Dolan Twins
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We shopped for each others Coachella outfits and thing got....... watch to find out XD
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Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 100
Billy Batson
Billy Batson Day ago
Thosr shoes are awesome
Sofia Yordanova
Hafza Qazi
Hafza Qazi 2 days ago
Nah but actually ngl Ethan did Gray dirty lmao and Ethan's outfit looked drippy af and second, IS IT JUST ME WHO NOTICED THAT GRAY ISNT WEARING HIS EARRING??
Anny 2 days ago
“The phone case and that’s it”
leila brookes
leila brookes 3 days ago
no one: absolutely no one: ethan: i DoNt FuCk WiTh DaIrY bRo
Taija Withford
Taija Withford 8 days ago
The orange shoes Ethan gets for Grayson looks like knock-off tn s 🤭
Amina S
Amina S 10 days ago
10:24 I love Grayson's smile and his dimple
Derhbie Cassie
Derhbie Cassie 12 days ago
ava terosky
ava terosky 14 days ago
in tana and james's video (oop) james said ethan messed up gray's outfit on purpose
Mystic Magic
Mystic Magic 15 days ago
They look a lot alike In the intro just me?
Jimena Aguayo
Jimena Aguayo 16 days ago
I think the word was to “compile” clothing to make an outfit..?
Joe Gomez
Joe Gomez 17 days ago
They predicted the future they wore masks to Coachella 2018 (day 2)
Darija Jankova
Darija Jankova 18 days ago
Here from the paris fashion week video?just me?ok.
Georgia Ceravolo
Georgia Ceravolo 19 days ago
I feel so bad for Ethan Grayson hated it
Gucci Gurl
Gucci Gurl 20 days ago
“I dOnT fUcK wItH tHaT dAiRy”- Ethan gran dairy Dolan 2019
katyy 21 day ago
poor gray ...
Claire Daly
Claire Daly 22 days ago
I'm so happy to find someone else who doesn't know how to talk quietly! 😂LOL #ADHDproblems I always feel so understood and like I'm hanging out with like-minded people when I watch Dolan Twin videos
N. I
N. I 23 days ago
At 2:41 Grayson was like look at me Ethan and raised his browwwwww hahahahhahaha
N. I
N. I 23 days ago
Taylor Shae vloggss
who's watching in 2020 when coachella was canceled because of covid-19
Pause at 6:05 *It'S aH mE MaRio*
Bryce Matrisciano
Bryce Matrisciano 24 days ago
gray looks good from the waist up.. at least :)
Jordyn Sullivan
Jordyn Sullivan 24 days ago
i HIGHKEY believe the fact that E wants nipple piercings
E & B Maloney
E & B Maloney 24 days ago
Poor Ethan 🤧🤧❤❤❤
Maia O’Connor
Maia O’Connor 25 days ago
Ethan: “whats that word? It’s like, It means like this” 2:34 Me yelling at the screen: “COMBINE” also them: “wHaTs tHaT wOrD”
usuck hehe
usuck hehe 26 days ago
grayson and ethan struggling to think of the word me- COMBINE COMBINE!!!!!!!!!!
Isla Lochtie
Isla Lochtie 27 days ago
When gray looked sad that’s how I usually feel when I feel over dressed bruh I can’t speak
CATA 29 days ago
The shoes look like I’m in fourth grade bro 21:22
Brittany Simpson
Brittany Simpson 29 days ago
Graysons outfit was fire idk why he tweaked 🤣
Chicken Nugget Squad
Am i the only one who can easily tell the difference
Angellia Agnes
Angellia Agnes Month ago
Ethan style it's really funny.
Adelfa Grantham
Adelfa Grantham Month ago
Grayson: your face is ugly Ethan:we have the same face Me:laughs so hard
henry barnes
henry barnes Month ago
Why is everything super baggy
T K Month ago
I felt bad for Ethan when Grayson said he didn’t like the shoes
Audrey Audrey
Audrey Audrey Month ago
I lov how dey both dance wen dey r trying eachothers outfit😂😂😂
Blythe Month ago
I don't know which twin I feel more sorry for; Ethan for picking out the outfit or Grayson for wearing the outfit
Aine D'Arcy
Aine D'Arcy Month ago
I love how nobody realizied that they were trying to say combinde... like are they even ok.
Sel Go
Sel Go Month ago
Grayson actually looks fine?? 😂
Lil Dottt
Lil Dottt Month ago
my jaw hit the floor 😭 omgggg
ana does
ana does Month ago
This is trolly as fuck
rabab ali
rabab ali Month ago
Grayson lowkey looked good
Milo Critic
Milo Critic Month ago
I think the word was *correspond*
Eva G
Eva G Month ago
Anayone else saw the pants that Grayson wore in Paris for fashion week
Desirree Palumbo
No one: Grayson calling ethan bougey in his $100,000 porche
Susan Palacios
Susan Palacios Month ago
Lmao I laughed so hard with that outfit “shorts are so long!”
M Month ago
Marina Hohler
Marina Hohler Month ago
awwwww poor Ethan
Well Then
Well Then Month ago
I love how they booth do like a “snoopy” dance when trying on the pants haha 😆
niyanta misra
niyanta misra Month ago
binge watching all the videos from the Dolan Twins channel.. btw, was the word co- operate? 2:50
niyanta misra
niyanta misra Month ago
or co- ordinate?
