Dolan Twins
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Aug 6, 2019




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Comments 21 143
Elena Aylmer
Elena Aylmer Day ago
The treadmill got me DEAD when Ethan fell 😂😂
Camila Huacuja
The plane had me dying😂
TikTok Challenges
Grayson: I need my inhaler Ethan: we need to share it Grayson: YOU DONT EVEN HAVE ASTHMA 😂😂😂💀💀
TikTok Challenges
Can I have the tooth brush? LOL
Annette Michelle Bautista
they should do a video where they act,dress,and talk like girls for 24 hours
Roxan Padilla
Roxan Padilla 2 days ago
15:43 ethan🥺
Roxan Padilla
Roxan Padilla 2 days ago
15:21 Grayson💀💀
Roxan Padilla
Roxan Padilla 2 days ago
7:00 the way they function😂
Martha Parker
Martha Parker 2 days ago
16:30 actually felt well bad for Ethan 🥺
Lailah jewel
Lailah jewel 3 days ago
ive watched this so many times and never gets old
imirrawashere 3 days ago
18:17 are you a fucking bird, Ethan?
imirrawashere 3 days ago
13:28 not gonna lie, that looks cool as shit.
Addisyn Johnson
Addisyn Johnson 3 days ago
This was the video that made me laugh the most... and I laugh a lot during their videos
Addison Lyons
Addison Lyons 3 days ago
This video is freaking hilarious 😂
Motion Tube
Motion Tube 4 days ago
You say you have to share everything so that means you have to share a straw and a bathing suit
Suyen Aguirre
Suyen Aguirre 4 days ago
10:09 *grethan shippers are quaking*
anna kuster
anna kuster 5 days ago
“my knee pits are chafing” “that’s peculiar” yes ethan, yes it is peculiar
Amelie Glenn
Amelie Glenn 5 days ago
E- not to blame Grey but.... it was all his fault
Paul Cleary
Paul Cleary 5 days ago
this really made me cringe when they had to share their tootbrush
Robyn does things
i dont get the big deal with the toothbrush because they litterally have the same dna = the same spit lol
Sans The Comic
Sans The Comic 6 days ago
Me: (Thinks Too Hard) My Head: Wait....EEVVERRRYYYTTHHHIINNNGGG!!!!!!???? Me: Ummmm......Shut Up 😐😐
kay-leigh smith
kay-leigh smith 7 days ago
7:56 &7:57 I'm laughing so hard
Elizabeth Tripplehorn
Did anyone else notice that the duct tape suit from like 2016 was in the gym with them 15:06 (in the bottom left corner😂
Elizabeth Tripplehorn
15:43 why did ethan sound so cute when he said that🥺🥺
Valeria Villalobos
Valeria Villalobos 10 days ago
Ethan:whats the fist thing we have to do Grayson:brush.......ing Ethan: NO
Olivia Welty
Olivia Welty 13 days ago
when he fall sirens are going off in background
Bella Wilson
Bella Wilson 14 days ago
15:42 Ethan: “aww I’m gonna get too cold” He is so cute 😂
Sahara Linton
Sahara Linton 16 days ago
I love how he's like "can't we just cut it out" when they don't want to share a tooth brush
Alexa Leonard
Alexa Leonard 16 days ago
8:03 i agree with ethan that the power is in the back
Pip Russell
Pip Russell 17 days ago
14:00 I’m freaking dying 😂😂😂😂
孙子杰 18 days ago
Paola Valdovinos
Paola Valdovinos 18 days ago
14:29 to 13:56
gucci boi
gucci boi 19 days ago
I had high hopes.
Shadow Bunny
Shadow Bunny 19 days ago
Greyson: NO THIS IS MY COUCH!! Ethan: WE HAVE TO SHARE!!! Literally me and my older cousin 😂😂
Tori R
Tori R 22 days ago
Why aren’t we talking about how they still own the duck tape cast.. I didn’t pick that up the past 3 times I’ve watched this but anyways.
Entraitor 23 days ago
If you pause it at the right time in 7:11 I feel bad for the face of Ethan
六丙陳碧鑫 23 days ago
I laughed my ass of at 8:20!!! 😂😂
Payal Thakur
Payal Thakur 23 days ago
When they were sharing the first exercise equipment I don't know what it's called in which they were running it was relaxing😎. To watch them
honey b
honey b 23 days ago
Grey:stop complaining Eathon:I'm not
honey b
honey b 23 days ago
Karlee Rambo
Karlee Rambo 24 days ago
grayson in this video tho.....
Blackie 827
Blackie 827 24 days ago
when Ethan fell I LITERALLY WAS DYING 🤣
Taylor Jordan
Taylor Jordan 24 days ago
Omg lmao when Grayson said I see my foot and he tapped it
Charlotte 24 days ago
Lucy Brooks
Lucy Brooks 25 days ago
' I'm not going to put the blame on him but it was entierly his f#cking fault' ~ethan dolan 2019
18:28 18:52 I’m weak 😂 please send help 😆
Hayden Fowler
Hayden Fowler 25 days ago
“Are we sharing swamp ass too”... “My knee pitch’s are chaffing” “that’s peculiar” 😂😂😂
Ayanna Johnson
Ayanna Johnson 25 days ago
16:27 ethan looks creepy but hot at the same time
Ayanna Johnson
Ayanna Johnson 25 days ago
16:16 the way he looked up killed me
Meredith DeMarco
Meredith DeMarco 25 days ago
You have to share the same straw
zaina Ysgayygasygasy
*ethan falls off treadmill* Ethan: “I got a scrape” Gray: “yeah sry bout that” Ethan: “we have to share scrapes now” Gray: “no we don’t” Ethan: “YoUR TuRn” 14:12
lana. 25 days ago
Sidra Sindha
Sidra Sindha 25 days ago
you said its only you guys what about nolan
Alfie Mccormack
Alfie Mccormack 25 days ago
i know how u guys feel about sharing things
PenappleApple PJ
PenappleApple PJ 26 days ago
Who else loves the Dolan twins??
Faria D.
Faria D. 26 days ago
Wait..hasn’t he already used a toothbrush after Ethan?? Or actually it was Ethan’s toothbrush Also I don’t know what’s weirder, that they are twins and they should have that weird connection twins usually have or that they freaking hated sharing their things and being so intimate with each other
Kaylaxdenise 26 days ago
We have to share scrapes your turn LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Emma 26 days ago
lol i love how ethans has his toes painted white
Vedika Sharma
Vedika Sharma 26 days ago
16:18 😻
Queen Cecilia
Queen Cecilia 27 days ago
*Grayson steering the bike* Grayson: “STOP, STOP! ETHAN STOP WHAT TF ARE YOU DOING?” Ethan: “I’m not doing anything, my hands are on my ass. My hands are in your ass” 😭😭
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