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Best Moments of the Twitch Rivals League of Legends Team Draft Showdown (ft. Tyler1, Voyboy, BoxBox, TF Blade, Tarzaned, etc.)
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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 80
Goodborn 20 days ago
Anyone know where I can watch the whole twitch rivals thign?
janluis vazquez
janluis vazquez 22 days ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT FLASH THEN CLEANSE "i thought i flashed healed😂" -tyler1 😂
MythicalCom 26 days ago
Female Dude
Female Dude 27 days ago
He's right. Nobody cared. I had to google who won.
Ruru G
Ruru G 25 days ago
Lmao same. Draft was so dead I didn't care
Christopher Downs
Christopher Downs 27 days ago
4:47 imagine having an ego as big as that nose
Henrik Hörnke
Henrik Hörnke 28 days ago
Every na rivals team would get absolutly smacked by noway4u's twitch rival Team
Samtheman 28 days ago
man, tyler1 is one annoying and rude dude...
HoundofJustice 28 days ago
Can they say ANYTHING else then "Let's gooo" what the fuck 😂
HoundofJustice 28 days ago
A virgin festival except Tyler xD
MrZurata 28 days ago
Says a lot about TFblade that people consider it Tarzans team and not his. The man is a charisma black hole
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen 28 days ago
gus blumberg
gus blumberg 28 days ago
Tarzaned should be banned from twitch rivals hes actually too good at team play somehow
SodaIsBad2 28 days ago
421 like i did it :)
M7Kw 28 days ago
Skeazzi 28 days ago
Sorry for being uneducated in this. But where is NB3's team? I thought he was 6-0
Absolute Sperg
Absolute Sperg 28 days ago
T1 = Tsundere1
dah500 28 days ago
This dude at 4:36 was definitely about to say the N word
Kayn The Shadow Reaper
these fuckinn nnn guys dude
dah500 27 days ago
uio oiu he was gonna drop the hard ERS
uio oiu
uio oiu 28 days ago
he looks half, so he got the pass
Jericho 28 days ago
When Dom got hyped, I got hyped. Hai is so washed up lmao Moe's team is garbo For the most part everyone else was actually just boring to watch The kid VB tried his best but frozen mallet can't carry against tarzaned
Michael Larson
Michael Larson 29 days ago
Draven is in such an awful place with the way Riot has changed the game with the meta and new champs design
Zangetsu II
Zangetsu II 29 days ago
Twitch rivals without Trick is so shit i didn't enjoy this one
thor 27 days ago
dom and tyler is kinda good
Joyplace 29 days ago
tyler not good on draven anymore XDDD
pwners4u 28 days ago
Joyplace Tyler got challenger last season, the champ is still shit. Look at it this way to play the game using draven you have to try much harder to do the same as an adc like kai sa for example. Also he is the weakest immobile adc right now as MF is pretty broken, aphelios is broken and Caitlyn and sivir have range to clear waves safely. Draven is a lane bully who can’t bully anyone as mages 1 shot him and he’s easily gankable. He used to be a danger to gank as he could 1v2 but now he does no damage and his only buff was to his R which gives barely any damage
Joyplace 28 days ago
@Ahmed oh yeah, if you put it in a competitive environment I totally agree with you, I was just thinking of solo queue, where he's obviously a good pick
Ahmed 28 days ago
​@Joyplace because he is ez to kill if he don't have flash, maybe it's fine in solo q, if u master this champ, and ur micro,and macro are much better than others. but in competitive games, it's a troll pick. compared to the new champs like (xhaya, kaisa, aphelos and seena) which have cc, or can ult away that make them survive ganks, dives, and do big aoe damage,. meanhwhile if draven don't have stopwatch/flash, he will 100% die, and they just need a ban on the supp and he is useless. The team need to invest everything on him, and the supp can't roam to make sure he ll not die. Just see how many time he got picked/ banned, in MSI,WORDS and u ll know that he is bad.
Joyplace 29 days ago
@Ahmed why can people like pornstar zilean still easily get challenger with draven then? idk man, I don't see why draven would need a rework
Ahmed 29 days ago
nah, it's just the new champs are so broken, (jump, invisible, untouchable, and can 1 shot u), maybe they will rework him
Dimitri Silva
Dimitri Silva 29 days ago
Rank 1 JG & Rank 1 TOPLANER on same team... pog
Ahmed 29 days ago
all the 5 players were on top 10 NA, as tf blade said, the team is stacked
hi123987ify 29 days ago
What is the outro song? Pls link
hi123987ify 29 days ago
@Eric Pham Thank you!
