonio. X
DatBoiRiley 11 months ago
Man, im feeling so bad for Gennaro lost 🥺😔
Gino's dried pasta business . Its fucking shit !
So sweet Antonio... R.I.P.
Sion Marc Anthony
This does not have nearly enough views.
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano Year ago
I love these two men Monster chefs
Boet T GG
Boet T GG Year ago
I miss Antonio. 😪
Черных Александр
Замечательные люди, замечательные повара.
acash93 Year ago
RIP Antonio
Everyone watch this lovely tribute Gennaro pays to Antonio... It's very moving ... ruvid.net/video/video-SwDJi_PB-wY.html
MAHESH Keisam Year ago
This is exactly the day gennaro mentioned in his video released about a week ago in which he did the same thing of putting a blanket around the bench antonio is sitting now. Very lovely and sad.
Glenn Johan
Glenn Johan 18 days ago
Link to that video please.
Josie Blanco
Josie Blanco 5 months ago
He so much love his best friend
Saruman The White
Saruman The White 7 months ago
We love this. Thank you for sharing this lovely fact.
JO1E1 11 months ago
Yhhh iv just seen this after watching the other one. Touched me.
wolvsbain 11 months ago
yeah i saw that farewell vid too. the love of a wise cracking friend
The Ja#zer
The Ja#zer Year ago
RIP Antonio😔
marksman Year ago
RIP Antonio
Thrustin Von Helmut
Antonio Carluccio R.I.P. (Rest In Pancetta)
Lina Dima
Lina Dima Year ago
This man is the best love 💖
micky mcfarts
micky mcfarts Year ago
Is the guy in the blue shirt from England?
Ian Buchan
Ian Buchan Year ago
micky mcfarts no he is from the Almafi coast Italy
Rosalind Kincannon
Gennaro n Antoino are th best of friends n it shows. Everyone should have friends like these two. GOD bless th both of you abundantly n keep cooking ♥️♥️♥️ one can never gro old with friends like this
op3l Year ago
For one hour was liberated from your talking. LOL
Internet Summoner
Internet Summoner 5 months ago
op3l I loved their friendship ! RIP
Daz Burnside
Daz Burnside 10 months ago
op3l best comment 😂
Tomislav Peleski
jonathan fye
jonathan fye Year ago
These two greedy Italians are doing the most honest cooking I have ever seen. They are so strongly connected with their food. This is real food! This is what we need now and in the future. Don't allow wonderful traditions slip away from our lives. Please, people out there. Cook with your family. Cook with your friends.
Super Kewl
Super Kewl 8 months ago
@Pedro Miguel Candoso Castro Lopes There's only one thing I'm putting directly in the mouth of my family...and it ain't love or food 😉
Pedro Miguel Candoso Castro Lopes
jonathan fye best comment ever. Thanks for these words. That’s it. Cooking is share the love love in you , directly to the mouth of your family.
Thomas Cavallaro
i am on my way
Dimeo Rosi
Dimeo Rosi Year ago
I love these guys Sembrano i miei zii But thats us Italians 😘❤️
Jo K. Kats
Jo K. Kats Year ago
I would love Genaro for my dad and Antonio for my grandpa..
Ade Ferranti
Ade Ferranti Year ago
Don't see many Italian recipes with ginger
Giorgio Grlj
Giorgio Grlj 11 months ago
In fact, it's first for me.
Todd Howard
Todd Howard Year ago
c'mon, c'monnn! what's not to love about these gentlemen
Ricky Seedo
Ricky Seedo Year ago
I love these guys, such a joy!
João Martins
João Martins Year ago
What a bunch of bull shit, it is not even a pork fillet, it is in did a loin, one and a half hour???
Jason Timmons
Jason Timmons Year ago
Mamma Mia you a play with a my meatballs and sausage a so good now eat a all of de a Alfredo sauce
Wilczur2142 Year ago
Thank you for uploading this show!
Egg Salad
Egg Salad Year ago
they had such an amazing rapport
Charlie Bernardo
"I go to my bench" hahaha
I wont lie.. that looks fucking amazing.
nic claass
nic claass Year ago
always enjoying them. watch the older versions too. learn enormously
C DUB Year ago
This series was incredible
Harcos Year ago
You can see the same dynamic here with antonio/genarro as you see with genarro/jamie. Mutual respect and love.
Them taking the piss out of one another was the best thing about this show.
J. Massigetta
J. Massigetta 3 months ago
When Antonio say "why don't you say that after you taste it?" as Gennaro yells why am cookin so good!
petejt Year ago
Patric Soce
Patric Soce Year ago
i love antinio so much, he's always so simple! and i love when he picks on gennaro ;)
Pls fix it "Antonio"
Deadpool Year ago
sadly he is dead, such a great guy
Abuse Tube
Abuse Tube Year ago
This no Pork Filet
Dave Collins
Dave Collins Year ago
@Abuse Tube any boneless cut is a fillet
Abuse Tube
Abuse Tube Year ago
You´re right, this is a bonelss pork loin.
Theorimlig Year ago
You're right, looks like a piece of boneless pork loin, sometimes called "outer filet" for commercial purposes.
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