Hannah Foster
Hannah Foster Month ago
Ok but Grayson looks fine 😚
AKhan Month ago
Does anyone know what that catchy tune is at 22:21
Aleksandra Borshchiver
Normal people trying on clothing and looking if it looks good on them Ethan and grayson dancing
Zoe Month ago
2:37 co-ordinate??? hahaha god they're so jokes
Mia Verduzco
Mia Verduzco Month ago
I feel bad for Grayson
Mia Laronde
Mia Laronde Month ago
Grayson was sooo mean to Ethan
Life with Jess
Life with Jess Month ago
c o o r d i n a t e
Alondra Cortez
Alondra Cortez Month ago
grayson looks sooooo bad
Emmy_ Cheesecake
It wouldn’t be a Dolan twins video unless Ethan talks about dairy 😂
Lily b
Lily b Month ago
13:29-13:31 grayson was questioning everything he has done in his life😂
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
ethan actually did really great minus those shoes
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
when grayson said "its not chill but its CHELL"!
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
God help me. I love this channel
stephanɪe chesloe
I don’t think e’s outfit for gray would be as bad if e had paired it with a black shirt instead of a white one. Yk?
amanda murillo
amanda murillo Month ago
I feel bad for ethan his heart dropped to his FEET when grayson said he didn't like the shoes
eleana eleana
eleana eleana Month ago
i feel bad for ethan cause he thought he bought cool stuff but grayson couldnt rock them. i love both of them but gray could be less mean...
Tiffany Daniels
Tiffany Daniels Month ago
They are so ridiculously good looking, had Grayson worn that outfit, he would have probably started a new trend. No joke!
Amanda Férrer Vasconcelos
I can feel Grayson pre-regretting that ”I trust you too”
idecided28 Month ago
just trade shoes
Prince Sia
Prince Sia Month ago
Spoiler : they did not wear the outfits at all
A m X r e n t h i n e
Dolan twins in the video : WE'RE FREAKIN' EMBARRASSED Dolan twins at choachella : LOOKING FREAKIN' GOOD .....ROCKIN'
Actually Aquarius
No one: RUvidrs: does challenges before important events
luca francis
luca francis 2 months ago
I felt so sorry for Ethan. He said I hope you like the shoes and he had really tried and Grayson just straight up said he hated the shoes
Roxy Toll
Roxy Toll 2 months ago
poor Grayson
Zeba Khatun
Zeba Khatun 2 months ago
can’t wait for couchella 2020 😍
Danell Roberts
Danell Roberts 2 months ago
😂❤️❤️Love you guys
fatima 2000
fatima 2000 2 months ago
can’t believe this was more then a year ago. it feels like yesterday
Lisa Gillard
Lisa Gillard Month ago
Fatima Alfardan Omg same I'm watching in 2020 too
Ruby J
Ruby J 2 months ago
Two seconds in and Ethan manages to say he’s dairy free 😂
Of The i Am
Of The i Am 2 months ago
I actually really want those LV glasses... Never thought i'd say that
Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson 2 months ago
Gray: that sTupiD face E: we're identical-
Kimberly Paxtor
Kimberly Paxtor 2 months ago
Ethan's feelings were hurt😭😭
Yaery Min
Yaery Min 2 months ago
Anyone else getting a little confused on who’s who and who’s going where....
Naomi Dukes
Naomi Dukes 2 months ago
grayson was so mean🥺🥺🥺
Rory Furstenthal
Rory Furstenthal 2 months ago
the word is incapsulate
Lexie Sutton Stanislaus
Combine 😂
Joshua Lizama
Joshua Lizama 2 months ago
Your ugly face. We’re identical 😂
emma foith
emma foith 2 months ago
19:38 the cake tho
Kish Queen
Kish Queen 2 months ago
Jackline Ogero
Jackline Ogero 2 months ago
I love how u guys argue
Luis Palma
Luis Palma 2 months ago
whos here during quarantine in 2020
Brittney Richards
Brittney Richards 2 months ago
this outro is my favorite of all timeeeeeeeee
karina cabrera
karina cabrera 2 months ago
LMFAOOOOO gray is SCREAMING in the intro omg
Esther David
Esther David 2 months ago
You guys could rock a crop top at Cochella
Gabriella Schalles
Gabriella Schalles 2 months ago
ethans so soft even though he did bad it makes me wanna cry
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur 2 months ago
Gray look like 14year old boy in that outfit 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sammi Hoffberg
Sammi Hoffberg 2 months ago
2:40 - The word your looking for is COHESIVE, Ethan 😂🤦‍♀️
Q 2 months ago
why does ethan always go for orange😂
Ashleigh xoxo
Ashleigh xoxo 2 months ago
Y do I like Grayson outfit like all the pieces are dope
Jenn Garcia
Jenn Garcia 2 months ago
Grayson outfit Is awful. I feel bad for Ethan though he really tried. Grayson styled Ethan nice expect for that shirt😂
Emma Harris
Emma Harris 2 months ago
how come this is the top comment
mood lol
mood lol 2 months ago
ethan needs to wear this outfit again
Catlover 5916
Catlover 5916 2 months ago
Ethan has trypophobia (look it up) And HIS SHOES ARE NOT TRIGGERING HIM!!!!!!
Of The i Am
Of The i Am 2 months ago
Lol so do I, spikes don't count for me
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