Eric Pham
Eric Pham 29 days ago
hi123987ify cradles - sub urban
Dr Guthrie
Dr Guthrie 29 days ago
Best league couple Tarzaned and T1
Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo 29 days ago
Who is the girl dancing solo 10:50
Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo 29 days ago
Who is the girl dancing solo 11:50
Saint Gooey
Saint Gooey 29 days ago
this was very well edited
Sykkosis 29 days ago
T1 just lagged 😂😂😂 every after pause “dude”
Ruskaja Rabota
Ruskaja Rabota 29 days ago
U can tell Tarzaned loves Tyler1. We miss u and love u Tarzaned
RGD League Team
RGD League Team 29 days ago
It's really wholesome to see Tyler and Tarzaned's friendship development, they really became good friends. Tyler may look like a toxic motherfucker but you know he's proud of Tarzaned. He picked him on last twitch rivals and everyone made fun of that decision, but look at Tarzaned now. He's the stronger jungler in the tournament.
10zin niz01
10zin niz01 15 days ago
They've been friends for a long time, not just during twitch rivals...
Mister Deer
Mister Deer 29 days ago
I love how the chat when 180 on him from shitting on him to love him and miss him despite he still boring as fuck
Ajwadd Anwarr
Ajwadd Anwarr 29 days ago
Congrats to Tarzaned team!(Let's be fking real we know whose the team it really is)
Nicolas Syti
Nicolas Syti 29 days ago
What's the song at the end of the video ?
Dessie Z.
Dessie Z. 29 days ago
Sub urban crandles
Jeremy rodriguez
Jeremy rodriguez 29 days ago
It was really fun this twitch rivals, seeing how they hard try and int each other and cooperate. And the flash + clearance from t1 xd
Not Egg-Zackt-Lee Pre-10-Chews
@TWICE Nayeon Maybe his game is not in english
Sammysaur 27 days ago
@TWICE Nayeon That's what I'm sayin LMAOO
JUST TRATS 28 days ago
Flash attendance
TWICE Nayeon
TWICE Nayeon 28 days ago
Wtf is clearance
bhh 29 days ago
Flash cleanse u mean
amari 29 days ago
it's time to put that old dog to rest, farewell draven.
Foust198801 29 days ago
"That's my ex captain I miss him." Hahaha I hear the sadness in Tarzan voice haha
Bas1c 27 days ago
@BetterBot Wins what do you mean "chill mate" he just called you out on your bullshit, he seems perfectly calm to me
BetterBot Wins
BetterBot Wins 29 days ago
Dcdillondc chill mate XD
Dcdillondc 29 days ago
BetterBot Wins stop leeching, nobody cares about your vid and this isn’t the right way to get recognition ;)
BetterBot Wins
BetterBot Wins 29 days ago
Foust198801 Check ma last vid!
Bogdan 29 days ago
Pog Pog
Pog Pog 28 days ago
Sarude - Dandstorm
Bogdan 29 days ago
@Khalid Hamza wtf that not even close
Khalid Hamza
Khalid Hamza 29 days ago
Cradles - sub urban
Bogdan 29 days ago
@Dcdillondc thats not the song buddy
Dcdillondc 29 days ago
Ace Mackey g - make me feel
Ram 29 days ago
god i thought this was Nightblue3 at 4:30
Anes Djafer
Anes Djafer 29 days ago
Ram bro nb doesnt even wear glasses plus his hair right its messy but not like Osama’s xd and nb’s camera higher quality
BEAST MC 29 days ago
Tf is saying it weirdly bruh
BetterBot Wins
BetterBot Wins 29 days ago
BEAST MC Check my last vid!
mordekaiser the iron revenant
Tf is already weird
BetterBot Wins
BetterBot Wins 29 days ago
mordekaiser the iron revenant Check ma last vid!
Panagiotis Papadopoulos
that was fun!
LTN Gaming
LTN Gaming 29 days ago
hai so bad ... did he really a veteran player ... i can see from far away that he gonna die to orianna that has flash and hai said ori cant kill him hahahahaha lol
Draxar Pepegastorm
Draxar Pepegastorm 29 days ago
first comment Pepega
BL00DLINE_xFaTaL 26 days ago
Daily League Recap
Daily League Recap 29 days ago
Nope lol
So Kel
So Kel 29 days ago
"its boxbox vladimir its should be fine" KEKW
Tien Sama
Tien Sama 29 days ago
Riven onetricks OMEGALUL
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